Fasthosts Launches New Business Broadband Packages

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web hosting and Internet services provider, has announced a brand new range of ADSL packages specifically designed for business needs. The Fasthosts Broadband range is now faster and more feature-packed, with a 24Mb entry-level package. A new fibre optic package offers up to 40Mb downloads, over 7 times faster than the UK average, enabling businesses to increase productivity and fully benefit from hosted services and cloud computing.

The Fasthosts Business Broadband range now comprises: the entry-level ADSL Lite (with 20GB monthly usage), alongside unlimited plans ADSL Premium, and ADSL 2 Plus both featuring a download speed of up to 24Mb. Furthermore, Fasthosts’ new unlimited flagship VDSL Premium package uses fibre optic technology to deliver up to a massive 40Mb download connection, and up to 10Mb upload speeds. Packages benefit from free set-up, and up to 2 static IP addresses.

Fasthosts Business Broadband is equipped to deliver business users consistently high speed connections and value for money. With unlimited usage, businesses can download whatever they need to at all times, without the need to restrict users. Up to 40Mb speeds better equip firms to efficiently perform data intensive tasks such as sending and receiving large documents, graphics or media files, video conferencing or using web-based software. Faster ADSL can bring to life more flexible working with quicker VPN access to internal systems. By using the inclusive IP addresses, businesses can reduce their communications costs with IP and video calling.

Steve Holford, marketing director, Fasthosts Internet Ltd., said: “Many businesses prefer an all-in-one approach to buying their Internet services. For some, that means making-do with either sub-standard hosting or ADSL bolted-on by their ISP. With Fasthosts firms can benefit from truly business-class broadband alongside high performance and award-winning UK hosting services”.

Fasthosts provides UK-based business broadband experts, on hand to provide free support by telephone or online.

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Fasthosts Launches New Mobile Website Builder

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web hosting provider, has announced a brand new mobile website builder for its hosting customers. The service enables any level of user to build a mobile compatible website in minutes.

The mobile website builder application can detect mobile visitors and provides them the choice of whether to view a mobile-friendly website or full website version. By catering for mobile users, a business can tap into additional online revenues and ensure greater customer retention and recommendation.

More Britons are browsing the web on the go with devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phone. In order to help website owners benefit from this trend, Fasthosts has partnered with goMobi to offer an easy to use and speedy way to create websites especially designed for mobile devices. The smaller screen, touch functionality and larger number of operating systems and browsers for mobile devices often makes it necessary to adapt the design of websites. goMobi comprises a convenient method of ensuring that a business website is available and providing mobile visitors with fast access to the key information they need when mobile surfing.

Compatible with any Fasthosts domain name, goMobi allows customers to build a website in minutes using its easy Setup Assistant. The user simply inserts their company details, uploads a logo and designs their website functionality by selecting options from a broad range of popular features. Features for engaging with mobile visitors include product section, photos and blog. goMobi also includes an extensive set of tools to help firms convert website visits into sales including call-me-back, request a reservation, online coupons and tell-a-friend.

Steve Holford, marketing director, Fasthosts Internet Ltd., said: “Many websites simply do not perform as they should for Smartphone users. goMobi is a highly convenient way to ensure that your website is technically compatible for every type of audience. With goMobi, your website will load swiftly, include vital information and create an attractive and professional image for your business”.

goMobi also includes a Search Engine Optimisation tool for increasing online visibility, and a Traffic Statistics feature for measuring web success and refining the web design. The builder also includes a way to incorporate third party advertisements, and allows easy connection of a website to all the important social networks. goMobi is easily integrated within Fasthosts shared web hosting.

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With millions of products, thousands of merchants and a multitude of professional reviews, launched online shopping mall that will allows consumers to make informed purchases. The store will let users to compare shops for best prices and products and buy online. At Best-Deals, savvy shoppers can instantly find millions of unique products and services contained in over 50 channels, such as Home & Garden,Computers & Software, Electronics, Digital Cameras, MP3Players, Televisions, Mobile Phones and more. The website also offers shoppers the ability to view and compare over thousands of merchants and sellers and their respective pricing information for products and services, thereby enabling users to ultimately find the right product from the right merchant at the best price. provides a fundamentally better way for consumers to shop. Most people shopping on the web go from store to store to find the products they want at the right price. With thousands of online stores to choose from, this process is tedious and time consuming. service allows consumers to search for products they want across several stores at the same time. With Best-Deals, customers get a powerful shopping tool that they can use on-the-go to buy products or compare online prices to in-store merchandise,” marketing director , Lisa Chen, announced in a statement.

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A large portfolio of domains which included, and sold off for £400k

Barry Garner – serial internet entrepreneur sold a large portfolio of domains which included Gold, and Pregnancy for £400k to Psychic Media Ltd. This is the largest single purchase Psychic Media Ltd has made to date.

Psychic Media Ltd who already own a number of sites including the largest Baby names website in the UK are looking to compliment and expand their portfolio especially with, and which were included in the deal.

Psychic Media already service over 5 million page views to user in the UK each month via their Baby related sites which has got a good response from the public with over 14,000 Facebook followers to Baby Names alone.

Scott Smith, director of Psychic Media Ltd said, “This acquisition of baby themed domains will allow us to build on our baby related web presence and will be a very good long term investment for the company”

Psychic Media Ltd offers advertising across virtually their whole network for brands that are looking to expand their reach over different markets.

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Foreign Translations, Inc. Wins TopTenREVIEWSâ„¢ Bronze Award for Translation Services, one of the top 15 technology websites with several million page views per month, has awarded Foreign Translations, Inc. (, a leader in global translation services, the Bronze Award for translation services. In a comparison of 9 leading translation vendors, highly ranked Foreign Translations, Inc. was commended for providing “accurate translations and responsive customer service.”

Foreign Translations, Inc. specializes in foreign language translation, interpreting, and website localization and offers translation services for a wide range of projects, from technical manuals, legal contracts, and marketing collateral to financial statements, training manuals, websites, and software programs.

To receive the Bronze Award, Foreign Translations, Inc. excelled in categories such as Web Content Localization, International SEO and Desktop Publishing Translation, and it holds one of the highest quantities of language pairs for translation. praised Foreign Translations, Inc. for accommodating a wide range of languages in a wide variety of industry sectors, summarizing that Foreign Translations, Inc. “has a long list of satisfied corporate clients because it meets its deadline commitments, delivers well-written and accurate translations and provides responsive and courteous customer service.” The complete review can be viewed at

Foreign Translations, Inc. is very pleased with the excellent review from the specialists at The independent reviewers confirm what Foreign Translations, Inc.’s CEO, Ken Zwerdling, believes, that, “[our customer service, accuracy and on-time delivery is one of the best in the industry].”

Customers worldwide who choose to benefit from Foreign Translations, Inc.’s services include Tanya Candia with Candia Communications, who says, “I have worked with several translation firms over the years and the quality your firm has produced is among the best.”

Foreign Translations, Inc. customizes its rates for each client according to the unique nature of each request. Foreign Translations, Inc. believes that a personal conversation with each client prior to providing any price quote is vital in achieving a detailed understanding of the needs.

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Secret Meditation – The Talking Website

According to estimates the daily transferred and publicly data amount amounts in 2011 to about 500 Petabyte (1 PB = 1 million GB). To be able to fancy itself this unbelievable flood in bits and bytes better: 500 Petabyte correspond to the 2,000-fold data amount of all books which have been written in the whole world – into all languages.

If the question positions itself: who should read all that? Now a new web page which is pursued by the publishing company Jakob’s way live into German and English language makes a good beginning friendly to user. The Secret meditation is a new meditation kind which belongs to the active meditations which, according to the publisher, „for the small energy hunger occasionally“ should be suitable.

Special is in this web offer that the whole contents register the user in writing and are read out at the same time. Besides, it is possible to choose between female and male voice and to switch off background music in or. Thus one is greeted on the homepage by a winking angelic face: „I would like to congratulate you that you have found here. Whether you believe in chances, or is followed your intuition, whatever has brought you here – you have steered this consciously or unconsciously. And thus this side will help you on your way – so or so.“

Finally, about the undersides philosophy and the Visionboard – Craftcorner the user finds to the Meditations – designer in whom he to themselves put together his individual meditation and downloaden is able. However, a small drop of bitterness remains which is to be owed to the enormously high data amounts of the web page: the loading times of the single sides are a little longer than one is used in the age of the Internet. However, who would like to allow himself in the hectic Cyberspace a few minutes of relaxation, this time will raise with pleasure and – one agrees so nicely read out.

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Bing’s Move Towards Social Networking Integration Is A Smart Move, Says Seo Company

Microsoft’s Bing has been trying to chip away at Google’s prime position in a number of ways, and now the search engine has revealed a new social integration strategy sure to get industry experts talking.

As an increasing number of web users turn to social networks for information and breaking news, search engines are being forced to reassess their traditional methods of ranking. This means that search engine results are changing, and the introduction of ties with Twitter and Facebook indicates Bing is embracing the new order.

The search engine will now offer real-time Twitter updates in Bing News, as well as in other SERPS, as a way to offer searchers up-to-date and breaking news in their search results. This way, the search engine hopes it will allow users to keep on top of trending topics without bypassing the search engine altogether.

This is the kind of move search engines need to be making if they want to engage with a new audience, claims SEO company A spokesperson said: “Integration like this is the best way search engines have of safeguarding their position as the top place for searchers.

“As social media channels become stronger, search engines face the danger of losing younger generations. By offering users the chance to make their searches a little more social, Bing could help tempt them to stay on one, centralised engine, rather than choosing to search within their favourite social networks.”

Additionally, Bing has announced a new partnership with Facebook, which will see Bing’s entertainment results instantly shared to Facebook users, if they are signed in to both. This feature will utilise Bing’s liked Results functionality and will allow users to share news of their favourite films, artists, musicians and TV shows to all of their Facebook friends.

The Bing and Facebook integration will also offer an overview tab that will allow Facebook users to update their statuses directly from the Bing entertainment results.

By keeping users in the search results, Bing could create an advantage for itself, said search engine optimisation experts explained. “If Bing can persuade its searchers to update their Facebook pages without having to leave the SERPs, it will have achieved something of a coup.

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IGXE Adds Black Prophecy Gold to sell list before other trade platforms

Here is a great news to Black Prophecy’s fans. As one of the biggest trader among virtual currency market, IGXE decide to add Black Prophecy Gold to sell list before other trade platforms.

Black Prophecy is a free to play fast-paced 3D real-time combat space MMO with state of the art visuals. Both the Player-versus-Players combat and an exciting storyline in a rich universe are important aspects of the game. It’s focussed on fast and exciting real-time combat space battles. Many experts regard Black Prophecy as the second Eve Online due to the background and story of Black Prophecy is almost seemed as the former. “There is no doubt that success of Eve Online made a contribution to Black Prophecy’s development.” Said Harry, professional MMORPG player. Shortly after the launch of the European version of Black Prophecy, the U.S. closed beta has been officially started and that the first thousand invites have been sent out. It can believe that Black Prophecy as a new blood of combat space games will certainly start a warfare wave in the MMOPRG world. With the officially started days is fast approaching, IGXE has already got ready to welcome this black storm due to Eve Online had enriched experience to deal with these difficulties. A series products related to Black Prophecy will launch at MMOXE follow the step, such as CD Key, expansion pack, game currency just like WoW Gold and even power leveling service.

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