Sir Alan Sugar Voted Most Inspiring Business Figure In The Country

BT Tradespace, the business social networking website, has revealed that Sir Alan Sugar has been voted the most inspiring business figure in the country, according to a recent poll conducted with BT Tradespace users.

The 62-year-old founder of Amstrad and star of The Apprentice scored 34 per cent in the vote, well clear of Naked Chef Jamie Oliver, who came in second with 25 per cent.

Ivan Croxford, general manager of BT Tradespace, said: “People admire how Sir Alan rose from a humble background and relate to the no-nonsense style he shows during his TV appearances.

“He speaks in a language the public can understand and is very focused on what the consumer wants.

“He is a good illustration of how business people have crossed into mainstream popular culture and The Apprentice has definitely helped raise his profile and popularity.”

Users of the 350,000-member BT Tradespace site also voted Victoria Beckham into joint third with founder Martha Lane Fox (both 11 per cent), pipping Marks and Spencer executive chairman Sir Stuart Rose.

The result is further evidence of how the former Posh Spice has transformed herself from a pop singer into a global entrepreneur with fashion, cosmetic and women’s accessory lines.

Ivan Croxford, general manager of BT Tradespace, said: “Victoria Beckham has proved to be a very shrewd businesswoman with a keen sense of what consumers want.

“She has skillfully combined her celebrity status with a drive and determination which has helped to take the Beckham brand in completely new directions.”

Croxford added: “The survey choices show how the celebrity and business worlds sometimes overlap.

“Leading business figures are becoming household names and showbiz personalities are increasingly pursuing business ventures to exploit their star status and enhance their income.

“Sir Alan Sugar epitomises this trend and is a good illustration of how businesspeople have crossed into mainstream popular culture.”

Other stars featured in the poll include Kate Moss, Myleene Klass and Gary Barlow, each of whom received 3 per cent of the vote.

About BT Tradespace
BT is a 350,000-member social networking for businesses online community which enables businesses to set-up their own free website to sell products and services and connect with other people effectively – both building business and customer relationships.

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Timu Launches Social Media Platform for Amateur Athletes and Sports Teams

Timu today announced the launch of its social media platform, specifically built to solve the communications problems encountered by amateur athletes, sports teams, and their fans.

According to Timu CEO Matt Heaton, “Existing social networks provide disjointed solutions that do not handle sports specific needs, such as player rosters, game results, and statistics. At the same time existing sports offerings provide almost none of the interactivity and engagement expected in today’s social media environment. Timu brings together the best of both worlds into one single platform”

Providing the opportunity to athletes, sport teams, and their fans to break down the current barriers to communication, Timu allows people to:

* Have a social network designed to suit the needs of amateur athletes and teams.
* Setup a Team Center to manage schedules, rosters, game results, statistics, and team news.
* Coordinate games and team events through a variety of communication tools.
* Create athlete profiles to highlight their sporting achievements.
* Share photo and video highlights online
* Use social media to interact with the athletic community online

No matter what sport, or at whatever level people play at, they can set up a profile or Team Center on Timu in minutes. Profiles can be customized with information about the their sports, their teams, and their competitive highlights. Photos and videos can be uploaded, and various “widgets” can be added or modified.

Timu also lets people interact as a team, not just an individual. Whether they’re a coach, player, parent, or fan; they can create a Team Center for their team at Timu. Team Centers provide many features like team news, schedules, player rosters, highlights and many communication tools. For softball and baseball they also include a powerful game results and statistics package, which we will be adding to the other sports shortly. All the people associated with the team can be invited to become members of the team center, which then functions as a hub for team communications.

The existing functionality provided on Timu is offered for free while Timu will generate revenue from a variety of future premium services, e-commerce and premium advertising. Timu plans develop the tools that amateur sports organizers desperately want to see executed effectively. From online stores for team paraphernalia and equipment, to the important, and never before well executed, online billing for sport team’s memberships.

About Timu
Timu launched in 2009 to provide a powerful social media platform to solve the problems encountered by amateur athletes and sports teams. Timu was founded by Matt Heaton, the former CEO and Co-Founder of ActiveRain Corp, the largest social network in the real estate industry.

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Virtual Private Server / VPS Hosting By AvaHost

AvaHost has just launched VPS hosting, virtual private servers which offer a fantastic alternative to shared hosting, with pricing as low as 14.95 per month. This allows clients to enjoy the benefits of having control over hosting, right down to full root access.

AvaHost is a shared and reseller hosting service which has now expanded to offer a brand new product, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. As many users are looking low cost alternatives to shared hosting, this new product offers four different levels of hosting to meet user’s particular needs.

Users may choose from the four tiers which begin at 256MB of Mb to 1024 Mb. Guaranteed RAM will range from 128 MB to 512 MB. Offered disk space will begin at 10 GB going up to 40 GB and data transfer will start at 300 GB and go up to 1200 GB.

All four tiers offer users full SSH root access, unlimited domain, development tools, the ability to install your own software, free DNS hosting, dedicated IPs, the capability to have your own DSN servers, reload and reimage OS, boot, shutdown and reboot commands, and to install can compile custom software. This new product also offers custom MIME settings, website access statistics, support for .htaccess, Cron job support, sendmail support, customizable error pages and access to both raw logs and error logs.

The goal of AvaHost is to offer users an easy, low cost method to exceed the strict confines of shared hosting. One of the most engaging features of this new product is full root access, no matter which tier a user chooses. This allows for personal adjustments including the installation of custom software and network services. All VPS hosting accounts are hosted on Dual or Quad Xeon servers running the Linux operating system, which are well known for offering high performance and dependability.

Everyone who chooses VPS via AvaHost, will be given a bonus package for webmasters worth more than $1300.00. This includes templates, graphic package, banner templates and a large assortment of quality eBooks with full Resale Rights.

AvaHost has established themselves a strong contender in the web hosting industry, offering topnotch products and prides themselves on excellent customer service. With the launch of the new VPS product, AvaHost proudly states, “We devote ourselves to small to medium businesses and the personal user and with our the introduction of our new VPS we are proud to continue our commitment of offering the best technology at prices everyone can afford, in fact we offer a 60-day Money Back Guarantee so that every client can feel confident in choosing us.”

You may visit to see more details regarding AvaHost’s VPS and read the details of each of the four VPS tiers.

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Innovative Lifetime Membership Pricing Strategy to Online Daters By, the groundbreaking internet dating site, is once again offering innovation to online singles looking to meet and find love with the launch of Lifetime Membership pricing. Starting today, millions of singles interested in dating online won’t have to stretch their budgets to do so. Singles joining will pay only a one-time profile approval fee. Besides this nominal amount, which is less than the cost of going to the movies, members will pay absolutely nothing for the lifetime membership to “With the new Lifetime Membership offer, we are letting people connect with one another much more affordably,” said Michael Lombard, CEO of “With our Lifetime Membership pricing, we intend to change the scene of internet dating. We have eliminated the monthly recurring fees by giving members who take advantage of the offer lifetime access to the entire network.”


With’s new pricing strategy, millions more singles will actually be able to afford to find love online and enjoy the inventive blend of technology that can only be found on After members have paid the one-time profile approval fee of less than twenty dollars, they will pay nothing again…ever.

“Imagine what Lifetime Membership pricing will do for average singles who are trying to balance their budgets and enjoy a productive social life,” said Michael Lombard. “They are thinking that the prices charged by sites like eHarmony and are cost-prohibitive; and suddenly they receive an affordable offer from that guarantees them a lifetime of cutting edge dating services for less than the cost of one date. It will make online dating accessible to so many more singles and will revolutionize the industry.”

Current members simply upgrade to the Lifetime Membership from their online account at And singles new to can subscribe as lifetime members by visiting the site’s home page. According to Shandale Tucker, another operations executive at, the Lifetime Membership pricing limited time offer is available worldwide beginning today.

For more information, visit, email Shandale Tucker, Executive Vice President of Operations, at, or call The Lombard Company, Inc. at 800-760-6011.

About, love’s premier hot spot, is a new, upscale dating agency designed to make certain that members enjoy a VIP experience in a dynamic, well-appointed environment. caters to singles who are savvy and embrace the idea that everyone deserves to find love. is one of the major online dating sites, according to Online Dating Magazine and is “The Next Great Dating Service ” according to modernizes the online dating experience by providing a fusion of exceptional features that assist members in making a lasting match. already has members from 23 countries worldwide.

The energy and atmosphere of is vibrant and unrivaled, setting an ideal mood for matchmaking and social connectivity. Singles subscribing to will enjoy their leisure social time, affordably fulfill their recreational and romantic needs, and appreciate the indulgent customer service afforded them each time they log in. See why we are the premier online dating site at

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Foreign Translations, Inc. Launches Spanish Language Version of Website

Foreign Translations, Inc. has announced the launch of its new Spanish website, The new layout is specifically targeting Spanish speakers who have a need for translation services. The website will facilitate Foreign Translations, Inc.’s desire to reach the Hispanic market in the United States, Mexico, South America and other Spanish speaking countries of the world. Foreign Translations, Inc. values its multilingual customer base and appreciates the fact that they would like to conduct business in their own native language. This website works to accommodate them.

With the Hispanic population growing to 42 million in the United States, Foreign Translations, Inc. believed that it was the right moment to provide those who are not native English speakers the opportunity to navigate its website as easily as those that do speak English. Visitors to the website will be able to read about Foreign Translations, Inc. quality assurance and guarantees, request quotes, and read about its translators, and processes and pricing. As with every project completed by Foreign Translations, Inc., it makes certain that it surpasses the standard requisite. With this, Foreign Translations, Inc. ensured that all of its company material, f r o m brochures to proposals, is translated into Spanish. As a result, its Hispanic clients are guaranteed to receive all company information in their native language. They will also have a native Spanish speaker available by phone if they need to speak with a live person. According to CEO, Ken Zwerdling, “We have developed a business model where the entire customer experience (keyword search, website, colors, navigation, checkout, company brochures, proposals and even customer service) is in the native language of the requestor.” Zwerdling says, “We are excited to have the opportunity to work with the entire Hispanic population of the world.”

When creating the new website,, Foreign Translations, Inc. determined to develop a new and unique site, rather then just translate its current English website. A great amount of time was devoted to researching preferences in the Spanish market, and customizing it for the Hispanic market. Everything f r o m the color schemes to the images were selected based on how well the Hispanic market would receive them and connect with the company. Other key features of the new site are the ease of navigation so that visitors can quickly download the web pages, and the research behind identifying a hosting provider that would ensure fast connectivity. Foreign Translations, Inc. also extensively researched cutting edge Search Engine Optimization and Multilingual Search Engine Optimization techniques and practices to ascertain that the Spanish language website will be identified by the global Spanish search engines, including research regarding commonly misspelled Spanish words. According to Internet Marketing Director Daryl Woods, “The success of the website starts with the research and paying attention to every little detail. Researching, developing, and implementing the rules of persuasive architecture, copywriting and calls to action combined with search engine marketing and optimization, give our website the groundwork for success.”

About Foreign Translations, Inc.
Foreign Translations, Inc. ( is an 11- year old foreign language translation, interpreting and website translation firm headquartered in Greenville, SC. We offer translation services for a wide range of projects: f r o m technical manuals, legal contracts and marketing collateral to financial statements, training manuals, e-learning courses, websites, medical journals, software, policy and procedure handbooks, and newsletters. With more than 1,500 native translators located in over 30 countries, we frequently translate documents ranging f r o m 1,000 words to over several million words in all the major languages of the world. In addition, we provide interpreters for depositions, trials, and conferences. We also offer a full range of Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services in any format and of any size. The company holds General Services Administration Contract (“GSA”) with the Federal Government.

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The Lombard Company, Inc. owner and CEO Michael Lombard announced today that his company is actively seeking capital investment in his popular new online dating site,, which launched in February, 2009.

The Lombard Company, Inc., parent company of, “will evaluate investment offerings from individual venture capitalists, venture capital firms and angel investors”, Mr. Lombard said. was designed and launched to modernize the online dating industry and to outdistance sites like Match and eHarmony.

“I’m looking for minority investors to join me as overtakes Match and eHarmony and revolutionizes online dating,” Lombard said. Confident in his design and features formulation, Lombard stated, “We are gaining market share and growing our database of members every day. And, given current economic conditions, shrewd financiers will understand that offers one of the very few recession-proof investment opportunities in the marketplace. At the end of the day, I’ll be able to aggressively market my company and benefit from the insight and advice of new partners who will enjoy lucrative returns on their investments. That’s a win-win in my mind,”

An entrepreneur with extensive executive experience, Mr. Lombard has previously owned and run a successful SME and is adept at directing strategic business development and creating market share for new, innovative products. Under Lombard’s management, has already been listed as one of the top five major online datingservices by Online Dating Magazine and was evaluated to be “The Next Great Dating Service” by ALoveLinksPlus, which is touted as one of the choosiest directories in the industry.

This past March, YouNoodle predicted the value of would reach $44.7 million, by summer’s end. At that point, the dating site will only be about six months old. With a five-year business plan in hand, Mr. Lombard is enthusiastic about the investment potential of “We are poised to be the first dating site in a decade to really have what it takes to compete against the big commercial sites like eHarmony and Match,” he said.

Michael Lombard has made significant investments in, designing it with a vision of creating a state-of-the-art, high quality online dating website. Unlike a typical dating site, provides an entirely unique forum for connection, communication and entertainment. Additionally, the site is forecast as an excellent investment because it has successfully navigated beyond the start-up phase. enjoys a well-established technical and corporate infrastructure supported by leading companies in the industry and a great team of executives and key staff.

Mr. Lombard wants to be sure that potential investors understand that Lovetropolis.comis the answer to an increasing market demand. In addition to finding a mate, singles utilizing online dating services want access to the methods of communication and volumes of entertainment information now available on the Internet, and access at a cost they can afford and in such a way that they aren’t socially isolated. Lovetropolis.comprovides the singles’ community with a social, entertaining atmosphere for worldwide communication and connectivity.

Recently, has entered into collaborative partnerships with four of the most renowned dating and relationship experts: Amy Waterman, Christian Carter, Scot McKay and Emily McKay. Rounding out the expert panel available on the site is Jay Jones, resident cuisine expert. “At this time, no other online dating site brings more authority to bear on the romantic encounters and relationships of its members”, commented Lombard.

For more information on investment opportunities in, contact Michael Lombard at, or call The Lombard Company, Inc. at 800-760-6011, ext. 130. 

About, love’s premier hot spot, is a new, upscale dating agency designed to make certain that members enjoy a VIP experience in a dynamic, well-appointed environment. caters to singles who are savvy and embrace the idea that everyone deserves to find love. is one of the major online dating sites, according to Online Dating Magazine and is “The Next Great Dating Service” according to modernizes the online dating experience by providing a fusion of exceptional features that assist members in making a lasting match. already has members from 23 countries worldwide.

The energy and atmosphere of is vibrant and unrivaled, setting an ideal mood for matchmaking and social connectivity. Singles subscribing to Lovetropolis.comwill enjoy their leisure social time, affordably fulfill their recreational and romantic needs, and appreciate the indulgent customer service afforded them each time they log in. See why we are the premier online dating site at

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Fasthosts Warns Businesses Not To Copy Others Website Material

Fasthosts Internet Ltd, has warned UK businesses not to be tempted to copy material from other companies’ websites.

This warning comes off the back of findings by the web hosting provider which showed that there was an 89% increase in the number of content disputes reported to its in-house Abuse Department from April 2008 to April 2009. The problem varies from the occasional image being used, right through to entire website designs being replicated. The practice can lead to consumers becoming confused, or even being misled into purchasing from the wrong company.

In many of the cases Fasthosts investigated, the offending businesses stated that they did not realise that copying items of online material could land them in trouble.

A recent Fasthosts’ commissioned survey of 152 UK businesses also found that ‘web envy’ can be a real temptation for time-stretched business owners, with 39% admitting they are presently envious of the website of a closely competing business. Additionally the survey showed that 1 in 4 companies are actually considering reducing their use of external website design services in order to cut costs despite the average company only rating their own website at just 6 out of 10 for effectiveness, yet aiming to treble its online revenue in 2009. At a time when there is a huge amount of pressure on small business owners’ to maximise their use of the web, the temptation to take shortcuts by duplicating material from other companies’ websites can sometimes prove overwhelming.

Steve Holford, CMO Fasthosts Internet, said: “Particularly in a challenging economic climate, business owners may be tempted by the quick-fix of copying another firm’s work. Replicating material for commercial use often breaches copyright. Always obtain permission before using anybody’s website material.”

Significantly, the Fasthosts survey also found that 10% of participants had at least one item of their own company website copied by a third party between March 2008 and March 2009. The issue actually proved to be twice as common as cyber-squatting or other online security breaches. As a result Fasthosts is advising all affected users to contact the offending website hosting provider who should then intervene on their behalf.

Holford added, “Website envy is not new, but the tough economy appears to have led more companies to act unfairly upon it. Businesses will gain a better foothold on the Web and earn most value through a regular output of their own compelling material, and applying time to their website in small manageable steps”.

About Fasthosts
Fasthosts is the UK’s number one web hosting company. Based in the UK and operating 24×7 from their dedicated UK data centres, Fasthosts keeps over 1 million domains running smoothly and ensures over 6 million emails are delivered safely each day. All Fasthosts services can be self-managed through the award winning Fasthosts web-based control panel that provides customers with unparalleled online control, enabling them to manage hosted services including domain name registrations, shared web hosting, business-class email, dedicated servers, software-as-a-service, internet merchant accounts, reseller web hosting and unlimited broadband. Fasthosts’ highly successful reseller channel has recently been rated Number 1 for reseller hosting by industry portal Web Host Directory.

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Cutting Edge Data Cleansing Company Expands Premises

Following the acquisition of the adjoining waterfront office accommodation in Cardiff Bay, Tracesmart – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of consumer data services – are transferring their tracing, customer service, sales and marketing teams to their new high-tech residence on completion of an extensive refurbishment project. The company has in-effect doubled their workforce over the past 18 months and the office expansion will more than adequately service their growth.

Counting the prominent and prestigious St David’s Hotel and Spa as a neighbour, Tracesmart’s waterside position is in one of the most sought after areas within Cardiff Bay’s newly developed and highly acclaimed business and recreation quarter. In-line with the original design of their headquarters, the ultra-modern theme continues; reflecting the company’s values and persona whilst providing a first-rate environment for their workforce.

Tracesmart Corporate, the company’s commercial division, has been the key driver in the organisation’s development, delivering a wide range of services from identity checks for anti-money laundering purposes, to mortality screening for fraud prevention. Bucking the current economic trend, Tracesmart is experiencing continued growth across all areas. Demand for their data cleansing and tracing services has grown dramatically as the need to trace people continues to increase.

To effectively serve their ever-growing client portfolio, Tracesmart continues to recruit specialist staff and the refurbishment project will afford much needed scope to accommodate their future staffing requirements. Whilst the extended offices have served the company well until now, the reconfiguration and restructuring will allow for space to be utilised much more ergonomically. This frees up a greater working area which can be used to house future employees.

Mike Trezise, Tracesmart’s Managing Director commented, “We believe this area of Cardiff is the perfect location for our company. When we were searching for new premises we had no need to look further than next door. The initial move allowed us to expand our team, and this redesign will allow us to expand even further. When completed, the refurbishment will solve our accommodation needs in line with projected future business and staffing requirements.”

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Free 20Mb/s Broadband Boost By BT

BT has announced that millions of homes and businesses are set to enjoy a free broadband boost as BT will more than double the headline speeds for its residential and business customers.


Given BT is the UK’s largest retailer of broadband with 4.8 million customers, the move, which comes in advance of Lord Carter’s Digital Britain Report, will lead to an increase in average broadband speeds.

Over 60,000 consumers already have the faster speeds through a BT trial and the upgrade to ADSL 2+ technology will be available to other homes in the summer. BT Retail broadband customers already enjoy speeds of up to 8Mb/s. The plans will see consumers and business in enabled areas receive faster speeds of up to 20Mb/s as part of their broadband service at no extra cost.

Based on BT’s 21CN platform, the faster speeds will initially be available from 549 telephone exchanges, serving more than 40% of UK homes and businesses. BT plans to extend that coverage to 55% by March 2010 subject to customer demand.

As well as boosting download speeds, upload speeds will increase to up to 1Mb/s. The faster service will enable customers to surf, upload or download data in a fraction of the time, even when several users are on the same connection. This means less waiting around for complex web pages to download and graphics to upload. It is also good news for BT Business Broadband customers looking to use rich media or boost their websites.

BT research has shown that one of the major causes of slower broadband speeds lies in customers’ home wiring. To address this, BT is also set to offer the BT Broadband Accelerator (BT I-Plate) that eliminates electrical interference from telephone-extension wiring, and can improve broadband speeds and reliability. BT will be giving away the devices free to consumers (subject to £2.50 P&P) and businesses that are likely to benefit. Crucially, this will mean more customers with marginal broadband speeds will exceed the 2Mb/s threshold required to benefit from the full range of new internet services, something Lord Carter’s report is set to address.

Gavin Patterson, chief executive officer, BT Retail said “Unlike other providers, BT is upgrading customers to 20Mb/s for free. High-speed broadband provides a faster and more reliable service that will transform the way we live, work, learn and play. We believe the true value of broadband is in helping customers enjoy the exciting new services that it makes possible. In line with the Government’s Digital Britain review, we will be making higher speeds more widely available.”

In a separate move, BT Retail will begin the first trials of up to 40Mb/s super-fast fibre-based broadband in Whitchurch, South Wales and Muswell Hill, London this summer. Openreach is already delivering speeds of up to 100Mb/s to customers in the Ebbsfleet Valley in Kent, using fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) technology.

New or re-contracting BT Business Broadband and BT Total Broadband customers in an enabled exchange area will automatically be eligible for the ADSL2+ service at no additional cost. The new ADSL2+ service will be available to business users from the initial launch, and non-business customers from early summer. The BT Business Total Broadband tariff remains the same and includes BT Openzone Wi-Fi minutes.

About BT Business
BT Business understands the challenges that businesses face in the current climate, and supports cost control, improved productivity and winning business through product collections including business broadband & internet, domains & web hosting, data & voice networks, IT solutions and mobile services.

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BT Tradespace, The Business Social Networking Website, Has Marked Its Second Anniversary By Signing Up Its 350,000 Member

A recent review of the site found that there has been a 400% year-on-year growth over the past year, with an average of up to 500 members joining each day since the launch.

In the past two years, nearly 3,000 different communities have been set up by BT Tradespace members to share information and expertise. The most popular BT Tradespace communities include a group for people who run home-based businesses and a community where new or seasoned entrepreneurs can leave advice, ask questions and share top tips.

The site is a dynamic online community for sales and marketing and offers a comprehensive directory of SME products and services. It allows members to use the latest social media tools – podcasts, videos and blogs – to promote themselves and engage with customers, partners and suppliers.

Free and easy to join, BT Tradespace also offers a secure and safe online marketplace trading platform where consumers can buy goods.

Ivan Croxford, general manager, BT Tradespace, said: “These figures show that social networking is not just a passing consumer fad, businesses are embracing it too, because of the obvious benefits it holds for companies of all sizes.

“The internet opens up a global marketplace for SMEs, helping them to compete and prosper in times of mounting economic difficulty. BT Tradespace offers a fantastic platform to exploit the full potential of the web by encouraging an ongoing open and honest dialogue with customers, colleagues, suppliers and partners”.

BT Tradespace research shows that three quarters of smaller companies see the web as a strategic business tool, and 45% make a quarter of their sales online. Social networking extends this playing field by offering SMEs the opportunity to compete with bigger firms, connect with niche audiences and target local markets.

Croxford explained: “The success of BT Tradespace reveals that companies are now realising that to prosper in the digital age, they must embrace the opportunities offered by the web and start using social networks to their full advantage”.

BT Tradespace member Tabitha Potts, who was voted runner-up as ‘Mum-Entrepreneur of 2009’ at the Women’s Business Mastermind Awards, believes the site has been an invaluable tool for trading and marketing her company. She said: “I have had 10,000 hits on my BT Tradespace page and some of these have clicked through to my main site generating sales.

“The site has a very nice clean interface and I regularly blog and upload videos. This has worked wonders for my search engine rankings so customers can find me much easier on the Internet.”

Lyn and John Hill created a Tradespace page to support their online business HedgePig, commented: “After just one month using the service, our BT Tradespace site had received over 1,600 hits. This corresponded with our main website, seeing a substantial rise in visitors and sales, resulting in a monthly turnover increase of around 20 per cent. We now feel confident in taking our business to the next level and offering a wholesale business-to-business service.”

Businesses can get free advice on how to build a successful online presence at the week-long BT Business Experience event being held from 29 June to 3 July 2009. The event taking place in central London is specifically created to show businesses how the very latest technology and business thinking can help them manage their costs, market their business more effectively and make them more competitive especially in the current environment.

About BT Tradespace
BT is a 350,000-member online community, that enables businesses to sell products and services and connect with other people effectively – both building business and customer relationships.

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Proposed European Legal Move Planned To Regulate The Use Of Cookies Could Have A Profound Negative Impact Upon Some Of The World’s Biggest Businesses

Bigmouthmedia has warned that a proposed European legal move to regulate the use of cookies could have a profound negative impact upon the some of the world’s biggest businesses.

In a move that threatens affiliate marketing, bid management and web analytics, proposed amendments to the 2002 European Communities Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications would mean that in future, websites would only be able to place cookies on visitors’ computers if they give their express consent.

“This is a proposal that would strike at the very heart of what the digital economy is all about. The ability to measure, track and improve the site experience for visitors is key to the success of e-commerce, and given the potentially damaging effect this could have on a multi-billion pound business channel, suggests legislators don’t quite appreciate the havoc they could cause,” said Andrew Girdwood, Head of Search at bigmouthmedia.

“This isn’t really a privacy issue. More often than not, cookies only contain data to measure the success of keywords or affiliates. We support attempts to raise awareness of privacy issues and provide internet users with more control but believe these functions would be better provided by the browser than the website. This would give users even greater flexibility and more consistency.”

Many areas of the digital marketing business could be seriously affected if the proposed legislative changes come into effect, with big names from Amazon to Google likely to be hit. Services dependent on using user data to track sales such as affiliate marketing would suffer significantly, while pay-per-click advertising services would be forced to ask permission to place a cookie every time a user attempted to follow a link.

If the amendments go through, commercial web sites may be forced to run multi million pound search campaigns without having a detailed understanding of how well the strategy is performing. Most modern forms of web analytics, meanwhile, would also be threatened by the European proposal.

The experience of visiting commercial websites could also be badly affected. Sites may be forced to display a pop-up message – commonly associated with invasive advertising – in order to seek the visitor’s permission before any tracking could be used. Over all, the loss in transactions combined with the cost of implementation would stretch to many millions of Euros in lost revenue each month for online retailers, travel and finance sites.

Full details of the proposed legislative change and its possible ramifications are available through bigmouthmedia’s digital news service.

About bigmouthmedia
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest and most experienced digital marketing agency and was rated the UK’s #1 Search agency for SEO and PPC in the 2009 NMA Marketing Services Guide. Bigmouthmedia’s 200+ online marketing experts across 12 international offices maximise online brand exposure by means of integrated digital strategies incorporating SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, Online PR and Copywriting. Bigmouthmedia’s multilingual digital solutions deliver outstanding ROI for over 300 world leading brands including British Airways, Tesco, Sky, Cisco, BT, Comic Relief, Barclaycard and Europcar. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news.

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BT Business Has Launched The Online Starter Kit, A Service Designed To Help Small Businesses Promote Themselves Online

BT Business has launched the Online Starter Kit, a service designed to help small businesses promote themselves online, offering a professionally-built web site and profile in the BT business networking community for £199 including 12 months of web hosting*.

web design packages

For the first time BT Business has brought together all of the essential ingredients for creating an online presence into one low cost bundle. For businesses looking to combine this with their broadband commitment, the Online Starter Kit is also available at just £5 per month with BT Business Total Broadband Option 3.

The bundle includes a web site design consultation and professional web site build, logo design, advice around web site copy and keywords, web hosting, domain based webmail and a BT Tradespace profile – all designed to work together to boost a business presence on search engines such as Google.

One in five small businesses don’t have their own web site, despite £78 billion – 25% of UK retail spend – in this year projected to come from online sales. According to BT Business research the vast majority that do are also not getting the most out of their websites or using them effectively to attract customers. Just one in over 3,000 web sites use keywords in the content they post on their sites, despite the use of keywords increasing the chances of search engines picking up web pages. 42% have websites with bad pages containing broken or invalid links**.

“Every business needs an effective online presence that works well with search engines, but this can sometimes be a daunting step for start-ups,” said Jerry Thompson, Director Business Products and Online. “By bringing everything together in one low-cost bundle BT is helping small businesses take the vital steps to getting online hassle-free. 20% of small businesses now also use social networking sites to win new business, so getting your company web site to work more effectively with social business networks such as BT Tradespace is becoming more and more important.”

BT Tradespace is a dynamic online community for sales and marketing and offers a comprehensive directory of small business products and services. It allows members to use the latest social media tools – podcasts, videos and blogs – to promote themselves, engage with customers, partners and suppliers and sell goods to consumers over a secure and safe trading platform.

* Based on 12mths contract. The Online Starter bundle costs £199 ex VAT. This comprises monthly costs of £5 per month ex VAT for a web hosting service plus a one-off cost of £139.
** Conclusion of an investigation of 70,000 websites released by BT Business in March 09.

About is a 350,000-member online community, which enables businesses to sell products and services and connect effectively with other people – in order to build business and customer relationships. BT Tradespace provides social networking for businesses and free website set-up.

About BT
BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services operating in 170 countries. Its principal activities include the provision of networked IT services globally; local, national and international telecommunications services to our customers for use at home, at work and on the move; broadband and internet products and services and converged fixed/mobile products and services. BT consists principally of four lines of business: BT Global Services, Openreach, BT Retail and BT Wholesale.

British Telecommunications plc (BT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BT Group plc and encompasses virtually all businesses and assets of the BT Group. BT Group plc is listed on stock exchanges in London and New York.

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WordPress Now – A New Premium WordPress Theme Company

The aggressive market of WordPress themes has recently seen the addition of a new premium theme provider, WordPress Now. The company is currently offering three unique WordPress themes with prices as low as $49. WordPress Now will be releasing a new theme on a weekly basis to keep a “fresh” selection of themes available to their customers.


At midnight (12:00AM U.S. EST) on June 5, 2009, the company released the WordPress Now website to the public. At that time there were three premium themes available for purchase, including Bloom, Triumph and Elements.

The prices of WordPress Now’s themes are set at an extremely competitive bracket against similar themes f r o m other providers. Four different price points come with each available theme; branded single-use, branded multi-use, unbranded single-use and unbranded multi-use, each caters to different customer needs. Mr. Lee Cooper, Project Director of WordPress Now says that “There is a choice for everyone, whether you need the theme for one website or twenty five. And if you don’t want our logo branded on the website, all you have to do is purchase one of the unbranded options.”

“Our themes come with many features to enhance the functionality,” says Mr. Ryan Maffit, Lead Web Developer. “We want to satisfy an appetite that many of our customers have. Most seek a theme that makes their website unique, and all of our themes have features that make that possible.”

The design of WordPress Now and all of the themes is headed by Mr. Jesse Wingert. Previously a freelance graphic designer, Mr. Wingert has spent the last eight years practicing and exercising his skills with web designing. He says, “To some, having to design a new theme every week would seem like a burden, but I find it especially exciting. It is a great way to use my creativity and skills to their full potential. To stand back and look at your work succeed brings one of the greatest feelings to artistic people like myself.”

As for releasing a new theme every week, Mr. Lee Cooper said, “Most weeks will see a new theme released f r o m WordPress Now. Some weeks may see two new themes, some may see none. But in a 52 week period, we plan on releasing 52 different themes.”

WordPress Now has a development blog and social networking pages such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, which offer different ways for customers to keep track of what the developers are working on. For now though, we can only wait and see what the company has up its sleeves for their future theme releases.

Those interested in more information about WordPress Now can visit their website at

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BestTV, A Global Provider Of Internet TV Platform Technologies And Video Streaming Systems, Has Provided The Integral Video Streaming Software For Modern Entertainment Entity, AMOS


BestTV has partnered with AMOS (A Matter of Substance) to provide a premium Video-On-Demand (VOD) service on an internet TV platform.

AMOS is a contemporary entertainment company producing visual media across the music, film and television industries. AMOS solely uses premium 1080i HD footage from around the globe to create a first-class viewing experience.

The site broadcasts its media assets in HD format with the option to switch to lower bandwidth if the user is on a slower internet connection.

Utilising V-Wareâ„¢ (Best TV’s superior internet video platform) AMOS’ web team has connected the V-wareâ„¢ search engine to the video catalogue so all videos are indexed and can be easily searched via the built in search engine facility.

The AMOS webmaster can upload videos to the V-wareâ„¢ platform via an intuitive and easy-to-use Video Management System (VMS). The technology utilises Adobe Flash Player 10 for optimal video streaming of High Definition video content.

Additionally BestTV has provided AMOS with a total Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution so videos can stream optimally to global viewers.

View beautiful contemporary arts videos in high definition and learn more now at 

For more information on BestTV and its premium internet TV platform services, visit


BestTV provides a unified software platform that accelerates and streamlines the launch and management of Internet-TV ventures. Our V-wareâ„¢ platform seamlessly integrates the components required to launch and manage Internet-TV ventures and monetize on multimedia assets, incorporating a wide variety of Internet-TV applications such as Video on Demand (VoD), linear TV, user-generated content (UGC), and live broadcasting.

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More Internet & Online press releases Media Inc Has Released A New Web Site, Which Already Attracts Over 50,000 Unique Visitors A Month

The site has expanded and improved community information about hundreds of communities and thousands of neighbourhoods across Canada. Information is integrated with Google’s maps and relevant MLS listings. The site also provides powerful search tools to find local realtors, builders, and movers, accessing the thousands of businesses and individuals that have added themselves to’s free directory, but keeping users close to’s local real estate and community information.


“We wanted to make this site more relevant to the home-buying and moving experience. Over the past year has more than doubled the number of communities and neighbourhoods covered, and the re-design makes all that information more accessible” says Mark Ruthenberg, the website’s General Manger. “Consumers are using the Internet not just to shop, but to decide with whom to do business. They are doing their ‘due diligence’ research online before calling a real person, and are much better informed consumers. continues to evolve to help with that process.”

The new has integrated data from sister site FoundLocally’s free listings business database. The site search integrates more than business descriptions and web links, but news, savings, jobs, and events like realtor open houses posted by those businesses. Before, this information was just a link to FoundLocally, but is now seamlessly built into MovingInCanada. Consumers can now search by business category and community/neighbourhood and compare descriptions and other features, even reviewing a business’s website, to help them make key buying decisions.

Builders, realtors, home stagers and movers can add themselves to their local free listings directory, and are included in both FoundLocally and Moving in Canada with a single listing.

The site has added coverage of the entire Greater Toronto Area (“GTA”), with new detailed information about neighbourhoods in Oakville & Burlington, Mississauga & Brampton, Etobicoke, North York, Toronto, Scarborough, the York Region, and Oshawa & Durham Region. We have also added more information about outlying areas and “bedroom communities” for fast-growing cities like Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Sudbury. We have also added more information about resort communities in the Okanagan & Shuswaps areas of BC and the Canadian Rockies, popular with vacation home buyers as well as year-round residents and retirees.

We have also notice a significant portion of visitors are from outside Canada, looking to move to Canada, so has added content relating to the immigration process.

About Media Media Inc. is a Calgary-based company that creates community information portals, and provides web design and web marketing services. It also runs (about travel along the world’s longest highway), and (about real estate & relocations). The FoundLocally web sites are represented nationally by 24/7 RealMedia, the nation’s largest interactive ad agency.

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Value Target Will Be Launching Its On-Line Bartering Services On Sunday, June 7, 2009 As A Predominately On-Line Bartering System

Value Target is a place where users list those items or services that they want to trade for other items or services. Value Target has included many of the member features, such as distance from, that allow its users to quickly locate those goods and/or services of interest.


Whether it is a good or a service it’s not difficult to find sites that allow you to pay for a “for sell” listing. However, currency is only one form of commerce; an equal trade of services is another. There are many “trading” sites available to the on-line user, but they can be limited to the regional areas or lack the fine grained user functionality of locating within a close proximity.

Value Target at launch will be offering the first 250 item listings at no cost to the user. Two types will be available, and always for free. Users that want to just give away goods are welcome to create a “Free” listing. Users that are in need of a service or good but haven’t found a listing to trade with are welcome to create a “Wanted” listing.

Value Target allows users to create paid item listings that covers items and services. When it comes to vehicle, real estate, and watercraft listings we have taken it further to incorporate specific descriptions of each. For no charge users are allowed to create “Free Listings” and “Wanted Listings” in hopes to accomplish trades. Even the on-site advertising is user generated to boost any users success at generating interest.

Great selling sites offer users the ability to see all products, yet fine grain searches down to the most relevant as well as closest. Value Target recognizes that; while a web developer may be able to trade programming services all over the world, a dentist may only trade services in the next city. Value Target has included geo location to help users find items by proximity to their location.

Communication between users is key as well. With accounts, users are allowed to send messages between their accounts, or questions and offers on a submitted listing. When a user registers they can elect to receive notification of their message, question, or offer via email. Additionally they can elect to receive an email for those new items activated that interests them.

Value Target is a place that fully recognizes that money doesn’t make the world go round. Everyone has something that they can trade for something else.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Scott Krutsinger, please call Scott Krutsinger at +1.386.717.9840 or e-mail Scott at

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I Love This Person Website Creates Lifetime Dedication Web Pages for Dads

Web users everywhere have a new way to celebrate their fathers this Father’s Day at The I Love This Person website gives people an easy way to create permanent online dedication web pages for their dads. This is the perfect, long-lasting Father’s Day present that you share with everyone, to say, “I love you dad”. Don’t just tell the person, tell the whole world!

People can create a customized dedication page any time for any person they admire, respect, or love. Dedications are especially great for a father this Father’s Day, or even a family member or friend. Dedications can be anonymous, or the creator can display his or her name. The I Love This Person web page is like creating a website for your father to show the world you love him.

Users can select a single editable lifetime dedication web page for only $19.95. Dedication web pages are visible to anyone searching the Internet. Users also can link dedications to social media websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, making them easy to share.

New users can create a test dedication web page and view it without committing to pay for it. Once they are happy with the results, they can select a single editable dedication for as little as $19.95. The I Love This Person website is available at 

About Robipau
The I Love this Person website is a service of Robipau. Robipau develops and promotes virtual products on the Internet that emphasize the good in humankind. They believe that the potential of the Internet is enormous yet still in its infancy. They endorse the entrepreneurial spirit that exists and is inherent in all of us globally. Robipau works daily with entrepreneurially minded individuals f r o m around the world who have a well thought-out virtual business concept but needed assistance in converting their concept into a revenue-generating Internet business. For more information, visit 

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Affiliate Marketing Agency bigmouthmedia Announces Jason Dale And One Little Duck as the Winner of the B.A.B.E. Award

The bigmouthmedia affiliate blogging excellence award (the B.A.B.E. award) was founded as a way to highlight the importance of the affiliate community within the United Kingdom and to reward those who contribute the most to it.

Affiliate marketing is most productive and effective when affiliates are empowered to contribute significantly and safely to merchant sales. Successful affiliates are rewarded with commission on sales, leads and actions but bigmouthmedia launched the blog competition to extend the reward structure to those affiliates who help others.

Jason Dale’s One Little Duck blog was first nominated by the affiliate community – receiving nominations through the affiliate agency’s voting form and mentions on Twitter – and then selected as the final winner by bigmouthmedia’s judges.

“One Little Duck is a great blog,” said Jen Brain, senior affiliate manager at bigmouthmedia, “We thought Jason provided useful reading for affiliates of every level. The blog is community focused and integrates with Affiliates 4 U’s ‘back me’ voting system for individual blog posts, MyBlogLog f r o m Yahoo, the ShareThis widget and sports a good collection of recommended WordPress plugins.”

On winning the award, Jason Dale said: “I’m still in shock but I am very pleased and truly honoured that One Little Duck has been chosen as the B.A.B.E Award winner, especially as there are many high quality UK affiliate bloggers. Thanks to the judges and nominators, as well as to everyone who reads One Little Duck. A big thanks also to bigmouthmedia for the awards initiative. I hope it will become an annual event and that more affiliates are encouraged to share their experiences with others via their own blogs”.

The competition allowed affiliates to step up for nomination by talking about the award on Twitter. Bigmouthmedia recorded several hundred tweets and retweets about the competition as affiliates spread the news.

About bigmouthmedia 
Founded in 1997, bigmouthmedia is Europe’s largest independent digital marketing agency. With a team of over 200 staff located across 13 offices in 10 countries on 3 continents, the company maximises exposure for major brands online through a variety of fully integrated digital marketing channels: Search engine optimisation, PPC, Online Media Planning, affiliate marketing, Social Networking, Brand Monitoring, Online PR and Web Analytics. Bigmouthmedia also provides up to date daily digital marketing news to ensure clients are fully informed and aware of all industry developments.

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