Makes Birth Records Even Easier To Search, leading UK family history website, has launched an easier way to find the births of English and Welsh ancestors online. The company has re-indexed over 100 million birth records dating from 1837 to 2006.’s fully re-indexed birth records make finding ancestors much simpler and includes: search results in the form of a list of individual names; the ability to search the complete 1837-2006 set of birth records in one go or by one or more counties at a time; new high quality images; smart search features including variations of a name; records of children unnamed at registration; and searching by mother’s maiden name at the same time to help find the most elusive births.

With this new resource now available, has uncovered some interesting facts about the births that were registered between 1837 and 2006: 10 babies named Fish Fish born between 1840 and 1883, bizarrely, all in Lancashire. The list includes one Fish Fish Fish born in Blackburn in 1864; Just five Ringos were registered in 1964 and 1965, compared with 2,414 Georges, 36,877 Johns and 56,170 Pauls; six Dick Turpins were registered between 1854 and 1916; four Maradonas were registered in 1986, the year of the infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal; eight Peles were registered between 1970 and 1972, following the footballer’s 1000th goal in 1969.

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Bupa Appoints bigmouthmedia To Search Marketing Account

Leading international healthcare provider, Bupa, has selected bigmouthmedia, Europe’s largest and most experienced digital marketing agency, to lead its search marketing strategy.

The new deal will see bigmouthmedia take on a major search engine optimisation programme which will involve Bupa’s key UK websites. The project, which will be the company’s most extensive digital marketing campaign so far to date, and is designed to deliver significant growth to the international healthcare provider over the next three years.

“We’re delighted to be working with a brand of Bupa’s quality. Having worked side-by-side to create an ambitious search marketing strategy, we’re now looking forward to getting our teeth into what promises to be a particularly exciting project,” said Scott Boocock, major account director at bigmouthmedia.

David Lengen, head of digital communications at Bupa added, “Search is an essential element of Bupa’s strategy to becoming recognised as a global healthcare leader. Bigmouthmedia will help us to position the brand f r o m being purely about health insurance into the broader health and wellbeing sphere, where so much of Bupa’s expertise lies.”

With its team of over 200 online professionals and experts across the fields of SEO, PPC, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, display advertising, online pr and copywriting along with an existing client base which includes many major household brand names, bigmouthmedia is ideally positioned to take on and help drive this exciting project to increase Bupa’s online presence to become a global leader in healthcare and wellbeing.

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Rackspace Announces Plans To Collaborate With NASA On OpenStack Project

Rackspace Hosting has announced the launch of OpenStack, an open-source cloud platform designed to foster the emergence of technology standards and cloud interoperability.

rackspaceNEWlogo.jpg (198×70)

Rackspace, the leading specialist in the hosting and cloud hosting industry, is donating the code that powers its Cloud Files and Cloud Servers public-cloud offerings to the OpenStack project. The project will also incorporate technology that powers the NASA Nebula Cloud Platform. Rackspace and NASA plan to actively collaborate on joint technology development and leverage the efforts of open-source software developers worldwide.

“Modern scientific computation requires ever increasing storage and processing power delivered on-demand,” said Chris Kemp, NASA’s Chief Technology Officer for IT. “To serve this demand, we built Nebula, an infrastructure cloud platform designed to meet the needs of our scientific and engineering community. NASA and Rackspace are uniquely positioned to drive this initiative based on our experience in building large scale cloud platforms and our desire to embrace open source.”

OpenStack will feature several cloud infrastructure components including a fully distributed object store based on Rackspace Cloud Files. The next component planned for release later this year is a scalable compute-provisioning engine based on the NASA Nebula cloud technology and Rackspace Cloud Servers technology. Using these components, organisations would be able to turn physical hardware into scalable and extensible cloud environments using the same code currently in production serving tens of thousands of customers and large government projects.

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Internet Reputation Management Offers Free Analysis And Ability To Control Online Reputation

When companies are lagging in search engine results, or the online content that does show up is negative in nature, they turn to Internet Reputation Management to put things right. With high quality tools, fast results, skilled writers and a focus on customer service, Internet Reputation Management has become known as a leading online reputation repair service. Over 100 companies -including some that are household names- have taken advantage of Internet Reputation Management’s services, and now that expertise is available without charge, through a free reputation management online consultation.

Because the Internet is an open platform, anyone can write anything about any company, product or individual. This is often a good thing, but when a negative review, unflattering photo or embarrassing video shows up at the top of a search page, online reputation suffers. Potential clients or customers don’t always scroll down through those poor results to read the rest. When people say that the web is forever, it’s not an exaggeration. Negative material doesn’t simply disappear from the Internet, it has to be made irrelevant by having positive or neutral material replace the bad in search results. However, sometimes the cure can be as bad as the disease. Poorly executed search engine optimization (or SEO) looks unprofessional, especially if search results point to material that’s been poorly written. Using spamming techniques only aggravates customers further. The Internet Reputation Management team includes editors and wordsmiths who are based in North America and are subject matter experts. Editors have advanced literary degrees, ensuring well crafted content, and the experts in SEO know exactly which strategies are most effective. They work closely with their client to devise an effective strategy, remaining accessible throughout the project. The entire team is dedicated, professional, customer-focused and discrete.

In addition to offering a free consultation, Internet Reputation Management offers Do-It-Yourself reputation management online through a list of Top 10 DIY reputation management tips. These represent a simplified version of what the Internet Reputation Management teams does for their customers, but it provides a useful basis for those who choose to tackle the issue themselves. A blog is also provided, for those who want to keep on top of the tools, techniques and terms used in the industry.

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New Boating Web Site Puts Buyers Together With Sellers

A new boating Web site aims to put boaters and boater wannabes in touch with the people that can fulfill their wishes. The site,, features boats for sale, equipment for sale, as well as services such as insurance, boat service, and marinas.

Pete Riopel, a financial planner based in Larkspur, started the site after 20-plus years as a sailor.

“It seemed like a fun and interesting thing to do,” he said.

The site allows users to do a key-word search to find what they want, and also allows the search to be e-mailed to the user if new matches turn up. It also allows up to eight photos to run with a listing.

“The advantage of my site.” Said Riopel, “is that you can narrow down your search.” As with many Web sites, users are required to sign up to use the site. There is no fee to sign up.

While Riopel is computer literate, he had to learn new things to get his Web site up and running. He had to learn HTML, and about boating throughout the Bay Area. He also plans to paint with a broad brush on the site.

“I tried to cover basically everything.” Riopel said, “Everything that is boating is here, and what is here is about boating.”

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Bigmouthmedia Reveals Most UK Brands Don’t Understand The Value Of Mobile Visitors

A bigmouthmedia survey has revealed that more than three quarters of the UK’s big brands do not understand the value of a visitor via mobile compared to other digital channels

The research, which polled the views of key decision makers at a raft of leading UK companies, shows that despite a significant 89.2% of respondents sharing the belief that mobile marketing will become increasingly important over the next 12 months, very few have fully embraced the channel. Reflecting the uncertainty with which many businesses regard the emerging the field, 70.3% of those surveyed currently don’t have any engagement with mobile marketing at all.

“We are at a critical point in the evolution of mobile marketing. A growing group of organisations are starting to derive competitive advantage from their early mover status in the channel, yet the vast majority of companies have yet to gauge the impact it is likely to have on their business,” said Simon Heyes, Head of International Sales Operations at Bigmouthmedia.

“There are no benefits to be derived from being slow on the uptake. With the mobile channel set to become increasingly influential over the next few years, companies need to move now, engage with the medium and start building the campaigns that are going to keep them ahead of the game.”

Despite an apparent lack of engagement with the channel the research revealed a keen awareness of the potential advantages, with 75.7% of respondents citing increased brand awareness as the main benefit of undertaking mobile marketing, and 67.6% believing increased customer engagement to also be a major benefit. Over 60% also believed that increased traffic, leads and sales were also a major driver.

Bigmouthmedia’s survey – conducted amongst a large group of large and medium sized enterprises – showed that just 5.4% companies describe themselves as being “heavily involved” in mobile marketing at the current time. Another statistic to emerge is that while they considered the channel increasingly influential, 75% of the respondents claimed not to know the relative value of a visitor from mobile compared to other channels.

“What is clear from our research is that while the vast majority of businesses accept that mobile is going to become a critical part of the marketing mix, there is a great deal of uncertainty over how to approach the channel, and in particular how to get buy in from the wider organisation. Companies know they need to get on board the mobile bandwagon, but a lack of clear understanding is holding many back from exploiting its potential,” said Heyes.

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Masterseek Expands Its Search Engine In China

After creating a lot of buzz and earning huge success in the US., the popular B2B global search engine has now expanded its hands in China. The users now can search for the companies, organizations and business professionals in China, which is a big and highly potential market. This is a giant Asian market where loads of business practices are conducted. There are hundreds of unique companies that provide immaculate business opportunities. Masterseek has taken a wise step by expanding its search engine in China.

Expanding the search engine activities in the Chinese market ensures that the users can search from the huge number of business houses. There are three million Chinese companies that can be searched over by the users of Masterseek. That is a huge resource for the users to meet up new business persons and companies and enhance the scope of business. The company aims to become the preferred search engine among the business communities in China where the users can research and analyze new business opportunities, monitor different markets, search and find potential buyers, customers and business partners.

Masterseek has made a clever move by deciding to enhance its spread in China. The leading global search engine Google has stopped its censorship of search service in China, which is It is soon going to be pulled out of China, leaving a vacuum of high quality search engines. Masterseek can fill up a significant portion of that space with its top-notch business search engine. It is proving to be a good move by Masterseek to establish its foray in the Asian market.

At present, China act as a major business partner of U.S. where the trade value has increases more than 350 billion US dollars. The U.S. market also imports numerous affordable consumer goods. Rasmus Refer of Masterseek corp says, “This trade also automatically increases the interest in finding new partners and suppliers between China and the U.S., while the number of Internet users in China soared in the last two years, which now reaches over 355 million Internet users. It is a huge market we will now try to get a share in within B2B searches”.

Most importantly, the China – specific business search engine will display results in English so that the content can be viewed by global audience. The search engine will not only help in finding business opportunities and business people, but also news and press releases related to China.

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Masterseek Enjoying the Success of Company Profile Concept

Masterseek, the leading search engine in the Business to Business category is beaming on the success of its company profile concept. It helps the users to find company directories all across the globe in different types of industries. The company profile concept of Masterseek allows the users to search by type of business names, professions, products or services, and location. Earlier, the users get to access the product descriptions, contact information and company profiles from more than 50 million companies in 75 nations. With the success of this concept, the number of the companies that can be accessed by the Masterseek searches have increased even further. The best part is that the number is rising at a rapid speed, which indicates the success of this concept. At present, there are 82 million company profiles within the Masterseek network and the number is increasing.

The company profile concept of Masterseek is greatly beneficial especially for the small and medium companies. These companies can easily incorporate it in sub categories in 26 languages, which increase the visibility factor of these companies.

By spending only 89 USD every year, these companies can enjoy the visibility of their profiles in the other countries. The cost is very low in comparison to the benefits that these companies can enjoy. The business professionals or other enterprises that are based in other countries and need information on these companies can easily search for what they are looking for. The company profile concept of Masterseek is working in a big way.

Masterseek aims to become the most preferred business search engine and analysis tool and it has become quite successful in the process. The introduction of the company profile concept was started with the aim of helping the companies to feature information about their enterprise, products or services in the biggest platform so that the interested users can easily locate potential suppliers, clients and customers and engages into increasing the business prospects.

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Rackspace Hosts Over One Million Unique Visitors To South African Tourism Site

Rackspace Hosting (NYSE:RAX), the world’s leader in the hosting and cloud computing industry, has announced that the new South Africa Tourism website is being hosted by Rackspace Hosting.

“As part of the successful 2010 Soccer World Cup event, the SA Tourism site is considered a critical component of its success,” said SA Tourism e-Marketing Manager William Price, “The number of site visitors sky-rocketed following the reconstruction of our new site rising to a total of more than 250,000 a month since June 2009. This reflects an increase of more than 600%. Our site availability is of paramount importance to SA Tourism and for this reason our organisation had no hesitation in approaching international hosting and cloud computing specialist Rackspace to host the site. The site’s objective of a 1-million unique visitor count this year has already been more than achieved.”

The SA Tourism website is comprehensive without being overwhelming and offers a wealth of information, neatly categorised and easily available. Hot buttons include Best of SA, Traveller, Business Tourism, Media, Research, Plan your trip and About SA. Other information-rich features include Adventure & Sport, Wildlife & Safari, Culture and Heritage, Natural & Scenic and Entertainment & Leisure.

“Rackspace has been extremely responsive to our needs,” added Price. “They are indeed fanatical about their customer service and very proactive. Rackspace provided highly professional assistance with our migration and their proactive approach has pre-empted possible problems. Support of this calibre makes our user experience as smooth and rewarding as possible and is vital for our consumer-centric approach. We cannot tolerate site downtime and hence we have a 100% network uptime guarantee with Rackspace.”

Ongoing hosting service from Rackspace helps enable SA Tourism to achieve its objectives of being the authority on South Africa travel information and meet the overall needs of first-time English-speaking visitors to South Africa.

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The Story So Far In Yahoo’s Drive To Double Its Production Of Original Content

Since the acquisition of Associated Content in May, Yahoo! have been increasing their efforts to produce a substantially improved amount of original content on their site. Associated Content is a large contributor based source of material, with approximately 380,000 writers.

Yahoo have since capitalised on this move through a smart programme of hiring, and luring in high profile names such as Ben Stiller, whose ‘webisodes’ will be created and broadcast exclusively on the Yahoo! site.

The search engine company have been making strides towards the ultimate goal of 20% original content since 2007, with the formation of Yahoo! Sports. In the development of this new dimension, Yahoo! brought in a series of editors and bloggers tasked with the job of writing original articles.

By moving into this arena, and by taking steps to evolve their business model from a search engine provider to a content provider, Yahoo! are now in direct competition with companies such as AOL and even the New York Times.

In fact, according to, Yahoo! News is the most popular news site in the USA with 70 million unique monthly visitors.

SEO experts commented on Yahoo’s ongoing mission, highlighting the importance of originally produced material:

“For Yahoo!, it is the difference between covering a news story, and breaking one. The benefits of self produced content are significant, insofar as they not only enable the site to move into the more lucrative arena of content generation, but also enhance the reputation of the site as an authoritative figure in journalism.”

In another move towards the 20% target, a new VP and Head of Originals and Video Programming has been hired by Yahoo!. Erin McPherson, a trained lawyer, will be responsible for the development and production of material, as well as brokering various content partnerships between Yahoo! and other content providers.

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Search Engine Bing’s Increased Market Share Hailed As Catalyst For Innovation By Search Engine Marketing Experts

After a year online, Microsoft’s search engine Bing has successfully asserted itself as a real industry competitor by securing 12.7% of the search market share in just 12 months.

While Google and Yahoo retain 62.6% and 18.9% of the market respectively, Bing’s achievements are thought to have found a resonance with web users through its ‘consumer friendly approach’ and ‘type less, do more’ strap line.

Microsoft’s mobile web strategy has also added to Bing’s success with an iPhone widget being downloaded by some 4.3 million US users in the past six months alone.

Search engine marketing experts QueryClick praised Bing’s successes in such a highly competitive industry.

A spokesperson for the company said:

“When you think about web search there’s one big player and that’s Google. For years, Google have held sway over the market without much competition but this could all be about to change.

“Microsoft have invested a significant amount of money into positioning Bing as a recognised search engine and will continue to do so. In a bid to offer web users a service that goes beyond that of Google and other rivals, Bing have had to push innovation to its limits and, in turn, Google needs to do its bit to stay one step ahead.”

Looking ahead to the next twelve months, Bing developers revealed that the service would move towards returning search results based on the user’s location which would encourage more relevant suggestions; especially where shopping and travel are concerned.

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SEO experts Welcome China’s Renewal of Google’s ICP License

Following speculation that the search engine giant would have its license revoked after its redirection of Chinese users to the unfiltered Hong Kong site, the Chinese government have decided to renew Googles ICP license, for 12 months at least.

This is the latest in a long series of events involving Google and the Chinese authorities, in which both have refused to compromise in their operations. Now however, reconciliation has been achieved by the mutual appeasement of both sides, with sacrifices being made in order to prolong the presence of Google in China.

The immediate outcome of the announcement was a 2.8% rise in Google shares during Friday trading. The license renewal is a significant factor in the continued growth of Google, as well as a beneficial conclusion for the Chines internet industry and internet community.

In the opinion of SEO experts, having access to the usage of the largest internet community in the world will prove to be a seminal step in Google’s future success. While the access of the Chinese public to the Google search engine provides a huge boost to the improving sense of open-ness in China, as well as bolstering their economy

However, the search engine has had to make a concession insofar as users are required to make an extra click in order to access Google’s search facilities on the Hong Kong site. This may lead to users turning to an alternative and more convenient option such as the Chinese engine

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Facebook Changes Praised By SEO Experts Following The Installation Of A ‘Panic Button’ as Recommended by CEOP

Following months of negotiations between Facebook and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), the social media site has agreed to the provision of a panic button to all users, specifically targeting those aged between 13 – 18.

Facebook have made a raft of sweeping changes recently, from the closing of its online gift shop, to the most recent addition of the CEOP backed child safety application. The social networking site had previously been resistant to the panic button feature, insisting that it already had sufficient reporting systems in place.

CEOP has recommended the inclusion of additional measures such as the panic button since November 2009. The feature, which has also received the backing of 44 police chiefs across Britain, is an opt-in service which will be promoted most heavily amongst the 13-18 age group.

Due to the optional nature of the service, a campaign is to be launched by Facebook and CEOP in a bid to raise awareness of the application, as well as the significance of online safety. This campaign involves the display of an automated message on the homepage of users within the most vulnerable age group.

This will be reinforced by a CEOP-Facebook information page which hopes to further educate youngsters of the dangers associated with social networking. By appealing to teenagers through the coverage of topics of interest such as music, celebrities and exams, the page hopes to reach as large an audience as possible.

SEO experts have welcomed this approach, with the belief that the offerings of popular content will draw in the targeted traffic. One QueryClick spokesperson explained that:

“By appealing to younger Facebook members through their potential areas of interest, and by specifically targeting the 13-18 age group via automated messages, this campaign will contribute greatly towards the improved online safety of Facebook, as well as the level of confidence in parents with regards to their children’s online activity.”

Facebook have cited the reason for the closure as a result of the need to focus their attention on developing the more popular features of their site including, the news feed, photos, the ‘like’ button, and Facebook advertising. In particular, it is the advertising aspect which PPC experts believe will go from strength to strength in the coming months.

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Government Looks to Facebook Users for Ideas on Spending Cuts

With 23 million members in the UK alone, the social media site could provide Ministers with a wide ranging source of suggestions from the public with regards to the proposed spending cuts. The growing presence of the political world on social networking is a logical step forward according to SEO experts

The ‘Spending Challenge’ profile set up by the government has already received some 50,000 responses to their invitation for spending cut ideas. On the page, users are able to discuss spending priorities, offer their views and vote on their favourite suggestions.

It is proposed that the most worthy solutions will be further analysed by Treasury officials, in addition to the Chancellor George Osborne set to meet some of the contributors to the page to discuss their opinions.

This move signifies a turnaround in the view held of social networking sites by Prime Minister David Cameron. Prior to his election into Downing Street, the PM was deemed to be dismissive of this form of communication. Now however, the government is to make Facebook its primary means of public communication on issues of the economy.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Cameron spoke with Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg to discuss a possible partnership with the site. On a recent visit to London, Zuckerberg was impressed by the level of public oriented online sites created in Britain after attending the London Facebook developer event. One particular project which appealed to Mr Zuckerberg, and one which he discussed with the PM, was the ‘Together We Can’ initiative. It offers communities in the UK a chance to influence the development of their local area.

The idea of integrating politics into the world of social networking, and subsequently creating a series of dialogues between ministers and voters, is a logical and inevitable step forward according to SEO consultants The increasing usage of social media, and Facebook in particular, cannot afford to be ignored by governments seeking to better understand and converse with a greater majority of the population.

Social media experts believe that this process will vastly increase traffic levels on Facebook, and will even tempt first time users to the site. With such an influx of users, the SEO benefits will be strongly felt in terms of the traffic increase, frequently updated information, and the huge potential for information sharing across sites.

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Fasthosts Counted Among Top Finalists For 2010 Microsoft Partner Awards

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web hosting provider, announced it has been selected as a finalist for the Microsoft Partner Awards in the Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year award category.

Steve Holford, Marketing Director of Fasthosts Internet Ltd. said: “We are delighted to be recognised in this significant award. Microsoft products have always been a popular choice with our customers. However, in recent years we have gone further to investigate and develop new ways to apply Microsoft server technologies and as a result have seen excellent performance and usability benefits for the end-user.”

Awards will be presented in a number of categories, with winners and finalists chosen f r o m a pool of almost 3,000 entrants worldwide. The Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year Award honours partners who have demonstrated solution innovation and a commitment to engaging with Microsoft. This award recognises Fasthosts for teaming with Microsoft to address their customer needs through identifying new market opportunities and using technology innovation.

“Congratulations to the 2010 Partner Award finalists for delivering such creative and superior Microsoft solutions and services,” said Allison Watson, Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp. “It’s incredible to see the level of expertise our partners continue to exhibit as they create and deliver innovative solutions and services to grow their businesses, meet customer needs, and drive down costs.”

Fasthosts has long been regarded as an expert in Microsoft hosting, having offered Microsoft-driven web solutions since 2002. Fasthosts’ award nomination follows the company’s recent launch of innovative new Virtual Servers that use Hyper-V (hypervisor based) technology, the latest in Microsoft server virtualization, to harness the full power of the hardware. All Fasthosts users can also benefit f r o m the most advanced Microsoft Server operating system yet – Windows Server 2008 R2.

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HubShout Promotes Transparency and Accountability in New SEO Reseller Program

HubShout, LLC (“HubShout”) is a national search engine marketing (“SEM”) firm that specializes in search engine optimization (“SEO”) and pay-per-click (“PPC”) management. In 2009, after several successful years of direct client SEO and PPC management, HubShout opened up an SEO reseller program to a select number of web design companies and agencies. This initial launch was actually a pilot program designed to test the applicability of HubShout’s proprietary SEM technology platform to SEO outsourcing. HubShout expanded its SEO reseller programs in 2010 based on early success and positive feedback f r o m pilot program participants.

HubShout’s co-founders, who both have backgrounds in Fortune 100 companies, agreed f r o m Day One that existing SEO reseller programs lacked both transparency and accountability. It seemed logical to them that web design companies and agencies would want to outsource their SEO; however, the state of the SEO reseller industry at that time-particularly the industry’s dominance by off-shore entities-was rife with problems and questionable practices. Many SEO resellers preferred to work under a shroud of mystery and promoted fear of inappropriate SEO tactics as a deal-closing strategy on a regular basis. HubShout views this activity as nothing short of irresponsible business practice and has made transparency in SEO outsourcing a primary focus of its SEO reseller program.

Accountability is another of the major tenets of HubShout’s business philosophy. Many SEO resellers avoid taking direct responsibility for the business results of their outsourcing campaigns. Even those firms that guarantee results tend to do so based on long-tail keyword phrases that reap no real benefits for their clients. HubShout believes that this SEO outsourcing approach is wrong. HubShout believes that the best foundation for a successful working relationship is complete honesty in all business dealings. It prominently displays and regularly discusses its search engine ranking results with resellers and end-customers. Campaigns that, for some reason, are not producing good results are openly addressed. HubShout’s founders firmly believe that successful long-term business relationships are built on open and honest win-win scenarios.

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Bigmouthmedia Develops Virtual Cinema For Paramount Germany

Bigmouthmedia, Europe’s largest digital marketing agency, has developed a virtual cinema for Paramount in Germany.

Bigmouthmedia Develops Virtual Cinema For Paramount Germany

Launched this week, Twittkinos promises to break new ground in the way cinemas reach out to and communicate with their customers. The new movie site enables Paramount to provide interested film fans on Facebook and Twitter exclusive insights into the latest trailers, movie premieres and other events from the star-studded world of the silver screen.

Campaigning under the slogan “we’ll bring cinema home,” Paramount is opening up a new era in the way it uses Social Media to interact with movie lovers. Unique in its field, Twittkino is completely integrated with Facebook and Twitter, where fan’s posts are published in real time.

Using their Facebook or Twitter accounts film fans may visit to register and see the latest exclusive trailers – often even before they are released to the market – live streaming of movie premieres and a host of further features dedicated to the world of movies. One particularly popular feature will allow members to post questions prior to major premieres that will be answered on the red carpet by stars and celebrities. A selection of further activities including competitions is also planned.

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