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Fusion BPO Services opens new center in Prishtina, Kosovo as it expands across the EMEA market

CANTON, OH, United States, 13-Jul-2022 — /EPR INTERNET NEWS/ — Fusion BPO Services, a leading global CX and digital transformation solutions company, announced the opening of a 200-seater new center at Kompleksi Pika Exclusive, St “Gazmend Zajmi”, Kati 2, Prishtina, Kosovo, strengthening its presence in the Balkan Peninsula and EMEA region. With this center, the company will be able to leverage Prishtina’s strategic location, vast young talent pool, and multilingual nature to ensure superior CX delivery to its huge clientele in the EMEA region.

The company is delivering high-quality CX in English, German, and Spanish from this center, to meet the multilingual customer-centric solution needs of the market.

Ranked 57 among 190 economies in the World Bank’s Doing Business Index in 2020, Kosovo is among the most sought-after outsourcing destinations in the EMEA region.

“We are excited to expand to Kosovo. The expansion will help us improve our global footprint and at the same time strengthen our position as a multilingual CX and digital transformation solution provider in the EMEA Market,” said Pankaj Dhanuka, CEO and Co-Founder of Fusion. “The center will help us maintain and enhance the high-quality customer-centric solutions that our clients have come to expect from us, cementing our position as a market leader in the shared services industry.”

With the center, Fusion will have a presence in 14 countries worldwide with 27 delivery locations. The company is known for its state-of-the-art customer experience solutions that leverage a blend of technological innovation and human connect.

About Fusion
Fusion is one of the fastest-growing global customer experience solution provider, offering voice and non-voice customer engagement and data marketing services for over 33 years. With a presence in 14 countries globally, the company employs 12,000+ professionals. Fusion specializes in highly-customizable inbound and outbound contact center solutions infused with the Power of Human Connect for meaningful customer engagements and superior customer experience delivery. For more information on the company or the services and industries they serve, visit https://www.fusionbposervices.com

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OutsourceMyProject Welcomes Increased Demand For Flexible Staffing

Marketplace outsourcing service OutsourceMyProject has welcomed news that there is an increasing demand from employers for freelance and contract workers. The company has also affirmed the quality that an effectively outsourced task can bring to a project.

Last month’s employer survey by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), titled JobsOutlook, revealed that the tentative UK economy has discouraged permanent employment and led more business owners to seek freelance, contract and temporary workers.

According to the report, 83 per cent of employers said that their use of temporary workers will rise or remain the same during the next year; and four out of five of them expect an increase within the next three months.

Only 49 per cent expect to add to their permanent workforce within the next 12 months, compared to 66 per cent in the previous month; while short-term permanent recruitment expectations stand at 67 per cent, compared to 74 per cent previously.

Loren Holland, managing director of OutsourceMyProject, said: “These figures show that employers are waking up to the wealth of flexible human resources available to them.

“Rather than take on new staff on a long-term or full-time basis, specific projects can be completed by sourcing people with exactly the right skills and experience for each task.

“Whether a business is large or small, or even if someone working alone is looking for one-off assistance with a particular project, it is possible to find a freelancer to offer invaluable support.”

OutsourceMyProject is based in the UK and helps match businesses from a range of sectors to the right service providers, from freelance web designers to freelance SEO experts.

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Increasing Number Of UK Businesses Appreciating The Benefits Of Outsourcing

An increasing number of businesses in Britain are recognising how the financial benefits and specialist expertise linked to outsourcing can help their firms grow, according to the results of a new survey.

Research carried out by leading outsourcing marketplace OutsourceMyProject.com found that 72 per cent of businesses asked said they had either already outsourced services to specialist providers, or would consider doing so in the future.

In addition, two-thirds of respondents said in the current financial climate they were more likely to outsource specific projects or business functions as the need arose, rather than recruit a full-time member of staff.

OutsourceMyProject helps bring together businesses from all sectors and match them with a huge range of service providers, from freelance writers to freelance SEO experts. Co-founder Loren Holland said the recession has made many firms take stock and make positive moves to ensure their companies become more efficient and cut wastage, while retaining the experience and skills of valuable employees.

He said: “The results of the survey show that more companies now look to find a freelancer to outsourcing work to when those skills are not available in-house and this can lead to considerable cost savings. We expect to see a continuation of this trend as more firms look to rationalise their operations and increase efficiency.”

The majority of businesses that said they do not currently outsource work pointed to a lack of confidence in the skills, qualifications or experience of providers as the main reason for not doing so.

Loren added: “It’s completely understandable that companies want to know exactly who they are bringing onboard and that the professional they choose can be relied upon to complete the project on time and to an agreed standard. By going through OutsourceMyProject.com firms put themselves in a position to receive genuine tenders from experienced professionals.

“In addition, the website’s transparent feedback and rating system means both parties can draw on the experience of others before entering into an agreement.”

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Outsourcing Can Help In Successfully Launching A New Business

Entrepreneurs and small business should no longer fear accessing the professional skills required in getting a new venture off the ground.

That’s the message from OutsourceMyProject.com, a web based marketplace which allows small businesses to outsource work and business functions to specialists in the UK and aboard.

OutsourceMyProject launched at the start of 2011 and has already helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs find a freelancer or professional in service categories such as web design, e-commerce, graphic design, copywriting and administrative support.

Recent research carried out by OursourceMyProject.com illustrated the strong demand for its service as 74% of entrepreneurs claimed that they would have found it easier to launch their business if they had access to a network of experienced professionals to outsource specific functions to.

Managing director Loren Holland, said: “Entrepreneurs need access to a variety of professional skills in order to successful launch a business venture. OutsourceMyProject helps connect businesses with a network of professionals and freelancers across a wide range of service categories. Whatever your need, you can find the right expert on OutsourceMyProject”.

The research also found that the main factors in choosing to outsource were, i) access to specialist skills and resource (37%) ii) flexibility and choice of labour (24%) and iii) Price (18%). However, many (33%) struggled to find suitable suppliers and some (17%) are concerned that the level of skills, quality and experience may not be up to scratch.

Loren added, “It’s clear that entrepreneurs and small companies are aware that they need to access external specialist skills in order to succeed. OutsourceMyProject.com provides an online portal to not only find, but also evaluate and manage service providers and projects. Concerns over ability and experience of providers are mitigated by our comprehensive feedback and rating system.”

The research also focussed on attitudes to outsourcing work abroad, with 58% of those questioned admitting they have, or would consider, sending work abroad.

However, the main concerns from those who have not considered outsourcing abroad centred on sacrificing quality compared to UK providers (26%) and ability to meet the required standard (22%).

OutsourceMyProject.com helps smooth the process of finding the right professional or freelancer to outsource to, whether they are based in the UK or abroad. Of those surveyed 82% said that OutsourceMyProject was a service they will use in the future.

One early customer was Manchester based Edge Worldwide Logistics who posted a web design project.

Director Philip Edge said: “We posted our job on OutsourceMyProject and received over 20 offers to redevelop our company website from specialists in the UK, India and other offshore locations, all at a significantly lower price than I had budgeted for.”

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OutsourceMyProject.com’s Founders Divulge Top ten tips on Outsourcing

As businesses attempt to cut costs in the new year, many small businesses are looking at outsourcing as a means to reduce outgoings, but how can SMEs and start-ups make a success of a practice traditionally reserved for big business?

ecently launched online portal OutsourceMyProject.com aims to open up the global outsourcing market to businesses of all sizes. Founders Loren Holland and Sumit Agrawal give their 10 top tips on how to make outsourcing pay.

1. Clearly define your project and set out what you want before opening it up to proposals. Poorly defined briefs tend to attract low quality proposals and can often end up as much larger, and so much more costly, projects than anticipated.
2. Don’t just go with the first offer. If possible get a selection of proposals from both the UK and overseas, and evaluate them.
3. Don’t just decide by cost, look at other factors including experience, references and communication amongst others.
4. Come up with a short-list and don’t be afraid to negotiate to get the best possible deal.
5. Get references from people who have used the supplier before, you can ask who they’ve worked for in the past and get in touch yourself. Don’t forget references provided by the supplier are only going to be positive so try dig around for more.
6. Once a supplier has been selected, make sure the full agreement and the payment terms are set out clearly in the contract, misunderstandings can prove costly and time consuming.
7. Negotiate potential copyright and ownership rights upfront and make sure anything that is produced becomes your property on payment. In the case of web design projects, make sure that final files and source codes are transferred onto your own server so you can control future changes.
8. Agree procedures from the outset in terms of communication, project management, delivery and feedback and ensure these are adhered to.
9. Be aware that deviating from the agreed contract once, be that by allowing late delivery of work or agreeing to early payment, is likely to result in accepted practice. Only make one off concessions if you are prepared for this to be acceptable in the future.
10. Finally, don’t forget to leave honest feedback, even if this is negative. Remember how valuable feedback was to you in choosing a supplier.


OutsourceMyProject.com is a member of the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), the UK’s outsourcing centre of excellence.

Loren Holland is co-founder of OutsourceMyProject.com, a website which brings together providers of professional services with organisations and individuals looking to outsource business functions or projects.

Businesses which have a project they wish to outsource can visit the new website and upload details of the project and invite bids – free of charge. Potential providers each have their own unique online profile, including details of ratings and feedback for past projects and freelance jobs, to help customers decide who to award the contract to.

The site also includes web-based tools to ensure projects run smoothly. These include a payment platform, project management facility and messaging system to facilitate open, clear and safe communication between customers and suppliers.

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