Launches More New Records And Lowers Prices, a leading UK family history website, has been adding to its existing collection of over 40 million parish records for England & Wales dating back to 1538.

The company has launched over 18,000 baptism, marriage and burial records from London & Kent dating from 1825-1871, covering the parishes of Greenwich and Rotherhithe.

These follow hot on the heels of 79,842 parish records from Gwent (formerly Monmouthshire), spanning the years 1634 to 1933, which were also published on the site recently. These records cover the parishes of Chepstow, Shirenewton, Bedwellty, Beaufort, Mynddislwyn and Risca. Monmouth workhouse baptisms and burials are also included. Gwent Family History Society are providing these records on as part of an on-going project between and the Federation of Family History Societies to publish more parish records online, making it possible to trace back ancestors long before the start of civil registration in 1837.

20,000 burial records from the St Mary parish of Lambeth for 1819-1838 were also published online at, supplied by East Surrey Family History Society, along with 128,000 burial records for the years 1802-1846 from the East Kent Burial Index. has also announced the lowering of its prices, with full, annual subscriptions to the website, which allow access to all the historical records on the site, and annual foundation subscriptions both now cheaper than ever before. Both include the complete 1911 census for England & Wales.

Paul Yates, Head of said: “We’re committed to making family history as affordable as possible, while still ensuring that we continue to deliver a steady stream of fascinating, new family history records to our customers every month.”

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Consumers able to enjoy big bargain deals for top name clothing stores and restaurants

Mums and dads needing to maximise their household budgets this summer and autumn can log on to popular voucher codes website and begin saving right now. This week sees the online retail deals specialist offering new bargain offers redeemable at New Look, Miss Selfridge and Frankie & Benny’s.

Mums wanting to get hold of bargain clothing for the summer and autumn seasons can enjoy money off at top high street fashion store right now thanks to new deals for Miss Selfridge. A choice of Miss Selfridge discount code available on this week includes deals such as the Summer Clearance – up to 70% off selected lines as well as free UK and International delivery on purchases of £60 and over.

Other clothing options can be had on a budget this week too, with offering up money-saving deals for top high street store New Look. Shoppers who want to find the best value possible can log on to right now and get hold of New Look vouchers offering them 2 women’s printed t-shirts for £12 and 50% off in the New Look sale.

Kids love to eat out over the course of the summer school holidays and can help parents afford more for their money right now. Logging on to the website allows people to choose new Frankie & Benny’sdeals such as kids eat free until August 31st and 2 breakfasts for £10 to help them save.

Doug Scott, managing director at, says, “We’re delighted to be able to help people out this summer school holiday, as we know how much parents value a helping hand financially at this time. Money off top clothing from the likes of New Look and Miss Selfridge as well as savings on family dining at Frankie & Benny’s can be a real boost to mums and dads at this time.” offers consumers money saving deals at major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

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New Weekly Offers From Offering Savings at Top Electrical Stores’s latest discount voucher codes have been released and couldn’t be timed better for the summer. For holidaymakers looking to buy a new camera and top brand audio accessories, they can do with savings at Pixmania and Comet. The codes website offers reductions at 800 national shops and each week more codes are added.

The Pixmania discount code allows shoppers to really save big on digital cameras, such as there being 19% off the Pentax Optio WG-1, which comes with its own case and a 4GB SDHC memory card. Laser printers, for keeping those holiday snaps, also have savings such as the 45% off the Samsung ML-1860. These savings are perfect for those looking for a new camera for their summer holidays.

If you’re thinking of being some Monster Beats Headphones, then the Comet voucher codes can give you £50 off selected items, and using the same code, you can get £100 off Bose SoundDock10 speakers. Comet is the UK ‘s top electrical goods retailer and thanks to, savings here are welcomed especially with people trying to save money for their holidays.

“ are no stranger to helping people save money, but our new codes for Pixmania and Comet are really something. The money saved on digital cameras and music gear can be put towards really having a special time on consumers’ holidays this year”, said Doug Scott, Managing Director. offers consumers money saving deals at major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

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Google Confirm Testing of New Search Options and Results, say QueryClick

The search engine giant is currently testing out a number of new features on the search results page that could soon change the way the site identifies the most relevant results.

After months of speculation, Google has finally confirmed that it is indeed trying out a new user interface test on their search results page. The changes, which show the left side search filters are in a scrollable filter, are just part of their move towards testing a form of infinite scroll web search, which is when users don’t have to click a button to take them to the next page, as scrolling down will load more search results instantly, which will give users more and more results for their query.

Christopher Liversidge, QueryClick’s Managing Director comments: “Google’s decision to test infinite scroll web results comes less than a year after they were forced to deny that they were doing exactly that, when a report surfaced in November 2010 that they were already working towards creating these results. While these reports were found to be based on search results caused by a Chrome extension called FasterChrome, the potential for these kinds of results obviously interested Google.”

The news that Google is experimenting with new features on their search results page shows that the search engine is keen to give the user as many results in possible, and also means that they won’t have to continually click through to other pages in order to find what they’re looking for, say QueryClick.

Chris continues: “Over the past year it’s become clear that Google has made a number of tweaks and changes to the way they display their results, in order to make them more accessible to the user. For example, in July 2010, it was revealed that they were making big changes to their image search and Image Search Ads, including larger thumbnail previews, a hover pane, a new landing page, and of course, instant scrolling. So, if these trials are successful, instant scrolling and a whole host of other features could soon be the latest additions to Google’s search results, which can only be good news for Google’s users.”

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Bing’s Streetside Feature Now Available in the UK

Following the recent announcement by Microsoft that Bing’s mapping feature, Streetside was coming to Europe, the first images of the project are beginning to appear, say QueryClick.

In April, Microsoft announced that Streetside, Bing’s visual mapping feature was going to appear in Europe in the coming months, its first images of London have already begun to appear online. The appearance of these images mark the first time that people outside of the US are able to use Streetside, and London is the first city to experience this new service, say QueryClick.

Christopher Liversidge, QueryClick’s Managing Director comments: “There was a lot of excitement earlier this year when it was revealed that the URL has been registered, and following on from the official announcement it has emerged that the first images of London are now available online for all to see, which is great news for Bing users in the UK.”

Microsoft has previously said that it wasn’t going to be focusing on capturing every street or road in the capital, with the emphasis going on ‘urban and more heavily trafficked areas’, so not every single street in London will be available to view online. However, users can still use Streetside to view some of the busiest streets in London, and in either traditional 360 views seen in Google Streetview or as a basic panorama, which gives users a choice in how they view their maps, say QueryClick.

Chris continues: “If user want to view the images in 360, then they will have to have access to Silverlight, an alternative to Flash Player, which will enable them to see the streets in clear and high-quality image of the street in question. But if they don’t have Silverlight, then they can still view the images in what’s known as “Bing Maps Classic”, which is the official name for a panoramic image on Bing. While Bing has only been concentrating on London so far, they hope to expand their UK Streetside project to a number of other cities and towns in Britain in the future, which will give Bing users more options for when they want to use Bing’s maps.”

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More Internet & Online press releases – the finest garden furniture, gardening equipment and advice in London

In spite of a reputation for grey skies and rainy summers, Britain is occasionally rewarded with a scorching summer’s day. Starting preparing your garden for the sun with Capital Gardens, who offer the finest garden furniture, gardening equipment and advice in London.

Various scientific studies have shown that a few hours spent soaking up the rays can be of great benefit. A daily dose of sunshine can help to improve the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells in the body. It promotes healthy circulation and as well as the production of melatonin, a hormone that works to maintain regular sleeping patterns. But perhaps most importantly, just an hour or two of sunlight can increase natural levels of serotonin and other endorphins which calm the nerves and provide a welcome mood boost and a renewed sense of wellbeing. In order to be ready to enjoy the last of this summer’s sunshine, Capital Gardens have dedicated themselves to providing great deals on garden furniture from some of the country’s best loved designers.

Alexander Rose garden furniture has earned itself a superb reputation as a top brand for high quality garden tables, chairs and other outdoor accessories. From traditional teak designs through to innovative iron ware, all angles have been covered, with furniture to suit all tastes and budgets across their impressive array of 2011 collections. Furthermore, they have produced a range of products to help keep furniture in tip top condition throughout the season.

With the end of season sales in full flow, now is the perfect time to invest in outdoor garden spaces and soak of the remainder of this summer’s sunshine in style.

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The Xlibris Launched New Websites For ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’

The Islands Historia De Amor. The English Book of Poetry, recently published by Xlibris publishing company launched new websites for the author Abdul Haye Amin, The Islands Historia De Amor. The English Book of Poetry, recently published by Xlibris publishing company launched new websites for the author Abdul Haye Amin, The websites allow individual’s directly to take advantage of author newly published Book of Poetry in Language English and browse and order by click searching offer the most up to date websites by Xlibris Corporation. The Well known Book publishing Company in the USA.

Author born in Sylhet District age of ten brought up in the United Kingdom, The Bilingual’s Poetry writers in Language Bangla and in English, a Historic, Cultural, Romantics, Romance, Love, Sorrow, Friendship, Friend, Religious, which believes to be cultivated domiciles soil of holy Saint ‘British India’ trace since 1734 the first conflict of Language Bangla, written by European Country, Portuguese ‘Manoel Da Assumpcam’

Then Partition of Bay of Bengal and Language ‘Bangla’ the true tastes of original ‘British India’ without “Red” colour ‘Chicken Tikka Masasla’ requires no peppers and salts to digest 163 years the Cultural and Religious poems. Probably second to none- as American Library ‘Shefari’ and search Engine ‘Google’ claims the first poetry Book contain name “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—786. In Language Arabic mean out of ninety nine name of God.

The Book of poems contain valuable foreign Protocol tastes of tourist in Bilingual’s Language which represent to all size, class, cast, origin, and nationalities Poetry book is destined to be a ‘British India’ symbol of forgotten Love. Should you want to experience the newly published Book of poems ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ and websites for your self please kindly visit

The bilingual’s readers will eventually enjoy the moment of per blinks of eyes as ray of light, medically known ‘Visual Hallucination’. Unfortunately, the author nor Foreign Secretary of States accept no Liability, Responsibility, nor Trust Should by any mean members of readers ever fall in love with the poems as Language “Bangla” the first E.E.C. Portuguese man to written in 1734. It a sign of shame Instead of by British Government.

Today nation celebrate with packets of condoms the favourites Country by name “Bangla—Desh” the seeds of Holy Saints the Roots of “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He” –(R.A), (Jesus Christ), therefore kind request in advance to keep British N.H.S. Free packet of Condoms instead of tablet ‘Seroxat’ or ‘Ritual’ before any Foreign Bilingual’s Diplomatic ever intent read ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’. The English Book of poems.

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Outsourcing Can Help In Successfully Launching A New Business

Entrepreneurs and small business should no longer fear accessing the professional skills required in getting a new venture off the ground.

That’s the message from, a web based marketplace which allows small businesses to outsource work and business functions to specialists in the UK and aboard.

OutsourceMyProject launched at the start of 2011 and has already helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs find a freelancer or professional in service categories such as web design, e-commerce, graphic design, copywriting and administrative support.

Recent research carried out by illustrated the strong demand for its service as 74% of entrepreneurs claimed that they would have found it easier to launch their business if they had access to a network of experienced professionals to outsource specific functions to.

Managing director Loren Holland, said: “Entrepreneurs need access to a variety of professional skills in order to successful launch a business venture. OutsourceMyProject helps connect businesses with a network of professionals and freelancers across a wide range of service categories. Whatever your need, you can find the right expert on OutsourceMyProject”.

The research also found that the main factors in choosing to outsource were, i) access to specialist skills and resource (37%) ii) flexibility and choice of labour (24%) and iii) Price (18%). However, many (33%) struggled to find suitable suppliers and some (17%) are concerned that the level of skills, quality and experience may not be up to scratch.

Loren added, “It’s clear that entrepreneurs and small companies are aware that they need to access external specialist skills in order to succeed. provides an online portal to not only find, but also evaluate and manage service providers and projects. Concerns over ability and experience of providers are mitigated by our comprehensive feedback and rating system.”

The research also focussed on attitudes to outsourcing work abroad, with 58% of those questioned admitting they have, or would consider, sending work abroad.

However, the main concerns from those who have not considered outsourcing abroad centred on sacrificing quality compared to UK providers (26%) and ability to meet the required standard (22%). helps smooth the process of finding the right professional or freelancer to outsource to, whether they are based in the UK or abroad. Of those surveyed 82% said that OutsourceMyProject was a service they will use in the future.

One early customer was Manchester based Edge Worldwide Logistics who posted a web design project.

Director Philip Edge said: “We posted our job on OutsourceMyProject and received over 20 offers to redevelop our company website from specialists in the UK, India and other offshore locations, all at a significantly lower price than I had budgeted for.”

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Online Shopping Boom Makes Parcel Courier Choice Even More Important

The spike in internet shopping means it is more important than ever to ensure goods purchased online are delivered by a reliable parcel delivery firm, says Parcel2Go.

Over the past year, UK retailers have seen more and more consumers purchasing goods through the internet – not a huge surprise considering the range of products and discounts available online. Much of the growth in online shopping is related to increased use of smartphones.

Communications regulator Ofcom said earlier this month that over a quarter of adults and almost half of all teenagers now own a smartphone. Separate research conducted by comScore found that the number of British smartphone owners who accessed internet retail sites in the three months to the end of May increased 163 per cent year-on-year.

However, according to the Bolton-based parcel delivery specialist, there are potential pitfalls linked to this sharp increase in online activity and internet shopping. According to Richard Mercer, marketing director at online parcel delivery firm Parcel2Go, choosing the wrong carrier to deliver your package can be costly.

He said: “Finding a reliable parcel courier has always been important for individuals and businesses sending consignments within the UK and abroad. However, the huge increase in online shopping means that there are more people than ever having goods purchased online delivered to their homes and workplaces.

“Ensuring that a reliable and reputable carrier is handling your package won’t only provide peace of mind, it will also ensure that the goods arrive in one piece. Using a service like Parcel2Go means you’ll enjoy the services of a leading courier and your items will get to their destination on time and in the right condition.”

Parcel2Go has been helping businesses and individuals find the right international parcel delivery service to suit their needs for more than 20 years. The business now handles in excess of two million parcels every year.

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Bargains at Amazon Easier Than Ever Thanks to New Deal Matrix, the money saving website which boasts deals redeemable at over 800 leading stores, has announced a new price matrix which helps consumers to save money – and time – on all sorts of products from updates its site in real time to always offer consumers the very best deals around, and this week sees them launch the new Amazon matrix which consumers can use to save up to 75% on Amazon products. The portal will build and grow, leveraging the expertise which the company has built on to grow by 60% in the previous 12 months.

Doug Scott, managing director of, comments: “Our goal is to always offer people the best ways to save money at all the top stores and this week sees us launch something more innovative than ever. The new Amazon matrix can help people enjoy greater convenience than ever before.”

Scott continued: “We are leveraging our skills and expertise – plus our technology – to launch this innovative new service. Helping people save both time and money when looking for last minute Christmas or birthday gifts from Amazon is a great motivation right now.”

The new tool can be accessed at

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Fasthosts Launches Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 Email Packages

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web hosting provider, has launched a brand new range of high quality email packages based on Microsoft Exchange 2010. The solutions offer businesses and private users alike the very latest functionality for email, including mobile emailing and can improve productivity with shared calendars, tasks and contacts accessible from any computer. The feature-packed and robust email platform is ideal for small or medium sized businesses to equip their staff with varying levels of mailbox functionality for different types of user. In addition, Fasthosts new email packages deliver an efficient mobile email system which can lead to increased productivity and better response times for businesses in handling customer enquiries.

Fasthosts is a long-standing expert in delivering hosted Microsoft Exchange email solutions. The high quality features and reliability of the platform make it a popular choice for many UK firms. Fasthosts’ new Microsoft Exchange 2010 based packages provide ways to handle email more speedily and professionally. Free inclusive Microsoft Outlook software for PC or Mac enables users to synchronize email from multiple mailboxes, track email conversations, share calendar availability within groups, and manage work schedules with ease. Auto responders can be used to automatically respond to incoming emails. Forwarders and Catch-all Email can be used to distribute incoming emails effectively and manage which addresses are used as public-facing.

Remote access to email is now an important issue for many firms. All Fasthosts email packages now benefit from Microsoft Outlook 2010 Web App, a webmail solution for working flexibly from any computer. Email, contacts and calendars are updated in real-time so users always have the latest data to hand. Fasthosts Business email packages feature Microsoft ActiveSync, a simple to set up software that makes it easy to use the platform from a mobile device or tablet. The solution provides email, calendar, contacts and tasks synchronized directly to a mobile device.

For personal users, the Fasthosts Personal Email package is a highly affordable way to send professional, personalised email from a domain name. The 2 x 1GB virus and spam protected mailboxes are ideal for handling large attachments, an additional 5 x 100MB mailboxes included, and 10 email forwarders. For users whose mobile devices do not support full Exchange, IMAP Access enables users to access email in a slimmed down format on most handsets.

The Fasthosts Business email range now starts with the Business Standard package, which features 1 highest specification Professional mailbox, 5 Starter mailboxes and 20 email forwarders. The Business Premium package includes 3 Professional mailboxes, 2 Starter Plus mailboxes, a further unlimited Starter mailbox and unlimited email forwarders. Especially important for business users, all email data is hosted in Fasthosts’ highly secure state-of-the-art UK data centres, and benefits from industry-leading virus scanning and multi-level spam filtering. Fasthosts also provides the reassurance of a dedicated technical support team on hand 24/7.

Steve Holford, marketing director, Fasthosts Internet Ltd, said: “Firms of all sizes are learning that how email is handled can affect customer spend and loyalty. Our latest Exchange-powered packages enable a business to handle email and calendars more effectively across teams, and access important materials 24/7 from outside the workplace. The newest functionality can further help drive efficiencies and ensure that maximum value is had from every email sent and received”.

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Parcel2Go launched its very own blog

The UK’s largest online parcel delivery service Parcel2Go has launched its very own blog to help people stay up-to-date on everything from changes involving eBay and Amazon to the very latest hints and tips for sending goods abroad with an international shipping courier.

Parcel2Go has been bringing its customers breaking news relating to the big players in the online retail and parcel delivery sectors for a number of years. The new blog, available at has been designed to offer yet another valuable resource to individuals and businesses as well as a place where people can find more light-hearted news, banter, hint and tips and debates.

The blog will be updated on a daily basis, and the moderation team will be around to approve new comments throughout the day.

Richard Mercer, Director of Marketing at Parcel2Go, said: “We’re really excited about the opportunities that our new blog will present. The team at Parcel2Go has been using social media to keep in touch with customers, offer advice and solve problems for a while, but this is the first time that we have run a daily blog.

“We hope that customers old and new will find posts on there that appeal, and we’re asking people to make full use of the comment facilities available. Blog posts aren’t a one way conversation, we want to get people involved – talking to us and each other about the issues and stories that are affecting them.”

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Plusnet Blows Its Own Trumpet in New TV Campaign

Plusnet, the Yorkshire-based ISP, has announced it will return with a new TV advertising campaign in August.

To celebrate Yorkshire Day, the Sheffield-based home broadband provider will debut the first 30-second commercial during the ad-break of “Emmerdale” (ITV1) on Monday 1st August at approx. 19.15hrs. The campaign, planned and bought by Maxus, will again make use of Yorkshire values and will feature a straight-talking character named Joe. The new advert will also introduce Joe’s Dad who will enter the public’s TV consciousness on a ride-on lawn mower.

The campaign, which will run throughout the remainder of 2011, will promote the UK-based, 24/7 customer support from the broadband provider. With call centre support based entirely in the UK, Plusnet is one of few broadband and phone companies where all advisors are technically trained and do not work from scripts – a point of reverence that has seen Plusnet already pick up six awards and be highly commended 13 times across the industry for its product and services in 2011*. Later in the month, Plusnet will air a second advert in which audiences will be treated to a rendition of Kaiser Chiefs’ “Ruby” played by the Plusnet Brass Band. This 40-second commercial will run for four weeks promoting Plusnet’s great value.

Nick Rawlings, Commercial Director at Plusnet said: “We’ve always been proud of our Sheffield roots. Our customer feedback suggests the 24/7 availability of our UK operations is popular so, we wanted to convey our local and friendly approach in the new campaign.”

Shot on location in Ilkley and Ripon, the adverts have been created by Karmarama ad agency and directed by film and TV director, Steve Bendelack, whose work includes “The Royle Family”, “The League of Gentlemen”, “Little Britain” and “Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)”. Both Karmarama and Steve worked together when Plusnet made its TV advertising debut in 2010.

Sam Walker, the creative lead on the campaign at Karmarama said: “We have developed an ad that would best exemplify Plusnet’s key differential – a UK call centre that is free to call, from a landline, at any time.

“We chose to use a local theme and convey the emotional benefits of helpfulness and community that stem from this whilst keeping the character of Joe and the sense of Yorkshire we had created in our previous advertising. We have introduced his Dad after he worked well in radio executions back in the spring.”

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