Three new domain names bought for undisclosed fees by leading online commerce and advice network

ASAP Ventures has continued its growth in the online commerce industry, by acquiring three more new domains to help people keep up to date with football ticket news, motor racing tickets and buying ferry tickets. The latest sites are announced as, and

Due to the high demand for seats in the Emirates Stadium, getting hold of Arsenal tickets can be difficult. But with ASAP’s new site, people can go online and find the best place to buy tickets easily. The new domain is perfect for Arsenal fans and for football fans whose team are playing the Gunners.

Cheap ferry tickets can make a holiday on a cruise ship just that little bit more enjoyable, and with from ASAP Ventures, people looking to book their next holiday to Norway or Denmark on a boat can do so. The new site compares the best prices from top operators including Brittany, Stena and P&O.

Silverstone tickets can be difficult to get hold of for motor racing fans, especially when the Formula 1 races are held. The new site from ASAP Ventures helps people find the best priced tickets for major sporting events and lots of information surrounding the races themselves.

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Web-based business group announces triple site launch based on consumer advice and information

The online business network ASAP Ventures Ltd has added to its growing network with three new sites;, and They are designed to offer consumer advice and information to the UK’s web-users and cover a wide variety of subject matters.

Managing one’s money and financial situation is a topic on many people’s minds right now, and with ASAP Ventures’ new site there are ways to find financial advice. Financial advisors are expensive to employ, which is why the new site will be popular with people looking to organise their money more efficiently without wasting it.

To find out about the government, at both a national and a local level, the new site from ASAP Ventures is chocked full of important information. The latest news from public services, education and defence can be found on the site, keeping web-users up to date on pressing issues.

Ladies boots are bought all year round and are very popular as both a fashion item and for function during the colder months. The latest fashionable boots, such as Ugg Boots or leather boots, can be found on the site from ASAP, as well as some great bargains too.

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Bing’s Integration of Facebook ‘Likes’ Is The Next Phase In Social Search, Claims SEO Experts QueryClick

True to form, the world of social media shows little sign of slowing down in terms of infiltrating every aspect of our lives; search engines being no exception.

While Google laid bare plans to include relevant content from social media sources such as YouTube, Flickr and Twitter, Microsoft’s own search engine – Bing – has been preparing its move into the realm of social search with a much touted tie with Facebook.

Now Facebook “liked results” will become integrated with everyday Bing searches which Bing’s development team described as “part of a longer journey” into an improved cohesion between search and the social sphere.

Commenting on Bing’s inclusion of Facebook ‘liked results’, a spokesperson for Edinburgh-based SEO experts QueryClick said:

“QueryClick are not surprised to see Bing announce a tie with Facebook in a bid to keep shoulder to shoulder with Google following the launch of the latter’s real time, social media search results some 18 months ago.

“The ability to ‘like’ search results and see those that your friends have ‘liked’ is another step closer to a much more personalised search experience that pulls in the activities and opinions of an individual’s social circle.

“It’s also highly likely that personalised search will lead to a much greater emphasis on personalised advertising which has already been seen on Facebook.”

The introduction of the ‘Bing Bar’ – a simple tool bar function – will also serve to blur the line between search engine and social media platform even further.

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Illustrations Download Website ‘Clipart AC’ Restyling & Opening

Clipart AC is the English version of the Japanese website called “Illust-AC”, that offers a free illustration download system ( / adACHIEVE Ltd., Osaka). Clipart AC has been just renewed with a completely new design, navigation and function.

Further details about the new Clipart AC as follows:

Clipart-AC – Redesigned for new opening.
The free illustration download website Illust AC has renewed its English website, Clipart AC, for all overseas users. It has been completely re-designed: navigation and functions are now much more clear and easier for the users.

Clipart AC has more than 10,000 Japanese clip arts that can be downloaded by registration with e-mail address. Registration is completely free and can be easily done in 20 seconds.

You can download as many clip arts you want. There is no limitation in the number of downloads. All clip arts can be used for any purpose, profit and commercial use is also permitted (except selling downloaded clip arts to third party directly). Our clip arts have been used by many companies, educational institutions, television companies, and even city halls.

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Google’s Decision To Include Social Media Updates In SERPs Is The Latest Move Towards A Greater Emphasis On The Social Sphere, Says Search Engine Optimisation Experts QueryClick

In true Google style, barely a month goes by without the search giant making a tweak here or a change there to its algorithm.

While some changes are kept under lock and key to prevent spammers and unethical SEO practices degrading the quality of search results, other tweaks are allowed to create something of a stir.

Google’s most recent announcement regarding its inclusion of social media results in SERPs was one such change that – quite appropriately – caused sites like Twitter to get all in a flutter.

Working by aggregating content from social networking sites such as YouTube, Twitter and MySpace, the move is yet another step towards a bold blend of search and social; all under one roof.

Commenting on Google’s decision to make its search results richer in social media-related content, a spokesperson for SEO experts QueryClick said:

“QueryClick’s SEO predictions for 2011 contained a big focus on the move to mobile search as well as a greater emphasis on social media so it’s not surprising that Google have taken the step to introduce more social media-specific content in their SERPs.

“In terms of the benefits of this change for search engine optimisation, there’s now improved opportunities for sites which are under performing or in highly competitive verticals, jumping onto the first page – albeit temporarily – if their social media output relates to search terms.”

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Business customers, asset management and fashion style domains added to the leading web-based business group

Advising the UK public on a range of important topics, ASAP Ventures Ltd has added to its network of information and advice sites. The new domains which were acquired are, and, each one bolstering the company’s standing as the leading web-based group in the UK.

Fashion gurus around the UK can now find out the latest catwalk items from major designer labels such as Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu or Gucci, with ASAP’s new site. Information from top fashion houses and products are now based under one site., is the new financial site from ASAP Ventures, designed to help people look after their money via asset management tips. The site will grow into a great resource for people to go to when needing financial advice.

In business, looking after clients and managing customers is paramount to staying on top, and ASAP Ventures Ltd’s new does just that. The new site is another great addition to the ever-growing network.

Derek Paulson, spokesperson for ASAP Ventures Ltd, commented on the latest sites:
“We are really proud of acquiring these domain names and are looking forward to making them grow into the number one resourceful sites in their respective fields. Business skills, finances and fashion are hot topics right now, and we are looking to add to our group further over the next few months.”

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New sites,, and brought to market by leading online business group

ASAP Ventures, the leading network for consumer advice sites, has launched, and The new sites are on a wide variety of subjects, which gives UK consumers the chance to find out information, news and advice on their favourite topics. is the new site from ASAP which helps sports fans find products such as autographed items, medals and collectors products. Sports memorabilia is a growing trend in the UK, especially on the internet, and the new site can help people find that elusive sporting product.

Continuing on with the sports theme, helps UK motorsport fans find out information about super bikes and big bikes in general. With the British Superbikes Championship season starting in April through to October, the new site is perfectly timed for fans to capture the latest season events.

ASAP Ventures Ltd shows its diversity with the new site. Helping men all over Britain make informed choices on where to hold stag parties, whether in the UK or abroad for a weekend in Prague, there are some great ideas for a pre-wedding party.

Commenting on the latest sites, Derek Paulson, spokesperson for ASAP Ventures Ltd, says: “All of our sites are designed to help the UK public make smart choices on an array of subjects, and our latest websites are a great addition to our range of businesses. The new sports and travel advice fit our company’s ethos perfectly.”

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FriendMatch hopes to help thousands of Americans, Canadians who are creating classified advertisements to find new friends

With hundreds of thousands of classified ads posted on popular buy-and-sell websites like Craigslist and Kijiji by people who are trying to make platonic friends, a new concept was born- using the Internet to find and make friends.

Twenty-four-year-old Katie Hartle noticed this trend, and saw an entire market being ignored- online matchmaking for friends. Hartle created FriendMatch in hopes of making it easier for Americans and Canadians to make friends online, for free.

“This is just one more way that technology can improve our lives, in this case, our social lives,” says Hartle, “We have dating sites, lots of them, but this concept is long overdue.”

FriendMatch is designed so that visitors can look up potential new friends by city. Users can also browse or post an ad for friendship without signing up in one of several categories, including:

• New parents
• Seniors
• Couple Friends
• New in Town
• Exercise buddies
• Professional and Networking
• Room mates
• Weird Friend Requests

“As our lives change, we need friends to support us, whether we are newly sober, newly married, or even newly divorced,” says Hartle, “Friendships can enrich our lives, but the trouble is, it’s not always easy to find friends.”

The website can be found at in the United States, and in Canada.

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Foreign Translations, Inc. Has Introduced A New And Updated Website

This Foreign Translations, Inc. state-of-the-art website is completely modernized to offer a new look and feel, making it easier and faster for visitors to find the information needed. A clear navigation menu provides information about translation services, languages, and even tailored information for various industries. Customers and Partners will find sections specific to their needs that supply the relevant and vital information about Foreign Translations, Inc.’s quality processes and services.

According to CEO, Ken Zwerdling “Our new site uses state-of-the-art technology, graphics and navigation that corporate users expect in 2011. We are a resource portal not just for language and translation services but more importantly for the way we are helping companies Go Global With Confidence®.”

Website visitors can also gather detailed information at our new Knowledge Center ( There are downloadable guides on globalization and international business etiquette, the option of reading numerous white papers with insight on communicating internationally, and the availability to utilize valuable globalization tools such as currency conversions, time zone charts, free translation tools, and weights and measures conversion tools.

Through the new and updated website, visitors will find it faster and easier to locate all of the most important Foreign Translations, Inc. information. In addition, information on the history of specific languages, country by country business etiquette, and what to expect when travelling content pages have been also added.

Next month, Foreign Translations, Inc. will launch an informative blog on globalization and industry trends. With the new and updated website and the most current industry news in the blog, Foreign Translations, Inc. maintains its continuous effort to explore new and innovative opportunities to better satisfy the needs of its clients.

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Interact entered into an agreement to join the Rackspace Partner Programme

Interact, a leading supplier in intelligent intranet software, today announced they have entered into an agreement to join the Rackspace Partner Programme with Rackspace® Hosting, the world’s leading specialist in the hosting and cloud computing industry.

This agreement will enable Interact to provide its customers with a fast and reliable secure intranet solution hosted by Rackspace. The use of hosted software has become a sensible option for many businesses and offers a great alternative to a network based application. Hosting enables access to the intranet anywhere / anytime via a web browser which enhances collaboration opportunities for distributed or remote users. It also reduces pressure on limited in-house IT resources as there is no software to deploy or servers to maintain.

Interact Intranet is an easy to use, collaborative turnkey solution trusted by over 250,000 users. It is an intelligent intranet solution that learns as people use it, adapts and automatically connects relevant information to people. Powerful enterprise networking tools actively promote internal communication, collaboration, idea sharing and cross-organisation participation. It is modular in its architecture allowing organisations to add the components, resources, and services that are required as the business evolves and grows.

Scott Hitchins, Global Partner Manager at Interact, believes that hosted solutions are increasingly popular today for their ability to offer enterprise level system functionality with the advantages of zero maintenance overhead or initial capital outlay. “The financial investment and overhead of owning and maintaining servers and software applications in-house can be substantial. Rackspace hosting services will deliver a powerful and cost-effective intranet solution for our customers with rapid deployment and unparalleled scalability and flexibility in a secure environment. Rackspace offer a 100% network and infrastructure uptime guarantee which will ensure that Interact is always accessible”

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Leading Web Stable ASAP Ventures Launches New Sites on Printers and Online Contact Forms

ASAP Ventures Ltd, the market-leading Internet commerce company, has introduced new websites intended to help users discover all that they need to make informed choices about buying a new computer printer or setting up online contact forms. The new raft of sites includes, and

UK citizens who are thinking about adding to their IT kit with a new cheap printer are now able to visit and read all about the latest and best value printer kit around, whether they are thinking of purchasing an inkjet, wireless or deskjet printer.

ASAP Ventures has a commitment to making UK online shoppers as well informed as possible on all manner of subject matter, and featured in the new site launches are two sites detailing information on online contact forms. Users can visit or for all of the very latest information on setting up a dedicated online contact form on a website.

Derek Paulson, spokesperson for ASAP Ventures Ltd, said, “Users trust us to always update our websites and offer them the latest information available at all times. This new set of launches includes the best advice on printers and an online contact form around for our consumers.”

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SEO Brand Management LLC of Arizona Builds Community Larger Than Vatican City in 45 Days

SEO Brand Management LLC of Arizona, SEOBM, daily site traffic surpassed the 800 person population of the Vatican City in less than 45 days. Imagine in less than 2 months having 1095 people visiting your website every day and reading an average of 3.5 pages or more each visit. Granted, a little shy of the Vatican City and its 17,000 tourist visits each day, but without a pope this says much for pure organic online SEO and SEM Brand and Reputation Management. The major traffic generators have been from their stable of Video Marketing and Social Media SEO and SEM product portfolio.

SEOBM founder and President, Tommi Pajak, launched their first series of SEOB websites in late December 2010. Tommi states “SEOBM was created for the sole purpose of providing premium services for Proactive Online Brand and Reputation Management SEOwith emphasis on Keyword Rankings.

After years of servicing premier SEO companies as a collaborative supply chain partner, which served as a great education, I was compelled to lead SEOBM in a niched path as well as offering client to vertical exclusivity. We practice what we preach with the integrity to secure and extend our online reach. Kind of ironic our first milestone was the Vatican City. Quite fitting, I’m certain we’ll gain more off the popular Vatican City keywords, but I’m not inclined to build out a Vatican City Virtual Tour for their Reputation Management, our content should compel the readership to capture a qualified visit and a neutral online ref. If you look at one of the industry Key Performance Indicators, KPI’s, such as Alexa, achieving an Alexa rank under 750,000 in 45 days with our SEO friendly services and products, no PPC, just pure Organic SEO and SEM, that is what we preach. We’re not the new kids on the block by any means, we’re well seasoned and staffed with some of the best intellectual assets in the industry.

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New ASAP Ventures Sites Offer News and Advice on Portuguese, Personal Finance and Repossessed Houses

Home finances, translation into Portuguese language and information on repossessed properties are on show in the latest round of websites introduced by leading web stable ASAP Ventures Ltd. The company has announced the introduction of, and to give UK consumers more information than ever.

Purchasing a house from the repossessions market is a complicated project and ASAP Ventures is now helping people to read up on repossessed property and how to buy one thanks to new site All the latest news and detail on buying a repossession house is on hand on the new site.

Learning some Portuguese vocabulary ahead of a trip or holiday to the Algarve has been made possible now thanks to the new ASAP Ventures introduction of site The site offers people simple Portuguese translation services on an easy to use website.

Managing the home bank account is nobody’s idea of fun but it is still very important to know what one is doing. The new ASAP dedicated personal finance website is there to help people stay informed about personal loans, credit cards, home mortgages and more besides.

Derek Paulson, spokesperson for ASAP Ventures Ltd, says, “Our network of sites is there to help people stay informed all about new consumer issues including financial ones, so we hope that this latest round of sites is of great use to people.”

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