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Phonexa Exhibiting at Affiliate Summit East 2018

Glendale, CA, 2018-Jul-09 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — Affiliate Summit, which hosts two events in the United States, in Las Vegas and New York, will be held at the New York Marriott Marquis from July 29-31. The two-decade-old global conference and tradeshow expects to host thousands of digital marketers from over 70 countries.

Key attendees typically include C-suite executives and top decision-makers from a variety of different industries all within the lead generation space. The individuals, agencies and service providers amass at Affiliate Summit to grow their network and learn from other industry experts.

Phonexa announced earlier this year that they are taking the lead in eliminating integration fees in order to create a more client-friendly business practice. The accumulated cost of API integrations is often a serious roadblock for companies who need to upgrade their existing systems. With the costs of integrations out of the picture, businesses can allocate more of their budget and effort towards creating better products and marketing campaigns. Phonexa’s client-focused business practice should be well-received at the 2018 Affiliate Summit East, as thousands of brand representatives and industry leaders collectively hunt for value-driven solutions.

The packed agenda at Affiliate Summit East provides each different attendee with relevant workshops, networking opportunities and valuable takeaways; equipping affiliates, networks, technology providers and digital agencies with the appropriate strategies and industry knowledge they came to acquire.

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When Building Out Its Moonshots, This Washington DC Startup Knows When To Look For The Stars

Washington, DC, USA, 2018-Jan-15 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — The year 2017 was known in the world of cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding as the age of the Wild West — infamous for its massive, oft-unwarranted treasure chests being entrusted to companies barely out of the whitepaper stage during their TGEs — Token Generation Events also known as Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs — offset by regulatory uncertainty, frequent multi-million-dollar scams, and sometimes even wholesale freeze-outs of crypto assets in several countries previously friendly to practice.

The year 2018, on the other hand, is expected to issue in a certain sense of clarity and solidity to the markets, populated with ambitious projects at last aware of their own strengths and weakness, and carried on the shoulders of teams capable of actually bringing their lofty visions to life.

WishKnish (, a Washington, DC-based startup providing turnkey, decentralized, gamified marketplaces to businesses, social causes, and communities — along with tailored BaaS (Blockchain As A Service) solutions to enterprise clients — aims to be one of these latter entrants.

By bringing in Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim Al Fardan as the Executive Vice President of the MENA and APJ region, the group has now expanded its core team to broadcast its messaging far beyond existing marketing frontiers.

“It is not often that such a fortuitous meeting of the minds happens so seamlessly over thousands of miles,” says Alisa Gus, CEO of WishKnish, “but when an opportunity presents itself, it is up to an exec worth his — or her — salt to answer. Really, Mr. Al Fardan’s experience and connections, and our shared goals for the region and the role of WishKnish’s Blockchain-as-a-Service arm in making them happen, will undoubtedly make this one of the most strategic hires any company can hope to make, especially as it closes in on its own token generation event.”

A 2014 Entrepreneur of the Gulf region recipient, Mr. Al Fardan is the mastermind behind the concept, technical study and master plan for the MENA ICT hub city, a first and only fully integrated smart city in the world as stated by industry experts, and for many years one of the driving forces for the region’s Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Luxury Goods, Investment, Travel & Tourism, and Pharmaceutical industries.

“When you are a VC,” shares Michael Kapoor, the WishKnish’s Chief Operations Officer, and formerly a managing partner of San Francisco’s Propeller Venture Capital, “you’ve got your pick of interesting projects. But occasionally, a project comes along that reminds you of why you started out as an entrepreneur yourself back in the day, and makes you want to get your hands dirty and make this remarkable business take shape. I imagine that’s how Mr. Al Fardan has come to feel, too, and I really can’t be happier to have him on the team.”

Long excited to bring in the vision, power, and security of blockchain technology to the MENA business and government structures, revitilizing and decentralizing its most vital systems, Mr. Al Fardan has this to say about his decision to join the advisory board of WishKnish:

“I am proud and excited to join a team of world experts in Blockchain technologies at WishKnish,” Mr. Al Fardan remarks “I found the idea behind the company so unique and the founders are top class professionals. Such a team with such experiences will no doubt disrupt the industry providing clients globally with great utilization of Blockchain. Having clients talking to us from regions like Middle East & Asia Pacific at this stage makes us more committed and accountable to deliver on their expectations and exceeding them.”

The excitement of new possibilities is felt across all levels of the project’s management team:

“The advent of a truly global economy has come to be possible thanks to blockchain decentralization. We cannot allow ourselves to focus only on the parts of the world familiar to us if we want to make an impact on this exciting space. But doing so without an expert local member of the team is something I would not be prepared to tackle at any stage of the company’s lifecycle,” says Eugene Teplitsky, WishKnish CTO and Alisa’s long-term partner in multiple projects. “That Mr. Al Fardan has agreed to join us while we’re still young is, I think, both a testament to his forward thinking on where the technology is heading in the next decade — as well as to his confidence in WishKnish’s ability to deliver on our now shared vision. We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings to all of us in these next few months!”

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Network Marketing Prospecting System Launched By Robert Payne Publishing

Robert Payne Publishing today announced the re-launch of, a free network marketing prospecting system. The domain name was acquired at the start of the year as part of an expansion into the home-based business market.

The appeal of the site is that participants are able to promote their own MLM business opportunity. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to join other programs that will allow them to generate an income from their network marketing prospecting efforts, a concept known as a “funded proposal.” offers those in the MLM industry a generic no-cost cutting-edge network marketing prospecting system, allowing individuals the ability to plug into a ready-made MLM success strategy. The gist of the strategy is to promote a MLM marketing system, which is a tool that everyone with a MLM business opportunity can use.

“What we have here is a simple six-step system, designed to help individuals attain MLM success,” states Robert Payne, owner of Robert Payne Publishing. “By taking an emphasis off pitching their company and products, folks will discover that promoting a MLM marketing system is tremendously more effective at building a stream of sustained income.”

With, those in the MLM industry will be able to promote a replicated network marketing prospecting Web site. Participants will receive real-time MLM leads when visitors enter their name and email into the form of the participant’s replicated site. Each participant will also have access to training, presenting several tactics for driving Web traffic to their replicated site.

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Easy Saver Rewards Program Has Many Benefits The Easy Saver Can Take Advantage Of

If you like to save money without effort then you need to learn about the advantages of belonging to an easy saver rewards program. Let’s talk honestly about money for a moment. For most of us the hard times have hit our bank accounts. Unemployment rates are at an all time high and so are foreclosures. Those facts alone indicate the state of our economy; it’s a given that we’ve been forced to focus more on ways to save money. We’re learning to stretch our budgets to new limits, not because we want to, but because we’re forced to find ways to make every dollar count. It’s not surprising that the easy saver rewards programs are such a hit.

This article is intended to provide an overview of basic easysaver rewards programs. And after reading this you are sure to want to join a program so you can reap the rewards of membership; they’re that good.

I’ll start by explaining how the programs are formed and that will give you a good idea of how the rest of the plan works. To begin, a group of manufacturers, business owners, or merchants agree to be a part of the program. This means that each will offer top quality products and or services to members of the program at tremendous savings. When a merchant or manufacturer joins a quality easy saver rewards program there is a certain level of assurance that he will gain new customers. This is because his offers are provided along with others for quality products and services. As the merchant gains new customers they are likely to become loyal because they have discovered the quality provided by the company. At the same time that the merchant is benefitting he is also committing to continue to make offers to members that will provide them with great products at substantial savings.

As the consumer, when you join an easy saver rewards program you immediately become eligible to enjoy the benefits offered by the program – which is a collection of countless products and services provided by the businesses and merchants as described above. You’ll be able to enjoy savings on every day products, luxury items, and even travel related expenses such as car rental and hotel accommodations. While some people join these programs for short term purposes, such as to purchase new household items after a move, most join and remain members for years. It’s really easy to understand why they do. The easysaver rewards seem to get better as time goes on. Merchants are always providing new offers and new manufacturers continue to join the program and contribute.

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The India Project Announces to Investors Signs of Early Profit

The India Project, a Phoenix rising from the ashes of former failures of creators, Scott R. Asher and Mark Pringle, demonstrates a new model for internet profitability. Rather than attempting to make any single website, “the next big thing,” it is creating a network of one hundred monetized and SEO optimized niche websites. The corporation’s prospectus calls for exploiting the talents of computer programmers in India to optimize the network of one hundred websites within thirty days under the direct supervision of computer programmer and website developer, Scott R. Asher in India.

According to Asher, the India Project also demonstrates the power of social networking. Remarkably, Asher and Pringle have actually never met. Their relationship was founded online with the single burning desire to make money. Pringle, a former client of Asher stated, “[w]hen Scott first told me of his idea to create a massive network of sites using the talents of Indian computer programmers, I could see the enormous potential of this idea. Having floundered in real estate, foreclosing on my thirty rental properties and finding the inside of a bankruptcy courtroom, I was poised and ready to act on a ‘big idea.’” According to Asher, “the idea came to me during my darkest hour. I had been cast as a character in a Las Vegas episode of the program ‘Cops,” wrongly accused of stealing mail from my own apartment complex. While defending myself against these ridiculous claims, it occurred to me that my energy was being wasted within the legal system. Once I turned my focus back to my entrepreneurial interests on the internet, the idea of the India Project suddenly became clear. I’ve had many big ideas over the years and meeting Mark online and feeling his enthusiasm was crucial to actually implementing the idea.”

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Study by Clickbooth Will Help Businesses Better Target Women Ages 35 to 55

Marketing to women ages 35 to 55 can prove more difficult than marketing to other groups of online shoppers, as they are less willing to part with their money on a whim. Affiliate program network Clickbooth wants to help its clients reach more members of this valuable demographic, the largest online today. Part one of its recent study, “An Inside Look at Marketing to Women Ages 35 to 55,” addresses the makeup of this group and offers clients of Clickbooth’s CPA affiliate network tips on how to better reach them.

Study author Sara Anderson states that affiliate program network campaigns aimed at this demographic should be broken into smaller units that target specific groups, such as:

Single Mothers – There are approximately 10.4 million women in this group. They value their children, their time, and their appearance, making and saving their money, and finding a life partner. These factors should be considered when creating a CPA affiliate network campaign for them.

Stay at Home Mothers – They make up 25 percent of the married woman demographic, and they value highest meeting the needs of their family. When marketing to this group, Anderson suggests addressing the entire family. With this group, an affiliate program network campaign should include inspiring stories of other women in similar situations, who have successfully cared for their families using the campaign’s products or services.

Working Mothers – These educated consumers do not have time for endless research before making a purchase. Because of this, a CPA affiliate network campaign targeting this group should stress a product or service’s time and money saving features.

Married Women with No Children – Approximately four million women fall into this group. They value their freedom and independence, so when targeting an affiliate program network campaign toward this group, consider playing off what they value most: making and saving money, their spouse, having fun and meeting their health and beauty needs.

Single Women with No Children – They are a smaller portion of this demographic, but no less valuable. As they are more likely to be interested in finding a life partner, consider a CPA affiliate network campaign that targets a product or service’s ability to improve their image or help them meet someone special.

Anderson stresses the importance of the language used in affiliate program network campaigns that aimed toward this demographic. She suggest that clients “speak in a language that relates to her, appeals to her caring nature, shows concern for her time, and complements (not complicates) her life. The last thing she needs is a process that takes more of her time – simplicity is key.”

To read the full study by Anderson, which also includes tips on how to increase conversions with women ages 35 to 55, go to

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PLR Internet Marketing Introduces a Comprehensive Resource for Creating an Income Online

PLR Internet Marketing is one of the only companies to offer an all-inclusive website when it comes to creating an online income through internet marketing. Solving the many problems that people tend to face when creating an online business, PLR Internet Marketing provides the tools necessary for success.

Are you thinking about making the transition to internet marketing either as a supplementary or as your sole source of income? Or have you tried various internet or home based business opportunities in the past without much success? Knowing just how frustrating getting an online business off the ground can be, PLR Internet Marketing has developed one of the most comprehensive resource guides when it comes to creating a successful online company.

With the many tools aimed at helping you take advantage of the various opportunities available for making money online, PLR Internet Marketing serves as a one-stop shop when it comes to assistance with your internet marketing ventures. You will learn step-by-step processes that are proven to allow you to make money with your blog. Additionally, you will discover exactly which affiliate marketing opportunities are worthwhile and then will have the proper resources to advertise your products so that you can achieve financial success.

In addition to blogging and affiliate marketing, you will also learn others ways to work from home while earning a substantial income and putting in less time than with many other business opportunities. One of these other methods for home based businesses is working with private label rights. This type of business allows you to get your business off the ground in a short period of time as the products are already created. This saves you time, money, and wasted energy and, instead, you have a business that is up and ready to go. However, choosing the right product is essential. As an easy to market and highly sought after product will be much easier to sell and more lucrative, PLR Internet Marketing focuses a great deal of energy on steering you towards the most promising business opportunities when it comes to private label rights.

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A Secret New Social Media Marketing Website Explodes Out Of Ohio today celebrated the official launch of the new social media software review web site. Expected to draw attention from social media experts around the Nation, the new venture represents the growing trend in the use of social media marketing in modern business practices. The venture will use its new site to showcase the latest technologies in viral marketing and how they can be properly implemented by businesses – large and small. The launch has people puzzled as to who, what, when, where and why they are doing this.

The group responded: “Social Media Fanatics have such an emotional connection for exploration. We want to fully embrace this and rely on an open sharing to enhance science. We hope to get the snow ball rolling and rely on the great people in the industry to morph into great new technologies, networking, and sharing”

According to the secret staff, “The social media industry has been laden with millionaire get rich quick schemes and spam since its original popularity in the early 2000’s.” This site hopes to provide realistic information about social media marketing and debunk some of the ‘secrets’ that provide wealth to an elite minority.”

When asked about the reasons behind the venture, stated “The website is a compilation of various life experiences and passion about a new trending industry. We believe that This site will help small businesses compete in online marketing, entrepreneurs get their ideas out to the world, and experts discuss current technologies to further the industry of social media marketing.”

Running on a matter of principal, the site hopes to attract an unprecedented number through the use of viral marketing only. At the present time, funding for the site will be a combination of donations and affiliate programs. When asked about the future viability of the company, the anonymous bloggers stated “We believe that if we do good to others, others will do good to us. We want to get our knowledge out to the world. The first 30 days are a compilation of over two years of research and a few dedicated professionals. We will be rolling out the latest technology daily in preparation for our own personal surprise – which will launch on a secret date during this period.”

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Network Affiliates Push Into Inc. Magazine’s Top 500

The Inc. 500 is a list of the top 500 high growth businesses. It is an entrepreneur’s dream to be on the list. Clickbooth ranked #5 overall and #1 in their business sector, which is advertising and marketing. In an economic climate where many businesses have been simply trying to survive, Clickbooth has grown an amazing 12,000% over the last four years. They have been doing it by providing consistently strong ROI for publishers and advertisers. It is a milestone for the advertising industry as whole, and marks the dawn of a new day for the future of marketing.

The infamous dot-com bubble may have popped but there are still businesses using the Internet in innovative ways to enjoy high growth by providing exceptional customer value. Clickbooth’s industry revolves around a concept known as affiliate marketing. It is a marketing strategy that shares revenue among advertisers and affiliates online. affiliates are traditionally known as publishers and are considered the same in this context.

The network affiliates at Clickbooth are among the best in the business. Some are among the Alexa Top 50 sites. The affiliates network together through Clickbooth to provide premier marketing campaigns for advertisers. The number of worldwide affiliates they use is over 10,000 and many of them are exclusive. The coverage is very broad and encapsulates a number of niche markets. The compensation is based on performance from one or a combination of sales, clicks, and registrations.

Each affiliate is rigorously screened and monitored for performance and integrity. Much of Clickbooth’s success comes from their industry leading compliance team. Their function is to track uploads and downloads among other monitoring functions to ensure that the proper integrity is maintained. Any of the affiliates that are identified as abusing the system are promptly excommunicated. The result is a dependable set of affiliates that are networked together through Clickbooth to be reliable, trustworthy and maximize an advertiser’s time and money.

Clickbooth is an internet marketing business created in September 2002. With their high integrity and high quality affiliates network, they leverage the power of the Internet for businesses looking to maximize their advertising budget. Clickbooth produces benefits for their network affiliates and their clients in need of advertising through a high level of integrity, a careful screening process, and an Internet marketing program that is mutually rewarding.

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Lakestar Media Signs With Sunwin New & Used Motors To Provide SEO And PPC For The Company’s Motor Sales And Bodyshop Website

Lakestar Media today announced that it has driven through a deal with Sunwin New & Used Motors to provide SEO and PPC for the company’s motor sales and bodyshop website. Part of The Co-operative Group, Sunwin Motors operates a number of car and van dealerships and bodyshops throughout the North and Midlands.

Lakestar Media Signs With Sunwin New & Used Motors To Provide SEO And PPC For The Company’s Motor Sales And Bodyshop Website

Lakestar Media’s director of sales Scott Reed said: “We’ve developed a solid and mutally beneficial working relationship with The Co-operative Group over the last 18 months and we’re delighted to provide SEO and PPC for another part of this leading UK retailing group.”

Sunwin MD for specialist commercial business Mike Austin said: “This partnership is based on both companies understanding that the key to success lies in striving to exceed customers’ expectations. We do that for our customers and we expect Lakestar Media to do the same for us. From what we’ve witnessed of how they handle other parts of The Co-operative Group’s online promotion we are confident of success.”

Lakestar Media recently moved into larger premises in order to accommodate an ever-expanding list of clients, and has increased their services offering in order to help cement their place in the digital marketing world as a leading UK agency.

Lakestar Media is a leading digital marketing agency offering a professional and individually tailored service to its diverse and exciting client portfolio. Established in December 2007, Lakestar Media delivers a mix of search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search (PPC), affiliate marketing, display advertising (OMP) and social media services for their customers.

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Affordable SEO Recession-Busting Starter Packages Offered by Mr. SEO

Mr-SEO, a U.S. based company that specializes in search engine optimization and internet marketing, has introduced four affordable seo starter packages to help businesses cope with the strained economy.

Launched in 2004, the mission of Mr-SEO has been–and remains–to offer top quality, affordable SEO and online marketing services. With its high quality customer service and standards of performance, the company is dedicated to help protect businesses f r o m the “too good to be true” types of SEO offerings that will hurt a company’s standing in the search engine rankings rather than help them.

President and owner Greg Gaskill knows that businesses need to ramp up marketing efforts during slow times, and slow times are often when they can least afford it. He and his team have made it their business to help companies thrive in the current hostile economic environment. However, he also knows that there is no such thing as “instant SEO” or “automated secret weapons” of online marketing, therefore these Business Starter Packages incorporate the same proven principles used in larger projects, but on a smaller scale. Although smaller in scope, these targeted services produce significant results – results that create a solid foundation to continue to grow f r o m which can mean the difference between survival and failure in tough times.

These new packages offer businesses the same award-winning Mr-SEO quality including the company’s Social Media Marketing, Blogging with Ghostwriter, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization packages, designed to get businesses into the top search engine rankings ethically and for long term success with affordable SEO and online marketing strategies.

One of the best features of Mr. SEO’s offerings is the mix-and-match option. Businesses can purchase any combination of service packages to customize the marketing to their individual needs and budget. This flexibility gives small businesses the power to:

• Ignite lead generation to increase sales
• Boost market awareness & build their brand
• Increase client retention and loyalty
• Enhance & maintain their image – critical during tough times
• Increase exposure to new markets and / or partnerships

You can see all the introductory Business Starter Package offerings at:

Mr. SEO is a Seattle, Washington based company that performs all work right here in the United States. With memberships in Washington State’s Better Business Bureau and the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO), the company has been featured by Start-Up Nation, Linked-In, Resource Nation, Evan Carmichael, various E-Zine articles, and even received mention by The Wall Street Journal. To read about how Mr. SEO’s mission and goals fit in with your needs, go to Affordable SEO.

For package details and more information on Mr. SEO and the various packages available go directly to their page at Online Marketing Services. To read the company’s blog–go to Online Marketing Strategies. While you’re there, explore other details about the company and its mission to help business achieve more with affordable SEO services.

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Proposed European Legal Move Planned To Regulate The Use Of Cookies Could Have A Profound Negative Impact Upon Some Of The World’s Biggest Businesses

Bigmouthmedia has warned that a proposed European legal move to regulate the use of cookies could have a profound negative impact upon the some of the world’s biggest businesses.

In a move that threatens affiliate marketing, bid management and web analytics, proposed amendments to the 2002 European Communities Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications would mean that in future, websites would only be able to place cookies on visitors’ computers if they give their express consent.

“This is a proposal that would strike at the very heart of what the digital economy is all about. The ability to measure, track and improve the site experience for visitors is key to the success of e-commerce, and given the potentially damaging effect this could have on a multi-billion pound business channel, suggests legislators don’t quite appreciate the havoc they could cause,” said Andrew Girdwood, Head of Search at bigmouthmedia.

“This isn’t really a privacy issue. More often than not, cookies only contain data to measure the success of keywords or affiliates. We support attempts to raise awareness of privacy issues and provide internet users with more control but believe these functions would be better provided by the browser than the website. This would give users even greater flexibility and more consistency.”

Many areas of the digital marketing business could be seriously affected if the proposed legislative changes come into effect, with big names from Amazon to Google likely to be hit. Services dependent on using user data to track sales such as affiliate marketing would suffer significantly, while pay-per-click advertising services would be forced to ask permission to place a cookie every time a user attempted to follow a link.

If the amendments go through, commercial web sites may be forced to run multi million pound search campaigns without having a detailed understanding of how well the strategy is performing. Most modern forms of web analytics, meanwhile, would also be threatened by the European proposal.

The experience of visiting commercial websites could also be badly affected. Sites may be forced to display a pop-up message – commonly associated with invasive advertising – in order to seek the visitor’s permission before any tracking could be used. Over all, the loss in transactions combined with the cost of implementation would stretch to many millions of Euros in lost revenue each month for online retailers, travel and finance sites.

Full details of the proposed legislative change and its possible ramifications are available through bigmouthmedia’s digital news service.

About bigmouthmedia
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest and most experienced digital marketing agency and was rated the UK’s #1 Search agency for SEO and PPC in the 2009 NMA Marketing Services Guide. Bigmouthmedia’s 200+ online marketing experts across 12 international offices maximise online brand exposure by means of integrated digital strategies incorporating SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, Online PR and Copywriting. Bigmouthmedia’s multilingual digital solutions deliver outstanding ROI for over 300 world leading brands including British Airways, Tesco, Sky, Cisco, BT, Comic Relief, Barclaycard and Europcar. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news.

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Affiliate Marketing Agency bigmouthmedia Announces Jason Dale And One Little Duck as the Winner of the B.A.B.E. Award

The bigmouthmedia affiliate blogging excellence award (the B.A.B.E. award) was founded as a way to highlight the importance of the affiliate community within the United Kingdom and to reward those who contribute the most to it.

Affiliate marketing is most productive and effective when affiliates are empowered to contribute significantly and safely to merchant sales. Successful affiliates are rewarded with commission on sales, leads and actions but bigmouthmedia launched the blog competition to extend the reward structure to those affiliates who help others.

Jason Dale’s One Little Duck blog was first nominated by the affiliate community – receiving nominations through the affiliate agency’s voting form and mentions on Twitter – and then selected as the final winner by bigmouthmedia’s judges.

“One Little Duck is a great blog,” said Jen Brain, senior affiliate manager at bigmouthmedia, “We thought Jason provided useful reading for affiliates of every level. The blog is community focused and integrates with Affiliates 4 U’s ‘back me’ voting system for individual blog posts, MyBlogLog f r o m Yahoo, the ShareThis widget and sports a good collection of recommended WordPress plugins.”

On winning the award, Jason Dale said: “I’m still in shock but I am very pleased and truly honoured that One Little Duck has been chosen as the B.A.B.E Award winner, especially as there are many high quality UK affiliate bloggers. Thanks to the judges and nominators, as well as to everyone who reads One Little Duck. A big thanks also to bigmouthmedia for the awards initiative. I hope it will become an annual event and that more affiliates are encouraged to share their experiences with others via their own blogs”.

The competition allowed affiliates to step up for nomination by talking about the award on Twitter. Bigmouthmedia recorded several hundred tweets and retweets about the competition as affiliates spread the news.

About bigmouthmedia 
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency. With a team of over 200 staff located across 13 offices in 10 countries on 3 continents, the company maximises exposure for major brands online through a variety of fully integrated digital marketing channels: Search engine optimisation, PPC, Online Media Planning, affiliate marketing, Social Networking, Brand Monitoring, Online PR and Web Analytics. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news to ensure clients are fully informed and aware of all industry developments.

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The Internet’s Most Popular Wedding Favor Store Offers Affiliate Marketing Opportunities Through Shareasale, Avantlink And Linkconnector, the Internet’s most expansive collection of unique and affordable wedding favors, today announced that it is offering affiliate marketing opportunities through Shareasale, Avantlink and Linkconnector. pays 10% referral commission on sales and provides very appealing promotional offers that can easily turn referral visitors into paying customers.

“There are many affiliate programs out there, and one of the reasons we are successful is that we are constantly offering special promotions and offers that are too good to resist,” said Shirley Tan, founder, “Helping to convert referral traffic to actual sales means that our affiliates can earn commissions more regularly.”

Affiliates appreciate the generous promotions that offers to their referrals, which makes it easier for publishers to earn money. One of the most popular and blogged about promotions was’s $5 bridesmaid tote sale. Affiliates can post the promotional banners to help drive traffic to Once there, the unique selection of products coupled with a competitive price ensures that referral visitors become customers.

Due to popular demand, is bringing back the $5 bridesmaid tote special for a limited time. Choose f r o m a selection of bags including tote bags, cosmetic bags, pet carriers, overnight bags, toiletry bags, purses, duffel bags, backpacks, garment bags, laptop totes and more. A coupon code is not necessary to receive special pricing. Add monogramming for just $10 more. Please visit and select $5 Bridesmaid Totes banner.

In addition to the Tote Bag promotion, is offering a 50% reduction on clearance merchandise (enter coupon code clearance50 at checkout). Clearance code cannot be combined with the $5 Tote Bag sale.

A popular destination for wedding favors, bridal shower favors and discount wedding favors that don’t look like cheap wedding favors, is now serving and shipping to U.S. and international customers. offers the most extensive collection of wedding favors and accessories such as party favors, wedding invitations, personalized gifts, wedding ideas, wedding flowers, cake toppers, thank you cards, wedding guest favors, shower favors, wedding jewelry, wedding decorations, wedding centerpieces, bridal shower games, wedding programs, bridal jewelry, bridal shower invitations, place cards, usher gifts, wedding albums, wedding announcements, favor boxes, unity candle, wedding anniversary gift, wedding checklist, wedding bells, wedding napkins, wedding veils and much more.

About is the online source for unique and affordable wedding favors and accessories. For every theme or season, has the most extensive selection of products that are guaranteed to make any wedding an unforgettable event for the bride and groom and their guests.  F r o m fun and unusual to traditional and elegant, specializes in personalized wedding favors, attendant gifts, wedding ceremony accessories, unique bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts, bridal accessories and jewelry, and themed wedding favors. offers the selection of a showroom with the convenience of online shopping and superior customer service at prices that can’t be beat. For more information, please visit us at

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Virgin Casino Joins Single Wallet System

Virgin Affiliates casino player reports will be unavailable for seven days (starting Thursday, March 12) for essential upgrade work. Tracking will remain unaffected while this is taking place, and all your new players will show up in your reports as soon as the new system in live. Virgin Poker and Virgin Bingo tracking and reporting will work just as usual too.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

As part of this upgrade, please note that the Virgin Casino signup bonus will increase tomorrow (Thursday 12/03/2009) from 100% match Bonus up to £50 to 100% match Bonus up to £100.

We thank you in advance for updating your sites accordingly.

What is happening at Virgin Games?

Virgin Games is historically a marketing company that has promoted gaming services from three different gaming operators (Wagerworks for Casino, Boss Media for Poker and St Minver for Bingo).

We have made the big jump Last November when we officially became an operating company in our own right. That’s when Virgin Poker was added to our new shiny single account/single wallet system.

This is now Virgin Casino’s turn. From tomorrow onwards your Virgin Casino players will be able to switch seamlessly between Virgin Poker and Virgin Casino play, using the same wallet and same Virgin Games account and qualifying for common bonuses. As an affiliate you will be rewarded for all their Poker and Casino activity without having to promote the products individually.

The circle will be completed in May, when Virgin Bingo joins the party. At this stage Virgin Bingo remains independent from the rest, and you should still promote it as an individual product.

What does it mean for the players?

Becoming an operating company not only means Virgin Casino customer will now be helped by our new in-house call centre from tomorrow, it also means we will own and manage player databases and payment processing systems.

Improved customer experience

Customer service is at the core of the Virgin philosophy. Up to now, this part of our Virgin Casino support business has been in the capable hands of Wagerworks, but the time has now come to get our hands dirty and leverage what Virgin is best known for. Our plan is simple: inject Virgin’s tradition of great customer care to the world of online gaming, and make sure our visitors are welcomed, entertained and supported the way they deserve to be.

Centralized, owned and managed player database

Each of our gaming products has required individual registration. Until now it was hard for our players to browse seamlessly through our game offerings. This is about to change. No more Virgin Casino, Virgin Poker or Virgin Bingo players, we’re building a happy home where all of our players will become Virgin Games players, regardless of their game-play preferences. Once all our products are integrated, new players will only need to register once, after which they will have access to our full library of games. Whether they prefer slot games, multi-table poker or a quick game of bingo, they’ll only ever be a few clicks away from thrilling entertainment.

Centralized, owned and managed new single wallet

Imagine owning three different wallets for your shopping: one to buy bread, one for vegetables, and a third one for milk. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Not to worry: as Bob the builder would put it, our single wallet will fix this! Under the new system, all deposits, awarded bonuses and winnings – regardless of the type of game played – will be safely stored in the new Virgin Games single wallet, which will allow your players to use their funds wherever they want, whenever they want. Just like in real life, only without the queue at the supermarket checkout.

What does it mean for you, the affiliate partner?

From increased cross-product revenues and holistic player reports to across-the board prime commission rates, this brings our affiliates nothing but good news!

More cross-product revenue

By making it easier for our players to get in touch directly with us, register, deposit, withdraw and – most importantly – switch quickly and seamlessly between game types, this is guaranteed to generate increased cross-product revenue for the affiliates sending us players.

Only prime commission rates

We are keeping the 50% welcome rate for 2 months, after which our standard base rates jumps from 30% to 35% flat for both Poker AND Casino, and we are dropping the tiered system.

Virgin Bingo rates remain unchanged at this stage.

Confused? Here’s an example :

You are a new affiliate who sends us a new player from a Cleopatra or Elvis banner from your site. Chances are this player likes playing slot machines. As the affiliate who sent us this player, not only will you get 35% (or whatever rate you’re on) revenue share on his slots game-play, but you will also – should this player decide to play poker a few days later – get a full 35% on his poker rake. Whatever game the player you sent decides to go for, and whatever the software provider, you will receive prime rates for their play, across all games all the time.

New reporting

Even though most of our promotional strategy through the affiliate system will remain unchanged (we will still provide game specific banners and marketing tools), the boundaries between products and type of players will slowly fade, and your reports will change accordingly.

When is this happening?

Virgin Casino will be integrated tomorrow 6am GMT. From this time onwards everyone you send who registers at Virgin Casino will become a Virgin Games player, earning you automatic commission on both Casino and Poker gameplay.

What is going to change, and how?

Player report

Your new “Virgin Games” Player Report will now show Virgin Games players who have played at Virgin Casino AND Virgin Poker (as opposed to one report for Virgin Casino and another one for Virgin Poker). Virgin Bingo will remain as a separate tab until it joins the party next May.

Filters will be added to the Player Report so you will be able to run it only for Poker or Casino gameplay, or both.

A drop down archive report will also be available for you to check your old stats:
– pre Virgin Casino integration – taking place tomorrow,
– pre Poker integration (i.e. before 19th November 2008, but that\’s already available in our system)

It might get a bit confusing at first but you will soon be able to make sense of it all. In any case, help is – as always – just a click away:

Snapshot report: unchanged.

Creatives report: unchanged.

Payment report : unchanged.

Marketing tools

Important: Virgin Casino signup bonus is changing from 100% match bonus up to £50 to 100% match bonus up to £100. Make sure you modify our bonus information on your sites accordingly.

Virgin Casino Banners will be automatically updated with the new bonus, nothing for you to do here (unless you host the banners yourself, then read the end of this email).

Casino Bonus aside, no other change, each product will be promoted individually, the only difference is that a player coming from a Virgin Poker banner could make most of your commission on Virgin Casino without you having anything to do about it.


There will be no change to our trackers. We take pride in the backwards compatibility of our system, so you will not need to do anything when switchover happens tomorrow. You can keep on using the same tracking links you’ve always used, as we took care of plugging them into our new database.

Graphics, Banners, Branding

New structure generally involves new branding, and we won’t be the odd ones out: new logos, new messages and imagery are part of the reshuffling, and that’s exciting news. Again you will not need to move a finger. We’ll make sure our banners, logos and other graphic materials are overwritten with the flashy new version, so the updated versions will show automatically on your site.

Note: if you are hosting the banners locally, it is your responsibility to get the updated version from our site.

We remind you that Virgin Casino will increase signup bonus from 100% up to £50 to 100% up to £100. Make sure you pick up and host the new banners!

We understand it may be more practical / reassuring for some affiliates to host the banners themselves; but if you do you will be responsible for the extra work that goes with this decision, i.e. you will need to manually update all of your outdated banners. This is really important as the last thing anyone wants is a visitor getting to our site through an interest for an outdated promotion. This is as bad PR for us as it is for you (the affiliate), as we will have to apologize to the player and explain that you should have updated your site and didn’t.

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More Internet & Online press releases

UK’s Leading Online People Search Facility Establishes A New Affiliate Marketing Campaig

Tracesmart, the UK’s leading online people search facility continues to go from strength to strength despite the economic conditions, as the company sees year on year growth approaching 25%. Tracesmart provides a quick and easy way to search the electoral roll to conduct an address search or people search and thousands of their customers have been able to find relatives or long lost friends using the service.

This week Tracesmart will launch its new affiliate program whereby partners or affiliates will promote the company’s service by way of banner advertising on their respective websites and receive commission based on sales attributed to their banner link. The aim is to attract as many websites as possible to sign up to the program to increase the company’s brand awareness and drive traffic. It will, in addition, generate income for our affiliate members, as leads are converted into sales.

Matthew Hopkins, Tracesmart’s Internet Marketing Executive and Affiliate Manager commented, This affiliate program is an important development for our people search, address search and electoral roll search facilities. This project will help deliver my key objectives over the next twelve months and we are hopeful of witnessing further sales growth from our online people search service.”

Hopkins added, “Following exhaustive research, online marketing company, Deal Group Media or ‘DGM’ were chosen to deliver and administer the project on our behalf. DGM is probably the UK’s most experienced affiliate network, specialising in affiliate and search engine marketing. It’s important to get the right partnership in place to manage such a key program as this.”

The internet has become a far bigger proposition nowadays, becoming a key consumer authority, a means of discovery, research, reference, discussion and help. For many, the internet is now the first port of call for many activities including people searching and genealogy and Tracesmart are proactively tapping into it.

Affiliate marketing has become an essential channel for driving customer growth. As broadband penetration and consumer online spending continues to rise, so does the importance of a successful affiliate program. The online sector is changing dramatically as traditional TV and radio revenue declines. The online medium is taking the lead as a new generation of consumer is emerging, influencing the significance of affiliate marketing.

Owen Roberts, Tracesmart’s Communications Manager stated, “We are confident that the affiliate program will significantly add value, to help promote our services, generate brand awareness, and increase traffic to our online people search facility, and ultimately boost sales. It’s an exciting period for us at the moment.”

  • Tracesmart Ltd – Since the launch of its website in 2004, Cardiff based Tracesmart has established itself as one of the UK’s leading providers of online people tracing tools. combines state of the art search technology with an extensive collection of consumer data, providing one of the most powerful and successful systems to trace people.
  • Matthew Hopkins has been working within the field of Internet Marketing since 2002. He is currently responsible for driving high volumes of traffic to the Tracesmart website through SEO, PPC and Social Networking. Matthew has now taken on further responsibility as the Tracesmart Affiliate Manager.
  • Owen Roberts has worked in the creative, advertising and communications industries for over 25 years and is the voice of Tracesmart. Heading up the communications team, he raises the public awareness of the company through various media driven PR campaigns.