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Waveform Technology Provides Marian High School with Fastest Private School Internet Access in Michigan

For the 2010 school year Troy based Internet Service Provider Waveform Technology is completing new fiber optic construction to provide gigabit Internet access to Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills, along with Brother Rice High school and St. Regis School. Gigabit Internet access is more than 160 times faster than Marian High School’s old Internet connection and 650 times faster than a T1, giving Marian High School faster Internet access than any other private school in Michigan.

The new Internet access is provisioned over privately owned fiber built by Waveform Technology. “This is as a pilot project for a larger community oriented construction schedule,” said Waveform Technology representative, Noel Montales.“Private schools don’t have access to the same purchasing power as public school districts. We want to see how we can help these schools overcome this and have access to the bandwidth they need in a cost-effective manner. Fifteen years ago we helped break the price barrier on T1 circuits, making Waveform Technology the first to provide always-on dedicated Internet access to private schools in Metro Detroit. We hope to do that again for extremely fast Internet access.”

Marian High School will use the faster Internet access to move to hosted solutions for both school management systems and educational resources. “This will allow us to access more state-of-the-art technology for schools,” said Mark Hallman, of Marian’s Technology department, “letting us explore video, simulations, and virtual educational technology opportunities.” Hallman also said he used to tell teachers to limit their Internet use in the class room for fear of bogging down the old connection, but now the access to additional bandwidth will allow more concurrent use of interactive resources.

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Waveform Technology Applies to SolarCurrents Utility-Owned Program

Waveform Technology, a leading Metro-Detroit Internet service provider and data center operator, announced today their application to Detroit Edison’s SolarCurrents Utility-Owned Program. Detroit Edison is looking for multiple businesses with suitable rooftops or level ground area to provide space for solar power generation plants. Waveform Technology is one of several applicants to the program.

If selected by Detroit Edison to participate, Waveform Technology will allow Detroit Edison to install a solar power plant on the roof of Waveform’s Troy, Michigan Data Center. Waveform Technology plans to use the SolarCurrents program to increase the amount of renewable energy used to power the Michigan Data Center, one of Metro Detroit’s largest public data centers.

“American businesses are increasingly reliant on Internet services which need data centers: f r o m E-Mail and websites to mobile applications and disaster recovery,” said Waveform representative Noel Montales. “The problem is that we need a tremendous amount of electrical energy to power those services, and more often that not that electricity comes form ‘dirty’ sources, like coal and oil.”

“If Detroit Edison chooses the Michigan Data Center as one of the sites for the SolarCurrents Program then we’ll ensure that a fair portion of our electricity comes f r o m a completely clean and renewable source: the sun,” continued Mr. Montales. “It makes us greener, but more importantly, it makes the IT departments of our clients a whole lot greener!”

SolarCurrents is one of the largest distributed programs in the country, and Detroit Edison will generate 15 megawatts of renewable electricity through the Utility-Owned portion. More information about the SolarCurrents program is available at

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Waveform Technology Installs Metro Ethernet Service for Macomb County

Waveform Technology, a leading Metro Detroit area commercial data center operator and Internet service provider, is now supplying fiber optic Internet access to Macomb County. The new connection serves both Macomb’s 2,500 County Employees and MACnet, the county’s own private network, by providing redundancy to the current Internet circuit.

Macomb County is among the first customers to connect to a recently constructed expansion of Waveform Technology’s southeast Michigan fiber optic network.

Macomb County chose Waveform Technology for numerous reasons, but primarily because Waveform’s metropolitan fiber optic network provides complete path redundancy from the county’s primary Internet connection. “Owning our own network allowed us to meet the specific route stipulations that Macomb Country required,” said Waveform Technology representative Noel Montales. “It provides us more flexibility than
other ISPs that are just reselling local phone company assets.”

Price was also an important consideration, and Waveform’s independent network allows for Internet connections, and other metropolitan data services, for a fraction of the cost that other carriers charge.

Waveform Technology provisioned a 100Mbps fiber optic Metro Ethernet circuit for Macomb County. Metro Ethernet was chosen for its versatility and simplicity of design.

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Waveform Technology Is Now Offering Two Months Free Server Colocation For Unemployed Workers Who Want To Start Or Expand A Business

With the unemployment rate in Michigan continuing to rise, there are plenty of smart, talented individuals from information technology who are now out of a job. Waveform Technology is encouraging those people to take their great Internet start up ideas and form new companies to rebuild Michigan’s economy.

Waveform’s Data Center, located in Troy Michigan, is now accepting servers for colocation through the new Start program. With Start, new companies can bring servers online quickly and have no worries about data center fees for the first two months. will be the first organization to take advantage of Waveform’s Start program. provides low cost Internet services to Detroit churches, including websites and E-mail. “I’m tired of jobs leaving Michigan,” said Bill Wilson, who founded after twelve years in the information technology industry. “I’m going to become part of the solution and start something that can help Michigan grow. I’m proud to join forces with Waveform on this.”

Data centers are where start ups begin. Flexibility and reliability are always important when selecting a data center, but cost is also key for new businesses. With Start, Waveform Technology will provide trusted colocation for start ups and a helping hand in tough economic times.

Colocation is the hosting of user owned servers in a data center to take advantage of superior Internet connections and other support systems such as backup power. Colocation is excellent for developing start ups because they have complete control over their machine, there is no sharing of server resources or conforming to the provider’s preferred software installations.

Participants are eligible as long as they can provide proof of unemployment. Interested parties should contact Waveform Technology through the website,, or by calling 1-866-Waveform.

About Waveform Technology, LLC
Waveform Technology is a Michigan based data center operator and metro Ethernet provider. Waveform’s Troy data center is a world-class facility, featuring Liebert cooling and uninterruptible power systems, along with backup generator support, unmatched connectivity, and advanced security. Tenants of all sizes colocate in Waveform facilities. Waveform Technology is a privately held company in operation since 1992. More information is available at or 248-784-7000.

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