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Swoop Completes Acquisition of Moose Mobile – A Leading National Mobile Network Operator

  • Swoop has completed the acquisition of Queensland-based national mobile virtual network operator Moose Mobile.
  • Moose Mobile provides over 97,000 mobile services on the Optus Network to customers across Australia, with strong cash generation.
  • The $24 million purchase price of the acquisition comprises $19 million in cash and $5 million in Swoop shares to be issued at the 5-day VWAP prior to signing which equates to 9,881,423 fully paid ordinary shares. These shares will be held in voluntary escrow until 1 August 2023.
  • $2.85 million of the cash component of the purchase price will be held in escrow for 6 months for any potential claims and adjustments.
  • An earn out of up to a maximum of $7 million is payable based on Moose Mobile’s FY2023 and FY2024 EBITDA performance and Services In Operation growth.
  • The cash component of the acquisition will be funded from Swoop’s Westpac Debt Facility.

SYDNEY, Australia, 2022-Nov-28 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — Swoop Holdings Limited (ASX:SWP) (Swoop) refers to its’ announcement of 1 July 2022 and is pleased to announce that the conditions precedent under the agreement have been met and the transaction to acquire Telco Pay Pty Ltd (ACN 610 525 856) trading as Moose Mobile has been completed.

This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of Swoop Holdings Limited.

About Swoop
Swoop is a national provider of data and voice services to wholesale, business and residential customers with a focus on its own fibre and fixed wireless infrastructure. The Swoop network is designed and scaled to deliver ultra-reliable, high throughput, flexible telecom network services.

Swoop is established and has the goal to build its business to become Australia’s best challenger internet and telecommunications provider.

Swoop key services include:
– Fixed Wireless home broadband
– Fixed Wireless business broadband /
– nbn™ home plans
– nbn™ business plans
– Enterprise Ethernet business fibre

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Hungary’s Supreme Court dismissed Digi Communications N.V.’s appeal related to the 5G Tender in the country

BUCHAREST, Romania, 9-Feb-2021 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — The Company (Digi Communications N.V.) would like to inform its investors and the market that, on 4 February 2021, the Supreme Court of Hungary dismissed the Company’s appeal and thus upheld the first instance court’s judgement, which maintained as lawful the decision issued by the Hungarian Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) to reject the Company’s participation in the tender related to wireless broadband services supporting the introduction of 5G in Hungary (5G Tender).

The Company filed, amongst other legal means it used, a statement of claim challenging the authority’s refusal to registrate the Company in the 5G Tender which has now been settled in favour of NMHH and also a statement of claim by which it challenged the decision awarded in the 5G Tender on its merits. The second litigation is still pending in front of the Metropolitan Regional Court.

The Company will analyse what future legal remedies are available to better protect the Company’s legitimate interests.

For details regarding the reports, please access the official websites designated of Digi: www.digi-communications.ro (Investor Relations Section).

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Digi Spain Telecom S.L.U. rolls out fixed internet and fixed telephony services in Spain

BUCHAREST, Romania, 19-Sep-2018 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — We would like to inform the market and our investors that today, 19 September 2018, the Company’s subsidiary, Digi Spain Telecom S.L.U. (“Digi Spain”) launched commercially its fixed broadband and fixed telephony services in Spain. These new services will be provided based on the wholesale indirect access NEBA agreement concluded with Telefonica in Spain, that will offer access to the broadband infrastructure of FTTH and ADSL of Telefonica. In a first phase, the Digi Spain fixed internet and fixed telephony services are made available to customers from the Community of Madrid, while further expansions are expected to other Spanish provinces where Digi Spain already enjoys a favourable penetration of its mobile services.

Please see:


SOURCE: EuropaWire

Plusnet Reveals Nine Out Of Ten Mums Rely On The Internet For Parental Advice

Plusnet has revealed that a staggering eight out of 10 (82%) mums rely on the internet for parental advice.

According to the survey* carried out by home phone and business broadband company, two in five (41%) mums say they do their weekly shop online to save time, with almost the same amount again (40%) banking online to avoid long in-branch queues. A massive 99% of mums spend up to four hours of their own ‘me time’ online each day.

The new generation of mothers are an internet-savvy audience with more than half (51%) researching their children’s homework online. Asking more than 3,300 mums, the study found that a quarter of mothers consider themselves as “networking mothers” who use online forums and other social media to get parenting advice. It is clear the internet has a big part to play in motherhood with well over a third of these networking mums (39%) finding it a vital resource when their child is ill and they need to look up symptoms.

It is not just parenting issues that these networking mums are clued up on, as half of those asked also liked the fact that while housebound with the kids, they can seek “adult conversation” from peers online through sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Speaking about the survey results, Plusnet ambassador and Dancing on Ice Star Jennifer Ellison said: “It’s great that mums can find a quick way to get advice online when it’s needed. I personally really value being able to use the net to speak to my family when I’m away. Doing Dancing on Ice has made me realise how valuable something like video calls are – it’s fantastic to be able to see your little boy as well as talk to him on the phone. I’m also a big fan of online shopping – the last thing I want to do after a hard day’s training is go shopping – and I’d much rather spend any spare time with my family.”

The study conducted by Plusnet among the netmums community, also asked about favourite ‘mum moments’ in film and TV. Mother’s instincts struck a chord with this audience, with nearly a third (31%) voting for the most touching moment as that in the 2003 movie “Cheaper by the Dozen”, when Kate Baker, (played by actress Bonnie Hunt), sacrifices her career to care for her children at home. Meanwhile, Rachel Green from sitcom ‘Friends’ was voted the most admired mum character with more than a third (35%) of the results.

Jamie Ford, CEO of Plusnet said: “Through this study we can see how vital the internet is when you are a parent, in fact even us Dads are partial to turning to the net, especially for things like help with homework. With more and more people using the web for everyday needs Plusnet is committed to providing reliable and competitively priced broadband, perfect for family life.”

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Plusnet Reveals Smart Internet Will Help Manage Homes And Lives By 2027

Plusnet, the home phone and broadband specialist, has published a new report revealing that the internet will become ubiquitous in many people’s lives, transforming the way people shop, eat and run their homes.

The award-winning super-fast broadband provider renowned for bringing value to its customers, commissioned the research to celebrate its 15th birthday. The detailed research, which was conducted by globally renowned futurist think tank, Centre for Future Studies, shows that the internet of 15 years’ time will become the internet of services.

Written by a team headed by Dr. Frank Shaw, who has been described by Time Magazine as one of the 10 most influential thinkers in the world, the report unveils that the internet will include everything from smart appliances that talk to each other to clothes that monitor health; from cars that can’t crash to mobile technologies and cloud platforms that run businesses.

However these benefits will not be felt by all of society. There are currently still 8.43 million adults in the UK who have never used the internet and it is estimated that digitally challenged households face £560* of extra costs per year as a result of missing out on online discounts and opportunities.

With people already using the internet for activities including shopping, banking, study, job application and government services, the availability and affordable pricing ofbroadband will be crucial in terms of household finances and also social mobility.

Providing some of the best value home phone and broadband packages available in the UK, Plusnet is committed to enabling people to experience the benefits of being online; something which is going to become increasingly important in the future.

Jamie Ford, CEO of Plusnet, said: “So far, the internet has been all about sharing, communicating and engaging with content online. The next 15 years will see an exciting transformation take place, where we integrate ‘smart devices’ into the home, and the net becomes much more about rich services. Since our launch 15 years ago we’ve moved from dial-up services to wireless connection transmitted through fibre optics at superfast speeds, yet our commitment to providing a reliable service at a competitive price remains the same. We intend to continue this pledge in years
to come.

“Helping people to discover the internet is key to the progress of technology and just by giving an hour of your time to teach the basics of computing and the internet to a friend or family member could completely change their life.”

The research shows that while the internet is the most fundamental life changing event since the Industrial Revolution the public is, incredibly, only predicted to be 15 per cent of the way through it and that future developments will have radical life enhancing benefits, therefore placing even greater importance on providing access to the internet at an affordable price.

The home internet of the future will change the way people run their homes, how they enjoy entertainment, the way they work, the way they shop and the way they communicate and, as a result, place even greater emphasis on the importance of being able to access affordable internet.

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Plusnet to sponsor Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5

Plusnet, the Sheffield-based broadband provider, has announced that it is to sponsor the new series of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5.

Celebrity Big Brother returns on January 5th for a second run, and Plusnet will sponsor the three week run. Plusnet credits will appear on Celebrity Big Brother and CBB’s Bit On The Side, with additional branding online and on short-form content at the official Facebook site, as well as on mobile and iPad.

Nick Rawlings, Commercial Director at Plusnet added: “We’re delighted to be kicking off 2012 with such a cracking TV sponsorship, bringing our brand to a whole new audience.”

The launch night of 2011 Celebrity Big Brother was Channel 5’s highest rating show of 2011 with audiences peaking at 5.6m.

The deal was brokered between Maxus and Channel 5, and creative is being produced by Karmarama.

Agostino Di Falco, Partnerships Director, Channel 5 said: “Celebrity Big Brother will reach more young adults than any other programme in January. The show kick starts Channel 5’s year, and it’s great to see Plusnet thinking along the same lines in developing this partnership”.

Channel 5 was launched as Britain’s fifth and final terrestrial broadcaster on the 31st March 1997.

Currently well over 30 million UK viewers watch Channel 5 any given week tuning in for programming as diverse as the CSI franchise, Extraordinary People, Fifth Gear, live UEFA Europa League Football, Home and Away and Neighbours.

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Plusnet Reveals Older Generations Are More Tech Savvy Than The Youth

A Plusnet study* has revealed that despite 59%** of UK households owning internet enabled PCs, over a quarter (27%) are not familiar with terms such as bandwidth, Wi-Fi, cursor, router and download.

Dispelling the myth that it is youngsters who are most tech savvy of all, the research by the business broadband provider found it was those over 55 who scored well with jargon-busting, as 72% claim they understand all of the terms perfectly. Exactly 39% of 16-24 year olds did not have a clue about these expressions, which is much more than the national statistic of 27%.

Over a fifth (22%) of those aged over 55 have taken lessons on how to use the internet, compared to only 8% of 16-24 year olds, showing that it is not just the older generations who should make use of such classes. Despite widespread belief that the older generations aren’t too confident with technology, when it comes to the internet, they are on par or even more self-assured than those in the younger age brackets.

Sending emails and shopping online are the stronger areas for those aged over 55, with 96% and 91% claiming confidence with these activities, compared to 94% and 83% amongst 16-24 year olds respectively. Online bingo however is something that the younger generations are big on, much more so than the older generations, with 50% of those aged 16-24 confidently playing online compared to only 24% of those over 55.

Talking about the survey, Jamie Ford, CEO of Plusnet said: “It just goes to show that despite the growing online literacy in the UK, people are still unsure of certain key terms and uses for the Internet. An interesting finding from our research is the increased knowledge of the over 55’s who have perhaps had to go out independently and source online learning through support sessions in their local community.”

“Although youngsters have greater exposure to the internet through their communication habits and means of education, it is the older segment of the audience who are making the effort to get to grips with the net, and therefore learning more about how it all works. Perhaps this Christmas it will be the grandparents’ turn to show the grandkids how to use their new gaming console or e-book.”

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Plusnet And “Go ON Sheffield” Help Hundreds To Get Online

Plusnet volunteers have assisted at a number of events around Sheffield city centre as part of ‘Go ON Sheffield’ which supports a nationwide campaign encouraging UK residents to get online.

A team of Plusnet volunteers have been busy helping out at several events across Sheffield as part of a UK campaign run by Race Online 2012, which aims to help offline residents take their first steps with computers and the Internet. In Sheffield alone, there are an estimated 95,000 residents* without Internet access.

Over 50 events were held throughout the City, at venues including Sheffield Town Hall, The Bankers Draft pub on Market Place, High Storrs School and Sheffield United Football Club, with volunteers from UK online centres, Heeley Development Trust, Plusnet and Sheffield University all assisting at the events.

The events catered for a wide range of people including those looking for work, wanting to get in touch with relatives all across the world or just wanting to learn more about the things they love. Betty Tilbrooke, 78, was one visitor who got online for the first time at the event held at Sheffield Town Hall. She said: “I’m sick of calling myself the invisible person because everything that’s interesting is on ‘www’. If I can do this, I can book my cinema and train tickets, and will even be able to order my groceries online if the bad weather comes again this winter. My daughter and son have been saying “Get online Mum!” for ages. If you don’t learn about computers, you’re going to be left behind.”

Plusnet, the broadband company with headquarters based in Sheffield, had 25 volunteers helping out at various events round the city centre. Katy Lomax, Head of Marketing at Plusnet, volunteered at the session held on Friday at the Bankers Draft in Sheffield City Centre. She said: “Even as someone used to being online, it’s not until you show someone the very basics of the Internet again that you realise how much it has impacted your own life. It’s really important that people who do know how to use it can help those who can’t, because without using the internet there is so much that you can’t do.”

Plusnet has sponsored the ‘Go ON Sheffield’ campaign and donated fifty free broadband packages so some of the new online converts can try their new found skills at home. The fifty packages will be given to those who could benefit the most from getting online at home with the winners being presented with their prizes at a celebration event being held at Sheffield United Football Club. The celebration event will also provide an opportunity to thank all of the volunteers who gave their time during ‘Go ON Sheffield’.

Helen Milner, Managing Director of UK online centres said: “‘Go ON Sheffield’ has been a really great way for us to engage with people in the locations they feel comfortable. The people that aren’t currently online are often resistant to formal learning environments so, by bringing the learning to them – in pubs, at football clubs and wherever they feel at home – we can break down these barriers and show them the real benefits being online can bring them.

“We wouldn’t have been able to run a campaign as big as this without the volunteers who came from all over the City, and they really made the campaign what it was. By working with Heeley Development Trust and volunteers from Plusnet, Sheffield University and all over, it really felt like we were bringing the city together for a really positive cause.”

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Plusnet Announces Business Relocation Into The Heart Of Sheffield

Plusnet, the Sheffield-based broadband and home phone supplier, has announced plans to occupy a centrally-based location in the heart of the City next year.

During the spring of 2012, Plusnet will begin moving all operations into grade-A office space at ‘The Balance’ on Pinfold Street, S1. The occupancy will be the biggest office let within Sheffield for the last five years, taking over 53,000 square feet.

Jamie Ford, CEO at Plusnet said: “This is an incredibly exciting time for our business and signals another milestone in our amazing story. With such rapid expansion over the last two years this move will enable all business operations including our customer services, to remain together under one roof. This is something incredibly unique for a telecoms provider in the UK.

“At the same time, the move gives us the space to necessitate further expansion as we continue to grow at pace and cements our commitment to Sheffield for the foreseeable future.”

Plusnet, set to celebrate its 15th birthday in February 2012, currently employs close to 700 staff. Throughout its history it has been based in Sheffield and in 2010 took the decision to move off-shore service teams in South Africa back to the city. Since this time, Plusnet has been one of few business broadband) service providers to operate a UK based 24/7 customer service team and in 2011 alone won six awards and has been highly commended 13 times across the broadband industry*. In September, 2011 Plusnet also became officially Which? Recommended.

Jamie Ford continued: “Our staff have worked incredibly hard to achieve this success and I am delighted that we are in a position to reward them with a state-of-the-art working environment. As we continue to grow, I hope the new building acts as another factor to attract local talent to our business.”

Tim Bottrill, partner at Knight Frank and Plusnet’s Adviser and procurer for this deal said: “This is the biggest office let within Sheffield for the last five years and something that we are proud of at our office in Sheffield. The Balance provides Plusnet with an excellent, new HQ facility in the heart of Sheffield. The building benefits from air-conditioned offices which include better meeting facilities; reception area; 24 hour security; landscaped recreational space; staff restaurant; cafe bar and parking. The building also provides excellent access to Sheffield’s extensive network of public transport trams and buses.”

Plusnet is refurbishing four floors in the building and will neighbour current occupants including HSBC and Hill Dickinson. Currently operating from two sites in the city in Tenter Street and Victoria Quays, Plusnet anticipates the move to be complete by the end of May 2012.

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Plusnet Reveals Half Of Customers Want Businesses To Provide Wi-Fi

A Plusnet Business survey* has revealed that the average Brit spends ten hours a day being connected to the Internet. The study demonstrates how the demand for Internet access has increased, with almost a quarter (24%) of people saying that they need it to be able to update people should anything happen.

Small businesses need to take note that almost half (49%) of respondents said Internet access, provided by businesses, is needed in public areas. Over 40% of respondents in the North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, London and Wales say that having access to Wi-Fi is a deal-breaker when deciding on a hotel, showing how much this can affect a business’ bottom line.

This study by Plusnet Business has uncovered how much of an impact a decent wireless internet connection for customer use can bring to many sectors, with almost a fifth saying they will purposely choose a restaurant (17%), bar (17%), pub (17%), and shopping centre (18%), over one without it.

For nearly a third of respondents (29%), regular access isn’t good enough, they have to be constantly connected and can’t even queue or take a short journey without entertaining themselves online. Well over a third (46%) of respondents in London admitted that they needed to be connected to the Internet all the time, to stop the boredom of having to queue.

Talking about the survey, Nick Silverwood, Head of Business, Plusnet said: “Through the Plusnet Business survey we can see that installing something as simple as free Wi-Fi for customers can help generate repeat custom and definition within a market. With increased competition in the hospitality and retail markets, it’s important for small businesses to understand how investing in customer broadband has the potential to really boost sales. With over one in ten (12%)** respondents estimating that 21-30% of their profit is down to a fast and reliable Internet connection, there is a clear benefit to getting online.”

Plusnet has been successfully delivering high-quality, well-supported business broadband and connectivity products for over 10 years. For more information call 0114 296 5182 or go to www.plus.net/business.

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High Speed Broadband Necessary To Help Aid UK’s Economic Growth Claims SEO Company Queryclick.com

Following culture secretary Jeremy Hunt’s first major speech on the provision of internet in the UK, SEO experts QueryClick.com have welcomed plans for a superfast broadband network to be rolled out across the country.

High Speed Broadband Necessary To Help Aid UK's Economic Growth Claims SEO Company Queryclick.com

Branding the UK’s current internet availability as a “scandal” and “pitifully unambitious”, the Government aim to improve the availability and speed of the network in a bid to create one of the best broadband networks in the Europe, let alone the world.

Central to the Government’s ambitious reform of UK internet provision is the opportunity to create at least 60,000 new jobs and around £18bn to the country’s GDP; a welcome addition in light of growing unemployment and crippling public deficit that fuelled the global recession.

Search engine optimisation company Queryclick.com believes that the a more thorough broadband network would be greatly beneficial to online business. A spokesperson explained:

“Online business naturally relies on a fast and reliable internet connection. Currently some three million households do not have access to a basic 2Mbps connection.

“In our view, an added three million people potentially shopping online would greatly benefit the economy. There’s also going to be people amongst that number who have aspirations of starting their own business and in this day and age the internet is an integral part to the success of any start-up company.”

Although the Government were unable to give full details of how the superfast network would be achieved it is thought that gas, water and other utility companies would – by law – have to open their ducts to allow for improved fibre optic cabling.

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BT Business Connects CAN Media With Schools And Surgeries Across The UK

BT Business and CAN Media have announced a new deal which means two million viewers in schools and GP surgeries across the UK will have access to a private TV information service. The three-year,£20 million+ contract will see BT take over the delivery, installation and operational management for the Life Channel Service from CAN Media.

The Life Channel Service, the UK’s largest private television network with over seven million viewers, is used by local government agencies to showcase and promote health and educational initiatives to the local community. Research* has shown the channel is more than twice as effective as posters and up to three times more than leaflets in communicating health and well-being messages.

Life Channel campaigns help schools improve their Ofsted ratings, and the NHS in achieving the national priorities set out by the Department of Health and measured by the Care Quality Commission. Independent research** has shown that 1 in 2 primary school and 1 in 3 secondary school pupils positively modify their behaviour as a result.

Working with partner Croft Technology plc, BT Business will take over the operational management of the existing Life Channel network. It will also install and manage the service in 5,000 schools and 4,000 GP surgeries, provide broadband, PCs and up to four large panel TV screens at each site.

Mike Darcy, chief operations officer, CAN Media, said: “We needed a supplier that would not only support our hardware, software and helpdesk requirements today but could also support us as we develop the service in the future. BT offered us a wealth of technical experience and expertise at a competitive price.”

Humphrey Penney, director custom solutions, BT Business said: “Communicating important information to local communities in this innovative way needs high bandwidth. As the market leader in digital out-of-home television, CAN Media were looking for a reliable supplier when taking the decision to outsource the delivery and management of their Life Channel Service.”

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Research: Brits Spend 30 Hours a Week Online

Brits just can’t get enough of the internet when it comes to both their professional and personal lives, according to new research from uSwitch.com, the independent price comparison and switching service. By using the web for work, rest and play, they are clocking up an astonishing 30 hours a week online, with every indication that this is set to soar even higher.

On a typical working day, the average person now spends 5 hours online – 2 hours for professional or work purposes and 3 hours for pleasure and leisure, including online shopping, managing their finances, socialising and emailing family and friends.

Brits are also addicted to the web at the weekends too, spending an average of 3 hours a day online during their ‘down time’. And this looks set to grow in the future as younger age groups come to the fore. 18 – 24 year olds already spend 7 hours a day online during the week, but they supplement this with 5 hours a day at the weekend too. However, almost two in ten 18 – 24 year olds (19%) now spend more than 8 hours a day online at the weekend – barely leaving time for anything else and possibly contributing to rising obesity levels amongst the young.

The social networking boom is one of the main reasons why Brits now spend so much time online. A quarter (25%) of adults say they need to use sites such as Facebook and Twitter at least once a day and almost a third of 18 – 24 year olds (30%) spend more than 5 hours a week on them. People even have to log in while on holiday with over a third of under 25s (36%) admitting to checking these sites while away.

But, while the influence of these sites cannot be under estimated, only 27% of people think that social networking is a good thing – almost half (46%) are still weighing it up saying that for them, at least, the jury is still out. Social networking has also led to a new generation gap – while 41% of over 65s agree that social networking is the future and they should get used to it, over two thirds (67%) aren’t joining in, preferring not to socialise online.

With the recession pushing people to hunt for bargains and people keen to save both time and money, 93% of the population now shops on the internet. Over 38 million people (79%) spend up to two hours a week doing so. Brits are also spending time managing their money online – just 18% say they don’t use their bank’s online services. Over a quarter (28%) spend between one and two hours a week banking online while nearly half (44%) spend up to an hour a week.

Jason Glynn, communications expert at uSwitch.com, says: “This research shows the huge impact that the internet is having on British life. Broadband is rapidly becoming a necessity – as important to our quality of life as gas or electricity. Our reliance looks set to increase dramatically over the coming years as younger generations come to the fore, putting the Government under even more pressure to deliver universal broadband access across the whole country.

“However, we are also seeing growing signs of a ‘digital divide’ and the risk of social exclusion for those who are unable or unwilling to go online. As we move towards ‘Digital Britain’ some groups, such as the elderly, are in danger of being left behind – more work needs to be done to encourage greater take-up amongst these groups, who could otherwise be left disadvantaged.

“As usage increases it is going to become even more important that consumers fully understand broadband packages so that they are able to choose one that is cost-effective and right for their needs – at the moment this could save them up to£140 a year. Ofcom should be pushing suppliers to ditch the small print, tell people exactly what they are getting for their money and be upfront about any limits to their service – unlimited broadband should be exactly that.”

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Free 20Mb/s Broadband Boost By BT

BT has announced that millions of homes and businesses are set to enjoy a free broadband boost as BT will more than double the headline speeds for its residential and business customers.


Given BT is the UK’s largest retailer of broadband with 4.8 million customers, the move, which comes in advance of Lord Carter’s Digital Britain Report, will lead to an increase in average broadband speeds.

Over 60,000 consumers already have the faster speeds through a BT trial and the upgrade to ADSL 2+ technology will be available to other homes in the summer. BT Retail broadband customers already enjoy speeds of up to 8Mb/s. The plans will see consumers and business in enabled areas receive faster speeds of up to 20Mb/s as part of their broadband service at no extra cost.

Based on BT’s 21CN platform, the faster speeds will initially be available from 549 telephone exchanges, serving more than 40% of UK homes and businesses. BT plans to extend that coverage to 55% by March 2010 subject to customer demand.

As well as boosting download speeds, upload speeds will increase to up to 1Mb/s. The faster service will enable customers to surf, upload or download data in a fraction of the time, even when several users are on the same connection. This means less waiting around for complex web pages to download and graphics to upload. It is also good news for BT Business Broadband customers looking to use rich media or boost their websites.

BT research has shown that one of the major causes of slower broadband speeds lies in customers’ home wiring. To address this, BT is also set to offer the BT Broadband Accelerator (BT I-Plate) that eliminates electrical interference from telephone-extension wiring, and can improve broadband speeds and reliability. BT will be giving away the devices free to consumers (subject to £2.50 P&P) and businesses that are likely to benefit. Crucially, this will mean more customers with marginal broadband speeds will exceed the 2Mb/s threshold required to benefit from the full range of new internet services, something Lord Carter’s report is set to address.

Gavin Patterson, chief executive officer, BT Retail said “Unlike other providers, BT is upgrading customers to 20Mb/s for free. High-speed broadband provides a faster and more reliable service that will transform the way we live, work, learn and play. We believe the true value of broadband is in helping customers enjoy the exciting new services that it makes possible. In line with the Government’s Digital Britain review, we will be making higher speeds more widely available.”

In a separate move, BT Retail will begin the first trials of up to 40Mb/s super-fast fibre-based broadband in Whitchurch, South Wales and Muswell Hill, London this summer. Openreach is already delivering speeds of up to 100Mb/s to customers in the Ebbsfleet Valley in Kent, using fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) technology.

New or re-contracting BT Business Broadband and BT Total Broadband customers in an enabled exchange area will automatically be eligible for the ADSL2+ service at no additional cost. The new ADSL2+ service will be available to business users from the initial launch, and non-business customers from early summer. The BT Business Total Broadband tariff remains the same and includes BT Openzone Wi-Fi minutes.

About BT Business
BT Business understands the challenges that businesses face in the current climate, and supports cost control, improved productivity and winning business through product collections including business broadband & internet, domainsweb hosting, data & voice networks, IT solutions and mobile services.

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BT Has Released A New High Value Business Bundle Offering Broadband And Calls To UK Landlines, International Destinations And Mobile Numbers For Just £30 A Month

Businesses will also have the added freedom to build their own BT communications package, from the most extensive range of options, covering calls, broadband and mobile offered by a UK communications provider, following the introduction of a range of new BT One Plan call packages.

By adopting a new way of buying communications services, businesses can now create their own custom package, such as, BT Business Total Broadband Option 1 and their calls to mobile, international destinations and landlines fixed for only £30.

When compared to buying services separately, businesses taking a call package along with their broadband package in this way will gain an additional 20% in value from their broadband commitment. Businesses can build their own communications package including as many or as few options as they want, gaining more value the more they bring together in their flexible bundle.

The new BT One Plan call packages feature inclusive calling minutes to UK landlines, fixed calls to UK mobiles and international destinations for a low fixed monthly cost. Additionally BT has introduced savings of up to 50% on the price per minute for calls to UK fixed lines for businesses taking a call package with their broadband package.

Bill Murphy, managing director of BT Business, said: “In uncertain times, cash flow is king. Knowing what your monthly outgoings are, is as important as keeping them low. With the introduction of these changes, BT is helping businesses manage their communications spend with one low fixed cost package that they have the power to define themselves based on what they need. BT is offering businesses a premier a la carte service with the value and cost predictability benefits of having a set menu. If the dessert is not to your taste – why keep paying for it? This is a natural evolution in the market of communication services.”

All service and billing enquiries will be dealt with through one number, and one bill will cover all services for customers through BT Business One Plan. BT Business Broadbandoffers a 99.99% reliable broadband service, with nine out of 10 faults resolved in less than four hours and 95% of calls to the 24/7 UK help desk are answered within 30 seconds.

To achieve greater savings across communications spend, businesses can also get unlimited calls within their business depending on which components they opt for and 5% reward on their bill when they hit their committed spending levels.

About BT
BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services operating in 170 countries. Its principal activities include the provision of networked IT services globally; local, national and international telecommunications services to our customers for use at home, at work and on the move; broadband and internet products and services and converged fixed/mobile products and services. BT consists principally of four lines of business: BT Global Services, Openreach, BT Retail and BT Wholesale.

In the year ended 31 March 2008, BT Group plc’s revenue was £20,704 million with profit before taxation and specific items of £2,506 million.

British Telecommunications plc (BT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BT Group and encompasses virtually all businesses and assets of the BT Group. BT Group plc is listed on stock exchanges in London and New York.

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