BT Unveils Priority Business Class Fibre Broadband

BT Business has unveiled its new fibre broadband service, BT Business Total Broadband Fibre, offering download speeds of up to 40Mb/s, from £30 per month. The service gives business traffic priority at times of contention and the UK’s fastest upstream speeds of up to 10Mb/s*, allowing users to get more than ever before from the internet.

The new service allows businesses to run multiple VOIP, high-definition video conferencing and business-grade cloud applications plus download emails, web-pages and FTP files concurrently, to reach new customers and better market themselves. It will also make home working a reality, allowing staff to remain connected to the office at all times.

A dedicated broadband “fast lane” also puts business user traffic first at times of contention to help firms continue to work faster, do more, reduce operational costs and boost productivity.

Nigel Stagg, managing director, BT Business, said: “28% of businesses are already using faster broadband to expand their website capabilities, and another 25% are using it to drive more processes online and employ more bandwidth-hungry technology according to our research last year**. BT Business Total Broadband Fibre gives businesses capacity and reliability, with the reassurance of a priority service, to enjoy the best possible online experience. We are committed to rolling out higher speeds and additional coverage across the UK during 2010.”

Businesses in Muswell Hill, Whitchurch and Glasgow Halfway have already been enjoying the faster 40Mb/s broadband service through a BT trial. The service will now be made available to approximately 500,000 homes and businesses from 31-enabled exchanges by late February. A further two million homes and businesses will be able to access the services by late summer following the roll out of the technology by Openreach, BT’s local access division.

This announcement sees BT Retail confirm that it will make fibre-based broadband available to 40 per cent of the UK – or some 10 million premises – by summer 2012. 2.5 million premises in total will have access by late summer and four million by the end of 2010.

From 26 January, new and existing BT Business customers in an enabled exchange area will automatically be eligible for the fibre service. 50 per cent of UK businesses can currently also receive ADSL 2+ broadband speeds of up to 20Mb/s at no extra cost to copper services.

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First Electoral Roll Update of the New Year

Tracesmart, providers of online Electoral Roll search tools, have announced the release of the first Rolling Register u p d a t e s of 2010. The company hold the edited Electoral Rolls f r o m 2003 onwards, with their most recent addition being 2010 Electoral Roll data, which was released in December. The new data will ensure that individuals using Tracesmart’s people search facilities will have access to the latest Electoral Roll information available.

The use of online Electoral Roll searches to find long lost friends and relatives has grown increasingly popular during the past few years. For providers of such services it is essential that they u p d a t e their Electoral Roll data at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure their customer’s searches are successful; Rolling Register data allows providers to do just that.

Historically, those eligible to vote could only add their details to the Electoral Roll once a year. However, since the introduction of the Rolling Register, people whose personal circumstances have changed during the year – for example they move home – are now able to register their new details onto the electoral database throughout the year. Tracesmart u p d a t e their Electoral Roll records with this information and in doing so, ensure those that use their people and name searchtools, get the results they need.

The Rolling Register u p d a t e s follow on f r o m last month’s loading of the Electoral Roll 2010 – an achievement of which the company are proud as they made 2010 electoral data available before their competitors. Paul Weathersby, Technical Director at Tracesmart, highlighted how this accomplishment benefited Tracesmart users,

“This year new Electoral Roll data was loaded into our systems in record time, providing our customers with access to some of the latest information available at the earliest possible opportunity. Loading new data swiftly significantly improves our customer’s tracing success rates, as it allows our address search and people search tools to provide the most up-to-date results available.”

In addition to loading new data regularly, Tracesmart also work hard to fill in any data ‘gaps’. The Electoral Roll opt-out rate has risen to 46% of eligible voters in the UK, a gap which could hinder tracing efforts – however Tracesmart minimises any impact by providing their customers with additional datasets to search.

“Our unique Tracesmart Register database is compiled f r o m various data protection compliant sources and currently holds 38 million records, which helps us to bridge the opt-out gap. We continue to source new data all of the time; our monthly Electoral Roll amendments via the Rolling Register is just one of the data acquisition projects which highlight Tracesmart’s commitment to providing customers with access to the most up-to-date information available.” Weathersby remarked.

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A Secret New Social Media Marketing Website Explodes Out Of Ohio today celebrated the official launch of the new social media software review web site. Expected to draw attention from social media experts around the Nation, the new venture represents the growing trend in the use of social media marketing in modern business practices. The venture will use its new site to showcase the latest technologies in viral marketing and how they can be properly implemented by businesses – large and small. The launch has people puzzled as to who, what, when, where and why they are doing this.

The group responded: “Social Media Fanatics have such an emotional connection for exploration. We want to fully embrace this and rely on an open sharing to enhance science. We hope to get the snow ball rolling and rely on the great people in the industry to morph into great new technologies, networking, and sharing”

According to the secret staff, “The social media industry has been laden with millionaire get rich quick schemes and spam since its original popularity in the early 2000’s.” This site hopes to provide realistic information about social media marketing and debunk some of the ‘secrets’ that provide wealth to an elite minority.”

When asked about the reasons behind the venture, stated “The website is a compilation of various life experiences and passion about a new trending industry. We believe that This site will help small businesses compete in online marketing, entrepreneurs get their ideas out to the world, and experts discuss current technologies to further the industry of social media marketing.”

Running on a matter of principal, the site hopes to attract an unprecedented number through the use of viral marketing only. At the present time, funding for the site will be a combination of donations and affiliate programs. When asked about the future viability of the company, the anonymous bloggers stated “We believe that if we do good to others, others will do good to us. We want to get our knowledge out to the world. The first 30 days are a compilation of over two years of research and a few dedicated professionals. We will be rolling out the latest technology daily in preparation for our own personal surprise – which will launch on a secret date during this period.”

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Florida Internet Marketing Company Starts 2010 With A Roar

Three new Web site development contracts and two new Internet marketing consulting contracts have been awarded to Florida-based Web site development and Internet marketing specialist Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT).

Florida Internet Marketing Company Starts 2010 With A Roar

“For our company, it marks a very positive start to the new decade. The new contracts provide for services ranging from new Web site design development, including installation of our Conversion Site, a flexible content management system pioneered by SMT, to consultation on marketing. Four of the new clients are in the medical field, including a dental care specialist and Medicare supplement insurance provider.

The new clients who have contracted with Sales & Marketing Technologies for design and consulting services include:

• Pacific Breast Care, Costa Mesa, Calif., a leader in breast imaging, including prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancers.

• Michael A. Chiantella P.A. Estate Planning Services, Venice, Fla., legal experts and specialists in estate planning, power of attorney, living wills, retirement benefits, asset protection and bankruptcy exemption planning and trust planning.

• Dr. Ronald M. Olszewski D.D.S. Dental Services, Grand Rapids Mich., whose provides information on the practice’s full range of dental services.

• Medicare Supplement Center, Dallas, Texas, insurance professionals providing Medicare Supplemental Insurance (MediGap) insurance policies used to assist clients in paying for copayments or deductibles of Medicare covered services.

• Advanced Cosmetic Technology’s, New York, NY the Web site for marketing and information about Advanced Cosmetic Technology’s permanent hair color and semi-permanent tinting shampoos and conditioners.

SMT President & CEO Dave Larson did not disclose the total financial impact of the new contracts, but described the total value as “one that makes a significant impact on our growth for 2010.”

Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT) is a leading full-service Web development and Internet marketing company. SMT creates, develops and markets custom Websites for businesses in the U.S., U.K., Caribbean, and South America. Additionally, SMT offers Internet marketing and lead generation programs, consulting Web hosting services, strategic planning and social media integration. More information: 800-434-0339 &

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Fasthosts Unveils All New Dedicated Servers

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web hosting provider, debuts its new range of high-performance dedicated servers for IT professionals.

Fasthosts Unveils All New Dedicated Servers

The new Fasthosts dedicated servers feature the latest Intel Xeon quad core processors, 100Mbps connection and Fasthosts’ unlimited bandwidth. Deployed in minutes and available in either Linux or Microsoft operating systems, the servers provide a reliable, secure and highly flexible server platform. Fasthosts’ robust network and unlimited data transfer can further benefit individuals and enterprises that generate or process large volumes of data.

Dedicated servers represent a cost effective and reliable solution for hosting core IT infrastructure such as websites or business application software. They provide a secure and private environment for the user’s applications to be operated and data to be stored. Business users can enjoy the full power of the hardware and guaranteed access to bandwidth, and retain complete hands on (KVM) remote control of their server at all times.

The latest Fasthosts Dedicated Server packages provide IT professionals and businesses with reliable server operations without the capital expenditure investment in the servers or in the physical space associated with running hardware on their premises 24/7. The latest-spec Intel processor in Fasthosts servers delivers powerful, energy-efficient performance so users can run several intensive programs at once without slowing down. Each server is maintained with the latest operating system u p d a t e s to maximise efficiency and security.

Fasthosts’ brand new range of Dedicated Server packages comprises the DS300 (Dual Core & 2GB RAM), DS500 (Dual Core & 4GB RAM), the DS700 (Quad Core & 8GB RAM), DS900X (Xeon Quad Core & 8GB RAM), and the DS1000XX (2x Xeon Quad Core & 16GB RAM). Servers are available in either Linux or Windows configurations and feature full admin control as well as Fasthosts’ unlimited bandwidth and 100Mbps high-speed virtual data pipe. Businesses are assured that Fasthosts guarantees 99.9% server uptime. Technical support is provided 24/7 f r o m UK by email or online.

Steve Holford, CMO Fasthosts Internet Ltd., said “We have upgraded and invested in our Dedicated Server range to ensure unbeatable service delivery and excellent ROI for business users. In an increasingly digital economy, success often begins with a robust and reliable server access that you have confidence will be working for you round the clock, day in day out, with all the benefits, but none of the high costs of running it as an internal operation”.

Fasthosts offer a range of powerful control panels enabling the user to set up websites and applications quickly and easily, meaning more time to focus on running their business. The award-winning Plesk 9 control panel interface provides ultra-intuitive server maintenance and control.

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A Solid Solution for Digital Assets - One of the greatest opportunities for many organizations involves the potential streamlining of their content structure for print, mobile or web applications. The time that it takes to structure content for these applications costs many organizations time, money and lost opportunity. A reliable content management system can help to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

A Solid Solution for Digital Assets

Many organizations own hundreds of thousands of digital assets. These include corporate logos, branding material, audio and video clips, still and stock photography, and a variety of archival content. Many of these assets were acquired over long periods of time and at great expense to the organization. Unfortunately, many organizations are unable to maximize the benefits of their digital assets due to a lack of an effective digital asset management solution.

Due to the critical nature of having digital assets organized and easily locatable, many organizations have implemented a digital asset management system. These organizations may have a slightly better grip on their digital asset management than an organization with no formal system. However, over time an organization’s needs change, which oftentimes necessitates customization, retraining of staff, and/ or the integration into a content management system or back-office software package.

For this reason, it is important to find consultants that are well-versed in tailoring a new or pre-existing digital asset management system to meet the current needs of the business. For example, an organization may be looking to find a digital asset management system that centralizes and manages the rights and permissions of a significant portion of all published editorial content, containing text, illustrations and photographs. Such a system could help non-technical staff members reuse both legacy and fresh content across print and digital media more effectively. Additionally, the organization may want the final implementation of the the digital asset management solution to be in-house.

For this example, many product options are available in the digital asset management market. Although the organization knows what capabilities they want, a prudent decision would require an interactive technology agency that can deliver an integrated content management system to help the organization refine its requirements and manage the request for proposal process.

A third-party consulting business that understands the technology, can assist in the refinement of requirements, and ensure an objective selection of vendors is indispensable. The mark of a truly valuable consultant is in their ability to quickly distill an organization’s needs for digital asset management and not only help identify the appropriate vendor, but also provide a new way of thinking. The type of thinking that helps the organization ensure they get the most out of their investment through the implementation of the digital asset management system.

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Use Your iPhone And iPod Touch To Help You Learn A New Language

You’ve landed at your destination and it’s time to go through passport control and customs. Everyone knows that queasy feeling: please do everything right, hope they understand me, please no complications… With your phrasebook it’ll be over in a flash, and you’re on to the next challenge. Does the taxi driver understand me? Has it all gone smoothly with the hotel booking? No need to worry if you download the right iSayHello courses to your iPhone or iPod Touch f r o m the App Store. Offline and in your own time, even on the flight, you’ll be able to play back phrases for your holiday destination, and learn a few key words to be able to confidently handle common speaking situations.

The iSayHello language courses are specifically aimed at users with little or no foreign language skills. Many phrases and sentences are recorded by professional native speakers, and can be played back as many times as you require. What’s more, iSayHello for the iPhone will always be nearby, so that even in difficult situations, the phrasebook will be where you need it most – in your hands. “With the Favorites feature, you can put together personalized and quickly available selections of important sentences,” says Peter Heinz, Managing Director at language software development specialists Admovi.

With the tutorials Arriving, Welcome, Hotel, Shopping, Eating Out and Emergency, you’ll have a comprehensive basic vocabulary for spontaneous communication, and can travel with ease and confidence. We’ve even included a tutorial called Flirt. iSayHello is already available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Chinese. Reading and speaking in the Chinese course is supported with clearly displayed phonetic characters, aiding learning immensely.

“The ‘Best’ award f r o m iPhone Apps Plus for a number of our phrasebooks, such as for our Spanish and Italian language courses, is confirmation of the high quality of our voice software for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We provide communication solutions that can be used anytime and anywhere in this globalized world,” says Peter Heinz. iSayHello language courses are also in development for other smartphones. If you don’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can go to and download the language course for your mp3 player, or simply complete the tutorials directly on the Internet.

Easy, just download iSayHello f r o m the iTunes App Store iTunes App Store, and you’ll never again be left speechless on your vacation. A perfect holiday companion.

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More Internet & Online press releases Opens Exciting $29 SEO Combo And Updates New Year Special Offers

The growing competition in the field of search engine optimization marks a dire need of some affordable and quality packages for the online businesses. Opens Exciting $29 SEO Combo And Updates New Year Special Offers

Apart from the most appealing and value-plus $29 SEO combo and New Year SEO Offers at include high-end link building methods from 30 contextual blogs package worth $285; now available at $199 to ranking booster 15 article marketing worth $199 to 3 grand special SEO 2010 packages that covers almost every advanced link building method at interestingly low cost.

Another add-on offer includes 25% extra service on every service package available
on site till January 10th of 2010.

To help webmasters get most benefits from advanced link building methods, SEO Peace added new services including hub creation, Link building through forums and blogs, high-PR contextual link building service. The customers can choose from the multitude of packages depending upon the requirement, budget, and website needs.

Though these packages are not full-service SEO packages, they will surely help customers and business owners to get good ranking boost in Google caffeine. With natural top rankings and ethical SEO strategies, promises to continue delivering quality services for upcoming New Years.

SEO Peace was founded by Sunita Biddu in January, 2008 as a sister company of Content Axis, Inc. With a team of experienced and professional search engine specialists, link builders, bloggers and niche writers, offers 100% result oriented SEO Services and affordable SEO packages. In a short timeframe, SEO Peace has achieved a reputed position among global clientele through its responsive and quality services. If you would like to have more information on the services, feel free to call at 91-124-4261422.

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More Internet & Online press releases – Social Networking for Farmers

A new social media site specifically set up for connecting farms and communities was launched a few days ago. allows farms and those interested in telling agriculture’s important stories to get their own blog, create groups and discussion forums that are either public, private (by invitation only), or hidden (only viewable to invited members).

Farms who might have been daunted by getting their own website can easily set up a group with their farm name and easily keep in touch with friends, family, and their community.

If you are passionate about any aspect of agriculture, create your own discussion group on today and start sharing your passion.

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