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A New Online Service Called GObrokers Is Using The Latest GObookings Appointmentdiary V8 ALF Technology To Simplify The Online Customers Needs In Finding The Best Mortgage, Leasing, Finance Or Insurance Deal

It was recognized most research in regard to mortgages, finance, leasing and insurance is carried out online after hours when businesses are closed.

Australia web designers WebStation Australia selected the GObookings AppointmentDiary V8 ALF technology to create an easy path for both the GObrokers customer and the service provider. The AppointmentDiary V8 ALF allows the customer to choose a service type and make a time which suits them for a consultant to telephone them.

The innovative new technology system called AppointmentDiary V8 ALF (auto-lead-filtering) used by GObrokers has been released by appointment scheduling software system specialists GObookings Systems. GObookings is an Australian based company with government, university, corporate and business clients within Australia and the USA.

The unique AppointmentDiary V8 ALF system, a configuration variant of the proven AppointmentDiary V8, is now being deployed for a variety of sales and services businesses. These businesses needed a way to further streamline their online customer services by quickly coupling customers with a support or sales consultant conversant in the particular service or product range of interest.

The ALF solution allows the customer to firstly select a product range. Once the customer has selected the product range and day; available times are then displayed reflecting the availability of the consultant(s) for that product. Customer appointments are then made in an easy seamless and user-friendly way. The customer is able to book the ‘right consultant’ to telephone them at a time and day which suits them, with an instant email confirmation.

Simultaneously the auto-lead-filtering process initiates an instant SMS text message and email to that particular consultant. The Sales Manager also receives an email confirmation for each appointment made and has the capability to view and report on the activity of the various consultants across any number of locations.

Feedback received to date has a similar message – “AppointmentDiary ALF has increased sales dramatically whilst delivering improved service to existing and new customers. With our large range of products it allows better access for customers to the appropriate qualified sales consultant.”

The AppointmentDiary V8 ALF system is secured by 128 bit SSL encryption throughout and has many powerful and unique features including time zone adjustment, daylight saving features, multi-location capability, irregular time slots, a forward time feature to control the flow of appointments and customizable interfaces for each consultant and support staff. Should it be needed a built-in option also exists for an intelligent auto-rostering system across sales personnel for the same service or product. In addition the same solution will work in conjunction with a call center to better manage sales leads from multiple sources. The AppointmentDiary V8 ALF system is available in Hosted Enterprise and Server Enterprise versions.

Via EPR Network
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