Bigmouthmedia Identifying Current Key Affiliate Marketing Issues

Bigmouthmedia is to conduct a new affiliates survey designed to identify the key issues in affiliate marketing in the current climate.

The digital marketing agency has commissioned the research in a bid to establish firm information about the latest developments and emerging challenges that matter to the sector. Affiliates responding to the survey will be asked for their opinions on a series of issues ranging from networks and tracking technologies to the use of creatives and advertising exchanges.

“Are affiliates most successful when they concentrate on just one niche? Is commission attribution modelling a major threat to the industry? There are many questions hanging over the affiliates industry and we want to know which issues matter most to them,” said Fiona Robertson, head of Affiliates and Performance at bigmouthmedia.

“Our Affiliate partners are extremely important to us. We believe it’s important to know what makes their businesses work, to understand what they think of the digital industry as a whole, and that identifying affiliate opinions on the key issues currently facing the industry is an essential step towards creating greater clarity in the sector.”

The questions include: are affiliates better digital marketers than many of the merchants they work with? Are there too many affiliate networks in the UK? Do networks in the UK have a problem with low quality or fraudulent traffic and does Google want to become the world’s largest affiliate?

The new bigmouthmedia affiliate marketing survey, which closes on October 6th 2010, is open to any affiliate that wishes to participate and receive a free copy of the final research in return, and one lucky winner will also get an additional a prize. Responses from networks, agencies and merchants are not being sought.

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SEO experts QueryClick Welcome the Decision to Create Real-Time Analytics Functionality for Social Media Giant Twitter

Following Twitter’s announcement that it will be launching a free analytics service as of the end of 2010, users will soon be able track and monitor their online activities and the success of their tweets.

With social media platforms becoming increasingly prominent in website promotion and customer engagement, the ability to track the success of Twitter-based activities has long been on the wish lists of everyday users and businesses alike.

UK SEO experts, QueryClick believe the arrival of a Twitter analytics dashboard is a further sign that SEO is increasingly affected by social media.

Discussing the matter, a QueryClick spokesperson said:

“Social media is one of the fastest growing sectors in web but for the past couple of year’s there’s been little evidence to support the likes of Twitter and Facebook holding much sway over SEO in terms of boosting back links and driving traffic in the long term rather than temporarily.

“Recent findings suggest that this could be about to change however so it’s increasingly important for businesses to get ready for the social media surge and track the successes and failures of their output in a similar fashion to Google Analytics.”

The decision to roll out a Twitter analytics package is also speculated to be among a number of measures that are already taking shape on the site.

A complete redesign of the site, for example, now features a split screen for multimedia content on one side and recognisable Twitter chatter on the other.

Clearly part of CEO Evan William’s desire to create “A better Twitter”, the redesign and new analytics dashboard is set to make microblogging a force to be reckoned with on top of the 90 million tweets that are currently posted daily.

SEO web designers QueryClick have been quick to warn businesses to make the most of Twitter’s analytics dashboard while it remains free:

“Should Twitter’s analytics dashboard take off, the chances are there will be a specific model rolled out for businesses and marketeers which will contain more advanced features and will most likely not be free.

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Podcast Keeps Co-operative Staff Informed Of Head Office Developments

The podcast, which will be produced periodically between now and the opening of the Group’s new £100m home, is part of a commitment to communicate progress to both staff and the public.

The Group will move into the 325,000 sq ft of open plan office and support space on Miller Street in 2012.

Produced by the Internal Communications team, the podcast includes interviews with the Group’s Programme Director for the new building, Peter Cookson, and Ian Fleming from its construction partners BAM.

Robert Cohen, Senior Communications Manager at the Group said: “We’re really excited to be able to launch this podcast, which will give people across the country the chance to find out about some of the qualities that will make our new home such an exciting and unique place to work. The podcast allows the people involved with the project to really bring it to life and there is a lot of fascinating information that you can only get through the podcast.”

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More Internet & Online press releases Announces September Special SEO Packages At 10-30% Discounts

Continuing their run as one of the fastest growing and 100% result-oriented SEO companies, now comes up with another round of special deals in September with more than 25% off of regular SEO package prices. For the first time, the company provides clients the opportunity to propose combination of their choice of SEO packages for the next monthly special.

September SEO specials cover an interesting range of SEO packages from single Squidoo lens, 2 PR5 posts, 3 niche blogs and so on… closing at 10 th Super Business Package for only $615 (worth $930). September month specials offer a smart and effective range of services from web 2.0 blogging and article marketing to niche guest posts, making the packages suitable for any budget and business.

The company CEO and SEO expert Sunita Biddu states, “The ever-growing popularity of our monthly special offers has prompted us to create the best and most interesting link building packages every month. I’m glad to admit that the monthly specials have become one of the USPs of SEO Peace other than our equally hit RankUp package. The Suggest next special feature will further help us know what our clients want and we’d try to have their choice included in next specials at best discounts so they get more than they expect.”

While the monthly specials continues to be one of the favorites of old clients, the offers are a great deal for new customers looking to gauze the quality of services the SEO company claims to offer.  The sales team is available 24×7 to address all queries and doubts within few hours. Looking at the growing list of positive testimonials and demands, the deal is definitely worth trying.

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Alibaba Group’s Re-evaluation of Yahoo Ties May Prove Harmful To Yahoo’s Presence in China, warns SEO Experts has been something of a success story, beginning its internet life as a small start-up and growing into an online force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, it has recently expanded it overseas presence with AliExpress, an online marketplace akin to eBay.

In fact, it seems that a closer relationship with eBay may replace that held between Alibaba and Yahoo. During the two-day Alifest event this month, John Donohoe, chief executive of eBay, made an unlikely appearance, with Alibaba chairman and chief executive Jack Ma announcing that:

“We are competitors in some ways but we have the same dream, the same mission and the same goal to help entrepreneurs…I believe one day we will work very closely together.”

The hinted co-operation between the companies coincides with the deterioration in Alibaba’s ties with Yahoo, whose proposed venture into mainland China, along with the denouncement of Yahoo’s lack of core technologies by CEO David Wei have formed the basis for the alleged re-assessment of the current partnership between the companies.

Search Engine Optimisation experts commented on the benefits of increased co-operation between AliExpress and Ebay:

“A close partnership between AliExpress and eBay could be hugely beneficial for both sides, with one providing the other with valuable contacts and insights into their respective markets. The Chinese market is notoriously difficult to master for foreign investors, whilst eBay could provide expert advice for Alibaba’s expanded online presence in the West.”

Following news that Yahoo Hong Kong Managing Director, Tsoi Po-tak, revealed the company’s hope to lure advertising from the Chinese mainland, China’s Alibaba Group – which is 40% owned by Yahoo Inc. – may rethink it’s relationship with the US giant.

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Search Engine Optimisation Experts Don’t Subscribe to the Growing Sense that Google Instant Signifies the Death of SEO

The launch of Google’s latest search enhancing tool, Google Instant, will change the way we search and are searched for via the internet. The latest development in auto-complete functionality has enabled the user to view SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) before finishing the query, and without the need to press enter or the search button.

This is a clever, tidy piece of design on the search engine’s part, offering quicker and more efficient access to the end result. Pre-Instant searches were thought to have lasted, on average, some 25 seconds. With the advent of the new feature, it is believed that 2-5 seconds will be saved per query as a result.

Whilst performing a Google search was quick previously, it is now almost… instantaneous.

This is all very well, but how will the latest evolution of search affect SEOs (search engine optimisers) whose task of utilising search term usage in the process of driving sites up the rankings – amongst many other things – may be negatively affected at the expense of quicker search results. Search engine optimisation company QueryClick Ltd do not adhere to such pessimism.

With the SEO industry embroiled in a state of panic, QueryClick Ltd are not clamouring for the nearest industry exit, far from it:

“A similar epidemic of paranoia swept across the industry when personalised search first came to prominence, an feeling which has turned out to have been unjustified. The development of Google Instant may be a slight game-changer, but it does not signify the death of SEO.”

Certainly, this seems to be the dominant opinion emanating from the Google camp as well, with vice president of search products and user experience, Marissa Mayer reassuring SEO practitioners that there will be only a “small change for the SEO community.”

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Bigmouthmedia Hires Fiona Robertson As Head Of Affiliates And Performance

On the back of the recent affiliate wins, Fiona Robertson (nee MacPherson) has been hired by bigmouthmedia to head up the Affiliates and Performance service. As well as running the team that works on the affiliate campaigns, Robertson will be responsible for the overall growth strategy of bigmouthmedia’s affiliate and performance offering. Bigmouthmedia’s current affiliate clients include Best Western, Habitat, Macdonald Hotels and Kwik Fit Insurance, amongst many others.

Fiona, who sits on the IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council, has over 6 years experience in affiliate and digital channel marketing and her most recent positions have been at WPP’s MediaCom and Glasgow-based Equator as Senior Affiliate Manager, where she developed affiliate and direct response strategies for a number of high profile clients. Fiona’s main focus will be to integrate affiliate marketing fully into the overall bigmouthmedia offering, spotting key areas for growth and ensuring that affiliate strategies fit seamlessly within the clients’ business models.

“We are delighted for Fiona to be joining the bigmouthmedia team”, said Robin Richmond, head of Digital at bigmouthmedia. “Her experience building performance-led strategies will be of massive benefit to our clients affiliate marketing campaigns. We are also seeing a definite uptake on our affiliates and performance services offering by new and existing clients as part of more comprehensive cross-digital marketing packages. Companies are becoming more aware of the synergies and added value that a single supplier can bring on board, and the recent growth of bigmouthmedia’s affiliates and cross-digital teams is a reflection of this new market trend”.

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Hyper FB Traffic – Sold Out Sign Coming Out Soon

Hyper FB Traffic has just launched all across the world and its developer’s Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker are already talking about placing the ‘Sold Out’ sign.

That’s right, they are CLOSING the doors in less than 24 hours!

They never expected such a rush and can not cope with the numbers.They feel they owe it to the current students to offer them their fullest support.

With the amount of people coming through the doors they just can not manage!! So they are going to SHUT THE DOORS when the timer runs out on the site (which is in LESS than 24 hours from now).

If you still haven’t purchased you need to get in RIGHT NOW. ==>

This is *NOT* a gimmick or scarcity ploy…the website is coming down in 24 hours and you will see a “SOLD OUT” sign. They do not have plans to re-open the doors so if you miss out, that’s it, there Will not be any other chances.

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Internet Marketing Services Examines Googles Testing

Internet marketing services includes features which influence the victory of a website and since Google search is and has been the leader within the internet world for a long time controlling over 75% of the internet traffic and any changes made by google affects all websites which is the foundation of marketing for webmasters, google then becomes a target of interest for any changes they now implement.

Internet marketing services includes features which influence the victory of a website. The internet is a uncertain and evolving entity with a life of it’s own or so it seems. Many of the strategies used successfully nine or ten years ago have now become either totally out-of-date in usefulness or simply not able to provide the website owner with the tools to successfully compete with other website owners.

Internet marketing services studies and uses all the latest and newest techniques due to successful quality results of the tests that are conducted upon detection of a system or software.

Since research is consistently conducted, many times new information is discovered and either eliminated from it’s knowledge base due to inferior information or features and also Internet Marketing Services will disclose new trends or information that is being used by various search engines or marketing gurus that is utmost valuable for webmasters to learn about.

One of the most recent interesting discoveries involved a report from various parties about Google’s change to it’s systems which was reported as being implemented now. This change discovered by Internet Marketing Services was reported not as planned change but as an actual change being implemented. As a result, since Internet Marketing Services main goal is to research and gather various information together in order to report its discoveries, this was began.

The alteration expected was that paid listings will no longer show in a different background color on the side and top of google. The party disclosing this change was extremely excited especially over the listings on the top of google above the natural listings.

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BT Business Direct Confirms Top Industry Names Ahead Of UC & IT Live Conference

Communications specialist BT Business Direct has confirmed the line-up of keynote speakers for this year’s UC & IT Live conference, which includes a raft of industry-leading firms.

Top names from the communications sector will take part in the free, one-day event including unified communications specialists Cisco, Microsoft, BT and Tandberg.

Representatives from the companies will join together to deliver the event’s keynote seminar which is set to focus on all elements of unified communications and how they should work together to create a robust, reliable and cost effective solution.

The conference will also be attended by world-renowned IT vendors including HP, Toshiba and Microsoft. Representatives from these businesses will be available to discuss emerging technologies with delegates, along with their company’s product roadmaps. It is also possible to pre-book one-to-one sessions with your vendor of choice or with BT Business Direct, a leading supplier of voice and data solutions including laptops androuters, to discuss a specific project or IT challenge.

A spokesman for BT Business Direct said: “UC & IT Live is the latest in a series of events from BT Business Direct specifically geared to appeal to IT decision makers from UK businesses and public sector organisations.

“This free event will bring all the world’s leading IT vendors together under one roof, making maximum use of the time invested by delegates.”

The conference takes place on Friday, September 24 at Twickenham rugby ground. Delegates can choose to attend either the morning session which is being held between 9am and 12.30pm, or the afternoon session which takes place between 1pm and 4.30pm.

To finish off your visit to the home of English rugby, take a behind the scenes mini-tour of Twickenham, which will take in the England players’ dressing room, royal box, hospitality suites, medical room, players’ tunnel, president’s suite and include a pitch side walk and stunning views from the top of the stand.

To register as a delegate for this free BT Business Direct event visit:…

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Internet & Online press releases Reveals That Only 1 In 10 Small Firms Update Their Website Daily, a leading UK provider of web hosting, has revealed two sets of new research that shows a worrying number of firms could be taking their foot off the Internet pedal. The company’s latest ‘Small Business Bytes Survey’ of 2400 UK firms* finds that only 10 per cent of small firms are updating their websites on a daily basis with 1 in 3 firms admitting that updates are being done‘infrequently’.

A further study of 400 UK firms** finds that over half of Britain’s small companies are now building and maintaining their website themselves. However, the data reveals that many time-strapped business owners are limited to using their evenings to address their web presence. Whilst businesses clearly see value in the web, the research suggests that many could be losing revenue by cutting corners with their web presence.

The survey carried out by, which specialises in providing value web hosting, also found that many small companies with a website struggle to maintain a compelling web presence. Despite two thirds of those surveyed having had a business website for 2 years or more, only 1 in 10 firms succeed in making updates on a daily basis. 1 in 4 companies admit to updating their websites on a monthly basis. Over half (54 per cent) admit to making technical tweaks only ‘infrequently’. In general, investment in the web is modest. For example, one third of companies surveyed use only a single domain name, and three quarters own less than 6 domains.

It appears that for many firms online marketing is an area that can be neglected. Alarmingly, nearly half of firms (48 per cent) are not currently advertising on search engines. 1 in 3 (34 per cent) are unable to quantify the popularity of their website as they do not look at their visitor numbers. For many companies, the web is still not performing as strongly as traditional methods of generating new business. At present, ‘word-of-mouth’ is viewed as the most important driver, with the company website ranking third after printed advertisements in second place.

Claire Lewis, Marketing Manager at, said: “Important elements like Search Engine submission and website measurement can transform the return from a website. There are now easy-to-use and affordable tools for achieving these to suit all budgets, so every company should check they have these bases covered.”

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