Craig’s Flyer Proud of a Years’ Service!

When a company reaches a milestone then it’s a pretty big event, and this is no different for Craig’s Flyer. We are proud to announce our one year anniversary; Craig’s Flyer was launched on Feb 1st, 2010 by web entrepreneur Rey Hearth.

Rey launched this site with intention of helping people simplify their experience using classified ads. By providing expertly crafted templates that allow people to stand out from the crowd, we have helped sell thousands of items for people all across the world. We have seen a steady growth in traffic, and reputation as we evolved over as a site over this past year. I don’t think anyone could have seriously predicted the overwhelming support we would get from the people who use our service. As we past the anniversary of the launch of our site, we think it’s important for our customers to know that we are committed to maintaining the great standards you’ve come to expect from Craig’s Flyer and to continually improve our website based off your feedback.

So from all of us here at Craig’s Flyer we would like to thank our amazing fans who have made our inaugural year such a success. We would also like to send a thank you out to all the people who helped build this website, and make it the place it is today.

Craig’s Flyer is a unique tool which allows you to design a professional flyer or ad in seconds and with NO programming skills, and it’s known to be one of the best classified ad maker tools on the market.

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Advice on Health, Languages and Jobs Thanks to New ASAP Ventures Sites

Leading online web stable ASAP Ventures has launched new websites which will further augment its stable of consumer advice sites and now offers people the latest on subjects including jobs, languages and health. The new sites feature, and

Lots of people look to refresh their careers in a New Year and one of the new ASAP sites is here to help them in that regard. People who are thinking of looking into what London jobs are available can visit to get themselves up to speed about getting a new career on the move in the country’s capital city.

Getting away for some sunshine in the midwinter is another popular New Year move, and to help people get their heads around some new language skills and language translation techniques ahead of travelling to their destination, ASAP has launched new site

Also on show from the latest site introductions in the ASAP Ventures stable is health and medical advice site Consumers and web users can log on to find out all they need to know about a wide range of health and medical centre subjects including cardiology, dermatology, neurology and more.

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More Internet & Online press releases – Free Balkans Travel Assistance

Balkans Travel Guru announced today the successful release of its FREE Balkans travel assistance website, The site was created to assist travelers in the Balkans with where to go, what to do, where to find products or services and what they need to know for each and every country in the Balkans. Whether it is planning before your trip, or during your trip, Balkans Travel Guru has the information needed to make your travel easier.

Tourism has fallen sharply throughout the Balkans. Experts believe that a well-informed traveler is a return traveler. Balkans Travel Guru is not a travel agent but an online resource to travelers or potential travelers. Its mission is to increase travel in the Balkans by having well informed travelers and inspire them to travel throughout. The company is currently working on an IPhone and IPod application to further assist the traveler.

“It is a unique tool; there is nothing more frustrating than going to a city and not being able to find what you need. As a business traveler, I need to know so I can do more. You can even find where the local stationary is in Tirana” Said Michael Velop.

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Network Marketing Prospecting System Launched By Robert Payne Publishing

Robert Payne Publishing today announced the re-launch of, a free network marketing prospecting system. The domain name was acquired at the start of the year as part of an expansion into the home-based business market.

The appeal of the site is that participants are able to promote their own MLM business opportunity. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to join other programs that will allow them to generate an income from their network marketing prospecting efforts, a concept known as a “funded proposal.” offers those in the MLM industry a generic no-cost cutting-edge network marketing prospecting system, allowing individuals the ability to plug into a ready-made MLM success strategy. The gist of the strategy is to promote a MLM marketing system, which is a tool that everyone with a MLM business opportunity can use.

“What we have here is a simple six-step system, designed to help individuals attain MLM success,” states Robert Payne, owner of Robert Payne Publishing. “By taking an emphasis off pitching their company and products, folks will discover that promoting a MLM marketing system is tremendously more effective at building a stream of sustained income.”

With, those in the MLM industry will be able to promote a replicated network marketing prospecting Web site. Participants will receive real-time MLM leads when visitors enter their name and email into the form of the participant’s replicated site. Each participant will also have access to training, presenting several tactics for driving Web traffic to their replicated site.

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Wikipedia Is The Site To Beat According To SEO Experts

“Wikipedia (WIK-i-PEE-dee-ə) is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Its 17 million articles (over 3.5 million in English) have been written collaboratively by volunteers around the world, and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site. Wikipedia was launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger and has become the largest and most popular general reference work on the Internet, ranking eighth among all websites on Alexa and having 365 million readers.”

Based on the wisdom of crowds, nothing summarises a concept better than Wikipedia. The reference site has came a long way in its ten years in existence. From a heavily criticised agglomeration of unreliable information, and the bane of the teaching profession, to the most widely used point of reference on the internet.

Its credibility derives largely from the very aspect of its being which was the cause of such negativity in the early days; the indiscriminate access to the article editing process. By not only affording everyone the chance to modify, update and add to existing articles, but to encourage this strategy, the site attracted many sceptics.

However, following some extensive Wiki-vandalism, in which users would deliberately and cynically alter information, it seems that the joke has worn off. Prevailing attitudes have demonstrated the overwhelming success of the open approach to knowledge sharing, in which it has been proven that those who actively edit and submit articles are the people who care enough about a particular subject to do so.

According to SEO company, such an approach has unquestionably paid off, a fact powerfully demonstrated by the strength of Wikipedia’s performance with search engines. A spokesperson from QueryClick said:

“From personal experience, we are all aware of the unrivalled visibility of the online encyclopedia in search engine results pages. It is often we find that all that stands between our clients and the top spot is a Wikipedia entry on that particular subject.”

Speaking of a venture which has paid off, the relative success of Wikipedia seems all the more impressive given its non-commercial status. It is entirely free to use, and is funded by the Wikipedia Foundation which in turn relies on public contributions and grants.

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Online Consumer Site Specialist ASAP Ventures Acquires Latest New Domain Names

Leading online business group ASAP Ventures Ltd has reported that it has acquired new domain names to augment the range of sites it offers to UK web users. The group has announced the acquisition of, and for unannounced sums and will build sites on the URLs.

As Christmas vanishes into memory and people look to a warm weather break in January, ASAP Ventures has announced that it has acquired a new domain to offer flight information on, Anyone wanting to look up information about where to fly online can visit the new site to do so.

Another way of keeping warm for the winter which is increasingly popular with Brits is that of installing a hottub either in their garden or in their home. As such ASAP Ventures has announced the acquisition of which will build to become a vital online information resource for the UK’s web users.

Another domain purchase by ASAP Ventures this week is, a URL which will be developed into a website which tells people about the latest news and views on insurance policies and where they can purchase the correct cover for them.

Derek Paulson, spokesperson for ASAP Ventures Ltd, commented, “our website users trust us to always help them get hold of the very best and most up to date information on a wide range of topics and products, so our latest acquisitions are just the ticket for helping people learn about these diverse areas.”

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SEO Experts QueryClick Welcome The Rise In Professional Usage of Social Media

The consistent growth of social media interaction throughout society has been a central topic of technological discourse over the past few years. The more recent uptake of the platform as a base from which to broaden business, as well as social connectivity, has become the latest development in the evolution of the social media phenomenon.

A study published by Trendstream on Tuesday demonstrates the progressive adoption of social media by businesses as a key tool in their inventory, equipping them more effectively and further enabling them to better communicate their message. The research, as part of the wider Global Web Index project, purports to illustrate the evolutionary shift in social networking over the past 18 months.

It is now believed that approximately 60% of Fortune 500 companies have created a Twitter account; almost double of the figure for the previous year. At the consumer end, research by ExactTarget stated that 40% of a survey had expressed their approval of a company or brand via Facebook in order to receive promotions and discounts.

A spokesperson commented on the positive findings of the report:

“From the research carried out it is clear that the growing trend for B2C interaction via sites such as Facebook and Twitter has been bolstered at both ends by the behavioural modifications which have taken place.”

According to the findings of Trendstream, the advertising and marketing industry are leading the way in their involvement in real-time social media activity. Behind them – and by some distance – comes IT, retail, healthcare and the financial services, all of whom have embraced the business potential offered by social media activity.

Whilst the participation of the study respondents in real-time social networking and microblogging increased by some 20% over the time-scale, contribution and engagement with blogging and other static online dialogues decreased significantly. Blog writing has fallen by 4%, while forum contribution has undergone an 11% decrease.

The move away from the creation platforms (blogs and forums) to real-time networks mirrors the move into the world of immediate updates and constant communication by professional individuals and firms. One insightful statistic provided by the Trendstream report sheds further light on the connection between these factors: that the increase in links to company news stories was bettered only by the rise in the upload and browsing of personal photos.

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Bing Making Friends With Facebook Is A Wise Choice For Microsoft’s Search Engine Claims Edinburgh SEO Company

Microsoft’s bid at the search engine market has been slowly chipping away at Google’s stupendous lead, but Bing still has a long way to go before it could have any dreams of clinching the top spot.

However, a massive upgrade to the decision engine could see Bing with a new selection of offerings that will draw young, savvy searchers its way. One of the biggest changes are the way the engine will return some searches with less of a traditional results page and more an interactive app that allows searchers to quickly modify the results. The other is the inclusion of a social search feature.

By teaming up with Facebook, Bing will look through recommendations made by your friends in the aim of returning more relevant and personalised results to your searches.

A spokesperson for SEO company said this was a good choice for the company, and one that could pay off for it in the future. “When you look back at the way the social market has grown in the last few years, it’s clear to see that more and more people are turning to the internet as a way to interact with friends as well as a way to find information.

“By combining search results with a social aspect, Bing could prove attractive to web users who spend the majority of their time on Facebook – and there are plenty of those out there.”

The new feature is the result of a deal between the decision engine and the leading social networking site. Providing users have recently logged into their Facebook account, Bing will automatically recognise their account and search through all of the content associated friends have chosen to click a ‘Like’ button for.

The brand power of Facebook could be a huge asset to the decision engine and the partnership could also see Bing able to offer something new to the search market. While Google has also attempted to tap into the social networking market, its success has been nowhere near that of Facebook, and by partnering with the biggest social networking site of the time Bing may have the power to shake the foundations of Google’s prime position.

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Microsoft Could Upset The Status Quo With Plans To Join Online TV Battle With Apple And Google, Says Seo Experts

It’s been reported that Microsoft is on the brink of revealing a web connected television service that will directly rival those of its main competitors, Google and Apple.

The new device is expected to be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and will mark yet another effort by the software giant to beat rivals by releasing its own version of already hyped products, claimed a spokesperson for SEO company

However, this isn’t the first time Microsoft has made a foray into online TV. Back in 2002 it launched a media centre platform which, while innovative, didn’t have the audience reach needed to make it a success at the time. It’s a different story these days, and Microsoft could be in a position to release a very strong TV offering.

Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times explained that the device uses a version of software used in Microsoft’s embedded device software overlaid with the interface used by Windows Media Centre. It will offer media streaming and remote-control capabilities.

SEO company said Microsoft could gain a lot of traction in the market by pipping Google to the post with its release of the new software. “Despite a slow start, Apple has since had a lot of success with its TV offering and it was no surprise to us that Google would be running with the innovation.

“Now there are rumours that Microsoft is also about to join the battle and, what with Google TV already suffering delays and setbacks, it could have an opportunity to put a dent in the market for the search giant. While early adopters may have already chosen their web-TV device, there will be a significant number of people who will surely wait to see what Microsoft will bring to the table.”

At the end of last year there were reports that Google asked a number of its TV-manufacturing partners to delay the release of their Google TV units as a direct result of complaints from early critics.

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Google Plans Education Software For App Shop

SEO experts thinks Google is on the right track with plans to sell education software through its app store.

Always a company keen to look ahead for potential expansion, it’s been revealed that Google is planning to sell education software through its app store.

The industry for online learning products in the USA has been predicted to reach a value of as much as $5 billion in coming years, and recent reports that Google has been talking to educational software companies suggest the search king is eyeing a slice of the educational-pie.

Google App Marketplace already has games and instruction tools for teachers but the online powerhouse is said to be in the process of luring new developers onboard, to help it broaden its offerings. This would allow outside developers to market their products to educational establishments and would be a new venture for the search engine, which already works with schools by providing teachers and students with free software.

Google is wise to continue looking for ways to remain relevant, said a spokesperson for SEO company “Google didn’t get where it is today by sitting back and letting new innovations roll over it. Time and time again we’ve seen the search giant snap up start ups or established players in markets that are set to heat up.

“What’s more, apps are where it’s at right now, largely thanks to Apple and the original iTunes model, so it seems sensible for Google to find ways to offer unique content and applications to users.”

If Google’s foray into educational apps is successful, it could provide the company with a substantial new revenue stream, but could also prove invaluable when it comes to netting new customers for the company. By giving Google products prominence at an education level, the Mountain View giants could build brand recognition at an early age and ensure it remains relevant for the next generation of internet users.

Speaking of the initiative, Google’s business development manager for education, Obadiah Greenberg, said: “If we can provide access to education apps to our 10 million users in thousands of schools, then that would be a win all around.”

Queryclick agreed with the view that Google could be making a tactical brand movement as well as a revenue driven one, explaining: “For Google, brand is incredibly important and, despite hanging on to the title as the biggest search engine, it can’t afford to sit back. Recent news that Facebook has overtaken the search giant as the most popular site for American users is sure to have the company searching for new opportunities, and the educational business could be the perfect opening.

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AWeber Review Launches Brand New Web Presence

AWeber Review, a specialist autoresponder reviews website, has just revealed its brand new online presence. AWeber Review was established with a view to providing impartial insight for consumer in the market to purchase the latest in e-mail marketing software. The fundamental goal of the website is to inform and educate users about E-Mail Marketing, and all the competing options in the marketplace, including AWeber, Constant Contact and Get Response.

The site has only been live for around three months, however response thus far, particularly in the form of user feedback, has all been very positive. Gareth Mailer, founder of AWeber Review, had this to say about the brand new website: “we are delighted with the way it works. There is an increasing demand in the marketplace to find cost effective solutions to e-mail marketing. We feel we are ideally placed to inform users and help them along the way to making educated decisions, and we believe the new layout of the website will play a significant part in this.”

Moving forward, the website will aim to cater to an even broader segment of the market by introducing the necessary functionality that gives users the opportunity to leave reviews. “We believe reviews will play a significant role in the consumer’s choice of product, much in the same way consumers leverage reviews before making buying decisions”, says Gareth. “Moving forward we will also be placing a heavy focus on Google News optimisation, and setting AWeber Review aside as a leader in the provision of industry news on E-Mail Marketing – we hope this will be of benefit to our target audience”.

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