Fasthosts Discovers Firms At Risk From Over-Reliance On External Web Professionals

A new Fasthosts Internet Ltd survey* has revealed that British firms may be placing themselves at risk through an over-reliance on IT or web consultants who look after their website.

The study* found that many firms do not have simple arrangements in place to retain basic control or in some cases even legal ownership of their website and domains.

Ever broadening consumer expectations for the web has led more firms than ever (43%) to opt for using the services of skilled web professionals to help create and maintain their website. 92% of these companies rate their external web consultants positively, with 38% reporting a ‘good’ return on investment. However, the Fasthosts ‘SME & the Web’ study found that many UK companies may be risking revenue and reputation as a result of weaknesses in their workflows with such third parties.

Issues can occasionally arise between companies and external web partners. During the past 2 years, 1 in 4 firms paying for an external web professional have had their website off-line as a result of a problem related to the other party. 1 in 5 businesses incurred delays to projects caused by their external partner, and 17% reported losses of both staff time and sales revenue over £1000 as a result. For 14% of respondents, an external advisor or agency had gone out of business.

A large number of small companies are failing to take basic steps to safeguard the continuity and protection of their web presence. In the event of an issue with their external partner, 56% of firms have no way of making any changes or additions to their website themselves and 80% have no facility for switching their website on/off independently. For these businesses, the link to their external web professional is a single point of failure in their online presence. Whilst UK firms invest millions in professional web design each year, 70% of those using a web designer do not retain a back-up copy of their website themselves.

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Fasthosts Launches Online Storage Service

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, a leading web hosting provider, has launched a brand new online storage solution especially designed for archiving valuable business data. The service provides secure off-site storage space within a state-of-the-art UK data centre.

The online storage solution is designed for all levels of business user, with multiple methods of uploading data, and functionality for sharing documents between teams on and off the premises. ‘Cloud-based’ services, such as Fasthosts Secure Online Storage, offer businesses substantial cost, scalability and security benefits. Significantly, new research of 209 UK firms conducted by IDC on behalf of Fasthosts, shows 60% are still not leveraging any cloud-computing and missing out on important benefits.

Fasthosts Secure Online Storage addresses the challenge businesses face in coping with the off-site storage of increasing amounts of valuable electronic data. The solution uses a highly scalable ‘cloud-based’ model to deliver easy-to-use, fast and highly secure storage on demand. Users can utilise the storage as a primary file store, or as a location for back-up copies. Storage capacity is selected according to requirements and can be increased dynamically from 50 Gigabytes to a massive 2 Terabytes. As a cloud solution, the user is not limited to specific hardware for utilising the service and can upscale or downsize at any time and pay only for their required usage.

All data is transferred using SSL, backed-up automatically and stored securely. The solution offers flexibility in how data is uploaded – Drive Mapping, web browser access, and FTP access. Furthermore, the solution enables users to effortlessly share documents across teams and locations. All storage packages feature the same high level of quality and 100Mbps connectivity and customers are offered flexible contract options and significant discounts for annual payment.

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Waveform Technology Provides Marian High School with Fastest Private School Internet Access in Michigan

For the 2010 school year Troy based Internet Service Provider Waveform Technology is completing new fiber optic construction to provide gigabit Internet access to Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills, along with Brother Rice High school and St. Regis School. Gigabit Internet access is more than 160 times faster than Marian High School’s old Internet connection and 650 times faster than a T1, giving Marian High School faster Internet access than any other private school in Michigan.

The new Internet access is provisioned over privately owned fiber built by Waveform Technology. “This is as a pilot project for a larger community oriented construction schedule,” said Waveform Technology representative, Noel Montales.“Private schools don’t have access to the same purchasing power as public school districts. We want to see how we can help these schools overcome this and have access to the bandwidth they need in a cost-effective manner. Fifteen years ago we helped break the price barrier on T1 circuits, making Waveform Technology the first to provide always-on dedicated Internet access to private schools in Metro Detroit. We hope to do that again for extremely fast Internet access.”

Marian High School will use the faster Internet access to move to hosted solutions for both school management systems and educational resources. “This will allow us to access more state-of-the-art technology for schools,” said Mark Hallman, of Marian’s Technology department, “letting us explore video, simulations, and virtual educational technology opportunities.” Hallman also said he used to tell teachers to limit their Internet use in the class room for fear of bogging down the old connection, but now the access to additional bandwidth will allow more concurrent use of interactive resources.

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Bird And Co Website Wins National Award

A Bird and Co website, 360 Diversity, has helped Core Assets Group win the EFA and EFB Best Small Organisation award.

The Employers Forum on Age (EFA) and Employers Forum on Belief (EFB) Awards were established to reward companies that have been prominent in tackling workplace discrimination against age and religion or belief.

The award was open to all employers who have shown innovative ways to overturn outdated work practices and have strongly tackled prejudice.

Launched in 2009, 360 Diversity is a solution that enables companies to show their commitment to diversity, exceed targets set out in legislation and to encourage communication. The site also provides news, events and internal policies. It is split up into six sections, each covering one of the main strands of diversity: age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

Bird and Co created a comprehensive CMS web design for the website that integrates with the company’s intranet, active directory infrastructure and the company’s whole computer network.

Nick Downton, web services manager for Bird and Co, said: “Working with Core Assets on the 360 Diversity project has been an enjoyable experience. The technical challenges involved in turning Core Assets’ ideas into reality were significant, but a close working relationship between themselves and our expert technical team meant we could turn each one into a working feature. We are delighted to be considered at the forefront of innovative technical solutions.”

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Rackspace Hosting Announces General Availability of Cloud Servers for Windows

Rackspace Hosting (NYSE: RAX), the world’s leading specialist in hosting and cloud computing, has announced the general availability of its Cloud Servers for Windows offering. The new service delivers a highly scalable environment ideal for Windows-based hosting, testing and developing applications and supporting the high levels of traffic required for launching online gaming platforms or the next social networking phenomenon.

Designed for small to medium businesses, .NET developers, system administrators, IT Pros, and current Rackspace customers, Cloud Servers for Windows features include:
– Custom configurations with full administrator access
– Ability to upgrade server size on-demand
– Add or delete servers on the fly
– Rescue mode
– Management via the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel and the Cloud Servers API
– Ability to add additional IP addresses
– Pay only for what you use with a utility payment model with hourly billing; no contracts or upfront costs
– Backups and Snapshots to Cloud Filesâ„¢ (coming soon)
– Enterprise-class SLAs
– Support for a broad array of the latest Microsoft Windows Server Images including:
Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition 64-bit; Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 Enterprise Edition 64-bit; Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 Enterprise Edition 32-bit; Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 2 Enterprise Edition 64-bit and Windows Server 2003 R2 Service Pack 2 Enterprise Edition 32-bit

“Microsoft is committed to delivering a broad set of enterprise-ready products and services that build on the existing capabilities and skill sets of service providers like Rackspace,” said John Zanni, general manager of Worldwide Hosting for the Communications Sector at Microsoft Corp. “As a long time partner of one of the industry’s top cloud hosting providers, we are excited that Rackspace’s Cloud Servers for Windows offering has exited beta and is now available to the thousands of businesses that have built their infrastructure around Microsoft Windows and Microsoft .NET technologies.”

SpaBooker, a SaaS scheduling and point-of-sale (POS) application specifically designed for the spa, salon and wellness industry, utilizes Rackspace’s hybrid solution by using managed dedicated servers in addition to their cloud computing solution, Cloud Servers for Windows. Daniel Lizio-Katzen, SpaBooker Managing Director, states: “When we set out to look for a cloud computing solution, we didn’t hesitate to look at Rackspace Cloud first as we’ve been very pleased with the high level of support received from their managed dedicated servers. Rackspace Cloud Servers has been the ideal solution to separate our actual application from our public facing website. We currently have our entire staging environment running on the Cloud Servers for Windows Beta and the overall ease of use has been phenomenal. The cost savings compared to traditional dedicated hosting are also substantial.”

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Online Business Detective – Australia’s Newest Business Directory

Agent Local is Australia’s newest online business directory – providing an all-in-one solution for Australian businesses to advertise their website, special offers, events, articles and press releases.

In the month of June, 2010, Google announced a groundbreaking change to their search infrastructure called Google Caffeine. Google Caffeine is all about providing real time information. This is Google as you have never seen it before. And the way you market online has to change along with it.

Search engines are moving into real-time. What this means for Australian businesses is that social media, blogs and press releases are going to play a greater and more important role in how a website is marketed.

Most Australian businesses do not have the time to focus and develop their internet and social media marketing campaigns. This is where Agent Local steps in. Our local business detective connects customers searching for a product and businesses that provide these services. Our website is your one-stop shop where you can advertise your website, your latest events and special offers.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between what consumers know is available and what the local Australian business community has on offer. Agent Local believes in Australian consumers finding what they are looking for. Agent Local believes in being a partner in the success of Australian businesses and making online marketing easy.

All business listings on Agent Local are optimised to appear within the search engine results of Google, Bing and Yahoo. The benefit is two-fold. Australian business owners now have another channel that they can use to advertise what is happening in their company, promote their products and services as well as generate a quality backlink to their website.

Agent Local is an Australian business directory established in 2010, with the goal of connecting customers with business owners. Our website is a one-stop shop that allows business owners to easily promote their business which is syndicated to local Australian search engines.

To add your business, go to:

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UK SEO Experts Welcome the Decision to Empower Users in their Consumption of Online Video Advertisements

A new ad-selecting tool, ASq, is to be employed by major websites in a programme of user empowerment over online advertising. Sites such as, and aim to have the tool implemented as of next month, when users will be able to choose which adverts appear in the videos they consume online.

The reasons behind such an alternative method of product promotion are not purely altruistic. In a piece of research carried out by Vivaki, the digital branch of French advertising company Publicis Group, it was revealed that users are twice as likely to click an ad if offered with a selection rather than having a pre-determined advert forced upon them.

According to the global research director at Microsoft’s ads unit, Beth Uyenco Shatto;

“When you give people a choice, they tend to love you because you’re showing them respect.”

Perhaps love is a strong word, but the opportunity for site visitors to be given a say in the promotional material they encounter will represent a drastically fresh approach to an otherwise chore-some element. After all, as Beth Shatto reminds us;

“If it wasn’t for advertising, they [users] wouldn’t be getting the content for free.”

Already, the video advertisement market represents the fastest-growing sector within online advertising. It is expected to continue in a similar, if not more impressive vein, with predictions f r o m IDC that global online video ad spending will reach $11.3 billion by 2014. UK SEO company cited the continued prosperity of online advertising as a reference for the future success of the medium, informing us that;

“2009 saw advertising spend for online marketing overtake television for the first time, witnessing growth of 4.6% despite the otherwise universal recession experienced by the entire advertising sector.”

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BookmarksHub – A New Bookmarking Site

Whether you are looking to promote your business worldwide, share interesting news and stories with your friends and associates or just keep up with what’s buzzing in the world today, BookmarksHub ( is the place to be. BookmarksHub is an SEO friendly website that allows users to publish their own articles or read other articles and comment on them or share them with their friends and business associates.

Unlike other SEO websites, applies the DoFollow technique for its search engine optimization, which gives maximum coverage to the web links on the website. This means that as a business person or affiliate trying to promote your business online, you not only get to publish and share your business related articles or press releases online, but Bookmarks Hub also allows search engines to popularize your website for free.

You can even create a group for your business and invite all your customers to keep them apprised of any offers, promotions and future developments. This makes Bookmarks Hub an ideal portal for online marketing and business promotion. Whether you wish to launch a new business or promote an existing one, sell a product or gauge response from already existing customers — as a Bookmarks Hub user, you get to promote your business for free!

Bookmarks Hub is also a great platform for voicing your opinion, sharing your ideas and getting yourself heard on the web. On Bookmarks Hub, users can create their own groups, add friends, and send and share messages with other users. Groups allow users to share articles with other members with a common interest in a topic. As a user, you can join a group to submit topical articles that other members would be interested in. You can also create your own group and share your knowledge and enthusiasm about your area of interest with other kindred fellows. Some groups may require membership approval before you become part of the group.

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Bing Innovation Reinvigorates Search Industry Says UK SEO Experts Queryclick

In a bid to continue taking noticeable bites out of Google’s market share, Bing has unleashed yet another ground-breaking web-based application to woo searchers.

An add-on to Bing Maps, the cutting-edge app known as ‘Taxi Fare Calculator’ now allows users to determine prospective cab costs when planning journeys in major cities.

Part of a raft of new applications currently sweeping Microsoft’s search engine, SEO industry experts QueryClick believe Bing’s continued innovation makes it even more capable of chipping away at Google’s market share:

“Since the late 90s Google has held an almost unbreakable stranglehold over the search industry accounting for a staggering 60% of the market share.

“Despite Bing serving a mere 12.7% of the industry, the speed with which Microsoft are swaying millions of web users is not to be ignored.

“Microsoft realised early on that it would have to offer netizens something other than search if it was to stand a chance at cracking Google which is why we will continue to see developers pulling out all the stop to create web applications that can’t be found anywhere else.”

The new features on Bing Maps don’t stop there however with a series of other applications that cover everything from weather reports to restaurant reviews.

Weatherbug, for example, takes internet weather forecasting to an entirely new level with radar imagery, live video from observation stations and satellite technology that can accurately track and predict weather systems days in advance.

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SEO Experts fear Google-Verizon Talks May Lead to End of Net Neutrality

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), net neutrality advocates a level playing field for all, with no form of content afforded preference over any other. This concept has come under threat recently from supposed plans by Google and Verizon, one of the USA’s leading Internet Service Providers.

The partnership between the search engine giant and telecoms operator Verizon are though to be concerned with the formation of a tiered payment system, in which content creators would pay Verizon to ensure that their site gained prominence over others.

The involvement of Google in the discussion of a fee-paying service will have come as a surprise to many, following their appeal to protect the “openness of the internet”, and the ability of users to have their content made available to the world without having to pay for the privilege.

Such favouritism would go against the tenets of net neutrality, and has evoked a counter response from the FCC, whose chairman Julius Genachowski deemed such payment-for-preference arrangements as “unacceptable”.

SEO experts believe that if an agreement between Google and Verizon results in any system which involves a site paying for privileged online presence, the ordinary internet user would eventually encounter rising broadband costs in order for sites to recoup their expenses.

When assessing this situation though, it is necessary to investigate the concept of net neutrality itself, and whether it even exists in reality.

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Bigmouthmedia Reports Google Changes Will Make Advertising Attractive For Comparison Sites

Bigmouthmedia reports that Google’s latest changes to its trademark policy will make pay-per-click advertising more attractive for comparison sites.

The press conference announcement means that from September 14th 2010 the UK will now follow Google’s existing US AdWords policy, which allows any advertiser to use trademarked keywords within their advert text in some cases. Using trademarked terms in advertising copy will remain outlawed in mainland Europe, but following the rule change keywords will no longer be protected from others bidding on them.

“Aggregators will now have the ability to use brand names in their adverts. This is likely to improve their click-through rates and quality score, and will therefore make it more attractive for such operations to bid on brand terms,” said Lyndsay Menzies, Chief Operations Officer at bigmouthmedia.

“In the UK the news may have a large impact on brand bids in industries such as finance, travel and electronics. While advertisers in mainland Europe will be unable to put trademarked terms in the advertising copy of their campaigns, the changes are still likely to have a big impact on brand budgets.”

Bigmouthmedia believes that Google’s decision to allow anyone to bid for trademarked keywords across Europe is widely predicted to lead to price rises in the markets affected. When this happened in the UK – where the policy change was first rolled out in 2008 – bidding on some brand terms increased by as much as 500% in the short term. The hike was relatively short lived mainly due to British brands’ unwillingness to get involved in bidding wars, although this may not be the case in other European countries and brand bidding may break out in earnest.

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Media, Fashion and Entertainment People at, Business Networking site for the Fashion, Media and Entertainment industry has added people from various fields since last three months. GBN4ME here gives an opportunity to Media, fashion and Entertainment fraternity to communicate and thus expand there knowledge base.

GBN4ME strives to bring people from Media, Fashion and Entertainment industry together and thus raising the bar higher from social networking to quality business networking.

The newly added people are voice over artists, wedding planners, directors, models, fashion & accessory designers, musicians, writers, publishers and much more.

“Members are interacting in their respective fields for various opportunities”, mentioned Sudhanshu Srivastava (founder Gbn4me).

Gbn4me is constantly updating features, which is improving traffic on the site and number of members while maximizing the exposure in Media, Fashion and Entertainment industry.

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Sluggish Economy, Brave New Markets Continues Growth with Three New Major Clients

Brave New Markets (Brave New, the only U.S. marketing firm with a fanatical focus on results, announced today the addition of three new clients and the launch of their Internet marketing results programs, in spite of the slow economic environment. An unmatched reputation for innovation and achieving tangible marketing results were the primary factors motivating the selection of Brave New Markets by the three new clients.

ezStorage Corporation is the largest self-storage company serving Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. With more than 41,000 units, they are also one of the largest self-storage companies in the U.S. Their new Internet marketing program includes a website ( with interactive location and availability search and online reservations and payments. Traffic to the website is supplied by comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing and online advertising program. A recently completed summer storage promotion, which targeted college students, integrated social media (Facebook, Twitter) and text messaging with the website. The three month promotion increased student rentals more than 100%.

MKS&H (McLean, Koehler, Sparks & Hammond), is one of the mid-Atlantic’s top business advisory firms to private firms and family enterprises. Brave New Markets was retained for the development and ongoing management of Internet marketing to support client acquisition and retention for Tandem Partners, MKS&H’s organizational development group. The new site ( uses rich content and media management to make their vast content library available to visitors. Integrated e-mail marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) are already driving traffic to the site.

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Content Management Solutions Company DPCI President Presents At Info 360

When over 24,000 IT professionals descended on Philadelphia to attend Info 360, the AIIM International Exposition and Conference, one of the featured speakers they heard was DPCI President and Founder, Joseph Bachana. No stranger to many of the attendees (he is a frequent industry speaker and regularly publishes articles on drupal cms, open-source software, web content management solutions and other topics), Mr. Bachana’s session was titled “Sorting Through the Options in Open Source Content Technologies.” It dealt with the business, functional and architectural approaches a company can take when choosing open-source Web content management solutions. It outlined some of the key differences between leading open-source products such as WordPress, Plone, Zope, Joomla! and Drupal content management systems.

Mr. Bachana also reviewed the process by which a company would pick a solution (including how to effectively organize functional requirements) and compared open-source options such as drupal CMS to commercial equivalents. In many ways, the topic reflected a high level overview of how his company, DPCI, works with its clients to choose, design and implement web content management tools.

Mr. Bachana’s presentation at AIIM followed his recent participation at Drupalcon 2010, in April. DPCI was a Gold Sponsor of the convention, where Bachana served as a panelist on the “Trends in Enterprise 2.0 Technologies” session.

DPCI is a leading provider of content and digital asset management solutions, recognized as being both innovative and highly effective. The company works with clients operating within a range of fields, including media and entertainment, education, corporate marketing communications, financial services, advertising and software development, as well as a number of professional associations. The invitation by AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management) to speak at the yearly conference for its 65,000 members is a nod to DPCI and to Mr. Bachana as being a notable presence in the field and reflects the reputation earned by the company since it was founded in 1999.

To learn more about web content management solutions or for further information on DPCI or its President, Joseph Bachana, please visit DPCI’s, e-mail or call 800-818-2905. DPCI’s office is located at 1560 Broadway, Suite 810, New York, NY 10036.

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Web Content Management System Consulting Company Celebrates 11 Years In Business

DPCI, a leading innovator in the field of web content management system design and implementation, marks its eleventh anniversary in 2010. Since being founded by President Joseph Bachana in 1999, DPCI has continued to build a reputation as the “go to” company for implementing any web content management tool, digital asset management, multichannel system, workflow management solution or online collaboration software. Clients include companies as diverse as Business Week, Harvard University, J.D. Power and Associates, Microsoft Corporation, NBC Universal, Rolling Stone and McGraw-Hill Education.

DPCI’s team of consultants and developers is intimately familiar with the leading web content management system publishers. This includes extensive experience in designing solutions such as Drupal implementations, Nstein, Documentum Content Manager, Joomla! and Mark Logic Server. The company’s employees undergo a continual process of training and certification, ensuring they are intimately familiar with the products they work with and the best practices of the industry. Team members are required to attain at least one certification within their first year of employment with DPCI and continue to accrue additional credentials as they progress. Company President Joseph Bachana places a great deal of weight on attaining certifications. He points out that certifications “show a certain discipline, a commitment to the profession, and a commitment to oneself to be the best you can be.” He also notes that certifications provide tangible proof to clients of the expertise and competency of staff. This increases confidence in DCPI’s ability to deliver. No customer wants to be the test case where a team first learns how to implement a web content management tool. When clients work with DPCI, they will have no concerns about finding themselves in this position.

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Facebook ‘Questions’ Adds New Dimension To Search, Claims UK SEO Experts Queryclick

Shortly after hitting the 500 million user mark last week, Facebook announced a new change of direction which will see the social media giant make its first move into the search market.

The new feature – called Questions – will see users able to ask for answers, opinions and advice from a community of fellow users.

Despite similar facilities being available via Twitter, and Yahoo Answers, UK SEO experts QueryClick believe Questions still adds a new dimension to search as a company spokesperson explains:

“Facebook hasn’t broken new ground by providing a service where users can ask a community of people for answers. What it has done, however, is created an environment where those asking questions have access to 500 million potential answers.

“The enduring popularity of Facebook will undoubtedly see a large number of people take part in Questions which will deplete the amount of traffic and number of page views currently racked up by similar sites such as Yahoo Answers.”

Coinciding with the relaunch of, Facebook Questions marks a noticeable turning point in the history of search with increasing emphasis on answers from humans rather than computers.

Although Facebook Questions has not be highlighted as a threat to current industry leader and pioneer, Google, SEO web design experts QueryClick still believe that internet users should expect a shift in the way we approach online search:

“When the internet first began growing in popularity about 15 years ago, people were happy to scour the web looking for answers to their questions and quickly began favouring search engines over people when it came to solving queries quickly.

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Web Content Management System Consulting Company Gold Sponsor at Drupalcon 2010

New York-based DPCI, a leader in the implementation of web content management systems, was a big supporter of Drupalcon 2010, acting as a Gold Sponsor of the San Francisco conference. Over 3,000 people involved in Drupal content management attended the conference, held at the Moscone Center. Aimed at developers, consultants and businesses involved in the Drupal community, the three day conference (with an additional four days of associated activities) included numerous sessions ranging from development presentations and training opportunities to discussions of open-source CMS solutions and employment opportunities, all with a heavy emphasis on Drupal, the leading open-source web content management system.

Always active in the Drupal and web content management systems community, DPCI President Joseph Bachana and other DPCI staff were in attendance. Mr. Bachana was a featured presenter at the show, as a member of a panel discussing “Trends in Enterprise 2.0 Technologies.” The company’s visibility at the show was highlighted by a booth in the Exhibit Hall. DPCI joined leading technology companies such as Google as a Gold Sponsor of the conference (which was also supported by the likes of Microsoft, Sun Oracle, The Economist and other well known names), showing the interest the technology industry in general has in the web content management system market. Such systems can be very complex to implement. With the combination of proprietary software, open-source options (like a Drupal content management solution) and a frequent need to integrate with existing corporate software systems, it’s crucial to ensure that an experienced consultant is chosen to lead the project. Companies that make use of digital assets or publish content to multiple platforms (typically print, web, mobile and e-Book) benefit tremendously from implementing a web content management system (CMS). While the entertainment and media industry is a primary market for CMS, DPCI has also implemented CMS solutions in the education, marketing, financial services, advertising, travel and software fields since 1999.

For further information about Drupalcon 2010, visit the conference web site at For more information about options for a Web content management system or to learn more about DPCI, please visit the company’s web To contact DPCI President Joseph Bachana, please e-mail or call 800-818-2905. DPCI’s offices are located at 1560 Broadway, Suite 810, New York, NY 10036.

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Top Web Design Internet Marketing Company Introduces Its New Vice President of Sales

Leading New York web design and website marketing firm says that Milosh J. Cerevka brings experience and an impressive work history which makes him so valuable to the company.

According to Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York web development and website Marketing company with clients throughout the United States, the firm has named Milosh J. Cerevka, former Associate Director of Development Counsellors International (DCI), as the company’s new Vice President of Sales.

“We’re happy to have Milosh join the dzine it team, says Crisafi. “We are confident that he will be an asset to the growth and expansion of the dzine it brand.”

Cerevka has an impressive track record in sales and marketing, including holding top positions at firms such as California-based UserTrends, Inc., WebTel Wireless, Inc., and New York-based ICS Inc. Most recently, Cerevka worked at a top level position at DCI, a 50-year-old global economic development firm that specializes in marketing, public relations, social media, website enhancement, trade promotion, tourism, and business attraction services for countries, states, cities and regions.

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