Intranet Connections has announced the latest release of their social intranet software

Intranet Connections has announced the latest release of their social intranet software. Intranet Connections v11 builds on employee participation and engagement via your intranet by giving users the power to embrace and share company culture with innovative tools that are out of the box.

“Our intranet software helps to connect employees by information and knowledge sharing, online collaboration and the enhancement of your company culture,” says Carolyn Douglas, CEO of Intranet Connections. “We added dynamic tools such as our new Application Builder, allowing you to easily create any type of application you need for your intranet. We want to provide tools that help improve your business, through your employees and the intranet.”

Application Builder gives you the power to be creative when building applications. You have complete control over input forms, fields, and layout screens. Intranet Connections has harnessed AJAX drag and drop, creating an easy to use and dynamic application-building experience, with collaborative social elements such as employee tagging, comments, ratings and widgets.

This release also offers several new interactive widgets that engage with employees, including quick polls to measure employee opinions; a weather widget; widgets that cycle content such as snippets of customer feedback, tip of the day, or inspirational quotes; upcoming birthdays and anniversaries; and features employees with their photo, what they do in the company, and how to reach them or launch an intranet live chat.

Intranet Connections v11 offers extensive theme options along with fixed width layouts to provide modern intranet designs that are out of the box. With their easy to use theme builder, you can build themes that incorporate your company brand, which fosters culture because employees recognize the importance of your brand in the workplace.

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commissum Sponsorship of Open University Student Prize

commissum is proud to again be the sponsor of the prize for the Open University Post Graduate module for Information Security Management; the M886 module. This is the second year that commissum has sponsored this prize.

The winner of the prize this year is Canadian student Sara Maharaj, from Ontario. Sara took the Information Security Management module as a standalone course for her professional development. The Information Security Management module is very focused on taking a practice-based approach; this encourages the student to base what they do upon an organisation that they are familiar with.

The course provides the foundation knowledge, understanding, analysis and synthesis needed to develop a practical information security management system (ISMS), to the standard set by the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and BS ISO/IEC 17799:2005. It also targets helping the students acquire the personal development skills that they need to keep abreast of important developments in the rapidly changing field of Information Security.

Sara, having successfully undertaken the course as the top student, said:

“The course provides valuable insights into how to strategically manage information security within the organization. The practical exercises force you to think through a methodical implementation of the ISO 27001 standard, which facilitates excellent learning.”

Managing Director at commissum, Martin Finch, is a keen advocate of this practical approach to learning. He said:

“When students are given the opportunity to apply what they learn during the course of the module, it not only reinforces the lesson and benefits them and their respective organisations, but also instils a sense of great satisfaction”.

Last year’s joint winners were Ian Knight and Sally Anderson. Ian Knight who graduated with a BA/BSc Open Degree took the Information Security Management course as the last step in his degree journey. Ian works for a major Telecoms provider, with responsibility for Information Assurance on large client contracts. He said:

“The course materials were some of the best that I have encountered in the OU and in other study; I found the course to be of immediate practical use in my work almost from the start of the first unit”.

Sally Anderson, who is Head of Web and IT in a leading University, also commented on the practical nature of the course, saying “I have directly applied the new knowledge and skills to my work already and have the confidence now to advise and manage information security on behalf of my organisation”.

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“Data Dynamite” Published; How Liberating Information Will Transform Our World

Innovative, cheap ways to use real-time data plus removing restrictions to it will help companies make better decisions, streamline and improve government, and empower the public, according to “Data Dynamite,” published today.

datadynamite.jpg (288×419)

The book, subtitled “how data will transform our world,” was written by “data dude” W. David Stephenson, and published by Data4All Press. It is available in e-book and print versions.

The book draws parallels between a potential explosion in uses for data if it becomes accessible to everyone and if new tools make it easy to share and understand, and how publishing of new works bloomed after Luther translated the Bible into German so ordinary people could understand it and printed it rather than having monks copy it. Stephenson says legitimate reasons made it hard for government and companies to gather, process, and disseminate data in the past. Technology removed the barriers, but the old “data scarcity” mentality prevails on the part of management and must be ended.

The book calls for a 4-step process to liberate data:

  • apply “tags” to it the first time it is entered, giving data meaning and context
  • distribute it automatically and in real time, when it will be of most use
  • make it available to everyone in an organization – and often outside it – who needs the data (rather than to just a few elites)
  • provide new Web 2.0 tools letting non-technical users analyze and act on data collaboratively.

The book is aimed at senior managers in business and government and at the general public.

“Data Dynamite” details a wide range of pioneering examples of liberating data, including:

  • online medical records
  • an “Internet of Things” prescription jar that notifies your doctor when you take a pill
  • a Mexican concrete company gaining competitive advantage by operating with real-time data,
  • and an online patient community which shares information on their conditions to help drug companies find cures.

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Genes Reunited Releases Ship Passenger Records Online

Genes Reunited, the family history website, has announced that people will now be able to view passenger lists online. The lists include people onboard ships departing British ports for long-distance voyages across the world from 1890 to 1960.

The passenger records offer a range of information from simply the passenger’s name and age, to much more detailed information; the departure and destination ports, the ship’s name, date of travel as well as actual descriptions of the passengers themselves, such as, UK address, year of birth, marital status, occupation and nationality. Through these records it is possible to find some truly unique information about ancestors who voyaged overseas.

As well as the range of detail that can be found in these records, there are also some famous names which can be discovered, in particular Hollywood royalty such as a two year old Elizabeth Taylor, a 56 year old Alfred Hitchcock, a 22 year old Audrey Hepburn and finally a four year old Olivia Newton-John who was on her way from London to Australia.

The passenger records cover the period of mass migration to Australia between 1947 and 1960 when an estimated 710,000 people travelled there from Great Britain. This ‘golden age’ of migration to Australia was prompted by the launch of the Government’s ‘Ten Pound Pom’ scheme to encourage Britons to emigrate to Australia and enhance the nation’s skilled workforce driving its economy forwards.

Similarly to today, the records reveal a high number of retirees also travelled to Australia to spend the rest of their lives in the sun, with 17,385 retirees emigrating from the UK during the 1950s. Furthermore, 140,511 housewives travelled to Australia in the same decade. The records also show that there were 58 divorcees and 215 widowers listed who may have journeyed to the country to make a fresh start.

Rhoda Breakell, head of Genes Reunited, commented: “The wealth of passenger list records now available on Genes Reunited is an invaluable resource for people tracing relatives they believe may have left the UK from 1890 onwards. The passenger records may very well provide a missing link for many family historians who have hit a brick wall in their research, as well as helping those outside of the UK to trace back to their British and European heritage.”

The easily-searchable and user-friendly database on the family history site will enable would-be genealogists and family historians alike to view digitised images of the original ship passenger records online, which contain over 1.1 million pages, listing the 24 million passengers who travelled on long-distance journeys from UK ports.

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Right Casino Media Makes Further Grounds in the Live Gaming Industry

Right Casino Media, a reputable online gaming portal provider, has today announced the launch of two new websites directed towards the live dealer casino and in-play betting niches.

Established UK online gambling portal operator Right Casino Media has made public the launch of two brand new e-gaming websites, and, both targeted to enhance player knowledge and experience in real time gambling markets; including live in-play betting and live dealer casino insights.

The first of these websites, solely focuses on the rapidly expanding in-play betting market made popular by popular betting provider Bet365. The site provides independent bookmaker reviews, betting guides as well as exclusive bonuses negotiated with operators.

The second site,, captures a larger portion of the market due to the availability that the broadness the domain name lends. This focuses on in play-betting, live dealer casino operators as well as live bingo providers. As with, both independent reviews and exclusive bonuses are made available only to the Right Casino Media Network.

Michael Charalambous, Managing Director of Right Casino Media commented: “The online gambling industry has developed in ways that 5 years ago would have seemed impossible, because of this the emphasis on real time and live gaming is higher than ever. Right Casino Media endeavours to be at the forefront of this market and the recent launch of our 2 newest websites moves us even closer to this goal.”

Find more information about Right Casino Media on their website

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Bigmouthmedia Appoints Mike Mason as Director of Product Portfolio

Bigmouthmedia, global digital media company, has announced the appointment of Mike Mason as director of product portfolio. Underlining the company’s commitment to high quality client service, Mike’s role will see him take operational responsibility for delivering a programme of best practice and continuous improvement to services across the entire bigmouthmedia client roster.

Mike will also take ownership of the day-to-day running of a broad range of services including search engine optimization, PPC, performance marketing, usability and reporting & analytics for bigmouthmedia’s mid-tier clients.

Mike has worked in the technology, mobile and telecoms sectors for over 20 years in operational and sales and marketing roles, including sales and marketing director at the post sales service provider Regenersis and a 10 year stint as a non-executive director for Codestuff. Mike has also led teams that designed and delivered successful services for some of the world’s leading technology and communications brands, including Telefonica, Panasonic, Deutsche Post (DHL), Vodafone, Sony and Apple.

Phil Gripton, MD at bigmouthmedia said: “bigmouthmedia is a mature company with a global footprint and delivering consistent, high quality campaigns to all of our clients is the central value of our business. Moreover our clients should, and do, expect this whether they are a start-up or a blue-chip brand. Mike’s breadth of experience will be a significant asset to the bigmouthmedia senior team and his proven track record in generating operational quality for some of the world’s most recognisable technology firms will be critical to us in the coming months. His appointment represents our clear commitment to best practice and client-centred service delivery. I’m very much looking forward to Mike’s contribution to the business.”

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Parcel2Go Simplifies Shipping For Amazon Marketplace Sellers

It has just become easier than ever for Amazon traders to give their customers access to a wide range of fast and efficient shipping options, thanks to the UK online parcel delivery specialist, Parcel2Go.

For years, Parcel2Go has been helping online businesses to offer delivery services from some of the world’s leading couriers through its free Application Programming Interface (API). The system can be integrated with a wide variety of e-commerce platforms, allowing a business’ customers to automatically access details of parcel delivery services once they have gone through the firm’s checkout process.

The API provides Amazon Marketplace sellers with a quick and simple way to manage their orders and book a specialist courier service. It enables businesses with an Amazon Seller account to download details of sold items, including shipping addresses, directly into a Parcel2Go account. Previously it was necessary to upload an Excel spreadsheet with sales data in order to take advantage of the service, but this is no longer the case thanks to the latest update from Parcel2Go.

Once Amazon sales details have been transferred into a company’s Parcel2Go account, the firm will have access to a wide range of domestic, European and worldwide delivery services from leading courier companies including FedEx, ParcelForce and DHL.

Richard Mercer, Head of Marketing at Parcel2Go, said: “The new system has been designed to make it quicker and simpler than ever for Amazon Marketplace sellers to stay on top of their shipping operation. Access to discounted shipping options are readily available and as couriers will pick up packages from a residential or commercial address at no extra charge, businesses will not have to spend time carting their goods to a post office.

“Parcel2Go is constantly looking for ways to help businesses make eBay parcel delivery or Amazon parcel delivery shipments for less, and we believe this new system for Amazon sellers really breaks new ground.”

Businesses using that want to take advantage of the API simply need to register with Parcel2Go, login to the ‘My Parcel’ section of their account and click on the ‘Integration’ tab. Further instructions on booking a cheap courier are provided by clicking Amazon Item Shipping.

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Plusnet Launches Plusnet Pro

Plusnet has launched a new, additional bolt-on to its broadband packages called Plusnet Pro.

Plusnet Pro is now available to customers as a bolt-on to both Plusnet Value and Plusnet Extra broadband package for an additional £5 a month.

Plusnet Pro is a traffic prioritisation service perfect for gamers and home workers who want to make the best of their broadband experience. With Plusnet Pro, the user’s traffic is prioritised and maintains stable and reliable broadband at full speed across the entire day.

Having a prioritisation service means customers are guaranteed lower latency, so no matter how busy the network gets there will be no slowdown to their service, meaning customers can still experience uninterrupted downloads.

This is beneficial to those who game in real-time, utilise services such as Team Speak and interact with other players on-line using a fast broadband connection. Home workers using a company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) can benefit from video conferencing with such services gaining precedence over the network.

This product development is unique to Plusnet and underlines the importance the ISP has always given to traffic management. Since 2007, Plusnet has carried detailed information on traffic management on its website. Following the recent call-to-action from the Broadband Stakeholder Group, Plusnet has committed to early adoption of the Key Facts Indicator and made this available to customers in April 2011.

Jamie Ford, CEO of Plusnet said: “Just like paying a little extra to do a fast check-in at the airport, Plusnet Pro is for users who want to ensure the best possible high performance internet experience even at busy times. With Fibre not yet available in many areas of the country this is the best service accessible to all the market to ensure lower latency and that you get the fastest speeds available to you regardless of when you’re online.

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