Leading Internet business network acquires Pedicurist.co.uk, Promotions.co.uk and Public-Liability.org.uk for undisclosed amounts

Leading Internet commerce ASAP Ventures Ltd has announced the acquisition of a batch of new domain names to help it build new sites offering advice and information to UK consumers. The company has purchase Pedicurist.co.uk, Promotions.co.uk and Public-Liability.org.uk.

ASAP Ventures Ltd has purchased Pedicurist.co.uk to offer people detailed information and advice on what the health benefits are that they can enjoy from a visit to a specialist pedicurist. The website will grow to be a useful online source of information for anyone who has ever thought about a visit to a pedicurist.

Promotions.co.uk will help the UK’s web users to discover all that they need to know about getting hold of codes and promotions which can help them to save money on shopping. The promotions website will offer further detail on Internet competitions, how to win prizes in online draws and other tips and hints.

Public-Liability.org.uk has been purchased to help offer people the chance to learn all about what public liability insurance can offer them in terms of insurance cover.

Derek Paulson, spokesperson for ASAP Ventures Ltd, commented, “Out intent at ASAP Ventures is to always help people enjoy the very latest information and advice on all sorts of consumer topics and subjects. Our latest purchases will help us to continue doing that.”

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Three New Sites For ASAP Ventures the Online Business Incubator

Road-Bikes.co.uk, PublicTransport.co.uk and Royal-Marines.co.uk have been bought by the online business incubator ASAP Ventures Ltd. The company has added the sites to the every-increasing network of information and customer advice group of sites.

Looking to enhance the information resources of public transport, ASAP has added PublicTransport.co.uk to its network. In the UK today, public transport news and information is very important, especially as it suffers due to further government spending cuts.

With road bikes being a more popular way of getting around these days, the new Road-Bikes.co.uk site, acquired by ASAP Ventures Ltd, is a fantastic information source for news, latest biking trends and road biking books. The regularly updated site has experts on hand for advice too.

Helping young hopefuls and armed forces applicants understand the experience of being in the Royal Marines, the new Royal-Marines.co.uk site is a great information and advice resource. When one wants to fight for their country, this new site from ASAP will prepare them for it.

Mr D Paulson from ASAP Ventures comments, “Our new acquisitions will help us enter these markets and with our exceptional information and advice business model, we are confident that our new websites will be successful and helpful to the public. In our company’s development, the new acquisitions are playing a key role”.

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Further Info and News on Adult Toys and Share Trading with ASAP Ventures Domains Acquired

ASAP Ventures, the leading online commerce and advice website stable, has acquired new sites to help people find out the latest news and information on adult toys and online share trading. The online business experts have announced the acquisition of Share-dealing.org.uk and Sex-toy.co.uk.

The ASAP Ventures Ltd name is a strong one in the marketplace and people trust the network to deliver the latest news and advice on all manner of topics and products. With the time for buying Christmas presents arriving, the company has purchased the domain www.sex-toy.co.uk to offer people advice if they are thinking about buying their loved one a sex toy.

The web is a great place for trading shares and stocks for extra money, and thanks to the latest site purchases by ASAP, consumers can find out all the latest about share dealing online. Anyone with an interest in the subject can visit www.share-dealing.org.uk for more.

Derek Paulson, spokesperson for ASAP Ventures Ltd, commented, “We want to continue to offer everyone the latest and best choice of consumer advice website around, and in these two subjects we are now able to give people what they need to know about adult toys and trading stocks and shares on the web.”

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Chinese Search Engine Beats Google for Building Web Presence in China

Baidu CEO Robin Li’s appearance last week at the Web 2.0 summit has sent a clear message to western online entrepreneurs: his site, not Google, is the go-to search engine for implementing the all-important SEO (search engine optimization) that draws Chinese customers and builds a web presence in China.

“Baidu answers more search queries in China than any other search engine in any other market, including Google in the US,” said Li. His claim is backed by hard evidence. Last April, investment group Susquehanna International gave Baidu stock shares a bullish $1000 price target, as a result of its incredible 165% growth for the quarter. As far as online marketing, Baidu has managed to capture 62% of China’s market, compared to Google’s 20% share.

“We have a lot of room for growth,” Li said. He was referring not only to the fact that just 1/3 of Chinese people (420 million) have Internet access, a number growing exponentially, but also to his plans to take Baidu worldwide.

“I am definitely refocusing my China SEO strategy,” says Kerry Xie, a Chinese born, Los Angeles based graphic designer and English to Chinese translation specialist. “Foreigners should understand what it means for Robin Li to make such optimistic statements at the Web 2.0 Summit. He’s not just pulling ahead in the race with Google. He’s won the race, at least in China. I’m shifting my China online ad budget entirely to a Baidu PPC (pay per click) campaign.”

China SEO and Chinese web marketing expert Jacob Cooke concurs, but for different reasons. “Baidu has played by the Chinese government’s rules, and has benefited tremendously as a result of that and Google’s stand on censorship. Filtering content and sites perceived as harmful to Chinese web-surfers actually gains Baidu more users than it loses by acknowledging its censorship. I’m recommending Baidu as the first priority for my clients’ China SEO objectives.”

Justin Richardson, an education marketer from Australia who helps Chinese students study abroad, has been focusing on Baidu to the exclusion of Google for some time. “It’s not just the censorship issue that puts Baidu ahead of Google in China,” says Richardson.

“Baidu was created in Chinese for Chinese people, so of course it’s more appealing to them, both in form and function. Chinese searchers interact with the search engine differently than do their western counterparts. They can’t scan information as quickly, due to the nature of Chinese characters. Also, they input their search phrases very carefully. Baidu takes these differences into account, making for a better overall search experience. Many of my customers have said so, which is why I use Baidu almost exclusively for my China SEO efforts.”

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Microsoft Try to Beat Google At Its Own Game With Launch of Bing Android App Claim SEOs Queryclick.com

Digital experts Queryclick.com says Microsoft are brave to step into Google’s Android territory, but it’s a risk that could pay off.

With the recent release of its Bing app for Mobile Android, Microsoft proved it isn’t afraid of getting its hands dirty when it comes to the battle for smartphone supremacy.

The launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 may have shaken up the playing field, but the software company has clearly been diversifying its efforts in an attempt to capture as many potential customers as possible – even if it is using competing hardware.

While the software company first launched the Bing app a few months ago, it was originally only available to Verizon Wireless customers. Perhaps this partial roll-out was a way for Microsoft to test the water, but if it was it seems the experiment has been deemed a success, as the app is now to be rolled out across Android.

A spokesperson for SEO company Queryclick.com revealed the belief that steps like this could give Bing the foothold it so desperately needs to gain more search market share. “Microsoft is still a software powerhouse, there’s no doubt of that, but the last year or two have been difficult for them in many ways.

“By failing to make the initial impact hoped in both the search and mobile markets, faith has been shaken somewhat. However, some of the features offered by Bing are great and are likely to continue to appeal to people who are happy to be re-educated when it comes to the search experience.

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Yahoo Says It’s Focused on The Future, SEO Company Queryclick.com Says It Should Keep Searching

With the search sphere becoming ever more social, Yahoo’s CEO Carol Bartz promises the struggling company still has its eye on the future – despite falling profits and rumoured downsizing. SEO experts Queryclick.com claim Yahoo is wise to keep an eye on the future, but shouldn’t ignore search.

Last week, the CEO denied rumours that the company – whose stocks were lower at the close of business last Tuesday than they were at the beginning of the year – is considering merging with AOL. Instead she claimed that Yahoo is focused on the future, and that many of the issues the company faces are image based, and only a problem for technological and financial centres.

She said the average user, outside of Silicon Valley and New York, knew what the company stood for, and that part of her role was to educate people that the company is not a Google, it is a Yahoo.

A spokesperson for SEO company Queryclick.com commended Bartz for her stance, and suggested this was the right way for her to approach the criticism. They said: “Yahoo has been in what looks like a difficult position for a long time, but much of this is related to how well the company performs in comparison to Google.

“If you take the Mountain View giant out of the equation, you see a company that still has a lot of things going for it; brand loyalty, a search partnership with Bing and a lot of valuable user data.”

It could be these three areas that will see the company drag up its market value and re-establish its place among the big boys of the online world.

In the wake of the news that Facebook will launch its own alternative to email, Bartz also hit out at those questioning Yahoo’s ability to stay relevant in the face of the continuing online revolution. Speaking at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Bartz claimed that rather than simply follow in Facebook’s targeted-ad-footsteps – as while Yahoo has a lot of user data, it is not aggregated in the same way – Yahoo would be concentrating on making sure publishers were able to offer users the right kind of content.

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Interact and MindMeister To Announce A Strategic Technology Partnership

Interact, a leading supplier in intelligent intranet software and MindMeister, providers of on-line mind mapping software, are pleased to announce a strategic technology partnership. The agreement allows the two companies to combine their industry leading software solutions.

MindMeister is the market leading and multiple award-winning web-based collaboration solution that uses proven mind mapping concepts to facilitate multi-user planning, brainstorming, and project management sessions all from within a standard web browser.

Interact Intranet is an easy to use, collaborative turnkey solution trusted by over 250,000 users. It is an intelligent intranet solution that learns as people use it, adapts and automatically connects relevant information to people. Powerful enterprise networking tools actively promote internal communication, collaboration, idea sharing and cross-organisation participation. It is modular in its architecture allowing organisations to add the components, resources, and services that are required as the business evolves and grows.

As a result of the new integration, Interact Intranet users will be able to access the MindMeister mind maps via the intranet to brainstorm or plan new projects. They will be able to simultaneously work with colleagues on the same map and see changes as they happen within the intuitive and familiar intranet interface.

Michael Hollauf, COO and Co-founder of MindMeister commented: “As a Software provider, we’re always looking for new and innovative solutions to assist consumers in doing their jobs better. We believe Interact Intranet’s self learning and adaptive technology to be on the cutting edge of today’s business needs. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Interactive Intranet, and look forward to introducing their broad customer base to the endless brainstorming and collaborative possibilities with MindMeister.”

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Facebook Mobile Developments Benefit Both Business and Consumer According to SEO Experts QueryClick.com

Facebook Yesterday launched a series of developments to its mobile operations in a bid to capitalise on the growth in mobile internet access. The increased market presence of internet via mobile is especially important for the expansion of Facebook in the developing world, where the nouvelle connected are typically leapfrogging desktop access and moving straight into the world wide mobile web.

The primary improvement has been made in relation to the recent development of Facebook Places, a tool which allows Facebook members to share their whereabouts with other Facebook Friends. The revelation of Facebook Deals has heralded a new era in the interaction of mobile users with participating retail or hospitality venues.

Speaking on the increased proliferation and significance of mobile internet access, SEO company QueryClick.com said:

“While desktop search has actually fallen approximately 15% YOY, mobile search traffic has risen some 247% over the course of the past 12 months. In this respect, businesses cannot afford to ignore mobile web access, especially ‘mobile’ mobile web access, in which users on the move are now able to locate the best deals near their ever-changing locations.”

By ‘checking-in’ to one of many stores, restaurants, and other businesses, users are rewarded with relevant vouchers, discounts, and deals based on their location. The vouchers received by users are then presented to the nearby venue in return for a discounted service or product. For consumers this strategy obviously offers a valuable reward for their online participation, whilst businesses are able to promote their services on a new level, as well as keeping track of their success throughout this marketing scheme.

SEO Experts QueryClick.com are well aware of the benefits of data tracking for the development of any business, and praised the capacity of the Deals tool to track their claim rates, and thus determine the relative success of their ‘Deal’.

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SEO Experts QueryClick Welcome Skype Subsidised Wi-Fi Hotspots For Internet Week

Internet Week began in New York City in 2008, and incorporated over 250 events last year. 2010 sees the première of the five-day festival in Europe, with the schedule of events to take place throughout London. It is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and is open to any willing company eager to participate in this celebration of the digital industry in Europe.

Running from the 8th – 12th November, the festival, boasting over 80 events, will be enhanced by the announcement that Skype will be subsidising free Wi-Fi access throughout the UK for the duration of the event via the Skype Access service.

Commenting on the relationship between Skype and the Internet Week Europe, Co-Chairman David-Michel Davis said:

“What better way to celebrate that impact than partnering with Skype to make the Internet more accessible than ever.”

It certainly does show a commitment on Skype’s part to further the accessibility of the internet in public places, albeit for the 5 days of the festival only. SEO Experts QueryClick view the provision of free access as a hugely positive addition to the Internet Week event, insisting that:

“It makes sense that internet access in public spaces should be offered for free in accordance with the principles of the event, and the celebratory nature of the festival.”

The availability of free internet access to all in the UK increases the reach of the week of talks, conferences, challenges, and debates to all those outwith the London perimeters. The inclusion of big name brands such as Google, BBC, Yahoo!, and Lonely Planet ensures that the event will be a highly popular one, luring in the crowds with the crop of digital celebrity.

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SEO Experts QueryClick.com Discuss Google Place Search and The Heightened Importance of ‘Local’ Results

The launch of Google Place Search at the end of October has significantly altered the face of Google SERPs. With the focus now placed emphatically on local results, the ramifications of this change will affect a range of companies as well as the operations of the average SEO.

The most notable change to the result lay-out is the abolition of the “7-pack” section which previously appeared at the top of the page. The familiar grouping of 7 local search results adjacent to the map display has been replaced by a more comprehensive listing of local search results, with the geographical visualisations now located in the right hand column – an alteration which has caused concern due to the subsequent obscuration of the Adwords section.

According to Andrew Shortland, founder of ‘Local SEO Guide’, the tool lends itself to small businesses. His belief is that the new format “intensifies the competition for local rankings”. Shortland also points out that sites with a physical address within the searched for city will gain an advantage over those which lack the corresponding location.

In a similar vein, customer reviews will also benefit a business site, affording reviewed businesses a greater prominence within the SERPs.

The driving theory behind the latest development is the statistic offered by Google that over 20% of searches are location related. This may now be increased as search habits are modified to make better use of the Place Search function.

SEO company QueryClick.com believe that different sectors will be affected to varying extents by the introduction of this tool.

“The tool will affect some industries more than others, with one obvious example being the hospitality industry, for whom geo-modified search queries will play a more significant role. In such cases, search engine optimisation will revolve more closely around the location of a hotel or restaurant. Place Search definitely heightens the importance of local results, but does not represent a complete usurpation of organic search.”

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SEO Experts QueryClick Welcome News That Britain Leads the Way In Online Shopping

In a report carried out by the US consultancy group Boston Consulting, it has been revealed that the UK is a global leader in the field of e-commerce, with the highest online spend per capita in the world. The internet has contributed approximately £100bn – 7.2% of GDP– to the British economy in 2009, and represents the second largest online advertising spend after the USA.

According to search engine optimisation experts QueryClick, the dominance of the UK in the e-commerce sector has been borne out of a growing tendency of the British public to utilise online shopping services due to a marked desire to receive value for money.

“Many people in the UK feel they are able to get a better deal online, and often this is the case. The atmosphere of economy in Britain drives many to seek out better value for money via online shopping. The rise in dominance of the world of e-commerce has resulted in a greater level of competition which, for us, equates to a greater opportunity to offer our services in a region in which we are market leaders.”

The internet as an independent sector would be classed as the fifth largest industry in Britain, just behind the financial services, which accounted for 9% of GDP in 2009. The BCG study, aptly entitled The Connected Kingdom, discovered that internet companies in the UK employ over 250,000 staff, with many of these positions made available by various SMEs.

Co-author of the report and partner at BCG, Paul Zwillenberg, provided an insight into the report’s findings:

“Everyone thinks the global Silicon-Valley-based companies are driving growth, but this report makes clear that in the UK it is coming from the ‘mom and pop’ businesses. They now have global footprints, they are selling to the ‘long tail’ and they are making their businesses more efficient.”

The driving force behind the lead status of the UK for e-commerce stems from the notable amounts of money spent by Brits online. Research by eMarketer tells us that some 28.5 million Britons make online purchases, whilst around 40% partake in online shopping at least once a month, spending on average £71 monthly.

All this has come despite the relatively slow broadband speeds experienced within the UK, as well as the recent recession, in which, as SEO company QueryClick points out, online advertising spend continued to grow YOY despite the overall contraction in advertising expenditure.

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