Photo AC – Free Images Stock Photo Album

Photo AC has many free photos that can be downloaded by registration with e-mail address. Registration is completely free and can be easily done in 10 seconds. Currently there are seven categories to browse: People, Business, Animal, Flower & Plant, Food & Drink, Cityscape, and Medical Welfare. It is also possible to search other photos with using keywords!

You can find free photos by professional photographers, and you can download as many photos you want. There is no limitation in the number of downloads. All photos can be used for any purpose, profit and commercial use is also permitted (except selling downloaded photos to third party directly).

Recently we opened a new category with particular photos about medical instruments, welfare, tools, medical equipment and so on. We will provide regular uploads with new amazing photos to download.

Try and have fun with new Photo AC!

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Joe Jedlowski Announces New Website Launch

Joe Jedlowski, former regional Vice President, Mid-Atlantic at Atria Senior Group, is proud to announce the launch of his new website, On the website, people can read about Joe Jedlowski’s educational background. They’ll learn where he went to school, what he studied and what he planned to do as a result of his study. They’ll learn where Joe Jedlowski has worked, and what he learned as a result of his extensive work experience. They’ll learn a little about Joe Jedlowski’s hobbies and personal life. And finally, they may be inspired to read about what Joe Jedlowski plans to do with his career as he moves forward.

The website,, is easy to navigate. The site’s path is completely understandable, and graphics are kept to a minimum, so people who are unfamiliar with the Web should still be able to work through the website with a minimum amount of irritation. Graphic elements are also kept to a minimum, so the site will be easy to load, even on computers with slow Internet connection speeds. Joe Jedlowski made sure the site functioned in this way as he knows many of his greatest fans are seniors. He wanted to make sure all of his former clients could keep up with his activities with ease. is up and running now. Content will be added regularly, so people are encouraged to check back often to stay up-to-date on what Joe Jedlowski is doing with his life and his career.

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Mums around the land able to save on great quality goods from likes of Boots and Mothercare, the website which helps consumers to save money at over 800 leading on and offline retailers, has this week launched new money off vouchers aimed specifically at mums. Parents who want to get toiletries, pushchairs or other essentials for the summer can do so on a budget now thanks to new Boots and Mothercare deals.

A new pushchair, baby clothing or goods for a nursery can be had on a budget this week thanks to introducing new Mothercare vouchers. A visit to the popular website this week allows mums to get great value deals like as much as half price off in the Mothercare sale.

Toiletries and healthcare products can be had on a budget too thanks to new deals for saving money at high street favourite Boots. New Boots promotional code offers include free delivery when spending £40 or over at Boots and there is also a promotion for saving by using the new Boots Advantage Card.

More money-saving deals are available this week too, with offers to be had like 3 for 2 travel accessories at Mamas & Papas, 50% off when buying in the Kiddicare Summer Sale and 50% off in the Babies R Us sale. Consumers can also look forward to free delivery on purchases of £50 or more at Babies R Us.

Doug Scott, managing director at, comments, “We’re here to help the country’s consumers save wherever possible and this week we’re able to get mums great value at the likes of Boots and Mothercare. Money off pushchairs, nursery items, kids’ toiletries and more can be had this week through our site.”

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A Domain Name And Web Hosting Expert Offers Customers The Chance To Build Their Own Site For Less Than £10 A Month is building on its reputation for top-quality professional web hosting – including superior linux hosting – with an improved, and easier to navigate Sitemaker area on its website,

Curious would-be sitemakers can even take a free 14 day trial of the package, which allows up to 15 web pages to be created, as well as 20 MB of web storage space and 1GB monthly bandwidth.

Simply upgrading to £4.58 per month for the regular Sitemaker package immediately entitles customers to a free .uk domain name, 5 email accounts, 500 MB of email storage space – not to mention 500 MB of web storage space (doubled from 250 MB in 2011) and 10 GB monthly bandwidth. has also recently introduced its upgraded Sitemaker PRO package, which has doubled its offer of 500MB web storage to 1000 MB, and also offers 20 GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited web pages and a PayPal shop, as well as increased email storage space and addresses. is sure that these generous offers will be music to the ears of online entrepreneurs as well as bloggers and writers looking to professionalise their internet product.

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CRM on Android With CRM Gadget 2 Go

Fellow Consulting AG, leading CRM solution provider and first Accelerate Partner for CRM On Demand in Germany, today announced that the CRM On Demand offline client CRM Gadget 2 Go is now also available for Android.

CRM Gadget 2 Go is an offline client for Oracle CRM On Demand that allows usage of CRM data online, mobile and offline. As a result, users can access all their CRM information while travelling or in customer meetings, and can also maintain CRM data offline and synchronize it with Oracle CRM On Demand when they are back online again. It enables the quick and easy input of data from customer meetings, sales and service operations, regardless of whether they are online or offline.

Now CRM Gadget 2 Go is also available as Android, IPhone and IPad App. It supports a wide range of devices and operating systems, from Windows over Mac and Linux to WeTab, Galaxy Tab and last but not least iPhone and iPad. This enables companies to have their mobile users connected on each device.

Latest features of CRM Gadget 2 Go include for example capturing of customer signatures on touchscreen or signature pad, integration of barcode scanner, and many more.

Increase your sales effectiveness, combine the cost advantages of a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) application with the availability for mobile and offline usage, and maximize your return on investment.

For more information, please visit

About CRM Gadget 2 Go
CRM Gadget 2 Go, the mobile client for Oracle CRM On Demand, is a product of Fellow Consulting AG.

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Valued Opinions Reveals People Are Unsure About Facebook Tag Suggestions Facial Recognition

Valued Opinions has revealed that the majority of people don’t like or don’t mind the Facebook’s new facial recognition feature.

Market research surveys carried out by Valued Opinions show the new Facebook feature, called ‘Tag Suggestions’ has proved a controversial topic.

Valued Opinions ran an online poll which was designed to find out how current Facebook users view facial recognition with results showing 35% of American respondents don’t like the feature, 35% don’t mind it and only 16.5% of the respondents admitted to liking the new feature.

This new system allows Facebook to recognise someone the user knows, or the user themselves, in a photograph and ‘tag’ them automatically.

Users do have the option to deactivate this feature but complaints have arisen because members feel they were not sufficiently notified about the global launch. The face tagging feature was introduced in the US during December 2010 and launched globally in June 2011. The facial recognition feature means that Facebook is now embroiled in a privacy controversy as many privacy groups have filed complaints with the US Federal Trade Commission over Facebook’s automated facial recognition technology.

The feature was originally launched on the US only version of Facebook, but it has been recently rolled out to most of the social networks remaining 600 million users without prior notification. While the feature only applies itself to newly uploaded photos, all users are automatically opted in to the feature, and therefore have to turn it off if they wish to opt out.

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More Internet & Online press releases’s Founders Divulge Top ten tips on Outsourcing

As businesses attempt to cut costs in the new year, many small businesses are looking at outsourcing as a means to reduce outgoings, but how can SMEs and start-ups make a success of a practice traditionally reserved for big business?

ecently launched online portal aims to open up the global outsourcing market to businesses of all sizes. Founders Loren Holland and Sumit Agrawal give their 10 top tips on how to make outsourcing pay.

1. Clearly define your project and set out what you want before opening it up to proposals. Poorly defined briefs tend to attract low quality proposals and can often end up as much larger, and so much more costly, projects than anticipated.
2. Don’t just go with the first offer. If possible get a selection of proposals from both the UK and overseas, and evaluate them.
3. Don’t just decide by cost, look at other factors including experience, references and communication amongst others.
4. Come up with a short-list and don’t be afraid to negotiate to get the best possible deal.
5. Get references from people who have used the supplier before, you can ask who they’ve worked for in the past and get in touch yourself. Don’t forget references provided by the supplier are only going to be positive so try dig around for more.
6. Once a supplier has been selected, make sure the full agreement and the payment terms are set out clearly in the contract, misunderstandings can prove costly and time consuming.
7. Negotiate potential copyright and ownership rights upfront and make sure anything that is produced becomes your property on payment. In the case of web design projects, make sure that final files and source codes are transferred onto your own server so you can control future changes.
8. Agree procedures from the outset in terms of communication, project management, delivery and feedback and ensure these are adhered to.
9. Be aware that deviating from the agreed contract once, be that by allowing late delivery of work or agreeing to early payment, is likely to result in accepted practice. Only make one off concessions if you are prepared for this to be acceptable in the future.
10. Finally, don’t forget to leave honest feedback, even if this is negative. Remember how valuable feedback was to you in choosing a supplier.

ENDS is a member of the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), the UK’s outsourcing centre of excellence.

Loren Holland is co-founder of, a website which brings together providers of professional services with organisations and individuals looking to outsource business functions or projects.

Businesses which have a project they wish to outsource can visit the new website and upload details of the project and invite bids – free of charge. Potential providers each have their own unique online profile, including details of ratings and feedback for past projects and freelance jobs, to help customers decide who to award the contract to.

The site also includes web-based tools to ensure projects run smoothly. These include a payment platform, project management facility and messaging system to facilitate open, clear and safe communication between customers and suppliers.

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More Internet & Online press releases Publishes Over Half A Million British Militia Records, the leading family history website, has published the records of over half a million men who served in the British militia, the precursor to the UK’s Territorial Army. The Militia Attestation Papers, covering 1806 to 1915, were made available online for the first time to coincide with British Armed Forces Day on 25 June 2011.

The records colourfully portray what the British militia looked like, detailing the height, weight, chest size, complexion, eye colour, hair colour and distinctive marks of each recruit. Arthur Wilson’s distinguishing marks included an acrobat and dots tattooed on his left forearm. Similarly, Albert Smith, born in India, was recorded as having teeth that were ‘defective but enough for mastication’.

Debra Chatfield, marketing manager at, commented: “These records provide rich insight into our past and show how the everyday man, such as your local shopkeeper, found himself fighting for his country. In the absence of photographs, these records can help you imagine what your ancestors looked like, containing details which are largely unavailable elsewhere. Our easy to use website means you can unearth even more fascinating and detailed information about your ancestors at the click of a mouse.”

Like today’s Territorial Army, the militia was made up of men who held everyday jobs, but took part in military exercises and on occasions fought for their country. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, these typically included shoemakers, woodchoppers, butchers, bakers, coal miners and millers.

The Militia Attestation Papers are the only set of their kind available online and have been published in association with The National Archives and in partnership with FamilySearch. The records show that the soldiers who made up the militia during that period hailed not only from the UK itself, but also from around the world. Some recruits had been born in Italy, Ceylon, South Africa and even as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

David Rencher, chief genealogy officer at FamilySearch added: “The publication of the Militia Attestation Papers fills another critical gap in the family historian’s toolkit. The digitisation and indexing of this rich collection will make it easy to find the regiment an ancestor served with and also when and where he was born. Family historians will quickly realise the value of this information, particularly when the record of an ancestor’s birth has been elusive or impossible to find elsewhere.”

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Web Perspectives Reveals 80% of Canadians Still Use Facebook

Web Perspectives has revealed that 80% of Canadian respondents said they use Facebook at the same level of high than they did a year ago.

Despite Facebook ‘losing’ 1.5 million users in Canada over the past 2 months, speculation is rife that this social networking empire is on the decline.

With almost 700 million users worldwide, Facebook has revolutionised online social networking.

However, the Inside Facebook Gold Data Service reports that growth has slowed down in some of the biggest markets in the world for two consecutive months. Over the past year, the company gained an average 20 million new users each month but in April and May, the figures were significantly lower (13.9 million and 11.8 million respectively). Despite sharp growth in countries such as Brazil, Mexico and India, some of Facebook’s biggest markets are actually losing active users. The United States lost almost 6 million users during May, and Canada lost 1.5 million in the same month. The UK, Norway and Russia also posted losses of at least 100,000. Facebook stated that its aim was to reach 1 billion users worldwide*.

This headline news has sparked speculation that Facebook’s reign as the King of the Social Network may be drawing to a close. High visitor numbers are important for the company to attract advertisers, but if its growth rate continues to fall, Facebook has cause for concern**.

However, Facebook’s critics should not rejoice too soon. In a recent statement, Facebook stated that it was ‘very pleased’ with its growth, and questioned the accuracy of the IFG figures.

Toronto was the first city to pass the million user mark, and in some Canadian cities non-Facebook users are in the minority. Canada’s 15 million active Facebook users represent half the population, and ironically, this high penetration may explain why Facebook usage appears to be flagging here. According to the IFG, developed countries where Facebook users represent around 50% of the population reach a ‘saturation point’ after which usage inevitably slows down to a halt***

Despite the 1.5 million users that have shut down their Facebook profile over the past couple of months, over 9 million Canadian users still log on to Facebook every day. 41% of Canadian respondents to the Web Perspectives’ survey questions still use Facebook as much (or as little) as they did a year ago and some 39% of Canadian respondents actually say they now use Facebook more often compared to their usage of the site this time last year. A very small 2% of Canadians surveyed said they used the social network in the past and have since stopped using it.

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Leading consumer codes site helps shoppers save at leading online retailer this summer, the leading voucher codes site, this week announces new deals redeemable at online specialist Amazon to help people save on gardening tools and goods for the summer. The website offers deals redeemable at more than 800 stores and online retailers and is this week the place to go for summer outdoor bargains.

Examples of the new money-saving deals available this week to help people save on top brand garden items include Amazon vouchers for money off furniture. The deals on show this week include as much as 30% off patio sets for two and also a great saving in the shape of 20% off loungers, recliners and deckchairs from

Also on show among the latest range of deals which can be found online at present is a deal for getting money off gardening tools. Consumers can log on and find a choice of new Amazon discount codes offering them up to 40% off garden hand tools and also a deal for saving as much as 40% on barbecues from Amazon.

Doug Scott, managing director at, comments, “We appreciate entirely that summer can be an expensive time for families, with holidays to pay for and kids to look after and so on. However we can help people get more for their money right now at top online store Amazon with great online vouchers for saving on furniture for the garden and also tools for doing up one’s flowerbeds.”

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Micro Focus reports UK Businesses Risk £36.7 Billion Due to Website Failures

Micro Focus has revealed new research which shows businesses in the UK risk losing up to £36.7 billion in revenue per year if their websites fail during peak periods.

This is according to a new report by the UK tech firm Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO.L), the leading provider of enterprise application modernisation, software testing and requirements management solutions, and the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), which found that nearly £100 million of British e-commerce revenue is already lost due to website failures and outages every year.

The report shows that the UK’s e-commerce industry is worth £320 billion per year and growing at an unprecedented rate of 20 per cent year-on-year. The market is likely to grow even faster in the next ten years, as the proliferation of smart phone usage fuels more online transactions, meaning they stand to lose significant revenue and market share to rival firms if their websites fail.

David Valentine, general manager at Micro Focus, commented: “As a result of website failures, almost £100 million of e-commerce revenue is already lost every year. If businesses don’t ensure their e-commerce applications can handle the extra loads experienced during peak times, such as July and the run-up to Christmas, the cost could reach £36.7billion.

“Businesses must not only protect against this potential loss of revenue in the short term, but also protect their brand and reputation in the longer term by ensuring a better customer experience,” continued David Valentine. “Making sure that websites and the applications that run on them are tested for the highest volume of anticipated users has traditionally been expensive and difficult to manage but new, scalable cloud-based testing services make this much more cost-effective.”

Ensuring that e-commerce sites can withstand peak loads is a challenge because traffic can vary from 5,000 transactions per hour at normal times to 50,000 during a promotion or peak period. Traditional approaches to load testing required a large investment in infrastructure to replicate the peak volumes, but Micro Focus’ cloud-based model removes the need for this overhead. Instead of investing in hardware that is not used for a large portion of the time, businesses can use Micro Focus SilkPerformer CloudBurst on demand to test for peak user volumes only when they need to. In addition, CloudBurst lets website and software quality teams rapidly launch any size peak-load performance test, from any location in the world, without the burden of managing complex infrastructures, and offers diagnostic tools that locate the root causes of performance issues and fast-track their correction. When integrated with the SilkPerformer family it even lets IT teams test enterprise applications that have mixed internet and internal-facing aspects.

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Skype brings video calling to Android phones

Skype has announced an updated version of its Skype for Android app – Skype for Android 2.0, bringing Skype Video Calling to the currently fastest growing mobile OS.

With the new version, users will be able to make and receive free 1-to-1 video calls over Skype between their Android phone and other Skype contacts on the iPhone, Mac, Windows PCs and even TVs. The Android video call app works over Wi-Fi or 3G data connections and can be downloaded for free from the Android Market or the Skype website using any phone browser.

“We are committed to bring Skype Video Calling to as many platforms as possible and are delighted to deliver on this with our new updated Android video chat app,” said Neil Stevens, Skype’s vice president and general manager for product and marketing.

“With approximately 30 million concurrent users logging into Skype at any given time and making up to half a million simultaneous video calls, the Skype video chat on Android app makes it even easier for users to share moments with their contacts wherever they are.”

In addition to video chat, users can also make calls to landlines and mobiles around the world, as well as send SMS’s to friends and family anywhere in the world at great Skype rates. All this comes with a complete redesign of the Skype for Android user interface. There’s a new main menu on the Skype app for Android where users can navigate easily through their contacts, access their Skype profile to change personal details or see the balance of their Skype Credit. Finally a new mood message box at the top of the Skype app menu makes it easier than ever for users to share how they are feeling, what they’ve seen, or what they’re up to.

For this first phase of launch, handsets that support video calling include the HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and the Google Nexus S.

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New website creation intensifies the importance for quality of web hosting confirm

There are over 90 million .COM domain names on the World Wide Web. As each year passes more new websites are created, yet this number is decreasing, report In 2009, 47 million new websites were added to Webospshere, with only 21.4 added in 2010. An over 50% drop in new website creation points to a number of web-based factors. Despite the popularity of new website creation, it has become increasingly hard to get sites noticed, well hosted and picked up by search engines, online users or potential website customers. offer effective web hosting for both personal and professional website platforms and provide expert advice for those hoping to set up and maintain their own web pages. In time where only well-developed sites will succeed, it is imperative to ensure your website stands out from the crowd.

With award-winning excellence since 1996 and voted the best for shared web hosting for three years running, are among the UK’s top hosting companies. Whether you are looking to set up or get your website online, provides all the right support and know-how to make your web hosting dreams happen. Choose between starter kits that are ideal for the personal and small company website, professional packages for powerful business hosting, premium hosting for high traffic business websites and platinum packages for developer and reseller hosting.

Each web hosting package from comes equipped with the right technical features and support for the website in question. Each package also includes a free domain name, bandwidth, email accounts, web storage space and a free advertising voucher from Quality web hosting only comes with bespoke website maintenance and support. For this reason, provide fast and friendly help from their expert UK-based team, plus all customers are guaranteed access to a 24/7 online support centre. Whilst the total number of websites sits at over 260 million, a rise from over the last two years, the importance of quality web site hosting and development has never been greater. Log onto now to secure web hosting that will see your site sit above the rest.

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BT Openzone to enhance Internet services across Hilton Worldwide’s UK and Ireland hotels

BT Openzone has entered into a strategic agreement with Hilton Worldwide to provide a fully-managed suite of Wi-Fi and Internet services across hotels in the U.K. and Ireland. The new technology will provide a tenfold increase in bandwidth and an even more consistent, high-quality online experience for guests at nearly 100 Hilton Worldwide properties beginning in Autumn 2011.

This agreement provides guests with BT Openzone Wi-Fi access, high-speed broadband, conference and event services in more than 17,000 bedrooms, public areas and meeting and conference spaces, including 24-hour customer support. The new Wi-Fi service will be available free of charge to all Gold and Diamond Hilton HHonors members and over five million BT Total broadband customers. BT Openzone users and customers from iPass, AT&T and other BT Openzone roaming partners can also use the super-fast broadband when visiting the hotels.

“We are committed to providing our guests with access to the very latest technology, complementing our world class hospitality, and are delighted to collaborate with BT Openzone to deliver an outstanding service in the U.K. and Ireland,” said Robert Webb, Chief Information Officer, Hilton Worldwide. “This deal builds on last year’s agreement with AT&T in the United States and Canada as we look to partner with the very best technology providers around the world.”

Chris Bruce, CEO, BT Openzone, said: “The growing number of travellers with mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones, means guests increasingly expect to be able to log on wherever they are and with a fast and reliable connection. BT currently has 2.8 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the U.K. and Ireland. By expanding our coverage at Hilton Worldwide’s portfolio of hotels, we are demonstrating our commitment in providing leading edge technology services to partners in a very demanding service environment.”

BT Openzone will use an ‘above property’, centralised cloud computing architecture, and will oversee network operations, guest Internet support, network engineering, software development and 24/7 network monitoring for Hilton Worldwide’s business Wi-Fi and Internet services.

Hilton Worldwide’s portfolio of six brands in the U.K. and Ireland includes Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Doubletree by Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton by Hilton.

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