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A new survey carried out by leading broadband comparison site Compare Broadband has found that house hunters consider a reliable, fast home broadband connection to be high on their list of priorities.

The site polled users and found that 78 percent of 300 respondents factor broadband access into the equation when they are looking into renting or buying a new property.

Sarah McDonald, Compare Broadband spokesperson, commented: “We regularly field calls from people who want advice on installing a home broadband connection and we often advise them on the best provider such as SpinTel broadband on the website. Sometimes people find that they have unknowingly moved from a place where they had access to fast a range of broadband plans to a place where they have no broadband choices at all.”

“We’re able to advise people on mobile broadband packages in these cases, but for someone self-employed working from home for example it can be a problem. They prefer solid, reliable connectivity.”

As the National Broadband Network (NBN) goes on connecting all the regions of Australia, the variance between types of internet connectivity available could well increase. Some places will receive speeds of up to 100Mbps and others will remain tied to mobile broadband or basic ADSL.

Specialist comparison websites like Compare Broadband are able to screen regions and addresses for quality of ADSL connection on a preliminary basis – though this is not guarantee of service.

Tips for house hunters
1. An area’s name or reputation does not guarantee quality broadband connection.

2. Speak to previous tenants or occupiers about their own internet connection or provider.

3. Call Compare Broadband on 1300 764 000 or get online to source impartial advice on ISPs

4. Greenfield developments advertised as fibre optic ready can deliver broadband connectivity at speeds of up to 100Mbps.

5. NBN offers a map online to see which areas of the country are in line for next generation broadband rollout.

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Sophisticated VoIP Service and Provider Hosting

VoIP – the communication system, providing the transmission of voice signals over the Internet or any other IP-based networks. The signal is transmitted over a communication channel in a digital form and, as a rule, before sending the converted (compressed) in order to remove redundancy.

Voice and video calls through computer networks has become popular throughout the world since the beginning of the XXI century and is now widely used by private users and the corporate sector. The use of IP-telephony systems allows telecom operators to significantly reduce the cost of calls (especially international), and integrate telephony services with the Internet, to provide intelligent services.

VoIP technology realizes the problem and solutions that are using technology to implement PSTN will be more difficult or more expensive. Ability to transmit more than one telephone call within the high-speed telephone connection. Therefore, VoIP technology is used as a simple way to add extra phone line at home or office. Secure calls, with a standardized protocol (such as SRTP). Most of the difficulties to enable secure telephone connections to the traditional telephone lines, such as the digitization of the signal, digital signal transmission, have been solved in the framework of the technology VoIP. It is only necessary to produce a signal encryption and authentication for an existing data stream. Location independence. One need only an Internet connection to connect to your ISP VoIP. For example, call center operators with VoIP-phones can work from any office where there is available an effective fast and stable Internet connection. Available integration with other services via the Internet, including video calls, messaging and data during the conversation, audio conferencing, managing address book and receive information about available is to call other subscribers. Additional phone features – such as routing calls, pop, alternative GSM-roaming and implementation of IVR – easier and cheaper to implement and integrate. The fact that a call is in the same data network as the PC user opens the door to many new opportunities. Portability of telephone numbers (English Mobile number portability, MNP and LNP, Eng. Local Number Portability) – a service that allows its users to keep an existing phone number from one mobile operator to another. Ability to transfer phone numbers depends on the laws of the country. Challenges in IP-telephony system is considered the least cost call routing (LCR, Least Cost Routing system), which is based on the fact that checks the destination of each telephone call as soon as it is made within the network that gives the consumer the lowest price. Therefore, VoIP-solutions are also needed to manage the compatibility of mobile numbers of MNP when routing a voice call. In countries without a central database, such as the UK, it is sometimes necessary to send a request to the GSM-network on which network (which operator) owns the cell phone. Because VoIP is beginning to gain momentum in the market companies through the use of system features a minimal cost call routing, you must provide a certain level of reliability in the management of calls. One of the voip services and hostings are and

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Skype brings video calling to Android phones

Skype has announced an updated version of its Skype for Android app – Skype for Android 2.0, bringing Skype Video Calling to the currently fastest growing mobile OS.

With the new version, users will be able to make and receive free 1-to-1 video calls over Skype between their Android phone and other Skype contacts on the iPhone, Mac, Windows PCs and even TVs. The Android video call app works over Wi-Fi or 3G data connections and can be downloaded for free from the Android Market or the Skype website using any phone browser.

“We are committed to bring Skype Video Calling to as many platforms as possible and are delighted to deliver on this with our new updated Android video chat app,” said Neil Stevens, Skype’s vice president and general manager for product and marketing.

“With approximately 30 million concurrent users logging into Skype at any given time and making up to half a million simultaneous video calls, the Skype video chat on Android app makes it even easier for users to share moments with their contacts wherever they are.”

In addition to video chat, users can also make calls to landlines and mobiles around the world, as well as send SMS’s to friends and family anywhere in the world at great Skype rates. All this comes with a complete redesign of the Skype for Android user interface. There’s a new main menu on the Skype app for Android where users can navigate easily through their contacts, access their Skype profile to change personal details or see the balance of their Skype Credit. Finally a new mood message box at the top of the Skype app menu makes it easier than ever for users to share how they are feeling, what they’ve seen, or what they’re up to.

For this first phase of launch, handsets that support video calling include the HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, Sony Ericsson Xperia pro and the Google Nexus S.

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Yahoo/Facebook Deal Brings a Level of Consistency to Social Networking According to SEO Specialists

In an age when many users are active on a multitude of social networking sites, it makes sense that steps have been taken to link Yahoo and Facebook together in a bid to create a more efficient and cohesive web of networks. SEO experts see this as a clever move by both sides, and is aware of the potential benefits of such a deal.

Yahoo/Facebook Deal Brings a Level of Consistency to Social Networking According to SEO Specialists

Yahoo and Facebook have recently announced a site tie-up, reasserting further their relationship in the process.

The dealings between the two began last year with Yahoo’s integration of Facebook’s Connect, a service which allows one to log-in to other services using one’s Facebook ID, as well as allowing users to view what their friends have been reading, watching, and enjoying on the social networking site, and to subsequently receive recommendations from such friends.

Speaking of Yahoo’s integration of Facebook’s Connect, Vice President of Yahoo Jim Stoneham explained that:

“You will be able to see your friends’ activities on Yahoo! and share Yahoo! content…directly on your Facebook stream.”

With the extension of the partnership, users with a presence on Yahoo and Facebook have the ability to update both sites simultaneously as the information on one site is automatically transferred to the other. believes that such cohesion and consistency enhances the social networking experience, creating comprehensively accurate profiles for users.

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UK SEO Experts Welcome Google’s Bid To Build A Case Against Internet Censorship Acting As A Barrier For Global Trade

SEO experts support Google’s attempt to argue against internet censorship as being detrimental to e-commerce and world trade.

UK SEO Experts Welcome Google's Bid To Build A Case Against Internet Censorship Acting As A Barrier For Global Trade

Following a year of intense speculation surrounding the current state of online security and privacy concerns, Google is attempting to build a case against internet censorship as a barrier to global trade and an infringement of human rights.

Google recently called time on its mainland Chinese language search engine at the start of 2010 due to censorship issues and a cyber attack which was believed to have originated from China.

Now the global search giant has begun working with a number of US government departments to build a case to take to the World Trade Organisation; a move that UK SEO company QueryClick said is long overdue. A spokesperson from QueryClick said:

“Google’s attempt to build a case against internet censorship is highly topical and comes on the back of increasing public and political interest into how personal information is protected as well as the kind of sites global internet users can access.

“Whatever the outcome of the report, it’s encouraging to see Google taking a proactive stance by investigating the effects of internet censorship more closely and through the lens of highly important issues such as human rights.”

Robert Boorstin – Google’s director of corporate and policy communications – said that Google wants to show that censorship causes fewer search results to be returned which has the potential to stunt trade as well as restricting Google itself from competing with China’s other search giant, Baidu.

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High Speed Broadband Necessary To Help Aid UK’s Economic Growth Claims SEO Company

Following culture secretary Jeremy Hunt’s first major speech on the provision of internet in the UK, SEO experts have welcomed plans for a superfast broadband network to be rolled out across the country.

High Speed Broadband Necessary To Help Aid UK's Economic Growth Claims SEO Company

Branding the UK’s current internet availability as a “scandal” and “pitifully unambitious”, the Government aim to improve the availability and speed of the network in a bid to create one of the best broadband networks in the Europe, let alone the world.

Central to the Government’s ambitious reform of UK internet provision is the opportunity to create at least 60,000 new jobs and around £18bn to the country’s GDP; a welcome addition in light of growing unemployment and crippling public deficit that fuelled the global recession.

Search engine optimisation company believes that the a more thorough broadband network would be greatly beneficial to online business. A spokesperson explained:

“Online business naturally relies on a fast and reliable internet connection. Currently some three million households do not have access to a basic 2Mbps connection.

“In our view, an added three million people potentially shopping online would greatly benefit the economy. There’s also going to be people amongst that number who have aspirations of starting their own business and in this day and age the internet is an integral part to the success of any start-up company.”

Although the Government were unable to give full details of how the superfast network would be achieved it is thought that gas, water and other utility companies would – by law – have to open their ducts to allow for improved fibre optic cabling.

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Yahoo!’s Nokia Partnership Could Change Mobile Web Playing Field For Google And Apple Claims Seo Company

The last few years have seen Yahoo! scrabbling to prove it’s still a relevant, and powerful company in the face of Google’s exponential growth, and SEO experts think that the company’s new partnership with Nokia is a good step in the right direction.

Yahoo!'s Nokia Partnership Could Change Mobile Web Playing Field For Google And Apple Claims Seo Company

While Yahoo! has lost a lot of ground when it comes to search, the internet company is quick to point out that it has its fingers in many pies. In fact, CEO Carol Bartz recently claimed that Google needed to up its plans for diversification if it wanted to continue to flourish in the future. Now, Yahoo! has revealed a new partnership with Nokia, a timely move when the growing number of mobile web users is taken into consideration.

The deal aims to prove expanded services for those accessing the internet on their mobile phones and will focus primarily on improving maps, navigation and location based functions. Email will also receive the benefit of the mind share and it is thought that the partnership will help both companies keep costs down.

Search engine optimisation company SEO company believes that the deal is a smart move for the internet company. A spokesperson explained: “This is a good choice for both Yahoo! and Nokia and we’re glad to see Yahoo! continuing to keep itself afloat by diversifying and keeping an eye on current trends.

“In our view, it’s good to see team ups that will help drive innovation towards the mobile web. This is a quickly growing market that is still open to innovation and if deals like this can shake up market leaders such as Google and Apple, then the benefits will appear for the users – in the form of better systems and functions.

The deal should also provide dividends for Nokia, which is the leading handset provider in a number of markets but languishes when it comes to America.

Yahoo! has been subject to some criticism about the amount of time its taking to turn around and recover but considering the death knell cries that surrounded the company only a year ago, Ms Bartz is fiercely defensive of what they have achieved. A recent, hard fought, deal with Microsoft has left the company with far more autonomy than was originally anticipated by industry authorities and SEO experts say that smart partnerships will be the way forward for the company.

“Yahoo! can’t beat rivals such as Google when it comes to search, but the company has plenty more to offer.

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SEO Company Welcomes News That US Online Ad Spend Reached A Record High In The First Quarter

While the worldwide economy is still struggling in the aftermath of the global recession, recent research has revealed that the online advertising market has bucked trends and has continued to expand regardless.

SEO Company Welcomes News That US Online Ad Spend Reached A Record High In The First Quarter

According to figures from industry bodies Interactive Advertising Bureau, PricewaterhouseCoopers and comScore, the market has experienced record breaking growth that takes total advertising spend for the first quarter of 2010 to the highest total ever recorded for an equivalent period.

The news is likely to be welcomed industry wide, and SEO company has announced it is pleased to see that the sector is performing as well as it predicted. With an increase in US online advertising spend to the tune of 7.5 per cent, the SEO experts are confident that the figures will help companies realise that money is well spent in online ventures – even when budgets are tight.

A spokesperson for Queryclick explained: “It’s great to see that online advertising is proving its market strength despite the recent economic downturn. We hope that news such as this will help businesses recognise the many cost effective advertising options that are available online.

“The huge advances in technology have made it possible for business of all shapes and sizes to interact online, and we hope that this news is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ways in which online experiences will continue to improve for users and businesses alike.”

Coming after a tough year in 2009, when online advertising spend dropped in the US for the first time since 2002, the recent figures will provide a boost to the American economy as well as a boon to marketing departments championing online venues for their services.

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Google Wise To Look To Move Further Into Voip Technology, Claims UK SEO Company

With an ever-expanding empire in the world of search and online communication, some believed that Google was missing a string to its bow when it came to VoIP software. Recent news that the company is in negotiations to buy publically traded Norwegian company Global IP Solutions suggests that Google is planning to complete its arsenal with a new solution.

Google Wise To Look To Move Further Into Voip Technology, Claims UK SEO Company

While the deal is still surrounded in mystery, it’s no surprise that Google has sought to takeover a company it has long been a customer of. What is more unsure is how existing customers, such as search engine and online rivals Yahoo! and AOL, will fit into the picture if Google gains control of Global IP Solutions.

SEO company commend Google for its ability to spot opportunities. Queryclick explained: “As Google has continued to grow, it’s suffered from the same problems that face any rapidly and massively expanding business – the fact that the bigger you get, the harder you fall.

“However, the company has continued to make smart purchases and spot holes in the market, as well as showing its not afraid to take risks or write a project off as a failure if it doesn’t come to fruition, We think that the acquisition of a company like Global IP Solutions is a very smart move for the search engine – especially as it tries to move further into the mobile market.”

Google also bought VoIP provider Gizmo5 in November of last year, and this latest attempted acquisition suggests the search company hasn’t found its ideal solution yet. The new deal with Global IP Solutions is still awaiting approval from stockholders, although both businesses appear confident that approval will be granted.

“Companies now need to make sure search engine optimisation, advertising and PPC campaigns are able to interact successfully with the desires of users who are expecting more and more from their online services – whether it means added functionality, or sites that are easy to browse from mobile devices.”

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Skype Becomes The Largest Provider Of Cross-Border Communications In The World

Skype’s international phone-calling traffic has accelerated at a time when international telephone traffic has slowed, according to a new report by TeleGeography.

Skype traffic has been soaring despite the background of slowing growth by conventional phone companies, according to the report. Where international calling volumes from telephones was growing at a compounded annual rate of 15% for the past 25 years, over the past two years it has slowed down to only 8%. Skype however has seen its international cheap calls volume sky rocket.

In a press statement from TeleGeography, analyst Stephan Beckert commented, “Demand for international voice has been remarkably robust, but it’s clearly not recession-proof”. However the statement went on to highlight that Skype was managing to very successfully buck the trend, with on-net international Skype-to-Skype traffic growing by 51% in 2008, and a projected growth of 63% in 2009, to a massive 54 billion minutes. “The volume of traffic routed via Skype is tremendous,” said Beckert.

This increase in international calling minutes experienced by Skype has brought its market share up to 12% in 2009, and made Skype the “largest provider of cross border communications in the world, by far”, according to Beckert.

The success experienced by Skype can be further demonstrated by a recent company journal report which showed that on the 19th January 2010 the service experienced an all-time record number of concurrent logged on users with over 22 and a quarter million clients signed in to Skype at the same time. This record comes only shortly after the previous record of 21.5 million concurrent users was logged the previous Monday.

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