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Digi Spain Telecom S.L.U. rolls out fixed internet and fixed telephony services in Spain

BUCHAREST, Romania, 19-Sep-2018 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — We would like to inform the market and our investors that today, 19 September 2018, the Company’s subsidiary, Digi Spain Telecom S.L.U. (“Digi Spain”) launched commercially its fixed broadband and fixed telephony services in Spain. These new services will be provided based on the wholesale indirect access NEBA agreement concluded with Telefonica in Spain, that will offer access to the broadband infrastructure of FTTH and ADSL of Telefonica. In a first phase, the Digi Spain fixed internet and fixed telephony services are made available to customers from the Community of Madrid, while further expansions are expected to other Spanish provinces where Digi Spain already enjoys a favourable penetration of its mobile services.

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Stanford Student Entrepreneur Raised $800K on Kickstarter

Palo Alto, CA, April 02, 2015 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — Stanford student Jerming Gu, founder of CANDY HOUSE Inc., raised more than $800,000 dollars after his product launch on Kickstarter. Sesame – the world’s first instant smart lock – reached its funding goal in nine hours when first introduced. Currently, nearly 5,000 supporters have backed the project.

Sesame allows users to lock and unlock their doors using the Sesame app on their smartphones. It is the only smart lock that syncs the movement of the lock with the phone, providing exact control of the angle to which the lock turns.

Gu is a mechanical engineering master candidate from Stanford University. Originally from Taiwan, Gu is someone who usually thinks outside the box. Disruptor, troublemaker, entrepreneur, as he calls himself.

“There has got to be smarter ways to live our life,” Gu said.

Gu said he got the idea for smart lock due to his experience living in Asia where technology is relatively less developed.

With five-patented design, Sesame works with just about any deadbolt in the world. Users can install it in seconds, without replacing existing lock or removing anything. Current model is optimized for US/Canada/northern Europe Markets.

CANDY HOUSE also offers optional access point, which connects Sesame to the Internet when plugged into any nearby outlet. It lets users control Sesame wherever they are.

With Internet connection capability, users can allow guests in remotely. They can also control who has access and when. To ensure safety, the Sesame app also sends out a notification whenever the door opens or closes.

Founded and developed by Stanford University students, CANDY HOUSE, Inc. is a candy store that sells dreams, putting the joy and surprise of innovative technology in the hands of consumers, just like candy. It is also a design house, developing and manufacturing products that inspire a minimal lifestyle. It launched its first product – Sesame, the world’s first instant smart lock – in February 2015. For more information about CANDY HOUSE, Inc., visit the site online or follow it on Facebook or Twitter.

(650) 644-5681

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These Days A Professional, Efficient And Stylish Website Is A Vital Component Of Any Business Aiming To Be Successful

We are currently living in a very modern age of technology, which has filtered through into every aspect of our lives, from ordering our weekly groceries online, to booking train, cinema and concert tickets, to children’s online learning environments and schoolwork. Everything nowadays is done online.

A very important part of having a business in the twenty-first century is having a website. You need a website that clearly displays what you are and what you do, and immediately impacts to your customers why they desperately need you.

Not only do you need a website, but it has to be a good one. The best way to achieve the top website for your company is to hire a freelance web designer or a web design team. A web design team will generally give you a better result as each member of the team has his or her own strengths, that will all be pulled together to achieve the exact website you need and want.

There are hundreds and hundreds of web designers out there, so you need to carefully look through their online portfolios to see what captures your attention. There will be some work you really love and others that you don’t. You will also notice that some web design companies have worked for very large, international companies, whilst other have only done work for local businesses. Other companies will have worked for a range of large, successful companies and smaller, local companies.

Ideally you want to try and pick a web design company whose work you love, that is located near to your business. That way you can really connect with them personally and easily have meetings to discuss exactly what you need and what you want from them. It’s much easier to talk about web design in person rather than over the phone.

If you are in South East England, or more specifically in Kent, then the team you want is TME (http://www.tmesolutions.co.uk). They are a web design and online marketing agency, based in Kent, which has been running for seven years. They are a close-knit, family run team comprising of fourteen enthusiastic and creative coders, designers, online marketers and project consultants.

Over the years, they have built their business to be efficient, creative and successful, yet friendly. They’ve worked to provide web design in Kent for relatively small local companies such as Lau Hairdressing in Maidstone, Express Cleaning Supplies in Aylesford, and ACE Sheds in Ashford. Their new websites allowed these local companies to bloom; expanding greatly and increasing their profits rapidly.

As their own company grew, TME also started to work for some of the biggest, most successful and most profitable companies in the world. This includes the likes of Tile Depot, who own over twenty stores across the UK and Centroid Motion Capture who provide animation for major films. Additionally, Worldwide Parcel Services, who are one of the largest parcel couriers in the UK, and most impressively, an exclusive training portal for Samsung Mobile.

TME are one hundred percent committed to producing amazing, creative and useful websites. They take companies and aim to boost their profits, regardless of how famous they already are. They strive for improvement.

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CompareBroadband.com.au Poll Finds Broadband Connection Important to House Hunters

A new survey carried out by leading broadband comparison site Compare Broadband has found that house hunters consider a reliable, fast home broadband connection to be high on their list of priorities.

The site polled users and found that 78 percent of 300 respondents factor broadband access into the equation when they are looking into renting or buying a new property.

Sarah McDonald, Compare Broadband spokesperson, commented: “We regularly field calls from people who want advice on installing a home broadband connection and we often advise them on the best provider such as SpinTel broadband on the website. Sometimes people find that they have unknowingly moved from a place where they had access to fast a range of broadband plans to a place where they have no broadband choices at all.”

“We’re able to advise people on mobile broadband packages in these cases, but for someone self-employed working from home for example it can be a problem. They prefer solid, reliable connectivity.”

As the National Broadband Network (NBN) goes on connecting all the regions of Australia, the variance between types of internet connectivity available could well increase. Some places will receive speeds of up to 100Mbps and others will remain tied to mobile broadband or basic ADSL.

Specialist comparison websites like Compare Broadband are able to screen regions and addresses for quality of ADSL connection on a preliminary basis – though this is not guarantee of service.

Tips for house hunters
1. An area’s name or reputation does not guarantee quality broadband connection.

2. Speak to previous tenants or occupiers about their own internet connection or provider.

3. Call Compare Broadband on 1300 764 000 or get online to source impartial advice on ISPs

4. Greenfield developments advertised as fibre optic ready can deliver broadband connectivity at speeds of up to 100Mbps.

5. NBN offers a map online to see which areas of the country are in line for next generation broadband rollout.

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Results Are In: Revel Systems’ David and Goliath Story Continues

On January 31, 2012 Revel Systems was officially announced as the winner of the Business iPad App of the Year Award. This weekend at Macworld | iWorld, it was clear early on that the Best Business iPad App awards came down to two remarkable companies: Square, led by Jack Dorsey, and Revel Systems, led by female entrepreneur Lisa Falzone. Both of the nominees were a hit with the crowd, and both were in the payment industry, which is the fastest-moving market for iPad apps. Even though voters were presented with an impressive field of nominees, the battle was clearly dominated by these two competitors.

While competition was fierce between Square and Revel, here’s a breakdown of the vote: First of all, users chose Revel Systems as the most useful business iPad app. Revel was also found to help with a wider array of business functions, with seven to Square’s four. Square was found to have over 100,000 users, while Revel Systems has fewer than 100,000. As far as which offers the simplest user interface, both companies were tied. Finally, users chose Revel Systems as the company with the best customer support.

In the end, Macworld users declared Revel Systems iPad POS the winner. Lisa Falzone, CEO and co-founder of Revel Systems, told iPad Biz Apps today that “Revel is honored to have won such an award, and thanks all of the voters at Macworld | iWorld for voting for them.” A wide range of powerful apps were represented, but Revel’s sophisticated level of functionality and wide range of applications led to its selection as the best iPad business app.

Even though Square has been nominated for a Crunchies award, and has over 100,000 customers, users found that it only supplies a payment app. On the other hand, Revel Systems offers a fully functional Point of Sale system to manage every task that store owners encounter on a daily basis. This can explain why Revel has landed deals with many heavy-hitters like Popeye’s Chicken in Georgia (popeyes.com), Illy Coffee in San Francisco (illy.com), U-sushi in San Francisco (u-sushi.com), Camille’s Sidewalk Café in Oklahoma (www.camillescafe.com), and other big franchises. On the other hand, Square’s clientele is largely restricted to businesses that only require a few simple operations, including farmers’ markets, taxi cabs, and street vendors.

Now that the competition is over, Ms. Falzone is back to leading Revel Systems to the top of the Point of Sale marketplace. She has raised $3.7 million in her “A” round of funding last year and is gearing up for her “B” round. The recent victory of Revel Systems has cemented Ms. Falzone’s place among today’s top women entrepreneurs, and she looks forward to the future of what Revel Systems will accomplish. Moving forward, the company hopes to facilitate growth through its open API, which allows all companies to integrate into Revel—creating new opportunities for local commerce to thrive into the future.

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Namesco Urges Customers To Switch To Annual Packages

Leading Internet solutions company, Namesco, are urging customers to switch to annual payment packages on web hosting tools, as recent findings have shown consumers are generally paying too much for windows hosting packages on the open market.

A recent study, conducted by Namesco themselves, suggests that whilst monthly payment plans on web hosting products may seem cheaper, in reality users are ultimately paying more.

The company claims they could save their customers two months worth of monthly payments if they simply switched to their annual payment scheme- when upgrading their web hosting tools.

The study also showed that most Internet sites, selling web hosting products to consumers, displayed the price of their packages at a monthly rate, effecting purchasing behavior.

“It’s just a form of psychological pricing really.” said a spokesperson for Namesco, commenting on the findings. “Web hosting packages often seem cheap because the payment rates are shown ‘per month’ instead of ‘per year’. Of course, if consumers changed the price to ‘per year’ the price would seem a lot higher.”

“However, if consumers just did the calculations, they’d find that they’re in fact paying more when opting to pay on a monthly basis. We’re urging all our customers to switch from their monthly hosting plans to annual payments when they upgrade their web packages- they’ll get the equivalent of two months payment free.”

Customers, who currently own a registered Namesco account, can easily upgrade their web hosting package by logging-on to the company’s website.

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Photo AC – Free Images Stock Photo Album

Photo AC has many free photos that can be downloaded by registration with e-mail address. Registration is completely free and can be easily done in 10 seconds. Currently there are seven categories to browse: People, Business, Animal, Flower & Plant, Food & Drink, Cityscape, and Medical Welfare. It is also possible to search other photos with using keywords!

You can find free photos by professional photographers, and you can download as many photos you want. There is no limitation in the number of downloads. All photos can be used for any purpose, profit and commercial use is also permitted (except selling downloaded photos to third party directly).

Recently we opened a new category with particular photos about medical instruments, welfare, tools, medical equipment and so on. We will provide regular uploads with new amazing photos to download.

Try and have fun with new Photo AC!

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Facebook Mobile Developments Benefit Both Business and Consumer According to SEO Experts QueryClick.com

Facebook Yesterday launched a series of developments to its mobile operations in a bid to capitalise on the growth in mobile internet access. The increased market presence of internet via mobile is especially important for the expansion of Facebook in the developing world, where the nouvelle connected are typically leapfrogging desktop access and moving straight into the world wide mobile web.

The primary improvement has been made in relation to the recent development of Facebook Places, a tool which allows Facebook members to share their whereabouts with other Facebook Friends. The revelation of Facebook Deals has heralded a new era in the interaction of mobile users with participating retail or hospitality venues.

Speaking on the increased proliferation and significance of mobile internet access, SEO company QueryClick.com said:

“While desktop search has actually fallen approximately 15% YOY, mobile search traffic has risen some 247% over the course of the past 12 months. In this respect, businesses cannot afford to ignore mobile web access, especially ‘mobile’ mobile web access, in which users on the move are now able to locate the best deals near their ever-changing locations.”

By ‘checking-in’ to one of many stores, restaurants, and other businesses, users are rewarded with relevant vouchers, discounts, and deals based on their location. The vouchers received by users are then presented to the nearby venue in return for a discounted service or product. For consumers this strategy obviously offers a valuable reward for their online participation, whilst businesses are able to promote their services on a new level, as well as keeping track of their success throughout this marketing scheme.

SEO Experts QueryClick.com are well aware of the benefits of data tracking for the development of any business, and praised the capacity of the Deals tool to track their claim rates, and thus determine the relative success of their ‘Deal’.

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SEO Experts QueryClick Welcome News That Britain Leads the Way In Online Shopping

In a report carried out by the US consultancy group Boston Consulting, it has been revealed that the UK is a global leader in the field of e-commerce, with the highest online spend per capita in the world. The internet has contributed approximately £100bn – 7.2% of GDP– to the British economy in 2009, and represents the second largest online advertising spend after the USA.

According to search engine optimisation experts QueryClick, the dominance of the UK in the e-commerce sector has been borne out of a growing tendency of the British public to utilise online shopping services due to a marked desire to receive value for money.

“Many people in the UK feel they are able to get a better deal online, and often this is the case. The atmosphere of economy in Britain drives many to seek out better value for money via online shopping. The rise in dominance of the world of e-commerce has resulted in a greater level of competition which, for us, equates to a greater opportunity to offer our services in a region in which we are market leaders.”

The internet as an independent sector would be classed as the fifth largest industry in Britain, just behind the financial services, which accounted for 9% of GDP in 2009. The BCG study, aptly entitled The Connected Kingdom, discovered that internet companies in the UK employ over 250,000 staff, with many of these positions made available by various SMEs.

Co-author of the report and partner at BCG, Paul Zwillenberg, provided an insight into the report’s findings:

“Everyone thinks the global Silicon-Valley-based companies are driving growth, but this report makes clear that in the UK it is coming from the ‘mom and pop’ businesses. They now have global footprints, they are selling to the ‘long tail’ and they are making their businesses more efficient.”

The driving force behind the lead status of the UK for e-commerce stems from the notable amounts of money spent by Brits online. Research by eMarketer tells us that some 28.5 million Britons make online purchases, whilst around 40% partake in online shopping at least once a month, spending on average £71 monthly.

All this has come despite the relatively slow broadband speeds experienced within the UK, as well as the recent recession, in which, as SEO company QueryClick points out, online advertising spend continued to grow YOY despite the overall contraction in advertising expenditure.

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SEO-Peace.com Announces September Special SEO Packages At 10-30% Discounts

Continuing their run as one of the fastest growing and 100% result-oriented SEO companies, SEO-Peace.com now comes up with another round of special deals in September with more than 25% off of regular SEO package prices. For the first time, the company provides clients the opportunity to propose combination of their choice of SEO packages for the next monthly special.

September SEO specials cover an interesting range of SEO packages from single Squidoo lens, 2 PR5 posts, 3 niche blogs and so on… closing at 10 th Super Business Package for only $615 (worth $930). September month specials offer a smart and effective range of services from web 2.0 blogging and article marketing to niche guest posts, making the packages suitable for any budget and business.

The company CEO and SEO expert Sunita Biddu states, “The ever-growing popularity of our monthly special offers has prompted us to create the best and most interesting link building packages every month. I’m glad to admit that the monthly specials have become one of the USPs of SEO Peace other than our equally hit RankUp package. The Suggest next special feature will further help us know what our clients want and we’d try to have their choice included in next specials at best discounts so they get more than they expect.”

While the monthly specials continues to be one of the favorites of old clients, the offers are a great deal for new customers looking to gauze the quality of services the SEO company claims to offer.  The sales team is available 24×7 to address all queries and doubts within few hours. Looking at the growing list of positive testimonials and demands, the deal is definitely worth trying.

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Facebook ‘Questions’ Adds New Dimension To Search, Claims UK SEO Experts Queryclick

Shortly after hitting the 500 million user mark last week, Facebook announced a new change of direction which will see the social media giant make its first move into the search market.

The new feature – called Questions – will see users able to ask for answers, opinions and advice from a community of fellow users.

Despite similar facilities being available via Twitter, Ask.com and Yahoo Answers, UK SEO experts QueryClick believe Questions still adds a new dimension to search as a company spokesperson explains:

“Facebook hasn’t broken new ground by providing a service where users can ask a community of people for answers. What it has done, however, is created an environment where those asking questions have access to 500 million potential answers.

“The enduring popularity of Facebook will undoubtedly see a large number of people take part in Questions which will deplete the amount of traffic and number of page views currently racked up by similar sites such as Yahoo Answers.”

Coinciding with the relaunch of Ask.com, Facebook Questions marks a noticeable turning point in the history of search with increasing emphasis on answers from humans rather than computers.

Although Facebook Questions has not be highlighted as a threat to current industry leader and pioneer, Google, SEO web design experts QueryClick still believe that internet users should expect a shift in the way we approach online search:

“When the internet first began growing in popularity about 15 years ago, people were happy to scour the web looking for answers to their questions and quickly began favouring search engines over people when it came to solving queries quickly.

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Web Content Management System Consulting Company Gold Sponsor at Drupalcon 2010

New York-based DPCI, a leader in the implementation of web content management systems, was a big supporter of Drupalcon 2010, acting as a Gold Sponsor of the San Francisco conference. Over 3,000 people involved in Drupal content management attended the conference, held at the Moscone Center. Aimed at developers, consultants and businesses involved in the Drupal community, the three day conference (with an additional four days of associated activities) included numerous sessions ranging from development presentations and training opportunities to discussions of open-source CMS solutions and employment opportunities, all with a heavy emphasis on Drupal, the leading open-source web content management system.

Always active in the Drupal and web content management systems community, DPCI President Joseph Bachana and other DPCI staff were in attendance. Mr. Bachana was a featured presenter at the show, as a member of a panel discussing “Trends in Enterprise 2.0 Technologies.” The company’s visibility at the show was highlighted by a booth in the Exhibit Hall. DPCI joined leading technology companies such as Google as a Gold Sponsor of the conference (which was also supported by the likes of Microsoft, Sun Oracle, The Economist and other well known names), showing the interest the technology industry in general has in the web content management system market. Such systems can be very complex to implement. With the combination of proprietary software, open-source options (like a Drupal content management solution) and a frequent need to integrate with existing corporate software systems, it’s crucial to ensure that an experienced consultant is chosen to lead the project. Companies that make use of digital assets or publish content to multiple platforms (typically print, web, mobile and e-Book) benefit tremendously from implementing a web content management system (CMS). While the entertainment and media industry is a primary market for CMS, DPCI has also implemented CMS solutions in the education, marketing, financial services, advertising, travel and software fields since 1999.

For further information about Drupalcon 2010, visit the conference web site at www.sf2010.drupal.org. For more information about options for a Web content management system or to learn more about DPCI, please visit the company’s web site:www.databasepublish.com. To contact DPCI President Joseph Bachana, please e-mail info@databasepublish.com or call 800-818-2905. DPCI’s offices are located at 1560 Broadway, Suite 810, New York, NY 10036.

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Rackspace Hosting Updates Rackspace Hybrid Email for 1.7 Million Users

Rackspace Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the world leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry, has enhanced its popular Rackspace Hybrid Email offering – a custom mix of Hosted Microsoft Exchange and the business-focused Rackspace Email platform on a single domain. Rackspace Hybrid Email now features easy calendar viewing between Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Rackspace Email, as well as a faster webmail design for Rackspace Email to make businesses using Rackspace Hybrid Email even more productive.

Rackspace Hosting Updates Rackspace Hybrid Email for 1.7 Million Users

“We’ve learned from our customers that, on average, only a small percentage of employees really need and use the advanced features of Microsoft Exchange, yet many businesses are paying a lot more to run Exchange for every single user,” said Kirk Averett, director of product for cloud applications at Rackspace. “With Rackspace Hybrid Email, companies can purchase a combination of Exchange and low cost Rackspace Email accounts on a single domain, without sacrificing features for any employee. Most businesses can realise a significant cost savings by utilising this model because they have different types of email users.”

Rackspace Hybrid Email has been a key attraction for Rackspace solution partners and resellers because it provides another unique selling point, in addition to Rackspace’s Fanatical Support. Businesses can reduce total costs by substituting even one Exchange user with Rackspace Email. For example, using an average 80/20 ratio of Rackspace Email to Hosted Exchange, businesses can save more than 60 percent on email with Rackspace Hybrid Email compared to Hosted Exchange alone, and significantly more than hosting their own email in-house.

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High Speed Broadband Necessary To Help Aid UK’s Economic Growth Claims SEO Company Queryclick.com

Following culture secretary Jeremy Hunt’s first major speech on the provision of internet in the UK, SEO experts QueryClick.com have welcomed plans for a superfast broadband network to be rolled out across the country.

High Speed Broadband Necessary To Help Aid UK's Economic Growth Claims SEO Company Queryclick.com

Branding the UK’s current internet availability as a “scandal” and “pitifully unambitious”, the Government aim to improve the availability and speed of the network in a bid to create one of the best broadband networks in the Europe, let alone the world.

Central to the Government’s ambitious reform of UK internet provision is the opportunity to create at least 60,000 new jobs and around £18bn to the country’s GDP; a welcome addition in light of growing unemployment and crippling public deficit that fuelled the global recession.

Search engine optimisation company Queryclick.com believes that the a more thorough broadband network would be greatly beneficial to online business. A spokesperson explained:

“Online business naturally relies on a fast and reliable internet connection. Currently some three million households do not have access to a basic 2Mbps connection.

“In our view, an added three million people potentially shopping online would greatly benefit the economy. There’s also going to be people amongst that number who have aspirations of starting their own business and in this day and age the internet is an integral part to the success of any start-up company.”

Although the Government were unable to give full details of how the superfast network would be achieved it is thought that gas, water and other utility companies would – by law – have to open their ducts to allow for improved fibre optic cabling.

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Waveform Technology Installs Metro Ethernet Service for Macomb County

Waveform Technology, a leading Metro Detroit area commercial data center operator and Internet service provider, is now supplying fiber optic Internet access to Macomb County. The new connection serves both Macomb’s 2,500 County Employees and MACnet, the county’s own private network, by providing redundancy to the current Internet circuit.

Macomb County is among the first customers to connect to a recently constructed expansion of Waveform Technology’s southeast Michigan fiber optic network.

Macomb County chose Waveform Technology for numerous reasons, but primarily because Waveform’s metropolitan fiber optic network provides complete path redundancy from the county’s primary Internet connection. “Owning our own network allowed us to meet the specific route stipulations that Macomb Country required,” said Waveform Technology representative Noel Montales. “It provides us more flexibility than
other ISPs that are just reselling local phone company assets.”

Price was also an important consideration, and Waveform’s independent network allows for Internet connections, and other metropolitan data services, for a fraction of the cost that other carriers charge.

Waveform Technology provisioned a 100Mbps fiber optic Metro Ethernet circuit for Macomb County. Metro Ethernet was chosen for its versatility and simplicity of design.

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Dating Website Wants To Pay Your Rent Or Your Wedding

How would you like to have your rent paid for a year or your Cinderella wedding fully paid for? New Dating website company, Gotham Dating Partners Inc., will pay a full years rent or a Cinderella wedding for any couple that is a member for one year and has gotten married as a result of being on our website.

Dating Website Wants To Pay Your Rent Or Your Wedding

Gothamdatingpartners.com is the parent website of niche market dating sites like: Prisonhookup.com, wealthypeopledate.com, Uglypeopledate.com, whitepeopledate.com, multimillionairedate.com and faithfullover.com.

We realize that our goodwill can lead to potential fraud by some members. In an effort to curb the tide of misrepresentation, we ask that a marriage certificate be submitted to verify the consummation.

Gotham dating Partners Inc. is an online social Networking company focusing on the single dating community.

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Florida Internet Marketing Company Starts 2010 With A Roar

Three new Web site development contracts and two new Internet marketing consulting contracts have been awarded to Florida-based Web site development and Internet marketing specialist Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT).

Florida Internet Marketing Company Starts 2010 With A Roar

“For our company, it marks a very positive start to the new decade. The new contracts provide for services ranging from new Web site design development, including installation of our Conversion Site, a flexible content management system pioneered by SMT, to consultation on marketing. Four of the new clients are in the medical field, including a dental care specialist and Medicare supplement insurance provider.

The new clients who have contracted with Sales & Marketing Technologies for design and consulting services include:

• Pacific Breast Care, Costa Mesa, Calif., a leader in breast imaging, including prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancers.

• Michael A. Chiantella P.A. Estate Planning Services, Venice, Fla., legal experts and specialists in estate planning, power of attorney, living wills, retirement benefits, asset protection and bankruptcy exemption planning and trust planning.

• Dr. Ronald M. Olszewski D.D.S. Dental Services, Grand Rapids Mich., whose www.alwaysasmile.com provides information on the practice’s full range of dental services.

• Medicare Supplement Center, Dallas, Texas, insurance professionals providing Medicare Supplemental Insurance (MediGap) insurance policies used to assist clients in paying for copayments or deductibles of Medicare covered services.

• Advanced Cosmetic Technology’s ActNaturals.com, New York, NY the Web site for marketing and information about Advanced Cosmetic Technology’s permanent hair color and semi-permanent tinting shampoos and conditioners.

SMT President & CEO Dave Larson did not disclose the total financial impact of the new contracts, but described the total value as “one that makes a significant impact on our growth for 2010.”

Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT) is a leading full-service Web development and Internet marketing company. SMT creates, develops and markets custom Websites for businesses in the U.S., U.K., Caribbean, and South America. Additionally, SMT offers Internet marketing and lead generation programs, consulting Web hosting services, strategic planning and social media integration. More information: 800-434-0339 & www.smtusa.com.

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A Solid Solution for Digital Assets

Databasepublish.com - One of the greatest opportunities for many organizations involves the potential streamlining of their content structure for print, mobile or web applications. The time that it takes to structure content for these applications costs many organizations time, money and lost opportunity. A reliable content management system can help to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

A Solid Solution for Digital Assets

Many organizations own hundreds of thousands of digital assets. These include corporate logos, branding material, audio and video clips, still and stock photography, and a variety of archival content. Many of these assets were acquired over long periods of time and at great expense to the organization. Unfortunately, many organizations are unable to maximize the benefits of their digital assets due to a lack of an effective digital asset management solution.

Due to the critical nature of having digital assets organized and easily locatable, many organizations have implemented a digital asset management system. These organizations may have a slightly better grip on their digital asset management than an organization with no formal system. However, over time an organization’s needs change, which oftentimes necessitates customization, retraining of staff, and/ or the integration into a content management system or back-office software package.

For this reason, it is important to find consultants that are well-versed in tailoring a new or pre-existing digital asset management system to meet the current needs of the business. For example, an organization may be looking to find a digital asset management system that centralizes and manages the rights and permissions of a significant portion of all published editorial content, containing text, illustrations and photographs. Such a system could help non-technical staff members reuse both legacy and fresh content across print and digital media more effectively. Additionally, the organization may want the final implementation of the the digital asset management solution to be in-house.

For this example, many product options are available in the digital asset management market. Although the organization knows what capabilities they want, a prudent decision would require an interactive technology agency that can deliver an integrated content management system to help the organization refine its requirements and manage the request for proposal process.

A third-party consulting business that understands the technology, can assist in the refinement of requirements, and ensure an objective selection of vendors is indispensable. The mark of a truly valuable consultant is in their ability to quickly distill an organization’s needs for digital asset management and not only help identify the appropriate vendor, but also provide a new way of thinking. The type of thinking that helps the organization ensure they get the most out of their investment through the implementation of the digital asset management system.

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A Boy’s Secret Santa Letter Reaches The North Pole

This Christmas season is not like all the rest, my work shop has been overflowing with toys for months now. Everyone here is busy putting the finishing touches on things. There seems to be more and more good children every year! Here at the North Pole we always keep our Christmas trees decorated and our wreaths on our doors. Everyone here at the North Pole loves to live with the joy of Christmas all year long. But we are always preparing for that special night of celebration – the night when I visit all the good boy’s and girl’s all over the world! It’s a wonderful time indeed.

Just this morning I received a Santa Letter from a special little boy that lives very far away from the North Pole. He wrote to tell me a secret Christmas wish and to ask for a special Christmas gift. Of course Santa doesn’t share secrets so I can’t tell you what this little boy wants for Christmas. But I’ve already checked my list and he has been nice all year long and I know that’s not always easy to do. This little boy always remembers to leave out my favorite snack (cookies) for me on Christmas too! In fact, last year he even left out treats for my reindeer. They get tired and hungry during our long trip to all the good little boy’s and girl’s houses around the world.

I’ll write a letter back to this little boy later tonight. I try to answer all of the Santa letters I get but sometimes that’s hard to do. I get letters all year long from boys and girls that live all around the world. I always write letters in the evening, after Mrs. Claus and I eat supper and eat some of the tasty cookies kids send us! It’s a nice way to end the day.

Believe it or not, I get letters from grownups too. After all, they want things for Christmas and I guess sometimes they feel like I’m the only one that can help. I’m happy to do it. I love to make people happy. I think the good in Mrs. Claus has rubbed off on me! Did you know that she usually brings me a plate of warm cookies and milk while I’m writing?

The only day of the year that I don’t answer letters is on Christmas Eve. On that day I am just too busy. I have to be sure I have everything ready for my long trip around the world. There’s so much to do when you’re packing Christmas gifts for people all around the world!

Article created by Santa Himself. In a recent phone conversation Santa discussed the many letters he receives from children, and adults from around the world. He said that on a daily basis he sends out thousands of Personalized Santa Letters because he realizes that children look forward to receiving them. In fact, Santa Claus said that parents routinely tell him that their Christmas letters from Santa are some of their most precious childhood keepsakes. Santa said that is why he will continue to write letters for as long as he can.

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Bigmouthmedia And Econsultancy Reveal Companies Plan Increased Social Media Spend In 2010

The Social Media and Online PR Report, published by Econsultancy in association with bigmouthmedia, has revealed that most companies are planning to invest more in social media next year but are struggling to find the time and resources to manage their activity.

The report is based on a survey of over 1,100 companies and agencies, and is the most comprehensive study of its kind around how companies are using online PR and social media for marketing and customer service.

The results showed that 86% of companies plan to spend more money on social media in 2010, and a further 13% are planning to keep the same level of budget. 54% cited their biggest barrier to better social media engagement was a lack of resources, with 90% of businesses stating that social media is taking up more time internally than a year ago.

“The growth of social media and online PR has been meteoric, but until now there have been very few hard facts available on precisely how UK business is using the new channel and what they’re getting in return for their investment,” said Phil Gripton, Managing Director of bigmouthmedia UK.

“These statistics – the most detailed yet available – show that while an increasing number of companies are embracing social media, many are struggling to effectively manage their engagement and are consequently failing to make the most of a potentially enormous opportunity.”

The research found that many companies are experimenting with social media without yet reaping any measurable benefits. Only a quarter of companies said that they have gained “real, tangible value” from social media whereas 60% said they had gained “some benefit but nothing concrete”. However, 52% of respondents who are heavily involved said they have gained real value, compared to only 13% of companies who “experimented but not done much”.

Michelle Goodall, Econsultancy’s social media and online PR consultant at Econsultancy, said: “Before they think about their strategy and the best tactics, companies need to go back to basics and think in detail about how online PR and social media can help them deliver against their business objectives.

“The reality is that most businesses understand how to listen, what to measure and where to engage but are struggling to define the value of engagement and reputation in social spaces.”

There view of the benefits of Twitter is mixxed, with 31% of respondents saying there are “tremendous opportunities” available, but half reported their companies are “open-minded but not fully convinced about the value to the business”.

The majority of organisations (62%) are using the micro-blogging site for publicising new content, with 54% using the channel for marketing or brand monitoring (47%). Only 27% of companies are using Twitter as a customer service tool for reacting to issues and inquiries, while 25% use Twitter as a customer feedback tool. 7% felt that Twitter is over-hyped and a fad.

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