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Absolutely “POSI+IVE”: Two-Spirit pop artist Tony Enos releases career defining album as a person openly living with HIV

Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2020-Jul-1 — /EPR Network/ — “I know faith can move mountains, and yes I’m absolutely positive.” That line alone from the title song of out pop icon Tony Enos’ 4th studio album encapsulates the past 14 years of his living with HIV.

Enos’ new album is called “POSI+IVE,” and it chronicles the Two-Spirit singer/songwriter/producer’s journey of thriving as a person living with HIV (PLWH) since his diagnosis in July of 2006. But the inspiration for the album didn’t come until Enos opened the United States Conference on AIDS on August 5th, 2019 in Washington, DC.

“Here I was in this amazing affirming space for PLWH, and I’m hiding this huge secret about myself from everyone,” admits Enos.

“Secrets keep you sick, and I’m tired of carrying it. It’s not doing anyone else any good by my hiding it. Least of all me.”

“POSI+TIVE” doesn’t hide anything. While the the record is positive and uplifting, and maintains a pop music genre labeling, “POSI+IVE” boasts an eclectic offering of acoustic love ballads, EDM, R&B, and New Country. Enos has masterfully penned songs about finding and losing love, navigating toxic relationships as a PLWH, self-worth, socio-political themes and issues, and of course thriving with HIV.

Writing and producing the entire album himself along with his assistant vocal producer and sister Vienna Enos, he is no slouch in the production area, and his impeccable vocal performance on this album is his finest yet.

While ballads like “Losing Season,” and “He Was So Beautiful,” show off a more vulnerable Enos, EDM tracks like “Based On A True Story,” and the timely acoustic-anchored “This Close To Freedom,” gives T-Bones the essentials they’re looking for.

At the heart of the album, it is driven by activism, empathy, pain and redemption, compassion, love, and – as the album’s closing track “Based On A True Story” states – “wind and fire, guts and glory.”

“From the moment I received my HIV diagnosis, I was living to die,” says Enos.

“It was years before I gave myself permission to live again.”

Scheduled to perform at the International Conference on AIDS, “AIDS 2020” this July, Enos said in interview footage for the performance, “If I can make the experience even a hairline easier for someone living with HIV, then it’s all worth it.”

“POSI+IVE,” is now available on iTunes and all your favorite digital music platforms!

Visit Tony Enos online at www.tonyenosmusic.com

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Salon Services Unveils A New Website for Hair and Beauty Professionals

Following a redesign of its website, the hair and beauty supplier Salon Services launches Salon Services, a new site that caters just for beauty professionals and is designed to make their customers’ online retail experience much easier.

The leading hair and beauty retailer, Salon Services, has launched a new website for their trade customers in the UK and Ireland to make shopping for hair and beauty products easier and more intuitive for the professional.

Richard Hull, Managing Director of Salon Services UK and Ireland, explains: “The updated Salon Services site is for ‘professionals only’ which means that it’s separate from our consumer-facing website Sally. We made the decision to separate our consumer and trade businesses to ensure that there would be no confusion for consumers. Visitors to the new Salon Services website will find a service dedicated to all hair and beauty professionals, and the site will mirror fantastic in-store promotional activities, along with a selection of exclusive online offers.”

The launch of the new salon-services site is just part of an ongoing redevelopment of the Sally website and this phase of the website development, as well as focusing on our professional customers, also includes a range of new features, including:

An updated range of promotions and online offers
The ability for customers to update their customer profile
Product recommendations
Product reviews
Personal wish lists

Salon Services are very pleased with the changes to the website, and also very hopeful that this latest redevelopment will make shopping for hair and beauty products on both sites more enjoyable for both professionals and consumers alike.

Richard Hull continues: “We are absolutely delighted with the website relaunch, and we’re confident that our UK trade customers will find the new site much more useful for their business needs, and also, much easier to use. We believe that the Salon-services site is a dedicated one-stop-shop for all of our professional customers, and that it will bring our full and range of products and services available to our online customers allowing hair and beauty specialists to purchase what they need, when they need it. We also think that our non-trade customers will benefit, as they will be able to access the products that are most suitable for at-home use.”

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These Days A Professional, Efficient And Stylish Website Is A Vital Component Of Any Business Aiming To Be Successful

We are currently living in a very modern age of technology, which has filtered through into every aspect of our lives, from ordering our weekly groceries online, to booking train, cinema and concert tickets, to children’s online learning environments and schoolwork. Everything nowadays is done online.

A very important part of having a business in the twenty-first century is having a website. You need a website that clearly displays what you are and what you do, and immediately impacts to your customers why they desperately need you.

Not only do you need a website, but it has to be a good one. The best way to achieve the top website for your company is to hire a freelance web designer or a web design team. A web design team will generally give you a better result as each member of the team has his or her own strengths, that will all be pulled together to achieve the exact website you need and want.

There are hundreds and hundreds of web designers out there, so you need to carefully look through their online portfolios to see what captures your attention. There will be some work you really love and others that you don’t. You will also notice that some web design companies have worked for very large, international companies, whilst other have only done work for local businesses. Other companies will have worked for a range of large, successful companies and smaller, local companies.

Ideally you want to try and pick a web design company whose work you love, that is located near to your business. That way you can really connect with them personally and easily have meetings to discuss exactly what you need and what you want from them. It’s much easier to talk about web design in person rather than over the phone.

If you are in South East England, or more specifically in Kent, then the team you want is TME (http://www.tmesolutions.co.uk). They are a web design and online marketing agency, based in Kent, which has been running for seven years. They are a close-knit, family run team comprising of fourteen enthusiastic and creative coders, designers, online marketers and project consultants.

Over the years, they have built their business to be efficient, creative and successful, yet friendly. They’ve worked to provide web design in Kent for relatively small local companies such as Lau Hairdressing in Maidstone, Express Cleaning Supplies in Aylesford, and ACE Sheds in Ashford. Their new websites allowed these local companies to bloom; expanding greatly and increasing their profits rapidly.

As their own company grew, TME also started to work for some of the biggest, most successful and most profitable companies in the world. This includes the likes of Tile Depot, who own over twenty stores across the UK and Centroid Motion Capture who provide animation for major films. Additionally, Worldwide Parcel Services, who are one of the largest parcel couriers in the UK, and most impressively, an exclusive training portal for Samsung Mobile.

TME are one hundred percent committed to producing amazing, creative and useful websites. They take companies and aim to boost their profits, regardless of how famous they already are. They strive for improvement.

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Many are expected to treat their mum this Mother’s Day to a bouquet from Flowers Delivered UK

Online florist, Flowers Delivered UK are expecting to see an influx of bouquet orders as Mother’s Day is creeping round the corner.

First signs of a new trend in bouquets are beginning to occur as people are starting to show their preferences for Mother’s Day bouquets. Lilies, carnations, roses and chrysanthemums are proving to be a popular choice with Flowers Delivered UK customers, all varying in colour.

Mothers across England are showered with gifts and the luxury of eating out in restaurants during the 13th May and going by Flowers Delivered UK’s report, it seems the gift of a flower arrangement is high on the agenda.

Sending flowers to a parent over Mother’s Day has proven to be a popular choice due to convenience and the opportunity to personalise the chosen bouquet. At Flowers Delivered UK customers can choose from a wide variety of bouquets and baskets with the opportunity to personalise the gift card with a photo and message.

Rob Doole, Managing Director at Flowers Delivered UK commented: “Currently we are experiencing the first signs of a new trend with many more customers looking to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to their mothers. There is an occurring theme, as well, with many wishing to send roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and carnations. We believe that the popularity for Flowers Delivered UK bouquets has grown due to the free next day delivery option and the chance to personalise the card with a photo and message, giving the arrangement a unique and special touch.”

Customers are able to customise their gift card by uploading a personal photo and message to ensure every bouquet sent is unique. Being able to upload a photo offers the opportunity to evoke a memory that is held close to the heart or present a new memory that will never be forgotten.

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Meals.co.uk, NewPhones.co.uk and Lotteries.org.uk – New Sites ASAP Ventures Ltd the Website Specialist

To further strengthen its grasp on the UK market for providing excellent information and advice websites, ASAP Ventures Ltd has recently launched three new sites designed to help UK consumers provide a service which include Meals.co.uk, Lotteries.org.uk and NewPhones.co.uk.

In order for the UK public to find out about the lotteries of the Euro Millions and the National Lottery, ASAP Ventures network has launched Lotteries.org.uk to help the British public find out the latest and past draws, gain tips and learn which good causes the raised funds from the lottery goes to. The site is designed to be hassle free and easy to use.

Offering a huge range of information and advice about cooking, which is the nation’s most favourite past time at the moment, is ASAP’s new site Meals.co.uk. The website has a great range of new recipes, things for lunch and dinner ideas, as well as a blog which explains in detail how to make the meals. There is an RSS feed on the site for people needing fresh, up to date details instantly.

Buying new phones online is a regular occurrence for many people in the UK. There is a huge need for a site which delivers not only which handsets are the best, but also how much roaming travel charges are and which tariff is best, and the NewPhones.co.uk site from ASAP Ventures Ltd does just that.

Derek Paulson, from ASAP Ventures Ltd, comments: “ASAP Ventures has been providing great advice and information resource sites for many years now and we’re confident that our three new sites are just what people want right now. The latest sites offer a good boost to our standings for offering advice and information to the UK public”.

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