Fasthosts Debuts Virtual Server Range

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web hosting provider, has introduced a new range of virtual servers that combine high-speed performance, scalability and resource monitoring.

Fasthosts Debuts Virtual Server Range

Designed to scale with the changing needs of businesses and their customers, RAM, CPU, disk space, and IP addresses can all be determined by the user and dynamically adjusted. The Virtual Private Servers deliver dedicated resources, the latest Windows 2008 R2 operating system and full remote access and resource monitoring as well as fullVirtual Private Server control.

Fasthosts Virtual Servers are based on Microsoft Dynamic Data Center architecture, meaning that resources are dedicated but also adaptable dynamically and can be upgraded or reconfigured easily without losing data or functionality. Fasthosts customers can select f r o m a range of suggested configurations or design a server by choosing capacity, processor power and control settings at order, and are free to modify these at any point in time. By re-adjusting their server, the user only pays for the resources they need and so saves money and helps the environment.

All servers receive the power of Intel Xeon Quad-Core processors and dedicated RAM. Fasthosts has used Hyper-V (hypervisor based) technology, the latest in Microsoft server virtualization, to harness the full power of the hardware. All users can benefit f r o m the most advanced Microsoft Server operating system yet – Windows Server 2008 R2. Furthermore, Fasthosts provides free Resource Monitoring via the user Control Panel. Customers can measure CPU, RAM, disk space and network usage in real-time, and so keep an accurate check on their requirements. For business users and IT professionals alike, the ability to adapt to peaks and troughs in demand with speed and at low cost, makes the task of managing a server far simpler and improves ROI.

Steve Holford, CMO Fasthosts Internet Ltd., said, “As a long-standing expert for Microsoft web hosting, we have taken our time to invest in and develop a range of virtual servers that deliver the performance and strength traditionally only seen with dedicated server hardware. Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation is well suited to our robust network and connectivity. For even the most demanding pro users, we expect virtual servers to be a popular choice”.

Fasthosts Virtual Servers benefit f r o m greatly increased redundancy, built-in. Clustered servers provide automatic fail-over and combine with RAID disk arrays to enhance reliability. Users have full access to their server via remote desktop connection, and can apply the powerful Parallels PLESK 9 Control Panel, for effective deployment and server management. Packages also include Windows Platform Installer 2.0 which provides effortless implementation of the latest Windows compatible applications.

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Internet & Online press releases Has Joined The Culinary Education Tour 2010 As A National Sponsor (, love’s premier hot spot, is a new, online dating site designed to make certain that members enjoy a VIP experience in a dynamic, well-appointed environment. caters to singles that are savvy and embrace the idea that everyone deserves to find love. was recognized as a finalist in five of eleven categories for the 2010 iDate Awards. competed for top honors as Best Dating Site, Best Dating Site Design, Most Innovative Company, Best Marketing Campaign and Best Up and Coming Dating Site. CEO Michael Lombard said, “I’m proud to sponsor Chateau Noir’s Culinary Education Tour 2010.  It’s a wonderful program and a great way to give back to the community.”  Lombard continued, “I understand how important it is to invest in our youth, and that’s why we’re sponsoring the tour.  We know kids need positive role models and life skills.  This unique offering provides them with both.”

The Culinary Education Tour 2010 will begin in Charlotte, North Carolina, on April 2 nd – 3 rd at Freedom Hall 2500 E. Independence Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28205. Tour attendees ages 8-18 are admitted free. There is a $5.00 admission fee for anyone 19 and above. Group discounts are available. The tour will travel to Georgia and Virginia with additional states added throughout 2010.

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TRAC Research Partners with CloudSlam 2010 to Present Key Trends for Managing Cloud Performance

TRAC Research, a market research and analyst firm specializing in IT management, will lead three sessions at CloudSlamâ„¢ 2010 to provide insights into the key trends for managing the performance of cloud services. TRAC Research will deliver a keynote presentation and moderate two panel sessions at the event.

TRAC Research Partners with CloudSlam 2010 to Present Key Trends for Managing Cloud Performance

“As organizations are considering deployments of cloud services, many of them are concerned that they could lose control over the performance of IT services that are being delivered from the Cloud. Cloud computing is changing how organizations are leveraging computing resources, but it is also changing how they go about ensuring optimal performance of their IT services, improving resource utilization and enabling new technology rollouts in a cost effective fashion. Our sessions at CloudSlam™ 2010 will highlight IT performance management capabilities that organizations need to have in place to achieve the full benefits of deploying cloud computing services and avoid the deterioration of the quality of end-user experience. Also, we are excited to have some of the vendors who are leading innovation in the cloud management space participate in panel discussions that we will be moderating,” said Bojan Simic, Principal Analyst at TRAC Research.

TRAC’s presentations will also explore the role that solutions for load balancing, application acceleration, end-user and application monitoring, business transaction management and IT service management play in managing the performance of cloud services.

Keynote Presentation:

Title: Best Practices for Managing Hybrid Cloud Environments
Date and Time: 8:15pm EST, March 23rd
Presenter: Bojan Simic, Principal Analyst TRAC Research

Registration and presentation abstract:

Panel Session:

Title: Monitoring the Performance of Cloud Services: New Tools for a New Era
Date and Time: 6:45pm EST, March 23rd
Panelists: Motti Tal, EVP, Marketing, Product & Corporate Development at OpTier, Claudia Dent, VP of Product Management at Gomez, Chris O’Connell, Director of Product Marketing at Nimsoft, Bojan Simic, Principal Analyst at TRAC Research (moderator)

Registration and presentation abstract:

Panel Session:

Title: Application Acceleration in the Cloud
Date and Time: 9:45am EST, March 25th
Panelists: Owen Garrett, Product Manager at Zeus Technologies, Opher Dubrovsky, AVP Product Marketing at Crescendo Networks, Michael Kuperman, VP of Operations at Cotendo, Bojan Simic, Principal Analyst atTRAC Research (moderator).

Registration and presentation abstract:

About CloudSlamâ„¢ 2010:
The 2nd Annual Virtual Conference on Cloud Computing will be hosted online from March 23-25, 2010. It is global event, covering latest trends and innovations in the world of cloud computing.

About TRAC Research:
TRAC Research is a business-to-business (B2B) market research and analyst company that specializes in IT performance management.

Study by Clickbooth Will Help Businesses Better Target Women Ages 35 to 55

Marketing to women ages 35 to 55 can prove more difficult than marketing to other groups of online shoppers, as they are less willing to part with their money on a whim. Affiliate program network Clickbooth wants to help its clients reach more members of this valuable demographic, the largest online today. Part one of its recent study, “An Inside Look at Marketing to Women Ages 35 to 55,” addresses the makeup of this group and offers clients of Clickbooth’s CPA affiliate network tips on how to better reach them.

Study author Sara Anderson states that affiliate program network campaigns aimed at this demographic should be broken into smaller units that target specific groups, such as:

Single Mothers – There are approximately 10.4 million women in this group. They value their children, their time, and their appearance, making and saving their money, and finding a life partner. These factors should be considered when creating a CPA affiliate network campaign for them.

Stay at Home Mothers – They make up 25 percent of the married woman demographic, and they value highest meeting the needs of their family. When marketing to this group, Anderson suggests addressing the entire family. With this group, an affiliate program network campaign should include inspiring stories of other women in similar situations, who have successfully cared for their families using the campaign’s products or services.

Working Mothers – These educated consumers do not have time for endless research before making a purchase. Because of this, a CPA affiliate network campaign targeting this group should stress a product or service’s time and money saving features.

Married Women with No Children – Approximately four million women fall into this group. They value their freedom and independence, so when targeting an affiliate program network campaign toward this group, consider playing off what they value most: making and saving money, their spouse, having fun and meeting their health and beauty needs.

Single Women with No Children – They are a smaller portion of this demographic, but no less valuable. As they are more likely to be interested in finding a life partner, consider a CPA affiliate network campaign that targets a product or service’s ability to improve their image or help them meet someone special.

Anderson stresses the importance of the language used in affiliate program network campaigns that aimed toward this demographic. She suggest that clients “speak in a language that relates to her, appeals to her caring nature, shows concern for her time, and complements (not complicates) her life. The last thing she needs is a process that takes more of her time – simplicity is key.”

To read the full study by Anderson, which also includes tips on how to increase conversions with women ages 35 to 55, go to

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Rackspace Ranked Top IT services Employer In UK

Rackspace, the world’s leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry has announced that it has been voted as the overall 30th best place to work in the UK and once again the highest ranking IT Services company, in the prestigious Sunday Times 100 Best Companies Awards. Commended for its continued focus on employee engagement, Rackspace has ranked as one of the top ten companies for people, who love what they do, believe in the company and its future and deliver a great service.

Rackspace Ranked Top IT services Employer In UK

Rackspace Hosting UK has, for the third year running, been featured in the top tier of the Sunday Times Best Employer Awards. The Awards, which are based on employee interviews, indicate that Rackspace has created a fun and caring environment that helps nurture and grow individual talent.

The Sunday Times noted that 89 percent of Rackspace employees who responded to the survey were excited about where the company is going, with 79 percent saying their work is great for their personal growth and 95 per cent stating that they are proud to work for the organisation.

Brian Thomson, EMEA Managing Director at Rackspace, commented: “We are very proud of all the progress we have made in our business over the last year and what is truly pleasing is that as the company has grown our ‘Rackers’ continue to feel valued in their roles.

“We are thrilled to see that our employees love what they do and are excited at where the business is going. Our continued success is without doubt because of our Racker’s tireless dedication to Fanatical Support and the passion they show every single day.”

Rackspace is one of the UK’s most successful and fastest growing providers of IT hosting services. It has consistently been recognised for its excellence as an IT employer, with a number of accolades, most recently being one of only14 companies to receive a Laureate award from the Financial Times for being one of the best places to work in the UK and Europe 2009.

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Online Retailers Must Prepare To Meet The Challenge Of The Most Competitive Market Conditions The Sector Has Ever Faced

Bigmouthmedia senior retail strategist Finlay Clark will tell an invited audience of senior executives at the 2nd Annual bigmouthmedia Retail Summit this month that UK retailers are set to face fresh challenges as ecommerce consumer habits keep evolving rapidly. According to Clark, retailers face multiple opportunities and challenges posed by a shifting approach to the market, a raft of new technological developments and the entry of new players from overseas will have a major impact upon the sector in the coming months.

Online Retailers Must Prepare To Meet The Challenge Of The Most Competitive Market Conditions The Sector Has Ever Faced

“With increased competition coming from various angles, retailers are about to face some of the biggest challenges in their history. Big overseas competitors are coming to the UK knowing consumers are sophisticated online shoppers, and the likes of Best Buy will be aiming to make its mark on an increasingly competitive consumer electronics market in 2010. Similarly, in fashion we have seen a shift with the likes of Ebay become clothes shopping destinations in their own right, whilst Amazon has allowed big high street brands to retail on their own platform,” said Clark.

“Nowadays independent fashion designers are launching exclusive collections on Ebay – far removed from the second hand and grey market sales that they made their name on – and in many ways they’re now a direct competitor to the retailers themselves.”

Clark will be joined by a panel of industry-leading online retail experts speaking on a range of themes including current consumer trends, cross channel shopping habits, the shape of UK internet advertising and the impact of social technologies upon web retailing.

Taking the podium at the Bigmouthmedia Retail Summit will be Benjamin Ensor, VP research director at Forrester Research, Google Retail Industry Leader Peter Fitzgerald and Tony Stockil, CEO of Javelin Group. Hitwise research director Robin Goad and Enders Analysis Founder Claire Enders will also join Clark on the rostrum.

In a presentation designed to identify the 10 key events set to hit Ecommerce over the course of the next two years, Clark will also highlight the challenge presented by the growth of online applications. Although a relatively new phenomenon, he predicts that retailers will be forced to place increasing focus upon keeping up with rapidly developing new marketing technologies.

“Some of the best content in the future will be delivered through applications like those found in Apple’s iPhone Apps Store. Retailers are only beginning to get to grips with the value of applications at the moment, and ensuring that theirs stands out and can be found easily by consumers will be a crucial challenge over the next few years,” said Clark.

“We’ll also see a lot more made of mobile marketing, which is only just beginning to make an impact upon retail, and expect there to be much greater correlation with the way retailers are able to market to consumers based on location-aware technology. Operators like Debenhams are already experimenting with such systems, but we are likely to see rapid developments in the field over the next 24 months.”

The bigmouthmedia Retail Summit takes place in London on March 25th and is a free event aimed at senior marketing and ecommerce executives. Places are limited, but those wishing to attend can register at for an invitation.

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Dating Website Wants To Pay Your Rent Or Your Wedding

How would you like to have your rent paid for a year or your Cinderella wedding fully paid for? New Dating website company, Gotham Dating Partners Inc., will pay a full years rent or a Cinderella wedding for any couple that is a member for one year and has gotten married as a result of being on our website.

Dating Website Wants To Pay Your Rent Or Your Wedding is the parent website of niche market dating sites like:,,,, and

We realize that our goodwill can lead to potential fraud by some members. In an effort to curb the tide of misrepresentation, we ask that a marriage certificate be submitted to verify the consummation.

Gotham dating Partners Inc. is an online social Networking company focusing on the single dating community.

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BT Business Connects CAN Media With Schools And Surgeries Across The UK

BT Business and CAN Media have announced a new deal which means two million viewers in schools and GP surgeries across the UK will have access to a private TV information service. The three-year,£20 million+ contract will see BT take over the delivery, installation and operational management for the Life Channel Service from CAN Media.

The Life Channel Service, the UK’s largest private television network with over seven million viewers, is used by local government agencies to showcase and promote health and educational initiatives to the local community. Research* has shown the channel is more than twice as effective as posters and up to three times more than leaflets in communicating health and well-being messages.

Life Channel campaigns help schools improve their Ofsted ratings, and the NHS in achieving the national priorities set out by the Department of Health and measured by the Care Quality Commission. Independent research** has shown that 1 in 2 primary school and 1 in 3 secondary school pupils positively modify their behaviour as a result.

Working with partner Croft Technology plc, BT Business will take over the operational management of the existing Life Channel network. It will also install and manage the service in 5,000 schools and 4,000 GP surgeries, provide broadband, PCs and up to four large panel TV screens at each site.

Mike Darcy, chief operations officer, CAN Media, said: “We needed a supplier that would not only support our hardware, software and helpdesk requirements today but could also support us as we develop the service in the future. BT offered us a wealth of technical experience and expertise at a competitive price.”

Humphrey Penney, director custom solutions, BT Business said: “Communicating important information to local communities in this innovative way needs high bandwidth. As the market leader in digital out-of-home television, CAN Media were looking for a reliable supplier when taking the decision to outsource the delivery and management of their Life Channel Service.”

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PLR Internet Marketing Introduces a Comprehensive Resource for Creating an Income Online

PLR Internet Marketing is one of the only companies to offer an all-inclusive website when it comes to creating an online income through internet marketing. Solving the many problems that people tend to face when creating an online business, PLR Internet Marketing provides the tools necessary for success.

Are you thinking about making the transition to internet marketing either as a supplementary or as your sole source of income? Or have you tried various internet or home based business opportunities in the past without much success? Knowing just how frustrating getting an online business off the ground can be, PLR Internet Marketing has developed one of the most comprehensive resource guides when it comes to creating a successful online company.

With the many tools aimed at helping you take advantage of the various opportunities available for making money online, PLR Internet Marketing serves as a one-stop shop when it comes to assistance with your internet marketing ventures. You will learn step-by-step processes that are proven to allow you to make money with your blog. Additionally, you will discover exactly which affiliate marketing opportunities are worthwhile and then will have the proper resources to advertise your products so that you can achieve financial success.

In addition to blogging and affiliate marketing, you will also learn others ways to work from home while earning a substantial income and putting in less time than with many other business opportunities. One of these other methods for home based businesses is working with private label rights. This type of business allows you to get your business off the ground in a short period of time as the products are already created. This saves you time, money, and wasted energy and, instead, you have a business that is up and ready to go. However, choosing the right product is essential. As an easy to market and highly sought after product will be much easier to sell and more lucrative, PLR Internet Marketing focuses a great deal of energy on steering you towards the most promising business opportunities when it comes to private label rights.

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Bigmouthmedia Unveils British Financial Sector’s Top Social Networking Executives

A bigmouthmedia survey has identified the UK Finance sector’s biggest users of online social networking tools and confounded many expectations by revealing that the Finance sector has embraced the social media phenomenon more readily than those in other established industries. Some 74% of the leading executives surveyed regularly engage in the use of tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, a statistic which demonstrates the extent to which a normally conservative sector has adopted the latest working trends.

Bigmouthmedia Unveils British Financial Sector's Top Social Networking Executives

Their performance compares extremely favourably with that of leading executives in the FTSE 100. In a bigmouthmedia survey earlier this year, of the FTSE executives sampled only 25% actively engaged in social networking, compared to 85% of business leaders representing companies from the Sunday Times Fast Track 100.

“The evidence clearly shows that the Britain’s financial businesses are rapidly coming to terms with the social media revolution. However, there is still over a 10% gap between the use of social media by finance execs and those in Fast Track companies,” said Chris Cathcart, Senior Finance Strategist at bigmouthmedia.

“I believe it is key for finance execs with a focus on digital marketing to understand the social sphere more. A targeted and strategic social media campaign can not only help build better brand relations with customers, but can also highlight easily fixed customer based issues and create greater brand loyalty, not to mention a beneficial impact on organic search results.”

While the social media has been one of 2009’s most hyped phenomena, little evidence exists as to what extent businesses are deriving benefits from the plethora of available services. However, bigmouthmedia’s survey indicates that leading industry players are increasingly using social networking as part of the essential business toolkit.

The research revealed that former Lloyds TSB Head of Innovation James Gardner is the finance sector executive who has most readily adopted social networking as a means to communicate with colleagues and the public. Gardner, who recently moved to the Department for Work and Pensions, uses LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo and a blog to reach out to past, present and future customers.

Gardner emerged as eventual winner in front of a field that included Martin Peterlechner at Tesco Personal Finance, HBOS head of banking Mike Regnier and Stephan Daquaire of

LinkedIn emerged as the finance executive’s networking tool of choice, with 76% of those surveyed using the service.

Linus Gregoriadis, research director at internet marketing research and training company Econsultancy, said: “It’s great to see financial services company executives really involved with social media. This sector has historically been quite slow to engage in new digital channels but, in recent months, there are some great examples of financial services brands who have been really dynamic.

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