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2010 was a year that Net Salaries Review went back to school. The rising unemployment rate was a key factor in this decision. Research discovered work from home scams all over the internet. Research also discovered real work from home opportunities as well. Thousands of hours were spent researching and reviewing countless products. The research revealed the top online work from home opportunities today.

December 27, 2010 The Net Salaries Review site launches. The Net Salaries Review is an information website designed for people that really want to learn how to work from homeonline. The work from home products reviewed and tested have revealed priceless information for those wanting to learn how to work from home.

The work from home review site includes information on work from home scams. All types of scams are covered in great detail. The information provides which types of work from home scams to avoid and how to identify them. Other topics include how to work from home online and the skills needed to be successful.

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Book Storage, Fashion and Mortgages Sites Added to ASAP Ventures Growing Network

ASAP Ventures Ltd continues to expand its diverse range of products and online businesses by acquiring, and The new sites were bought for undisclosed sums and will further help the reach of the company’s information and advice sites.

Find a little black dress at, ASAP’s new site, which has been launched just in time for the Christmas party period. The site helps people find the perfect dress in certain styles from stores such as ASDA, All Saints, Empire Stores and many more.

Books are popular gifts to give at Christmas time and with ASAP’s new site, one can find out how to build their own book storage unit or where to buy the best book rack available.

The new website is ASAP’s latest acquisition and is designed to help people who have bought their home earn money from renting the property out.Buy to let mortgages can be confusing so the new site helps people understand everything there is to know about them.

“With our latest domain name purchases, we can look forward to providing yet more information and advice websites to help the British public find out what they need to. Our expansion program is continuing at a great pace and we are very proud of that”, said Derek Paulson from ASAP Ventures.

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Search Engine Optimisation Experts QueryClick Welcome The Intellectualism of Google Search

Google has long dominated the search culture in society, providing solutions to all manner of queries. Whether you need directions, a plumber or a birthday present, for many the first stop is Google. It has entered into the social lexicon as a synonymous term for search itself; to “Google” something is to find the answer to your question.

The search engine giant has taken a step further into our lives recently with the development of their ‘Culturomics’ tool. This searchable database of over 5m digitised texts allows Google to compare and analyse the significance of certain words, phrases and concepts within the context of culture, dependant upon their relative proliferation throughout the literature.

The tool represents a new dimension in search, providing insightful information on society in addition to simply presenting users with suggested solutions to arbitrary questions. Of course, Google has always utilised various algorithms in their quest to organize SERPs into an order based on relevance, however, the latest undertaking offers the means to engage with that order in a more analytical and in-depth manner.

A QueryClick spokesperson commented on the new approach to cultural research:

“The computational analysis of cultural trends is not a new phenomenon, but the Culturomics tool represents the most comprehensive and widely available instance of such an approach to sociological study. Using the tool, research into linguistic development as well as cultural shifts can be studied with ease.”

For instance, a quick comparison of the proliferation of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra over time shows that the latter was theoretically the most popular/famous/written about of the two until the late 1980s. After this point Elvis took over and has remained more culturally significant since.

In addition to the culture comparison tool, Google has also developed the Reading Level function, available within the Advanced Search options. The process allows users to set their reading level to either basic, intermediate or advanced depending on the complexity of results they seek. This filter then separates the wheat from the chaff so to speak, and purports to offer a more relevant group of results based on the user’s reading level.

The results can sometimes cause concern with regards to their implications however. For example, a search for ‘biology’ on the advanced level returns the wikipedia page for the term, whilst the basic results allocate top spot to a video of the Girls Aloud song entitled ‘Biology’. From this it seems that if you don’t like complex biology, you must either be a girl, prefer pop music, or both.

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New Websites From Online Business Network ASAP Ventures Ltd

The ASAP Ventures Ltd group has recently expanded its range of web-based businesses by providing consumers in the UK three more sites which are packed with information and advice. The new sites,, and help British people find out about a broad selection of topics.

With the festive season well under way, people are heading out and buying presents. One such area which needs information and advice is buying 9 ct gold jewellery. ASAP Ventures Ltd has launched to act as a resource for those people who are looking to buy gifts and it offers the best value for money jewellery too.

Getting a scan of an unborn baby used give poor quality pictures, but the latest technological 4d scan helps expectant families see their new baby more clearly. The new technology is explained on ASAP’s new site and is due to be a great resource for families wanting to learn about the new technology.

Asset finance information and advice is the basis of ASAP’s latest site, The site helps entrepreneurs and small business owners find out about financing their business and what their options are in terms of accountancy fees.

ASAP Ventures Ltd’s media spokesperson, Mr Derek Paulson commented: “Adding gold jewellery and business financing to our cache of advice and information websites shows how diverse ASAP really is. Our new sites help people from all backgrounds and we are confident that the sites will do well”.

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To further strengthen its grasp on the UK market for providing excellent information and advice websites, ASAP Ventures Ltd has recently launched three new sites designed to help UK consumers provide a service which include, and

In order for the UK public to find out about the lotteries of the Euro Millions and the National Lottery, ASAP Ventures network has launched to help the British public find out the latest and past draws, gain tips and learn which good causes the raised funds from the lottery goes to. The site is designed to be hassle free and easy to use.

Offering a huge range of information and advice about cooking, which is the nation’s most favourite past time at the moment, is ASAP’s new site The website has a great range of new recipes, things for lunch and dinner ideas, as well as a blog which explains in detail how to make the meals. There is an RSS feed on the site for people needing fresh, up to date details instantly.

Buying new phones online is a regular occurrence for many people in the UK. There is a huge need for a site which delivers not only which handsets are the best, but also how much roaming travel charges are and which tariff is best, and the site from ASAP Ventures Ltd does just that.

Derek Paulson, from ASAP Ventures Ltd, comments: “ASAP Ventures has been providing great advice and information resource sites for many years now and we’re confident that our three new sites are just what people want right now. The latest sites offer a good boost to our standings for offering advice and information to the UK public”.

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Job Search Tips for The Holiday Season

People really do get hired between Thanksgiving and the middle of January! Don’t buy into the myth that it can’t happen for you. The holiday time actually provides great opportunities for job seekers. If you’ve found yourself mumbling, “I need help with my resume,” then a professional resume writing service may be the best gift you can give this time of year. What are some other worthwhile career improvement endeavors?

Network While Celebrating

• Take advantage of the business socializing opportunities during the holiday season. At events, casually let friends and extended family know you are job hunting. Briefly discuss your career while connecting with people. Follow up later with each person. Attend other parties and networking events: open houses, association meetings, school events and friend’s work parties.

• Hire an executive resume writer adept at guiding you in the complete job search process.

• Send appropriate greeting cards to people with whom you have interviewed recently and to any of your friends who are well-connected. Enclose your business card.

Businesses Don’t Grind to a Halt during the Holidays

• If a job is available, employers still search from late November through December. Keep checking classifieds and online job boards. Check company websites of employers for whom you’d like to work and professional association websites for advertised positions.

• Many job seekers suspend their search during the holidays. This can mean that employers needing to hire full-time employees for the coming year receive fewer applications during that time. That can help your application stand out.

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Learn SEO Launches Brand New Web Presence

Learn SEO is a website dedicated to providing up to the minute accurate information on Search Engine Optimisation and allowing it’s users to become more informed about the subject-matter of SEO without having to resort to paying a large SEO Company to handle an SEO Campaign on their behalf. The Manchester based outfit has complimented its vision with a brand new web design and the initial feedback from consumers suggests it was a positive step worth taking. The main target audience for the website will be the same consumers that so many SEO Companies aim to target – consumers with an interest in Small Business SEO.

Learn SEO has recently expanded its offering with a new range of SEO courses to compliment its brand new web design. Initial feedback from the courses suggests they are a very welcome additional to the marketing arsenal of small businesses looking to find more information about SEO. The new structure of the website and the expanded course offering has prompted many small business owners interested in SEO training to get in touch with the webmaster, Gareth Mailer.

“Needless to say we are delighted with the feedback we have received so far”, says Gareth. “I think small business owners are literally crying out for options they can pursue when it comes to marketing their products and services online and the initial feedback we have received from running our courses has been very positive.”

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Meeting Rooms And Resource Management Made Simple And Effective

Yarooms is the new web service that helps corporations manage mobile workforce, meeting rooms or shared spaces over multiple sites, in a local or a globalized environment.

In concordance with the market studies that were driven, it was observed a constant increase in the use of mobile workforce amongst corporations of all sizes. On this trail, Yarooms is meeting the newly appeared needs, facilitating the fluent administration of cubicals and working posts by using an ergonomical optimized interface.

The same web service answers the administration needs related to the use of shared spaces like, meeting rooms or conference rooms.

The working spaces and also the conference or meeting rooms, can have resources assigned. Resources can be assigned at room level, if they are irremovable, as for example a live translation system in a conference room, or at location level if these resources can be used by multiple work spaces.

The identification of the available resources or rooms that match a set of criteria, is highly simplified by the use of smart search, which allows the direct interogation of the resources & rooms availability database, by using a set of keywords for each of the criteria.

At this point YAROOMS is still in beta mode and as a result we are welcoming any party that is interested in using the system to do so without any kind of charge.

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Info Media Consultancy Helps United Arab Emirates Companies Grow Using the Power of the Internet

A new company called Info Media Consultancy is transforming the way businesses in the United Arab Emirates market themselves, according to Managing Director Hani Masgidi. “After the world financial crisis, businesses need to find new ways to attract and retain customers if they are to remain competitive. The good news is that with proper guidance, this form of marketing is both cost-efficient and highly effective.”

Info Media Consultancy offers a variety of services to their clients. In most cases, Mr. Masgidi recommends that a company start with a customized strategic marketing plan. This plan focuses on optimizing your online presence for both user experience and search engine optimization. “Many companies don’t realize the impact your website has on your bottom line,” says Mr. Masgidi. “Make the necessary changes and you will see an immediate increase in both leads and revenue.” Some of the components of the strategic marketing plan include search engine optimization (SEO), email management, video marketing, user interface analysis and internet advertising.

Info Media Consultancy has several advantages that make them stand out over the competition for UAE marketing consultancies. For one thing, they are on the cutting edge when it comes to online marketing practices. “There are innovations in internet marketing every day,” explains Mr. Masgidi. “What worked a month ago may no longer be effective today, so you need to choose a consultant that monitors trends constantly.”

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New Sections Launched By Tutor4exam

Tutor4exam has been here for everybody to help enhance the knowledge in key sections of SSAT and ISSE. Its approach is unique and invaluable in the SSAT and ISSE exam preparation. It helps to eliminate all major mistakes made in all sections of these exams by test takers and it also helps to create a bigger student’s confidence in school studies giving more understanding to the logic of math and English. Tutor4exam has been working hard to give test takers an opportunity to practice their skills in all sections of SSAT and ISSE. Thus, some sections are still developing. The English section has been added to assist students in mastering vocabulary, analogy and grammar questions in the SSAT and ISSE. If you sign up for the Tutor4for exam COMPLETE TEST PREPARATION today, tomorrow you will have better grades both at school and on SSAT and ISSE exam!

Tutor4exam has been offering invaluable help in the SSAT and ISSE exam preparation for more than 2 years now and has gained a lot of supporters and success. The sections in maths have prepared the students not only for exam but also for all sorts of school math tests and assignments. Besides, the weak and strong points of all students have been carefully examined and the major common mistakes were given special attention so that the students could avoid them right from the beginning. The students develop high skills in math and logic, which helps them become more confident and fast in dealing with all topics in school math.

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