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Mato Jelic’s YouTube chess channel dominates in Australia

ADELAIDE, South Australia, 2020-Oct-14 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — Chess is an exceptional mind game and it requires a large amount of skill and practice as well as the ability to create and implement effective strategies. In spite of being a discipline rooted in ancient times, nowadays chess lovers have a variety of modern tools for developing their skills and improving their level, including online resources. Free chess videos can teach you how to play chess like a champion in a very short period.

The use of online tools for learning chess has grown exponentially in the last few months as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. If schools like the Chess School of South Australia were extremely successful before the crisis, things have changed dramatically last autumn because of the lockdown and new social distancing rules. When the Covid-19 crisis hit South Australia, Mato Jelic, founder of the most popular chess school in the region, lost all his teaching contracts with schools and also all interschool chess tournaments were cancelled. His only income was from YouTube revenues, so he decided to focus on that.

At the same time, his real-life students still needed the mental exercise that chess provides, and an increasing number of Australians began to look for stimulating activities they could perform at home. This is how Mato’s YouTube chess channel, active since 2011, took off; as of October 2020, it has more than 140K subscribers and 87.5M lifetime views!

“You can learn how to attack aggressively to win or how to spot key quiet moves and still move in for the win,” reveals Mato Jelic, founder of Chess School of South Australia and the newest online chess star. Some of his videos have even more than 1M views and his most popular upload is about the greatest chess game ever played, between Garry Kasparov and Veselin Topalov in 1999.

When Magnus Carlsen, the current world champion, was launching his app – Tactics Frenzy – Mato was hired to promote it. “This app is addictive and will make you a strong player,” Mato warned his fans, who are already intensive users of his online chess tools and resources.

Mato is the founder and owner of Chess School SA, a leading provider of chess coaching services in Adelaide, South Australia. His YouTube channel is a great place for beginner and intermediate players to watch entertaining chess videos. The content focuses on categories such as the greatest chess games ever played, immortal chess games, the best games from the latest tournaments, old masters games, and free chess training.

Follow him on:

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DIGI Hungary unveils two free 4G features: VoLTE (4G/LTE Voice) and VoWiFi (voice over WiFi)

BUCHAREST, Romania, 27-May-2019 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — The Company (Digi Communications N.V.) would like to inform its shareholders and the market that on 27 May 2019, DIGI Kft., the Company’s Hungarian subsidiary (“DIGI HU”), launches mobile telephony services through its own network. The launch comes after a four-year process of investment, planning and implementation.

Following the launch, the services portfolio of DIGI HU will include fixed telecommunications services (cable television, fixed internet and telephony) and mobile telecommunications services (mobile telephony and data), as well as satellite television (direct to home – DTH).

DIGI HU’s network will use the 4G standard (but will allow use of the 2G standard for voice services, exclusively for existing compatible phones). DIGI HU also introduces two free 4G features, which will bring great quality for voice service on compatible terminals: VoLTE (4G/LTE Voice) and VoWiFi (voice over WiFi) (available to Romanian DIGI Mobil clients since 2017).

DIGI HU is planning to further develop its mobile communications network and services in Hungary, with coverage expanding in several stages. In accordance with the Company’s declared strategy, DIGI HU also intends to develop 5G offerings in the future.

For details regarding the reports, please access the official websites designated of Digi: (Investor Relations Section).

SOURCE: EuropaWire

ExpressVPN sostenere organizzazioni noprofit per proteggere libertà e della privacy in internet

TORTOLA, Isole Vergini Britanniche, 27-Feb-2017 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — Riflettendo la diversità degli utenti VPN in tutto il mondo, ExpressVPN è lieta di presentare in 6 nuove lingue:

Tedesco: (
Olandese: (
Norvegese: (
Italiano: (
Spagnolo: (
Portoghese: (

Milioni di persone in tutto il mondo possono ora consultare il contenuto di ExpressVPN nella loro lingua madre per scoprire:

  • In che modo una VPN aiuta le persone ad utilizzare internet in modo sicuro e privato
  • Informazioni riguardo le posizioni server di oltre 87 paesi di ExpressVPN
  • Notizie riguardo gli ultimi software ExpressVPN, incluse nuove funzioni e compatibilità
  • Consigli per scegliere la posizione server VPN migliore per accedere a diversi tipi di contenuto
  • Un elenco completo di servizi e siti web che si possono sbloccati con una VPN

ExpressVPN si impegna a rendere la vita delle persone di tutto il mondo più semplice, grazie ad un utilizzo di internet privato, sicuro e libero.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

MaximumSoft released new version of its popular app iSaveWeb Lite

Dublin, OH, 09-Feb-2017 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — MaximumSoft Corp. today released new version of its popular app iSaveWeb Lite – free website download tool for iOS devices.

iSaveWeb Lite saves websites pages directly to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The app gives instant access to stored web pages anytime, anywhere, no Internet connection is needed. With iSaveWeb Lite there is no need to bookmark favorite pages anymore, just save them to your device and view them offline.

Saved pages can be sorted by Date, Domain name, or Title. The information is stored directly on the device. Pages can be saved either from iSaveWeb Lite browser, or directly from Safari browser (when using Safari Share menu, or special bookmark).

Use iSaveWeb Lite to store favorite web sites, online books, news, pictures, study materials – everything that can be seen in Safari browser.

iSaveWeb Lite is available in 6 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

This free app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Popular Free Greetings Cards Sites are added to Popular Indian Sites

More interesting features are added to Popular Indian Sites, the top Indian information Web Portal. Besides so many new Directories, Articles and Reviews, Popular Indian Sites introduced a huge collection of free greetings cards for entertaining the users.

“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.” – Nazrat Inayat Khan

He mission of Popular Indian Sites is to make Web search easy to everyone. It publishes Website directories in various categories, Search engine optimization guide, Blogs, Reviews and much more. The information rich website directories are the major attraction of Popular Indian sites. It publishes Website directories in categories like Healthcare, Travel, Matrimonial, Amazon products, Shop at Flipkart, Weight loss, Books, Jobs, Web hosting, Digital products, Classifieds, Affiliate programs, Education, Free greetings, Top sites, Indian sites info, Kerala sites info and many more.

Free greetings cards listing contain thousands of well designed and animated E-Cards.Popular free greetings cards are available in categories like Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, Friendship, Thank you, Wedding, Invitations, Cute, Everyday, Family, Flowers, Inspirational, Love, Events, Pets and hundreds of sub categories thereof.

Top sites intents to publish websites directories of Global importance such as, Free resources, News sites, Magazine sites, Most popular sites, Buddhism, Sree Narayana Guru, Christian sites, Yoga, NRI guide, Press Release sites, Crafts, Ayurveda, Boat-races, Kids World Free greetings etc.

Indian sites info includes website directories like Government official sites, Tourism sites, Online shopping, Jobs, Matrimonial, Hindi movie download sites, Hindi movie reviews, Top50 Indian sites and more.

Kerala sites info publishes directory listings in categories like Government, Education, Universities, Arts, Culture, News channels, Pin code search, Periodicals, News papers, Festivals, Kerala tourism, News papers, Festivals, Agriculture, Malayalam Film sites, Kerala matrimony, Kerala recipe videos and much more.

Popular Indian Sites Blog page is dedicated to publish useful and informative Articles on different categories like Travel and Tourism, Healthcare, Education, Jobs, History, Business, Technology, Arts, Culture and many more. The Reviews page aims to publish reviews regarding best websites, Articles, Books, Products, services etc. Popular Indian Sites Search Engine Optimization guide includes categories like SEO tips, SEO Articles, SEO directories, SEO links and many more.

“I have no special Talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

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New StuffAlert Website and Improved eBay Alert Service Launched by SonicZero Limited

SonicZero London, England 31st May 2012 is pleased to announce the successful launch of its new upgraded website and improved email eBay alert service that helps increase the probability of buyers finding exactly what is being searched for on eBay.

eBay buyers have been using StuffAlert to locate hard to find items on eBay since 2007. Now, as well as setting up alerts when no matching items are found, users can create email alerts where up to 25 items have been found. A complete record of all the items found matching users searches is automatically created and available to users on the website.

With StuffAlert users can quickly and easily search eBay and set up email alerts for the items they are looking for. StuffAlert continues to search eBay all day everyday and automatically sends email eBay alerts notifying users of new listings with direct links to the item on eBay. Users can manage all their eBay searches and alerts in one place with no cap on how many alerts can be set up and with complete control over email alerts.Passwords are encrypted so only users know what searches they have set up.

“The decision to upgrade the service was made in response to users requests and coincided with a decision to get eBay approval to increase the frequency of our automatic eBay searches. The result has been to deliver more frequent and consistent eBays alerts to our users who in turn are successfully completing more transactions” stated Rene Bachman, Managing Director of SonicZero.

StuffAlert currently works on iPads and other similar tablet devices and should be accessible via smartphone later this year. It is available to eBay buyers using the US and UK eBay marketplaces. Plans are already underway for StuffAlert to be rolled out to other English speaking countries in the forthcoming weeks.

eBay buyers whether newcomers and seasoned users interested in learning more about StuffAlert’s eBay alert service can visit the website ( or for more information Contact Us.

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More Internet & Online press releases Poll Finds Broadband Connection Important to House Hunters

A new survey carried out by leading broadband comparison site Compare Broadband has found that house hunters consider a reliable, fast home broadband connection to be high on their list of priorities.

The site polled users and found that 78 percent of 300 respondents factor broadband access into the equation when they are looking into renting or buying a new property.

Sarah McDonald, Compare Broadband spokesperson, commented: “We regularly field calls from people who want advice on installing a home broadband connection and we often advise them on the best provider such as SpinTel broadband on the website. Sometimes people find that they have unknowingly moved from a place where they had access to fast a range of broadband plans to a place where they have no broadband choices at all.”

“We’re able to advise people on mobile broadband packages in these cases, but for someone self-employed working from home for example it can be a problem. They prefer solid, reliable connectivity.”

As the National Broadband Network (NBN) goes on connecting all the regions of Australia, the variance between types of internet connectivity available could well increase. Some places will receive speeds of up to 100Mbps and others will remain tied to mobile broadband or basic ADSL.

Specialist comparison websites like Compare Broadband are able to screen regions and addresses for quality of ADSL connection on a preliminary basis – though this is not guarantee of service.

Tips for house hunters
1. An area’s name or reputation does not guarantee quality broadband connection.

2. Speak to previous tenants or occupiers about their own internet connection or provider.

3. Call Compare Broadband on 1300 764 000 or get online to source impartial advice on ISPs

4. Greenfield developments advertised as fibre optic ready can deliver broadband connectivity at speeds of up to 100Mbps.

5. NBN offers a map online to see which areas of the country are in line for next generation broadband rollout.

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New Review Site Delivers Independent Theatre Opinion, a new site dedicated to bringing informed and independent theatre review and opinion to stage fans, has been launched in the UK.

The site has been introduced to address a demand for genuine, unbiased theatre reviews which are different from the now-standard sites which are full of intrusive advertising. will offer true, honest reviews of shows like Chicago and Billy Elliot from people who have actually been to see them and who are not promoting anything. has been built by Robert Stuart, a big fan of theatre and shows, who was tired of trawling through websites which consisted of nothing but advertisements. The new site will offer impartial opinion, show times and the chance to buy London theatre tickets too.

Robert Stuart says, “There was clearly a gap in the market for a genuine, honest theatre review website – hence why I decided to introduce There are far too many websites around which are advertising based and which actively promote shows – I wanted to have a place where all fans of theatre can share genuine reviews.”

In recent times the economic crisis has resulted in lots of people choosing not to go to see shows any longer for fear of wasting their money. intends to address this by giving people unbiased, genuine reviews via which they can make informed choices about which shows to go and see.

In addition to its review services will also host show time and date information and will let people search for the highest-rated shows by peer review. Users will also be able to buy tickets for shows all over the country through the site.

About was born in an attempt to give the public a say in the world of theatre by offering an independent forum for them to share their opinions. The intent is to promote open discussion regarding the theatre, which could very well lead to improvement as theatres will have to face reality and will no longer be subject to only a handful of critics who have a channel to the public.

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Perfect for College Students & the Unemployed, Angels of Mercy Foundation Launches New Directory of Over 670 Work-from-home Opportunities

Angels of Mercy Foundation has developed and made available a new 42 page directory of over 670 firms who have work-from-home opportunities available. These opportunities are perfect for college students, the unemployed or anyone at least 18-years-old in need of additional income. The data has been fully researched and includes links for immediate access. A bonus 17 page paid survey work directory is also included. Daily income is guaranteed if the individual is willing to work from their personal computer on a regular basis.

The work-from-home firms are in need of survey takers, mystery shoppers, data entry clerks, email processors, information research clerks and more. The bonus survey work directory includes hundreds of survey companies willing to pay people immediately after they complete surveys online. The directory costs $25.00 for the general public and $20.00 for high school/college students and senior citizens (age 55 and over) via to access your directories. After your payment is received, a ‘Thank You for your Purchase’ page will appear with two (2) links for downloading your ‘Work-From-Home-Directory and PAID Survey Directory. You will have access immediately.

Interested parties need to have a computer with internet access, a printer, a telephone and a prepaid debit card that accepts direct deposits. More information about acquiring a prepaid debit card with free immediate activation should click here: This prepaid debit card program will issue the user’s direct deposit banking information, immediately. Users will be able to write online checks through the program and they will receive the prepaid debit card in 5-7 days. This is the, only, prepaid debit card program that provides a Second Chance Checking Account for those individuals who need to write checks.

About Angels of Mercy Foundation

Angels of Mercy Foundation specializes in helping people in every area of their lives. Right now, they are dedicated to helping those individuals who have been out of work for several months and students, housewives, etc., who need supplemental income. Their market research has enabled them to develop these new directories. They have researched hundreds of companies around the world that spend huge amounts of money trying to understand how people think and shop, why they buy certain products, etc. This acquired information helps these companies improve their products and services.

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Meet – Football Blog Launches New Look Site one of the webs oldest and most popular football blogs has launched a new look website with improved community & social features. was initially launched at the start of 2007 and features all the latest news, gossip, opinions & football videos from the world’s most popular sport.

The new changes include a fresh design which is fast loading and easy to navigate. This is coupled with close integration with the internet’s top social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which makes it easier than ever for fans to share their views and content with other fans from across the globe.

Lead project designer James Scott who was in charge of the overhaul had this to say about the new look “We had to completely overhaul the site design and we gave it a fresh lick of colour as the old site was rather bland, just in time for the African Cup of Nations 2012.”

Scott also had this to say about the social networking integration “The staggering growth in social networking sites and huge audiences available for popular topics like sports means we can tap into a huge audience very quickly.”

Not only does closely integrate their site with the top social networks but they also participate and engage with football fans worldwide using their social networking accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

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More Internet & Online press releases Announces Upcoming Webinar: “Period Pain: What Causes It And How To Find Relief” is pleased to announce its upcoming free webinar on the subject of period pain. The purpose of the webinar is to educate women on the causes of period pain, various natural remedies for pain relief, as well as pain prevention by undertaking necessary lifestyle changes.

Los Angeles, CA – If you suffer from various period pains such as cramps, backaches and headaches, you are not alone. According to a poll at, “ period pain ” is listed as the worst PMS symptom, followed by “irritability or persistent anger,” “fatigue” and “breast tenderness.”

According to Jing Jin, the founder of, “Pain is a necessary part of life. It can warn us, teach us, and provide us with important information about our body, our mind and our life. Yet few of us take these messages seriously, let alone develop a healthy relationship with what’s causing them.”

“No one likes pain. It’s unpleasant. It makes us suffer. So we want to get rid of it as quickly as possible,” said Jing Jin. “This is natural. But ignoring pain, suppressing it or hating it doesn’t help us. It may even hurt us in the long run if we continue to ignore the important information our body is trying to communicate to us. More serious issues could surface later on as a result.”

To educate women on how to manage their period pain, and how to cultivate a helpful and constructive relationship with their menstrual cycles, Jing Jin teamed up with Cycle Harmony’s advisors Jason Moskovitz, L.AC. DIPL.O.M., and Leslie Carol Botha to host a free webinar dedicated to this subject.

Jason is a licensed acupuncturist and resident practitioner at Tao of Wellness Clinic in Newport Beach, California. He brings a wealth of clinical knowledge and experience from treating women with premenstrual and menstrual conditions. Leslie is a respected educator on women’s health, author, publisher, and broadcast journalist. She offers her wisdom based on 30 years of research on how hormonal changes/fluctuations affect women’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

“We want to bring more awareness to this area. We want to educate women on the causes of pain, and various natural remedies they can use to relieve pain during their premenstrual and menstrual periods. And most importantly, we want to encourage women to develop a new perspective and new way of dealing with pain, one with more curiosity, understanding and compassion,” said Leslie Botha with her trademark passion and conviction.

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More Internet & Online press releases Announces Release Of Mood, PMS Symptom & Lifestyle Tracker

Most people know that unhealthy lifestyles are the cause of many of their personal challenges in life, from being overweight to chronic fatigue to PMS/PMDD symptoms, just to name a few – challenges which can determine the very quality of their lives.

Yet few succeed in breaking free of these unhealthy lifestyles. Why?

According to Jing Jin, the founder of , “It’s because they’ve taken on an impossible task. An unhealthy lifestyle is almost impossible to break because it takes vigilance and an energy that few of us have. Think about the chocoholic who has to resist the temptation to eat a chocolate bar every minute of every waking hour. Talk about exhausting!

“If you want to break a bad habit, the key is not to focus on getting rid of it, but to develop a new healthier habit to replace it.

“I suffered from PMS and severe mood swings for years, and was in a lot of pain. It took a serious toll on the quality of my life and relationships. I wondered if what I was suffering from was rare, if I was alone – or if I was just crazy. I was neither, but I didn’t realize any of this until I made the decision to tackle the issue head-on. Now I’m living a happy, fulfilled life.

“The first big difference-maker for me was the series of small rituals I incorporated into my life – self-care routines including a balanced diet, regular exercise, sufficient rest and recovery, and better stress management. I believe most women can turn their situations around, whether they’re suffering from PMS/PMDD, depression, mood swings, fatigue or weight issues, by incrementally adding healthier routines to their lives. And it’s not a daunting task – if you know how to make them work for you effectively.”

That’s the reason Jing Jin founded, to share what she’s learned on her journey and help women discover their own PMS relief to create healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. She also created a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use online tool called the Mood, PMS Symptom & Lifestyle Tracker to help women track their lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress and self-love, and monitor how these factors affect their moods, energy level, sex drive and PMS/PMDD symptoms. A simplified version of this tool is also available as an iPhone app called Mood Runner.

“It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to create a healthier and more balanced lifestyle,” says Jing. “If I can do it, you can do it too. The most important thing is to believe that you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. Because you truly can – if it’s really important to you.”

For more details, please visit

Video 1 – Jing’s Personal Battle with PMS and Three Steps to PMS Relief

Video 2 – PMS/PMDD Assessment; Mood, Lifestyle, Period & PMS Trackers

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The Xlibris Launched New Websites For ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’

The Islands Historia De Amor. The English Book of Poetry, recently published by Xlibris publishing company launched new websites for the author Abdul Haye Amin, The Islands Historia De Amor. The English Book of Poetry, recently published by Xlibris publishing company launched new websites for the author Abdul Haye Amin, The websites allow individual’s directly to take advantage of author newly published Book of Poetry in Language English and browse and order by click searching offer the most up to date websites by Xlibris Corporation. The Well known Book publishing Company in the USA.

Author born in Sylhet District age of ten brought up in the United Kingdom, The Bilingual’s Poetry writers in Language Bangla and in English, a Historic, Cultural, Romantics, Romance, Love, Sorrow, Friendship, Friend, Religious, which believes to be cultivated domiciles soil of holy Saint ‘British India’ trace since 1734 the first conflict of Language Bangla, written by European Country, Portuguese ‘Manoel Da Assumpcam’

Then Partition of Bay of Bengal and Language ‘Bangla’ the true tastes of original ‘British India’ without “Red” colour ‘Chicken Tikka Masasla’ requires no peppers and salts to digest 163 years the Cultural and Religious poems. Probably second to none- as American Library ‘Shefari’ and search Engine ‘Google’ claims the first poetry Book contain name “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—786. In Language Arabic mean out of ninety nine name of God.

The Book of poems contain valuable foreign Protocol tastes of tourist in Bilingual’s Language which represent to all size, class, cast, origin, and nationalities Poetry book is destined to be a ‘British India’ symbol of forgotten Love. Should you want to experience the newly published Book of poems ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ and websites for your self please kindly visit

The bilingual’s readers will eventually enjoy the moment of per blinks of eyes as ray of light, medically known ‘Visual Hallucination’. Unfortunately, the author nor Foreign Secretary of States accept no Liability, Responsibility, nor Trust Should by any mean members of readers ever fall in love with the poems as Language “Bangla” the first E.E.C. Portuguese man to written in 1734. It a sign of shame Instead of by British Government.

Today nation celebrate with packets of condoms the favourites Country by name “Bangla—Desh” the seeds of Holy Saints the Roots of “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He” –(R.A), (Jesus Christ), therefore kind request in advance to keep British N.H.S. Free packet of Condoms instead of tablet ‘Seroxat’ or ‘Ritual’ before any Foreign Bilingual’s Diplomatic ever intent read ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’. The English Book of poems.

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Photo AC – Free Images Stock Photo Album

Photo AC has many free photos that can be downloaded by registration with e-mail address. Registration is completely free and can be easily done in 10 seconds. Currently there are seven categories to browse: People, Business, Animal, Flower & Plant, Food & Drink, Cityscape, and Medical Welfare. It is also possible to search other photos with using keywords!

You can find free photos by professional photographers, and you can download as many photos you want. There is no limitation in the number of downloads. All photos can be used for any purpose, profit and commercial use is also permitted (except selling downloaded photos to third party directly).

Recently we opened a new category with particular photos about medical instruments, welfare, tools, medical equipment and so on. We will provide regular uploads with new amazing photos to download.

Try and have fun with new Photo AC!

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Skype brings video calling to Android phones

Skype has announced an updated version of its Skype for Android app – Skype for Android 2.0, bringing Skype Video Calling to the currently fastest growing mobile OS.

With the new version, users will be able to make and receive free 1-to-1 video calls over Skype between their Android phone and other Skype contacts on the iPhone, Mac, Windows PCs and even TVs. The Android video call app works over Wi-Fi or 3G data connections and can be downloaded for free from the Android Market or the Skype website using any phone browser.

“We are committed to bring Skype Video Calling to as many platforms as possible and are delighted to deliver on this with our new updated Android video chat app,” said Neil Stevens, Skype’s vice president and general manager for product and marketing.

“With approximately 30 million concurrent users logging into Skype at any given time and making up to half a million simultaneous video calls, the Skype video chat on Android app makes it even easier for users to share moments with their contacts wherever they are.”

In addition to video chat, users can also make calls to landlines and mobiles around the world, as well as send SMS’s to friends and family anywhere in the world at great Skype rates. All this comes with a complete redesign of the Skype for Android user interface. There’s a new main menu on the Skype app for Android where users can navigate easily through their contacts, access their Skype profile to change personal details or see the balance of their Skype Credit. Finally a new mood message box at the top of the Skype app menu makes it easier than ever for users to share how they are feeling, what they’ve seen, or what they’re up to.

For this first phase of launch, handsets that support video calling include the HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and the Google Nexus S.

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Wordle, The Word Play Anagram Game, Now Available for Android

GeniusWave announces Wordle for Android. The word play anagram game, is now available in over 10 Android App Stores Worldwide. The highly popular iTunes app brings the exciting and fast pace game that you can play solo or with a team, in three or thirty minutes to Android devices. The new version also enhances the 3500 puzzles and built in dictionary, making it even easier to pickup, play and learn. A great family game for both kids and adults, this anagram game comes with different levels and is quick to learn and play. Kids and adults alike build vocabulary, improve spelling and have some competitive fun along the way. Watch out, the challenge can be so addictive. Simply combine six letters on a shelf to make as many words as a player can build in three minutes.

“With the growth in popular of Android devices, we have had a lot of requests to bring the popular app to Android,” says Greg Dierickse, Founder and CMO at GeniusWave. Greg also adds, “We love the early reaction from our Android users, especially ones where Moms and kids have commented that is a much better use of time, than playing games where you destroy zombies, bunnies or birds. “Not only did we bring it Android we want to put the app in multiple stores, including stores worldwide. A worldwide availability also helps kids and adults learning English as a second language have access to a fun way to improve their vocabulary”, says Erwin Chiong, Founder and CTO at GeniusWave.

The key features of the game that users have fallen in love with:

Building a vocabulary is fun:
• Play 3500 puzzles and tens of thousands of words to help you build your vocabulary
• View definitions of words you are not familiar with
• Play for 3 minutes, 30 minutes or whenever a player has a spare moment. Games are saved automatically upon exiting or receiving a call

Instant family game or high score competition:
• Team up and play a fast round where ever players are: in the car, at a restaurant, or waiting in line
• Compete against online high scores, or share scores with Facebook friends
• Mix it up – play games that exercises the brain, not just destroying things.
Wordplay gives a mental workout, builds vocabulary and helps achieve learning goals. Kids can work on spelling lists or those learning English as a second language, can enhance their studies.

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Who will be the prize winner of 1 Billion Won (around 1 Million Dollars) miracle?

WEmakePRICE kicks off its special promotion, “Finding the Miracle of 1 Billion Won”, granting up to 1 billion won to a final prize winner.

– WEmakePRICE is calling a nation-wide promotion, [Miracle of 1 Billion Won], granting a total prize amount that can be determined by the proportion of incremental numbers of participants.

– Whoever signs up in the company website, and apply for this promotion can be eligible to be the winner of prize up to 1 billion KRW. The promotion will be held through May 31st.

– The company executes an unconventional marketing campaign such as “1 Billion Won Worth Men and Women” guerilla communications or unique ad campaign that is appeared one of the hottest girls group members, Koo Ha Ra.

May 12, 20011, Seoul – (, President: Lee Jong Han), said it has started an unprecedented promotion [Miracle of 1 Billion] that will deliver 1 billion in cash to a finalist from May 2 till the end of May. The company presents the motto of ‘We Make Price’ in the emerging social commerce market as a dark horse in IT industry.

[Miracle of 1 Billion] is granting 1 billion in cash to a finalist who will be drawn randomly from the participants registered online and offline during May. The principle of the promotion is similar to ‘social commerce’: the value of prize is calculated in proportion to the number of new members. It is started from 10 million and increased by 10 million per a hundred thousand of new members. Thus, if more than 1 million members are participated, the maximum value of prize 10 billion will be delivering to a finalist.

[Miracle of 1 Billion] is the largest promotion among the ‘public sweepstake’ which has no limitation to the value of giveaways. Anyone is eligible to participate in the promotion once by registering as a new member without hassle to purchase any coupons or products. If already a member of WEmakePRICE, you are qualified from participating once in the promotion automatically. In addition, the more you recommend this promotion to new members, the higher you have the possibility of winning the promotion by earning more qualifications of participation in proportion to the number of new members you recommended. In order to win the promotion, it is necessary to recommend to your friends, and make them register as a new member. If willing to register offline, you can visit WEmakePRICE building at Sam Sung Dong, Seoul, from the 2nd of May.

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FriendMatch hopes to help thousands of Americans, Canadians who are creating classified advertisements to find new friends

With hundreds of thousands of classified ads posted on popular buy-and-sell websites like Craigslist and Kijiji by people who are trying to make platonic friends, a new concept was born- using the Internet to find and make friends.

Twenty-four-year-old Katie Hartle noticed this trend, and saw an entire market being ignored- online matchmaking for friends. Hartle created FriendMatch in hopes of making it easier for Americans and Canadians to make friends online, for free.

“This is just one more way that technology can improve our lives, in this case, our social lives,” says Hartle, “We have dating sites, lots of them, but this concept is long overdue.”

FriendMatch is designed so that visitors can look up potential new friends by city. Users can also browse or post an ad for friendship without signing up in one of several categories, including:

• New parents
• Seniors
• Couple Friends
• New in Town
• Exercise buddies
• Professional and Networking
• Room mates
• Weird Friend Requests

“As our lives change, we need friends to support us, whether we are newly sober, newly married, or even newly divorced,” says Hartle, “Friendships can enrich our lives, but the trouble is, it’s not always easy to find friends.”

The website can be found at in the United States, and in Canada.

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More Internet & Online press releases – Free Balkans Travel Assistance

Balkans Travel Guru announced today the successful release of its FREE Balkans travel assistance website, The site was created to assist travelers in the Balkans with where to go, what to do, where to find products or services and what they need to know for each and every country in the Balkans. Whether it is planning before your trip, or during your trip, Balkans Travel Guru has the information needed to make your travel easier.

Tourism has fallen sharply throughout the Balkans. Experts believe that a well-informed traveler is a return traveler. Balkans Travel Guru is not a travel agent but an online resource to travelers or potential travelers. Its mission is to increase travel in the Balkans by having well informed travelers and inspire them to travel throughout. The company is currently working on an IPhone and IPod application to further assist the traveler.

“It is a unique tool; there is nothing more frustrating than going to a city and not being able to find what you need. As a business traveler, I need to know so I can do more. You can even find where the local stationary is in Tirana” Said Michael Velop.

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Work From Home Reviews Website

2010 was a year that Net Salaries Review went back to school. The rising unemployment rate was a key factor in this decision. Research discovered work from home scams all over the internet. Research also discovered real work from home opportunities as well. Thousands of hours were spent researching and reviewing countless products. The research revealed the top online work from home opportunities today.

December 27, 2010 The Net Salaries Review site launches. The Net Salaries Review is an information website designed for people that really want to learn how to work from homeonline. The work from home products reviewed and tested have revealed priceless information for those wanting to learn how to work from home.

The work from home review site includes information on work from home scams. All types of scams are covered in great detail. The information provides which types of work from home scams to avoid and how to identify them. Other topics include how to work from home online and the skills needed to be successful.

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